Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Today is the second day of Ugadi Seva, and it’s also the World’s Women’s Day. So we just think of the women who have been the backbone of the society ever since the beginning of mankind.

India has a deep culture where we have always respected women. There hasn’t been any discrimination. If you look at the history, we have always had the strength of womanhood in the society which established or which helped establishing dharma in the society – be it Ganga Mata (mother), Anasuya Mata, or any of the great mothers.

The key aspect of being a woman is motherhood. The most powerful expression of a woman is being a mother. And that is the main aspect. So I say empower men as a joke. Because there is no need to empower women because a woman is a mother by nature. So there is no need to empower women from the outside. Probably men need empowerment to be stable. But we have always respected women as equal partners in the society, where they could make decisions and lead men. Because of them, there were fewer wars at one time. No woman will say go and kill somebody.

If you look at the mother aspect, the shakti aspect of creation is both a mother and a protector. Why does goddess have a lot of weapons? These are all symbolic to kama (lust), krodha (wrath), lobha (greed), moha (desire), mada (pride) and matsarya (envy). Arishadvarga i.e. the six passions or negative characteristics that prevent a human from attaining moksha (salvation). These are aspects of human existence and the mother helps to prevents these aspects. This is important to understand. Because when we worship mother, we worship stability, motherhood, and also dharma (righteousness) without contamination. Mother will never say go and kill somebody. It’s all in a men’s world. It is the men’s world that created wars, not the women’s world.

Today being the World Women’s Day, it’s probably good to think about what is missing. What we have lacked all these years. It’s the discrimination created by the men’s world. And that is only for the sake of power and position. Not for the sake of love. When I say the strongest expression of a woman is motherhood, I mean that no woman will ever want any kind of violence in the society. Anywhere. Anytime. If a woman is leading, it’s unlikely that there will be any violence in the society.

I believe that the key message today is empowering the world to understand that womanhood is very precious, very pious and very remarkable. Because of womanhood, we have a generation coming forth, generations happening. Also, the shakti aspect which we respect, or worship is the shakti of the whole creation –maha shakti, kundalini shakti, mother – which is the basis of creation. If you take shakti away, then there is only tamas (sloth), there is nothing. So the shakti aspect is the fundamental aspect of creation.

That’s why we have various dimensions of deities representing them. This is empowerment by nature. By nature, it is empowerment because there is no need for external empowerment. For a woman to be empowered, it has to be from the inside. And stability is the sign of empowerment. If a person is stable no matter what happens in the society, that means the person is empowered. If you have a skill, the skill can go only until the graveyard, until you die. But empowerment from within stays forever. It also leaves a mark in the society.

I wish all the women today the very best. Please understand that you are already empowered. There is no need for external empowerment. All you have to do is to recognise it because, as I said, motherhood is the most powerful expression of a woman and nobody can snatch it away from you. Nobody can take it away. You are already empowered to create the next generation.

I always used to say, ”What is the best way to bring up a child? Tell them stories of the powerful people who never swayed with emotions. Just bring them the idea or understanding about people who have been stable in life, not about people who made a lot of money and died. History is full of those kind of stories, i.e. conquering, capturing, killing and destroying. That is not a kind of thing which children need to know. What the children need to know is stability – how to live a stable life.

The right person to express that is a mother. Only a mother can influence the thought process of a child right from the childhood because the child is closest to the mother. And the mother has the connection with a child much more than the society because the child was inside the mother for nine months. Connection of a child with the mother is always nine months older than the connection outside. This is important to understand. So the stories, vibrations, frequencies that you convey to the children will definitely help build the society.

This is a message for today to all the already empowered women.

My salutations. Thank you.

Jai Ma!

3 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day 2018

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