Mohanji Guru Purnima Message 2020

Hello everyone! Namaste. Wish you a great Guru Purnima (also known as Vyasa Purnima). This is a very auspicious day and time to think about ourselves as we are today, in this present condition (of the Corona pandemic). Last year, we had a conglomeration; we had a meeting. We spoke everything about Guru Purnima and … Continue reading Mohanji Guru Purnima Message 2020

Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2020   Hello my dear friends, I wish you a very, very happy New year! How do you feel at the end of 2019, the last decade of this decade, which is about to be closed?  I think we have met each other. Most of us have met, and we had some time together. I … Continue reading Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2020

A Letter of Gratitude – Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2019

Thus, let us practice positivity, totally ignoring negativities of life. If people love you, be grateful. If you get help, be grateful and reciprocate. Always give more than you receive, thus maintain your inner richness. And do not misuse or waste any materials or means that you get to handle. Be life always, consciously. Live your highest consciousness.

Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2019

Hello friends, I wish you all a very, very happy New Year with  great success, happiness, peace, unconditional love and all the good things which make life better. I wish you everything that is beautiful. I wish you all things that will help you to have contentment. Contentment is all that we need in everyday … Continue reading Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2019

Mohanji’s Christmas Message

I wish you a very Merry Christmas! What I would like to tell you today about Christmas is the whole idea of celebration of oneness with the world. Jesus said you should love your neighbour as you love yourself. You should look at everybody as yourself. There is no separation. And today, if you look … Continue reading Mohanji’s Christmas Message

Mohanji’s Datta Jayanthi Message for 2018

Jai Maa (Hail to the Divine Mother). Wish you a happy Datta Jayanti (birthday of Lord Dattatreya). It is auspicious to be here doing the pooja (Mohanji did the Guru paduka pooja earlier). Guruji has asked me to speak about Datta consciousness. In one word, I can say that it is you. It is your … Continue reading Mohanji’s Datta Jayanthi Message for 2018

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2018

Happy Guru Purnima to all of you. This is not one day dedicated for the remembrance of your Guru. We should remember guru every moment as a reminder of who and what we actually are. This day is for you to remember that the true guru is the real you. Your highest truth is your … Continue reading Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2018

Hotter than the raging SUN

Dear Seekers of Truth You may think that proximity to a powerful Avadhoota like Atmananda meant that we got to discuss deeper levels of spirituality all the time. On the contrary, we hardly spoke spiritual matters. I found the same when Atmananda met other powerful masters. They discussed nothing – literally nothing spiritual. To me, … Continue reading Hotter than the raging SUN

Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Today is the second day of Ugadi Seva, and it’s also the World’s Women’s Day. So we just think of the women who have been the backbone of the society ever since the beginning of mankind. India has a deep culture where we have always respected women. There hasn't been any discrimination. If you look … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2018

Celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, children without parents, abused children, old and abandoned people, sick people, etc. Make them happy. Show them that you sincerely care. Their joy is my joy. Give them assurance, strength, support and love. Share what you have, whatever you have in abundance with those who have nothing. Do not … Continue reading Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2018