Darkness of Life

Dearest Embodiments of Pure Love This is in answer to many of your questions regarding the darkness that envelops our life from time to time, in varied frequency. Awareness is the only solution to bridge this momentary separation from the truth that you are ONE with GOD. This is an attempt to give you a … Continue reading Darkness of Life

Who is afraid of the TRUTH? (Part 2)

Mohanji probes further. What is the reality of the human condition? Is it possible to determine spiritual stature? What is the connection between the Guru Principle and the evolution of consciousness? A timeless tradition revisited through contemporary controversy. Mohanji leads us beyond mind, ego, and time-space limitations, beyond scandals which contaminate the inner space, to … Continue reading Who is afraid of the TRUTH? (Part 2)

Who is afraid of the TRUTH? (Part 1)

Fuelled by the current controversy surrounding Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), Mohanji offers his perspective on this and other episodes of history, urging us to look deeper, beyond the money, sex and power games, beyond the physical, emotional and intellectual illusions of the mind, and to cultivate an awareness of the wisdom behind timeless spiritual traditions such as … Continue reading Who is afraid of the TRUTH? (Part 1)

The Art of Elegance

Everybody has potential. Everyone craves it. Everyone gets it at some point in their lives. Everyone cannot maintain it. Everyone suffers from the lack of it. Everyone misses it. This is the story of elegance. Intellect is integrally attached to elegance. It gets reflected in one’s thoughts, words and actions. Being elegant is an art. … Continue reading The Art of Elegance

Terrestrial Expressions

We should feel. We should be sensitive towards ourselves and all others. Our progress and happiness should not be the only priority. Others should also be happy. Happiness if shared, multiplies. Sorrow, if shared, decreases. Hence, both need to be shared. Express benevolence unconditionally, without expectations.  It is worth it.  Trust me.

When the blind leads…

There are hundreds of rivers. There is one ocean. Even if there are different names for the same ocean, the ocean is one. Names do not matter. The essence matters. The substance matters. There was a sea captain. He sailed all his life in search of the Pacific Ocean. He could not find the ocean … Continue reading When the blind leads…

So what?

So what? My father is a medical doctor. He is an orthopaedic surgeon. I never interacted with him qualitatively, when I was a child. He has always been busy. But, sooner or later, I realised that he is a benevolent man and people were respecting him because of his truthfulness, honesty, and sincerity. Once, I … Continue reading So what?

Conviction & Passion

Conviction is all it takes. Conviction breaks all mental barriers. When a man performs out of conviction, he does not wait for approvals nor will he care to prove to others about his mission or reason for a particular action. He will never depend his action on others' opinions and applause. He will be supremely … Continue reading Conviction & Passion

Bless the World

Mohanji's Personal Blog - Bless the World - Bless All. It'll make you Serene and Light.

We are given the time, space, intellect and situation to act out our inherent traits. What do we have in our control? Why do we blame others? Why do we entertain guilt at all? What is there to be afraid of?  All experiences have been lessons. We could not have changed anything. So, what else can we do except express unconditional love and compassion? What else can we do but to bless everybody and everything? When we realize that we are not really the one who does everything, we will see our ego getting nullified and our doer-ship getting dissolved. We will then operate in perfect awareness and gratitude.

Living with a Saint

Mohanji's Personal Blog - Doubts - Truth is Unreal to Ordinary Eyes

When you chose the company of a saint, you chose uncertainties also. That's actually  the essence of life. Saints live impermanence externally and experience permanence internally. This is the irony. They enjoy the growth and decay of cells, and do nothing about it, even if they had the power to change, reverse or recreate anything. When you are with the truth, you also possess the power of the supreme truth. That becomes part of your existence. Yet, you will do nothing for yourself. That's the way true Masters are. They need nothing. No favors nor sacrifices. They live as moving monuments of selflessness. As signposts of liberation.