International Yoga Day Message 2020

Namaste. I wish you a great Yoga day. Yoga - Union, Unification and Unity. We are powerful when we are united with ourselves. We have a gross form, the body. And we have a subtle form, which is experiencing the faculties that help us to experience life, such as mind intellect, ego, and those kinds … Continue reading International Yoga Day Message 2020

Mohanji on Shiva and Shivarathri

Om Nama Shivaya. Namaste Welcome to the divine day Maha Shivarathri, the most glorious of all days, especially in the worship of Lord Shiva. When I say, “worship” it is more of a recognition, more of understanding, or even acknowledging the fact of something which is unknowable. We cannot know it, we cannot even think … Continue reading Mohanji on Shiva and Shivarathri

Mohanji’s Christmas Message

I wish you a very Merry Christmas! What I would like to tell you today about Christmas is the whole idea of celebration of oneness with the world. Jesus said you should love your neighbour as you love yourself. You should look at everybody as yourself. There is no separation. And today, if you look … Continue reading Mohanji’s Christmas Message

Mohanji’s Datta Jayanthi Message for 2018

Jai Maa (Hail to the Divine Mother). Wish you a happy Datta Jayanti (birthday of Lord Dattatreya). It is auspicious to be here doing the pooja (Mohanji did the Guru paduka pooja earlier). Guruji has asked me to speak about Datta consciousness. In one word, I can say that it is you. It is your … Continue reading Mohanji’s Datta Jayanthi Message for 2018

Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Today is the second day of Ugadi Seva, and it’s also the World’s Women’s Day. So we just think of the women who have been the backbone of the society ever since the beginning of mankind. India has a deep culture where we have always respected women. There hasn't been any discrimination. If you look … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Mohanji’s message for ACT Day

My beloved colleagues and companions in service, Ammucare and ACT day (November 9th 2016)  The ACT Day. At least one positive ACT every day. This is what we believed in and what we will believe in forever. Our life depends on our disposition. A consistent positive disposition ensures a life of courage and confidence while … Continue reading Mohanji’s message for ACT Day

Mohanji’s Christmas Message Forever

Dearest Embodiments of Love, Wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas. Wish you the taste of Christ Consciousness. The consciousness that is all-encompassing; the consciousness that expresses itself only through Unconditional Love, Compassion beyond gender and species barriers, kindness that transcends time and space, profound, unbending selflessness rooted in truth of existence and beyond any … Continue reading Mohanji’s Christmas Message Forever

Ammucare Day

November 9th. Ammucare is 7 years old. While our memory gently takes us back to the beginning of Ammucare, in Delhi, right now - our annual blanket distribution is happening in full swing. Ammucare began in 2003 even though the thoughts behind Ammucare began in 2001. I had no plan to set up any charity … Continue reading Ammucare Day