Encounter With An Ageless Saint of Himalayas – Part 1

An Ultimate Destination for Many… A Great Shrine.

This is a true story. Both the travelers who experienced this, have left their bodies now. This happened on August 23rd,1970. Two brahmins (priestly class in India) in their early 50s from the banks of river Nila in Kerala, went for a pilgrimage to Himalayas. After visiting many shrines, they reached Badrinath. When they arrived, it was afternoon and the temple was closed after the mid day poojas. They were quite tired after the long journey. They were hungry too. The high altitude, less oxygen, lack of food and general fatigue related to long journey made them feel quite sick. Since there was at least four hours for the temple to open, a guard, recognizing them to be of priestly class, guided the weary travelers to the house of the chief priest of Badrinath temple, which was quite nearby. When they arrived at the priest’s house, he had already completed his lunch and was about to have his afternoon siesta. Still, he welcomed them and asked them where they had come from. They explained about their journey in brief and told the priest that they intend to stay in Badrinath for a week. The priest asked them if he can be of any assistance to them. They said that they are fine and, should they need any assistance, they would certainly contact him. They got up to depart allowing the priest to take some rest. They were feeling reluctant to tell the priest that they were both hungry and tired.

As they reached the door of the priest’s house, he called them back and said “There is an old saint, who belongs to your home town living nearby. Would you be interested to meet him?” Since there was nothing else to do, and no restaurants were open for them to find a basic meal, they decided to spend the time with the saint until the temple opens for worship. They said “yes” and the priest requested one of the guards to take them to the saint. The guard took them to the banks of river Alakananda.  Badrinath is nearly 12,000 feet above sea level in the mighty Himalayas. It is usually very cold and mostly covered by thick white blanket of snow during winter. The visitors were shivering despite their winter protection. It was as if what ever protection they had, was insufficient to protect them from the freezing weather.

Enchanting Mountains and the River of Life. Man’s Journey and Destination.

As they crossed the bridge across Alakananda, the guard looked down at the flowing river and said “There he is!!”. They saw a lean old man, just in his loin cloth, bathing in the river. They could not believe what they saw. It was impossible to bathe in the river in that temperature. The water was surely freezing cold, considering the atmospheric temperature. They reached the other side of the river and waited. The saint completed his bath and ablutions and came to where they were standing. It did not appear that he was affected by the cold breeze or the weather conditions at all. He was walking over stones in the water, as if walking on a bed of roses, bare footed!! As he approached them, the guard told him in Hindi, that that they were sent by the priest of the temple to meet him and that they are from the same place as he was. (Saints usually have nothing to do with their poorvashram or their abode before embracing sannyas or renunciation)The saint smiled and beckoned them to come near him. He wore only a loin cloth, which was totally drenched in icy water. He had a stick in his hand and a kamandalu (a small pot that saints use) which was filled with water from the river. He looked at them. His eyes were sharp and penetrating. He looked very old; at least about 100 years! White flowing hair and white beard. Yet, his eyes were shining and young. The guard took their leave. The saint started walking and asked them to follow him. They reached a small hut. The saint entered, asked them to enter and be seated. They sat on the floor. But, surprisingly, the floor was warm! The saint looked at them again, and said “Are you thirsty?” They both said “Yes”. He gave them a few drops of water from his pot and asked them to drink. They thought that this is some kind of initiation or purification. But, as soon as they drank those few drops of water, they felt something shifting in them. They no more felt cold and thirsty. Then he asked “Are you hungry too?” They said they are hungry as they had no food for many hours. He smiled and again gave them a few drops of water each. They drank it. Suddenly, they felt their stomach was full with food. This surprised them to no limits. Even though a saint  whom they had previously met,taught them a manthra to conquer thirst and hunger, it has not been very effective for these seekers.

Mind races after changes and speed in spirituality. True Spirituality stays eluded.

They both said “Bhagawan, you have effectively conquered the need for consumption of food and water. Now, you have demonstrated your siddhis to us too. Tell me, who are you? You belong to the same place where we have come from, but,what is the purpose of our meeting? Why did we meet? We are both so curious to know about you.”

The saint laughed. He said “I believe you have been chanting certain manthras to control the urge for food. What happened?” Why could you not control your mind through your practices?

They knew that he can see everything and nothing can be hidden from him. They said “Yes, We have been chanting the mantras focusing on our vishuddha chakra. But, mind was wandering and we could not gain much progress. The saint laughed again. He said “If you walk up the Himalayas step by step, your body will certainly get accustomed to the changing oxygen levels and the weather situation at each level. Why are all of you trying to speed up in your powered vehicles, when every matter needs its time to settle down into your system? Everything needs duration and space to give the maximum benefit! Everything needs time. Unfortunately, all are in mad rush, chasing, searching for something which they do not even know! How can you achieve spiritual progress? Patience, flexibility, adaptability, acceptance, determination, dedication to one single path of your choice, and consistency to follow it against all odds, are extremely necessary for success in spiritual pursuit. Most people change their guru, rather than changing their mind set.” He started laughing at his own joke.

They understood that he was referring to their impatience in spiritual journey. They have been meeting many saints and sages trying to speed up their spiritual sadhana, while totally ignoring the key aspect which was their capacity and eligibility for higher stuff! They have not been concentrating on developing this important aspect, instead, were following their shifting mind, to touch the feet of many saints, expecting quicker elevation without any hard work, along with or without the removal of their internal trash of lifetimes!!! Since their capacity and eligibility did not grow with the same pace of their travel, they could not gain much progress. Most manthras or sadhanas (spiritual practices) that they picked up at various points, did not give them much progress either. They had met many saints in the past. But, this old saint truly fascinated them.

True Spirituality is obvious to the inner eye, but invisible to the mind always…

They asked ” Swami, how can we progress further?”

Swami said “Drop what you know. You are carrying heavy burden of indigested knowledge and age old samskaaras.”

“Swami, what can we drop?

Swami said “Everything. All that you really need will be yours anyway. You “need” nothing. All that you think that you have, you actually do not have. It will all wither away sooner or later. All that you give away, you will always have. Spirituality never ends with one incarnation of the soul. It continues through time and space, as long as it should. You are covering yourself more than necessary. Shed your coverings. Do not hide yourself. And do not hide your real face. Be bold to be yourself. You will experience reality. When clothes become an addiction, we become unnatural.

They paused to digest the hidden meaning behind the saint’s answer and asked: “Swami, who will protect us from this cold and tamasic ignorance?”

Swami asked “Existence. Are you feeling cold now?”  They realized that they were not feeling any physical cold. Swami continued: “Who is protecting you from cold now? The same existence will protect you from tamas and ignorance too. You are definitely not the doer.”

More luggage is more discomfort. Less Luggage makes the transit easier…

They contemplated on those words for a while and still feeling terribly insecure about future,said “Swami, We feel afraid to shed anything at all.”

Swami laughed aloud and said; “If you are afraid, go home. You are just infants. You need protection. Spirituality is not your cup of tea. You need more maturity to earn spirituality. Fear has no meaning here. Fear cannot exist here.” Swami paused for a while and continued “You are hiding your fears within your clothing. Escapism is the opposite of spirituality. The two cannot co exist.”

Swami looked at one of the two, straight into his eyes, and said: “Family is becoming thinner and thinner. No offsprings. Conducted many poojas and rituals to earn a child. Everything in vain. “Kaala Sarpa Dosha” (severe curse of snake gods)!!! (Traditionally, brahmins have worshiped snake gods along with many other deities. Almost every family used to have a temple for snakes in their yard. With the formation of nuclear families, as people became “irreligious”, or grossly ignorant of reasons behind the patterns of worship, worships abruptly stopped. The negative effects of this lack of connectivity started appearing in families in the form of unnatural deaths, lack of children, lack of marriage and many relationship issues. Family deities were part of every family at one time. They were invoked and installed by ancestors of that family, to protect them, their families, property and riches, with the promise that they would be honored and respected by them and their family members at all times. These deities were handed down through generations. For understanding’s sake, they can be compared to invited guests. They did not appear by themselves, they were brought by the ancestors for protection and grace.  When the further generations stopped honoring them and taking care of them, it was like dishonoring your invited guests and even insulting them, by removing their bed and space. This is still affecting many families.)

Snakes represented wisdom and protection.

He asked: “But Swami, what is the reason for “sarpa dosha” or the curse of the snakes?”

Swami said: “Ingratitude, my son. Snakes on earth are of two types. Earthly snakes which are gross and predominantly tamasic, and divine entities in the form of snakes, which they took for agility and isolation’s sake. You will never mess with a snake, right?. That is why they chose that form. Well, mankind has been closely associated with the higher entities, who exist in the form of snakes. We have co existed with them for a long time. We used to respect them and worship them. They have their own realm, sphere of existence or loka. They have come here out of compassion for us, the ignorant ones. They contributed a lot of understanding and awareness to the mankind.They brought us to higher awareness and showed us the dimensions of the supreme father in three aspects, such as “Srishti” or creation, “Stithi” or preservation and “Samhara” or dissolution. They introduced us to the power and force behind these three aspects of our existence. They introduced us to the trinity. They showed us the path of higher spirituality. They also protected us, as they protect and support the Lords that they introduced to us. We gave them a special place in our garden, close to the nature which they always loved, with the promise that we will not disturb their peace and they will bless us with a good life. Later, our next generations went back on our promises and destroyed the noble snakes and their abodes. We cheated them and killed them. We destroyed their abodes and built our houses on them.We started to suffer their pain and agony in our lives, in our families. The golden rule that whenever we hurt someone through thoughts, words or action, in fact we are hurting ourselves. We do get hurt more with the violence that we did unleash for that, deeply within our consciousness and life. This is called “sarpa dosha”.  We have systematically abused and destroyed all beings who showed us the true path and quite sadly, have consistently glorified those who are just glitter to our eyes!!!. Higher Snakes represent the protection and presence of divinity on earth. Lord Vishnu rests on Anantha the serpent. Shiva has snakes as his garland. When the ocean of milk was churned for “amruth”, the celestial nectar, Vasuki, the snake was used instead of a rope. No celestial rope could have equaled Vasuki’s strength!. Snake represents both the kundalini shakti that lies dormant in every human as three and a half coils, as well as the movement of the sun and moon nadis up towards the crown chakra. They represent flexibility and ascension. Snakes have an important role in our spirituality. They brought us the highest wisdom and performed the duty of protectors.  The usual signs of sarpa dosha are childlessness or lesser children, divorce of no marriage and problems in marital relationship.We need to respect them. Continued ingratitude will pull us down further.”

We peacefully co-existed once. Fear springs out of treachery and ingratitude too.

One of the brahmins asked “Swamiji, you belong to the same place that we have come from. Do you have any relatives there?

Swami thought for a while and said “No relatives. But, I used to have some friends. Perhaps you know them.” Swami narrated the names of a few people and their family names. Their families were known to the visitors. When they scratched their heads to decide who the people whom swami mentioned were, they realized that these people have left their bodies a few centuries ago and their fourth or fifth generation were currently alive in the families that Swamiji had mentioned. They were shocked to realize that Swami is at least 400 years old!

They told the saint “Swamiji, these people who were your friends are no more now. Their fourth or fifth generation is our contemporary”. Swami thought for a while and said “Well, I am an old man. Sometime, I forget the speed with which time moves. I am glad their families still exist”. He mentioned it so casually, as if his longevity is no big deal at all!!.The visitors could not believe all this and continued to stare at the swami while mixed emotions swayed their mind.

Swami asked “You are brahmins, isn’t it time for your “Sandhya Vandan?” (Evening Worship that Brahmins perform)

They looked at each other. They have not been following the brahminic rituals sincerely. They were sure that the swami was referring to their insincerity in adherence to the dharma of their inheritance. Swami said “Being born in a brahmin family is equal to marrying dharma by choice, beyond one’s individual karma. You, as brahmins have inherited the satwic dharma of serving the society, imparting knowledge and elevating the consciousness of the society. By shedding your own path, by not following your own path, which path will you follow?  “Swadharma” or one’s own dharma is very important for everyone. Dharma is as important as karma. Never forget that. Brahminism should be nurtured through purity of thought, word and action as well as selflessness and non-violence in all aspects. By being born in a brahmin family or sporting a sacred thread will not make you a true “brahmin”. Live as one, to its fullest.”

There was deep silence. The saint said. “Go now. Take bath and worship Lord Badrinath. Come back tomorrow and we shall talk again”. They reluctantly got up and left the saint. Their mind was filled with utter dismay and amazement. They did not feel any cold, hunger or thirst and felt completely rejuvenated. They did not feel any tiredness or fatigue anymore.

Who was this amazing saint? Where did he come from? Many questions welled in their mind. They decided to come back to know more…

Love You, My Beloveds


What else can we say, more than what has been said already? Many mouths through time spoke the same eternal truth always…

65 thoughts on “Encounter With An Ageless Saint of Himalayas – Part 1

  1. Dearest Mohanji:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing encounter. You teach and help us reflect and introspect our own lives in your own unique ways – to grow out of our limitedness, be watchful, be patient and have complete trust and surrender unconditionally to Existence. I am indebted to you!

    With deepest gratitude and unconditional love,



  2. Hello Mohan—-
    Nice explicit elucidation of what we are and we ought to be- Thank you.
    Unniettan- Palakkad-


  3. Respected SELF Mohanji

    Pranams to your divine feet for this sharing…again and again the steps towards self realization is clearly emphasised.

    Divine GURU , these message came at a right time to my life.

    I sincerely wish to connect to you , i heartly truly wish to recieve your divine connection saktipat in my life atleast once

    Kindly bless me in the path of Self Realization.



  4. “We have systematically abused and destroyed all beings who showed us the true path and quite sadly, have consistently glorified those who are just glitter to our eyes!!!”
    Many thanks for whole story, Dear MohanJi___


  5. Dear Mohanji,

    This is a truely a marvelous message conveys about the Dharma, Swadharma & about divinity of celestial snakes entered to our earthly spheres, and a lot more information to the all levels of spirituality to our own understanding.

    This is also strongly conveying the message of self realization:what not to be overburdened to self.

    Thanks for this beautiful message.



  6. This profound understanding of snakes
    throws light, new understanding awakes
    tendency to worship glitter and tangible
    alienated people from what’s respectable

    Thank you for trimming our path from unnecessary detours, teaching us

    Practice will fall into place
    patience with faith is required indeed
    there’s no speeding at our will
    cause greed for spirituality is still greed

    Steps are not to be skipped but transcended
    not escaping but overcoming’s recommended
    there is nothing to be afraid of
    cause eternity’s what our essence’s made of

    There’s no room for insecurity
    cause there’s trust, faith and sincerity
    when there is surrender, devotion
    Existence protects us with caution

    There’s no need for spiritual race
    adjusted to the soul is progression’s pace
    We’ll drop what we know, allowing new experiences
    we won’t hide behind our haves or cosy coverings

    Established in the core values
    purity of thought, word, action,
    selflessness and non-violence,
    we’ll live it with utmost passion

    Biljana V


  7. Biljana – You are excellent, too :)))
    I like especially this:
    “there’s no speeding at our will
    cause greed for spirituality is still greed”
    I feel – we have to watch our own growing… and to enjoy that :)))


  8. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank you very much for sharing this rare peice of knowledge with us. Thaks to Sudhakarettan, for forwarding this to me.

    In this, the real Guru consciousness is clearly explained as mentioned in ‘Guru Gita’. Instead of chaging my character, if I shift from one Guru to anothe Guru, or meeting Gurus one by one, nothing is going to happen, because everywhere, the same Guru consciousness is working.

    There is a clear picture or Karmic blocks and Sarpa Doshams here. If everybody do their Swadharma, honestly and sincerely, God is there to protect and guide them to liberation.

    Thanks a lot.

    With Respect,Adoraton & Regards,



  9. Dear Mr Mohan ji ,

    The understanding of kalasarpa dosha as elucidated by the great saint throws light upon the wrongs that we have committed, as a result of which we are suffering right now. Could you tell us how to make amends for the dosha and how to show proper respect for the divine snakes. Would you ask us to make pranaprathistha for snake idols and worship them again(not possible in homes at least in cities) or go to temples where snake idols (rahu or ketu) are worshipped and to perform pooja there. Many a snake gets killed in the world today, for fear and sundry, and how are we to know whether a particular snake is physical or celestial?.


    1. Gratitude is the key, not ritual without feelings. There is no need for prana prathishta. Just sincere gratitude and love from the heart for all the wisdom that they have given us, will bring their grace to you. There are snake temples such as Subramaniam in Karnataka, Mannarassala and Pambumekkat in Kerala, dedicated for divine snakes. Visiting those temples and offering prayers also will be fine. If a divine snake appears, you will know. Just observe. They will be harmless, and they will have aura and grace. You will not miss it, if they choose to display themselves. Also, they could appear in other forms, such as human form. Remain Blessed Always. M


  10. Dear Mohanji,

    When we take things in a general manner, your suggestion is very correct. But if the person needs to go deep and to clear the problems from the root level, this has to be resolved spiritually.

    Kaala Sarpa Dosha sometimes become an obstacle and hides the real personality of the individual. In the Kaala Sarpa Dosha time, the individual may know many things correctly in deep inside, but all his expressions and actions end in a negative manner.

    In order to overcome Kaala Sarpa Dosham, the horoscope needs to be thoroughly checked by more than two good astrologers, and needs to do the parihaara karma as per the doshams in the horoscope.

    The same can be resolved by serving a Sad-Guru. This can be achieved only by surrendering the ego and intellect at the feet of Guru. The person may be knowing so many things and he would have the confidence to do so. But, Guru will guide him in the proper manner, by allowing certain things and by blocking some of the desires or intentions of the disciple.

    The funnier thing in this part is that, the disciple may not be understanding many things what Guru says in the Kaala Sarpa Dosha time, but with great devotion and faith he continues with Guru with great love and respect. When through the blessings of Guru, the disciple over come Kaala Sarpa Dosha without much damage, he looks back and realize, how blessed he is!


  11. Thank you for enlightening. I can only talk in general terms through blogs. If you visit any of the serpent temples, usually they will guide you further, on a more subjective level. If you know the answers already, kindly do proceed.


  12. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank you for this lovely story. I approached an astrologer recently because my son is not married and my daughter married for 14 years has no children yet. He informed me that i needed to do a cleansing prayer in the Himalayas, I am from South Africa.
    Can you please enlighten me on this?
    EMAIL: keroshme@gmail.com



  13. As I was reading,i was personaaly feeling myself in the amidst of Himalayas…God is everywhere but you cannot worship him in theatres or kitchen…thats why Temples are build..or these sacred places…where one dettaches himself from the worldly things…hope i get the true spiritual salvation….


  14. I pray you please tell me where in the world is the second last picture taken? I want to know that place. Its just too beautiful. The long coiling 5 headed snake with krishna playing the flute on him. PLEASE TELL ME!!!!


    1. yes, you can find this picture what you have seen in the second last picture, which is located in A.P. in the District of Karimnagar, the place called NAMPALLY


  15. Dear Mohanji,
    Every one knows everything. But only a few people practices simplicity. The information provided here is great. Thanks.


  16. this is so simple to inderstand .but it is we who make the life very complicated.very short and sweet advice by swamigal


  17. Baba Ji.
    I’m in London but my soul is weeping…I’m directionless. I don’t know what to do … And where to go…
    I’m feeling that something inside me is crying for something… But I don’t know what is it ?
    Please help me.



      1. നവ ജീവിതത്തിന്‍ ഉണര്‍വ്വൊലിയായ്.
        പ്രാണന്‍ അലയടിച്ചുയരുമ്പോള്‍,
        നവീന കിരണജ്ജ്വലമയനായ്
        അരുളുന്നെന്നുടെ ഹൃദയത്താല്‍
        സമ്പല്‍ സമൃദ്ധസുഖമയമാം
        നവ ജീവിതത്തിന്നാശംസ.


  18. Thank u Guruji for opening my eyes and mind.What I have read and learnt is something I will never forget.I regret not meeting u in South Africa but I know I will meet a great person like you.Amazing at 12.05 in da morning I read this.I’m grateful.I am happy now.will worship The Snake.


  19. Nice Parable, with due respect, I would like to say that this saint n swamiship is really going into our blood and not the soul. One’s soul is one’s guru, just deeply contemplate on it through the means like simple pranayama and basic meditation. There is no need to really go after swamijis for they are not perfect themselves. Results are multifold if one listens to one’s self with sincerity. Don’t be emotional in criticizing my comment, but would be great-full if some one could be constructive.


  20. Very beautiful and mind elevating narration of the incident to the masses who are just passing time in ignorance. It would be definitely adding to our knowledge and perseverance in spiritual sadhana if the next day messages received by the two persons from the great Master are also posted.


    1. Usually, all traditional temples dedicated for snake such as Kukke Subramaniam in Karnataka State and Mannarassala in Kerala State do have rituals associated with removal of ill effects related to snakes.


  21. I feel immensely Grateful to have these wonderful opportunities to be immersed in the Life-giving Energies of my Beloved SadGuru, Mohanji and the Great Ones. They open the Heart and Light the White Fire of Freedom and Liberation. Yes to Life as it was meant to be. Thank You ❤


  22. How can I get the himalaya supernatural powers, planing to visit this year. Coming from london to india.
    I plan to spend ten days in india.
    Where and how do I get the prapti powers?
    And my culture and religion forbids snake.
    I just need true divine powers.


  23. Guruji,
    namaskar. I am trying to meditate and pray by looking into ur Eyes. Pls give me some indication that we are connected. Forgive me If i said something foolish.
    sai ram


  24. Swami , my name is subashini from Srilanka. I am just stepping into spiritual life. Please guide me to use this birth of mine , as I am heading 50 years now.


  25. This is a spiritual message to the doubtful and wandering mind.we need to understand that as a cup full of water cannot hold more water similar our mind is full of speculations and suggestions, we need to empty them inorder to acquire true meaning of our existence ..thankyou


  26. Pujya Bhramarishi Mohanji! Thanks for the beautiful article! It is certainly food for thought! You wove the ideas in a fantastic tapestry and showed by us by example how not to limit our minds and bodies ,how to grow and surrender to the unconditional love of the lord and to trust in the lord as what happens in our lives is for the highest good. I also realized I have a long way to go on this spiritual path. Pranams!


  27. Sir,
    How do I know, whether I’ve guruji in my life or not. I’m eagerly waiting for my guruji since my childhood, but I’m not able to find. will u help me


  28. This is a very well written blog and a brilliant encounter of sorts. But with no disrespect do I presume that isn’t spirituality and knowing your own self is to shed the identity you have, the religion you bear, the race you belong to, the temples you worship, the space you own, the everything that humankind gave you. The realization that I am nothing yet I am everything somehow just goes off in certain topics. What if praying to a Naga isn’t something a family is doing, say someone from other regions of India, does it still hold, the spiritual teaaching. Isn’t it all about knowing that your Kundali is a mere chart that may or may not depict what is to come but your Kundalini is the one that will define your existence? Mysticism of Sadhus have been always eluded our minds and it may not be a surprise that most stories are meant for us to stick to our old ways instead of finding and embracing a newer direction in life.


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