The Sun and the Man

Watch the routine of The Sun and you will understand what is ‘Dharma’

The Sun does Supreme Service. Sun nourishes the entire solar system, aids life, sustains life, recycles life and also reproduces life. The Sun does all of this very objectively; purely on dharmic basis without any attachments, expectations or claims.

Sun’s main aspect is heat. Heat creates, sustains and dissolves. Amongst all elements, fire swallows everything. It digests and delivers ash which does not retain any visible characteristic of any material that it swallowed. The same fire cooks our food and digests the food in our stomach. It is the same heat which gives energy to move and carry out functions, be it plants, animals or humans. Heat aids every transformation, every change in every plane.


The Sun is an epitome of lack of tamas (inertia). Sun never takes a holiday and does its duty perfectly well. It is self-inspired and never deviates from its path or duty, even if lowly clouds block its purpose at times. Earth also never takes leave! She receives the sun’s energy gracefully. There is no procrastination. In spiritual path, the biggest road block is tamas.

Sun is the same even if it is obscured by clouds which are of lower stature. Sun is never affected by clouds. It stays as it is. Clouds come and go. Clouds change their form and intensity. But, clouds cannot stay for long, just like our emotions. When the clouds depart, the Sun is always in the background unchanged! Our soul also should not get disturbed by emotions like the Sun does not get affected by clouds. Sun witnesses clouds. When clouds depart, we see the bright Sun again. Beyond the clouds, there is sunshine. Beyond the emotions, there is the truth of existence. Sun’s brightness can never be diminished by clouds. Why do we think that the brightness of our soul will be faded by our fleeting emotions? When all emotions depart, only love remains, which is our basic nature. Sun is an embodiment of pure dharmic love.

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Sun represents the Sanatana Dharma (the eternal ground rules of existence). The sun exhibits perfect witness-hood. It is The Supreme Knowledge. Brightness, Light, Fire, Heat, Seasons, Movement, LIFE; Sun signifies everything that life consists of. Sun does not ask for identity. Sun does not want recognition. Sun also does not wait for your thanks! Sun exhibits its dharma. It shines irrespective of anything. how we perceive that shine depends on us!

Sun represents the cycle of existence. Sun creates, nourishes, sustains, dissolves or recycles – even water, which can stop fire, is recycled into vapor, rain and then back to rivers by the Sun. It creates change in seasons cyclically. It moves the world and the lives on the world.

Sun is the abode of many beings. These beings are made of the same material of our soul, which cannot be drenched, or burnt by any element including fire. Their body itself is fire; or, fire transcends through them, or, they transcend through fire. No fire can harm them. They aid wisdom, not only to mankind, but to other beings in other planes too.

These are just a few aspects of the SUN. So, follow the Sun and you will know Dharma in its completeness. Meditate on the SUN. Chant Aditya Hridayam. It will eradicate Tamas and make you shine forth. Rise and Shine!

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Human beings are inseparably connected to the Sun. In fact, almost all the species (animals, birds, plants, etc) are. Our systems wake up at sunrise and slow down to a minimal level at sunset. Body processes everything quicker and more efficiently between sunrise and sunset. After sunset, because the shutters are down, whatever we consume goes to the storage boxes. It can be properly processed only when the sun rises the next day. Our ancestors used to wake up in the morning before sunrise, purify themselves through ablutions, cleansing processes and chanting and used to be prepared to attain optimal efficiency during the day during sunrise and sunset.

They never used to eat anything after sunset They never used to eat anything before sunrise. This used to save them from various disorders including indigestion to obesity. Today, we have nocturnal beings. We not only consume junk food but also we consume them at the wrong times. This is totally against our system. Those who used to wake up early used to sleep early too. Thus, they followed the sun. Those who follow the sun can never be ill. They will have no dementia or problems related to the mind also. Connecting to Sun keeps us refreshed and healthy. If you look at all the beings of other species, either they slow down, rest or get back to their nests at sunset and they sleep the whole night over. Before sunrise, they are awake and are efficiently at work through the day. None of the beings in nature have fatigue of any kind because they follow the sun. Sleeping late and waking up late is totally against our system.

Follow the Sun. It ensures a good life.



A Master Servant

Lord Ram asked Hanumanji “Who are you?” Hanumanji replied with total humility. “Great Lord, if I knew who I was, I might not be serving you.” The moment one realises who he truly is, there is no separation. What Hanumanji meant was that if he realised who he really was, then there would be no separation from Ram, as Hanuman and Lord Ram are indeed ONE – two aspects of the same consciousness. There is no servant and no master. There is no expectation. There is no separation. Until this realization happens, this and that, me and that, he and that, and all other kinds and aspects of separation, will exist in the mind.

Hanuman and Lord Ram – One in Consciousness, Separate by Choice (for serving the Purpose)

Ego has the power to expand illusion (Maya) that already exists with us, within us. Ego maintains us in the make-believe. Humility is purity. The more humble we are, the more pure we can be. Humility keeps us close to the truth. Every sadhak (seeker/practitioner of a path of spirituality) goes through the process of highs and lows of the mind and body unless deeply surrendered to the guidance of a true guru. Then the presence of the inevitable fluctuations of the mind will not matter because purpose takes precedence.

Deep surrender to the guidance of a true guru

As their practice brings forth certain experiences, when they have not yet tasted life inside the silence of stillness, the urge to spill out their findings to the “ignorant” public becomes more and more. We should maintain a clear understanding that it is not yet time to speak until we fully and properly settle down in the lap of silence. It will take time. We tend to open out when really, it is the right time to withdraw. Deliberate silence comes in handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.

Deliberate silence comes handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.

Flavour (Bhaav) determines the constitution. In the same entity, whether it is animate or inanimate, we can see various flavours in time and space which, if compared to human constitution, will provide us with a different understanding and awareness of existence. My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river.” What I saw was motherhood flowing, unconditionally nurturing everything from the utter gross to the unperceivable subtle. The difference is feeling instead of “seeing”. Thousands of powerful yogis since time immemorial have worshipped the Ganga and stay in her lap because they do not see a flowing river; they see a mother’s lap. Thus, a true yogi’s vision is different. It is this vision that makes them a true yogi.

My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”

My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”
In my life’s journey, I have met many true but unassuming yogis who are deep treasuries of knowledge. They are well established in the truth (God), but maintain a deep silence and humility. Often society takes their humility as a weakness or even ignorance. What you experience is not always explainable in words. The taste of a tasty dish can never be explained. It has to be experienced. Even if you do explain, unless the listener is deeply aware, they cannot understand the subtleties fully. Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention, if they choose to physically communicate with the world.

Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention

Then there are many who only work in the subtle planes like avadhootas. Avadhootas may look like mad people, inconsistent in their behaviour and often unpredictable. However, they exist in a totally different operating level because their awareness has surpassed their body, and their sole reason for existence in society is to guide or protect society through subtlety. Even though there are many cases of people getting healed from chronic illnesses, karmic blockages and being cured through a mere glance or pat on the body by these unparalleled masters, they usually live in relative anonymity. This is perhaps the only way they sometimes reveal their stature. For common eyes, they are mad, unpredictable people.

The usual operating intellect of an average human is either intellect anchored on acquired knowledge (Srutha), or intellect based on situational, rational event analysis (Yuktha), viz. analysis based on acquired knowledge versus rational bent of observation, thinking and analysis. However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness. Since true masters constantly operate on the energy plane, they wield power over the elements and everything else. Even then, when they do interfere or intercept in someone else’s karma, they suffer through their body while the subject gets relieved. The masters take it on themselves.

However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness.

It is not easy to understand the stature of a true master. One can only perceive. The external always conceals the internal. Their need for isolation is often for the sake of keeping themselves free from various or multiple frequencies. The frequencies of nature always have a pattern of love. Nature is LOVE. There is even love in natural calamities. Natural calamities are auto corrections just like a fever in the human body or a stomach pain. They demand rest for an internal correction, much like a stomach problem demands a fast or a reduced food intake. Likewise, nature corrects itself time and again. Sometimes it’s a mild warning, just like our body gives us time and again. Sometimes, it’s severe and far reaching.

Lord Dattatreya: Nature is LOVE – LOVE is Natural

However, the social frequencies emitted by humans of various natures are almost always chaotic. Collective consciousness usually revolves around negativity, because that’s the easiest and the lowest. The media supports it actively too. The yogi usually avoids the world, because having to handle multiple lower frequencies all the time pulls down or at least stretches their hard earned elevation. Elevation happens spontaneously by keeping the mind inside oneself and not attached to the senses. Thus, when he has to deal with the outside world, he will be totally dispassionate. When the mind is anchored inside, it’s total stillness. A still mind is a clear mirror. Thus, the yogi becomes a mirror to the world. The outside world looks at these mirrors and witness themselves in full clarity. Yogis only show the totally non-manipulated true images. It is a challenge to keep the mind still when the yogi is forced to deal with the varied frequencies that he gets to handle each day. Once the yogi dissolves the mind totally, he becomes a permanent mirror. Otherwise, it takes sincere, continuous and consistent practices to keep the mind inside. A yogi operating in society easily becomes a trash can of the residue of multiple frequencies. Some use arathis (ritual prayer) to cleanse themselves. Some just leave it and abandon their body when unusable.

Input has relevance. Input makes us. We are what we consume. We consume food through the body, emotions through the mind, and knowledge through the intellect. These inputs make us and sharpen our character, as well as determine our constitution. Hence input, if uncontrolled, can create obesity – which can affect the “circulation” – in various aspects of our existence. True yogis control inputs to a large extent through isolation and contemplation, if not meditation and silence. The less the inputs, the less will be the impressions, and thus naturally the less storage. Storage of anything demands its corresponding manifestation. This is what we see in the world. The dramas that we see enacted in this world are all expressions of stored impressions in numerous minds. Nothing else.

Isolation is essential for rejuvenation, concentration and purification. Some resort to far off places, some to caves and some to mountains. Finally, when the mind is isolated from the rest of the system, then it’s just isolation everywhere. It is isolation even in the market place, because what happens outside cannot create any ripple effect inside. Inside is separated from outside. The usual bridge between the internal and external is the mind. Here, the bridge itself is burnt for good.

The Tradition

I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition. If I have a form, it is just a projection of the tradition, or a sign that the tradition exists. All powers and all manifestations rest with the tradition and not me. Any form the tradition uses to express itself is not the doer. The tradition is the doer. The tradition is the witness. No gurus of the tradition have ever been doers at any point in time. The form can do nothing on its own. It’s the tradition working through various forms to add to multiple realities of existence for the purpose of showing the light of liberation to the world.

I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition.

The NATH tradition promises that “If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide”. This is the promise of the golden tradition where liberation is the sole aim. Freedom is the way of life. Freedom from the mind is real freedom.

If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide

I have no existence of my own. I am just a projection, projected by the tradition for its purpose. When the purpose is over, the projection will be withdrawn, just like an image on the silver screen. The purpose of the projection will remain unclear while the show is on. Usually one has to wait until the end of the show to know the full picture. In most cases, the extent and depth of the operating level of a master will remain unclear or unfathomable even after centuries of their existence. What need not be revealed, will not be revealed. Clarity of purpose is the requirement of a seeker’s mind. A master seeks no such clarity even though he has access to every detail if he wants to. Do we know why a thing is happening in our own life each moment? Every effect has a cause. Every event has a reason. The tradition knows. It has projected many forms into this canvas over time who we worship today as “masters”. It will continue to project many forms in the future too. The mind of man may get stuck with a form, which is normal, because the mind needs the help of the senses to recognise, feel and connect. As long as the mind needs, the form is relevant. When the mind moves on, the form dissolves. And all forms have a specific duration too. The tradition delivered me, operates me and will dissolve me at its discretion. I do not think, I do not choose, nor do I ask. I do not seek. I do not crave. I do not pretend. I do not…..
I do not DO anything because I do not have to. It is all the tradition.

I have no powers of my own. Everything rests with the tradition. The tradition chooses forms to express itself; just like the supreme consciousness manifests itself through its trillions of creations. This form is just another form – a perishable piece of flesh, a temporary manifestation. Its value depends on the purpose of the tradition. Value is directly related to usefulness. My value is up to the tradition. I have no value apart from it. None of the past masters have or had any value apart from their representation. There is a clear understanding that “me and my Father are ONE”. There is no will or choice of thought, or even action. The purpose of the tradition drives this machine. The purpose of the tradition opens doors, speaks through the machine and also dissolves whatever is unwanted or unnecessary.

The purpose of tradition drives this machine

Relevance is limited and rests with time. Everything on earth is time bound. Whatever is eternal shall not have any dependency. Dependency is always related to forms supported by elements. Non-dependency rests with the subtle and, in the forms on Earth, with their souls. Souls have never depended on forms, while forms have depended on souls. Minus the soul, the form is dead. The relevance of every incarnation is its purpose. Nothing less, nothing more. I have no further relevance than the purpose of the tradition, and its duration rests with the purpose.

Even though status can be conferred externally, stature must be earned. Sincere practice brings capacities. Grace maintains it. When capacities or powers are misused, grace is lost. When grace is lost, powers are lost too. Even if powers stay, they may start breeding negative karma. Hence a true master will never flaunt his power, nor display his capacities to ignorant eyes. Stature needs patience and perseverance. It needs tenacity. It is like climbing a steep mountain. It takes efforts and sacrifices. It takes immense pain and determination. Once achieved, one cannot rest still. He must maintain it through positive actions, words and thoughts, as well as through a life of selflessness. This is a true yogi. When he shares what he has, grace replenishes the energies needed by the man like a well replenishes its water. When people crave capacities and eventually achieve them, but don’t gather the maturity to handle them, the capacities wither away like a beautiful garland in the hands of a monkey.

The inner world is difficult to fathom or display, and the outer world does not have the eyes to see the inner world of a person. Thus, displays are useless. They will serve only as a show of ego or to prove a point. Both are unnecessary in spirituality. There is nothing to prove. All you have to prove to yourself is that You are the only reality. You are the only truth. The proof of the highest achievement is utmost humility. The need to prove is ego or ignorance. When the pot is full, the water never spills. When the pot is half filled, the water will shake and spill with every movement. A learned and totally settled man never spills his knowledge unwarranted. The half learned are eager to share their fresh catch to anyone and everyone, even to unworthy ears. Sometimes it brings unlimited woes.

Years ago, a bookaholic in various religious materials tried to discuss his intellectual trash with me. I was working in a company at that time. This man, my colleague’s friend, knowing that I do some practices wanted to discuss his knowledge. I did not answer any of his questions as I found them shallow if not childish, as everything was related to his interpretation and analysis. Later, when my colleague asked me why I disappointed this “sincere seeker”, I said “First of all, I am not his guru. Secondly, he is still searching outside. Until he starts to search inside, I will not make any sense to him. Thirdly, my head has no roof (upper limit), it is as open as the deep blue sky. His head has a roof. How can he contain my experience even if I explain my state in words which again is impossible?” Whether he understood or not, he never imposed any of his “spiritual” friends on me.

What can be told is little. What remains untold is mountainous. What can never be told is a universe. What is understood is the same. What is understandable is truly limited. The rest is all maya – illusion or pretension. If we clearly understand this truth, we will remain humble.
Spirituality is a journey from the illusory known to the unknowable. The illusion that the words create, the impression that it leaves in the mind, is one of the main reasons for delusions, detours and confusions leading to rebirths until understanding becomes clear. Standardisation is impossible. Everything is as it is. Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.

Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.

A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness. Out of emptiness, they churn out realities based on purpose. They churn out words, expressions and miracles. The inner emptiness is the Source. They are one with THE Source. What separates one from the Source is the mind and ego. They have no mind or ego. Hence, they are the Source. They are purpose based and purpose bound. Every action, thought or word is unselfish and higher-purpose based. They do nothing for themselves. They eat, drink, sleep and walk for others. True emptiness provides true humility. An empty pot has the most capacity amongst all the pots.

A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness!

Nothing affects the soul. We all know that. But the yogi experiences that day and night. The visible world, or the world of images, cannot affect the soul. It can only affect the mind and through the mind, the body. The bridge between the visible world and the incarnation is the unseen but experience-able mind. The soul remains neutral, pure and unaffected through lifetimes. A true yogi identifies himself only with the soul. Hence, his state is detachment irrespective of where he exists. When one’s identification rests with the soul that cannot be polluted, the external world has no impact on them. When we finally experience our own shining truth, our soul, every other faculty will become dim. Nothing else will matter.

Identification is the flavour of existence. When a man identifies himself with the body, he will become bound by the inherent desires and inclinations of the body such as hunger, thirst, etc. When a man identifies himself with his mind, he will flow with the emotional highs and lows and all the other fluctuations of the mind. When a man identifies himself with his intellect, he will be bound by knowledge and analysis. Finally, it is only when he starts identifying himself with his unseen, unbound soul, that he will become truly liberated. This is a long walk. It takes pain and sacrifice. Terrestrial emotions always appear to pull the seeker back to its whirlpool. Hindrances such as stored impressions, past memories, anger, feelings of injustice, and lack of understanding or awareness, emotions, expectations, opinions, hatreds and numerous such hurdles are part of the path of this journey. Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents. This is where grace comes in handy. Protection of a true master helps. The help of one who has already reached the other shore is a great advantage. Just clinging on to the master who appeared as a saviour will help the seeker to reach his destination. That is all it takes – clinging on.

Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents.

In the spiritual journey, prejudices and analyses block more than ignorance. Every seeker must be aware of this. One’s lack of understanding is often due to prejudices rather than one’s capacity for understanding. Pre-conceived notions based on past understanding are also a hindrance. Things should be taken as they come.

Things should be taken as they come

When life is higher-purpose bound, there is no alienation because there is no doership. When the purpose is completely over, then it is complete merger. Purpose keeps the form. Purpose determines the duration of the form. However, if the incarnation is karmic, as Hanumanji said, “The moment I realise who I am, I lose my identity. I merge into you. I become you.” After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose. The rules of such incarnates are different. It is purely the purpose determining the personality and duration. Nothing else. Karmic beings will not understand the operating levels of such incarnations.

After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose.

We realise, even this one does not exist.

Love to all


The Path of Pathlessness

The Divine Journey of Life

The Whole Existence is a Prayer for the Entire Universe.
An Existence in Complete Surrender to Supreme Consciousness…

A baby is born. A beautiful Baby. Everyone is happy. Joyous atmosphere in the house. It overflows into the neighborhood. Visitors come to see the newborn. They congratulate its parents, bring them gifts. A new journey of a soul in a new body began there!!!

A small body was carefully created inside the womb of the mother. All organs were assembled properly. Nerves, muscles and veins were attached properly. The Spine was created first and then the other organs. Brain, heart, lungs and intestines were put in their proper place. The parents who took all the credit for the beautiful baby, had nothing to do with any of these. Divinity made everything. Divinity put everything in its place to accomplish a pre-determined journey and make sure it can withstand the wear and tear of the total journey till its karmic end. The product was also packaged well and everyone agreed that it is indeed attractive!!! What a brilliant craftsmanship!!! Everything in proper order!!! This is human life. Extremely perishable, but brilliantly beautiful.

The Beautiful Mind of the Creator and Perfection in Creation…

Each entity has its own beauty. Even a tiny ANT is specific. All are “hand-made”, with extreme care. There are no two products alike!!! Every package comes with a specific duration or, in commercial terms, Shelf-Life. Birth and Death are simultaneously decided. There are no surprises, no accidents. Karma is the contract, the shopping list. Body, mind and intellect must exist together as long as the specified Karma is accomplished. When karma is finished, the body is terminated. There is no tragedy attached to it. There is no belongingness to earth. There is nothing to cry for. There is nothing we can own. We are just like tourists here.

The child’s parents had nothing to do with the child’s karma, or the shopping list. They had no clue. They never decided their child. Assuming ownership, they started taking decisions on the life of the child after it was born. They refused to accept that they have no role to play in the child’s life, except to provide an environment for it to grow and express itself. That is it! Nothing more. They could not control its thought pattern or the usual minor illnesses that it contracted from time to time from the earth. They had no clue about its natural tastes and inclinations. They did not know anything about the child, even what it will become when he/she grows up. They did not even know if their pretty child will behave in the standards of an angel or a devil upon growing up.  They tried their best to cram the child with various kinds of conditionings – social, family, community, religious, etc, etc. Child accepted some, discarded some. Sometimes it rebelled. Sometimes it surrendered. Thus, the child expressed its own conditionings that it brought forward from past lives and fine tuned them with some of the newly acquired ones. Parents foolishly attributed its qualities and characteristics to themselves and their ancestors. 🙂  Nobody knew the real truth, the third dimension of the entity at hand!!!

Every soul that walks the earth must pay a rent. Same way, when we rent any space, we must pay for it. We are renting the space on earth, quite temporarily, to exhaust our karmas. We must pay for the space that we use. This is the debt that we owe to the Mother Earth!!! We walk on the earth as if we own it. We do not. Nobody does. We are only temporary custodians. We will pass on and someone else will walk over the same space on earth. While living, we must pay the debt in order to exit smoothly. If we do not pay our house rent, the landlord will get us arrested. Likewise, until we pay the rent that we owe to the Mother Earth, we will keep coming back. Earth will arrest you and bring you back. Debt usually breeds more debt, sometimes with compound interest. So, each visit will cost us more.

The only way to pay our debts towards the Mother Earth is to serve its children selflessly. Social service or self-less action of any kind, will relieve you from the accumulating dues. We must remember this always. This is why some religions insist on regular, compulsory social service and paying a portion of their subjects’ income for the welfare of the poor. Compassion and sincere expressions of kindness will help clear the dues for sure. Talking and sharing opinions will not help. This is also for sure. Hands that help unconditionally are much holier than the lips that pray.

God needs nothing from you. God is self-sufficient. Do not try to bribe God either. He needs none of your rituals too. You have formed the rituals only for yourself. This was your effort in identifying the God aspect within yourself. All the rituals and spiritual practices including Yoga, Pranayam and meditation are your attempt to reach God. He is not outside of you. God is within you. If your spiritual practices cannot take you inside yourself, discard them. They are only another burden for you. And remember the golden rule of travel – less the baggage, more is the comfort in your journey.


Ripples in the sand are as impermanent as time

 The Precious Time

Destiny is equal to the original shopping list, the agenda for existence. Time is precious. Time is specified. Agenda is specified. Where is the time to rest and procrastinate? Karma is exhausted in three states – the waking, dream and deep sleep state. Where the waking state cannot reach, the dream does. Deep sleep state reminds man of his real home, beyond his currently acquired identities.

Every pain and pleasure is part of the shopping list. The list that we have carefully or absentmindedly prepared during our past lives. God never interfered, just as your soul never interferes in your current life. It just provides the fuel. It is neutral and unconditional. Your soul and God are one. Both are unconditional. Body is like a rented house, rented for a period. Mind and Intellect are its operating tools, such as electricity and water. Time is precious. Postponement is a waste of time. Escapism is also a waste of time. Equanimity in pain and pleasure will ensure a smooth sailing. Acceptance and Adaptability are the key. Non-resistance is the method, because the shopping list is yours. You made it. You own it. You enjoy it. It is your life.

The Food of the Mind

The food of the mind are the sense objects. Mind’s sensors or sensory buds are our actual five senses. Minus the sense objects, the mind dissolves. Without food, the food sheath or the body cannot exist. Without procreation, earthly species cannot exist. Likewise, when the senses are in control, when sense objects do not lure us anymore, the mind dissolves. A mindless state is also a karma-less state. Mind is the operating tool of Karma. Our existence shifts to the dharmic mode, when mind dissolves and karmas vanish. We exist purely for the sake of Dharma. Duty towards existence.



The Secret to Liberation

Liberation is a state. By liberation we mean the end to the birth-death cycle. Liberation is a process. Entanglement is easy. It needs no deliberation. It happens by itself. Staying liberated requires extreme awareness, caution and equanimity over pain and pleasure, which includes physical and mental diseases. Liberation is the path of pathlessness. Anything regular binds us as the mind easily feeds on it. Any ritual is a binding. Any habit is a binding. Any relationship, with the associated expectations, is also a binding. Living it staying detached or unattached is the key. This means perfect witness-hood in all three states – waking, dream and deep sleep state. Detachment is not aversion. It is also not under-performance or escapism. It is a perfect action with 100% application without attachment to the results of the action. The essential agenda points for liberation are as follows:

A. Accept your life as it is, because you created it. Act out your karma, without resistance. What ever you are experiencing now, was your choice, consciously or un-consciously, probably the same way you are handling your life now. 🙂 That means, a life of partial consciousness and partial unconsciousness. Luckily, all our vital functions are handled by our active sub-conscious mind, otherwise, we will forget to breathe or pump our heart; or will create a heart-attack out of stress due to these matters!!!! 🙂

Karma is happening, whether you like it or not. Each situation, event and experience of your life is formed out of it. Every thought, word and action, along with the glue of emotion, created your life, and is continuously creating further lives, right now, while you are at it. You have only your present to handle your karma. You can only do something now – tomorrow never exists in the now, and past is history and non-existent in the present. So, karma will happen whether you like it or not, the way it will happen in your present life, as per your individual experience level. It is up to you to accept it gracefully as a child of your own, or resist it and suffer the pains of resistance. Resistance also leads to further involvement, postponement and maybe an intensified experience too. So, might as well act it out now, in its intended intensity, without resisting. Who knows what is in store for you tomorrow, and who cares?

B. The Immediate Dharma. Along with your karma, which is the purpose of your existence, is the dharma, which are your inherent duties. They are often inter-linked and difficult to segregate. Dharma of a mother is to take care of the children that are born through her. The first is the dharma towards own family members, such as a husband towards his wife and the wife towards her husband. Likewise, father, mother, husband, wife, children, brother, sister, grandparents, so on and so forth. One should handle one’s dharma with utmost care and application. When each operates with kindness and compassion, we see happy families and happy families make happy society. For this, we should completely discard pretension and our expressions should become sincere and honest. When we do something, it should be with 100% application, devotion and sincerity. Dharma liberates man. Performing dharma to the best of one’s capacity certainly liberates the man and makes his life worthwhile. Regrets will vanish and guilt will not bind his feet like chains tied to the earth. Performing dharma in the unit level is essential for liberation.

C. Dharma towards the society. This is the third and final. When we also take care of the social needs within the best of our ability, we become completely liberated. This means, taking care of the poor and the needy, birds and animals, and the old and sick. Protecting the environment around our house, our street, the way we can. We are only temporary custodians of our property. We will leave it all here and go. We will carry nothing abroad, when we die. So, handle them carefully and return it to the landlord in good condition, so that your dues are in control. You will have to pay for all your indiscriminate thoughts, words and action. Remember this well.

When we are comfortable with our own existence and when we operate comfortably in all the three capacities, such as individual karma, individual dharma and the social dharma, without expectations or emotions of ownership, we will stay liberated while living.

Operating Levels

The simplest operating levels are purity and faith. Purity in thoughts, words and actions. This also means self-less-ness in thoughts, words and actions. Faith in oneself and existence, and non-resistance, irrespective of our existing realities. This will make your mind like a shining mirror, without any dust or finger prints. The more shining the mirror is, the better is the image. No image stays in a mirror permenantly. It vanishes when the object departs. Mirror remains objective always. Mirror never follows the object, nor does it capture and store an image, even if the image in front is celestial. It stays neutral all the time. Likewise, if our mind stays completely unattached to any sense object, it stays liberated all the time. Senses will not be bound to any sense object either. They will enjoy and detach, continuously and consistently. Images will come and go, people and situations will come and go. We will be firmly rooted in our own existence and liberation.

All are individuals, sometimes operating on a collective level. This is situational. People come together for a purpose and depart when the project is completed. Emotions based on relationships make it painful to part. They also chain the feet of the being to the realms of earth and similar situations eternally. We keep coming back. Emotions are anti-liberation. We should feel, because we have the faculties to feel. We should act dutifully, but, we should never be “emotional” in a way that leads to procrastination and eventual depression.

Liberation is Bliss. Liberation is Unity, Spontaneity and Unconditionality…

Be aware of a fundamental truth. When a soul assumes a body, it operates within the characteristics of the body that it has assumed. When a soul operates in a lion’s body, it operates or behaves as a lion, fully. Every entity in the whole universe expresses such characteristics. A man is a man. An angel is an angel. None comparable to another. Within the commonness, there is diversity. There is unity as well as diversity. So, when an entity expresses itself in a human body, it expresses the general nature of humans including decay and death. It will express all the strengths and weaknesses of humans. None can be immune to the basic nature attached to a particular specie. When an entity, using the assumed body, evolves beyond the needs of the assumed body, it liberates itself. Still, it is a continuous process of constant vigilant attention, rooting firmly in one’s soul.

The mind-intellect-body will always lure the consciousness. When a man shifts from mind, intellect and body to his consciousness, depending on his levels of consistency, liberation happens. So, each entity has a common behavioral pattern of its own. Its  needs or requirements are also the same. A cow needs grass. It does not need meat. A tiger needs meat to survive. Grass will not suit its need. An angel operates in a plane in which it is supposed to operate. Its powers of operation are purpose-bound. Everyone’s operating levels are purpose bound. So, let us shed the idea that some humans of higher evolution are immune to the nature of humans. There could be a degree of variation. Basic nature of species cannot be changed. If nature need to be changed, the body and species should be changed too. When a tiger takes birth as a man, it will look and feel like a man, even though it may behave like a tiger at times. Yet, all the attached strengths and weaknesses attached to humans will be definitely displayed. Assuming any body will also mean assuming its nature and characteristics. Every body is bound by the usual processes of Mother Nature, such as wear and tear and eventual annihilation.

The Path is So Simple – If You Follow These Footsteps…

A Few Roadsigns on the Path of Pathlessness

  • There are no do’s or don’ts. Just live a selfless life, without resisting, judging or criticizing oneself and others.
  • There are no binding expectations, including expectation for a specific result for one’s word or action.
  • Always operate rooted in the spine. Do not sway with fleeting emotions.
  • Complete Non-Violence – in thought, word, action, food, as well as in all your other expressions.
  • Respect and perform the individual karma as well as dharma (duty) towards own family and dharma towards the society, with perfect equanimity and zero expectation.
  • Purity in thought, word and action. This also means perfect self-less-ness and equanimity in pleasure and pain. Serve selflessly. No discrimination at all, on any basis.
  • Divinity is Simplicity. Lead a simple life full of love and benevolence. Always feed the hungry with what you have. Always protect the helpless, old and abandoned with what you have. See the spark of God in every being.
  • Do not flaunt anything, be it your wealth, possessions, power, money, achievements, relations, relationships, contacts, or even spiritual powers (siddhis). Lead a simple and unassuming life. Remain grounded and simple in outlook and existence. Be benevolent to all and care for all. There is nothing to prove on earth. All that we earn here needs to be spent (left behind) here too.
  • Do not worry about what you do not have. Rejoice at what you have. Never compare yourself with another.
  • Avoid anything that binds you, irrespective of whether the habit is positive or negative. If you cannot live without something, it is definitely a binding for you. This could be even a bed tea or a particular person. It could even be your Guru. It could be an alcohol addiction or even meditation.
  • Live in the present. Act in the present. Keep time. Do not waste even a moment, because, time in existence is specified, measured and un-extendable. Do what ever your current tasks are – right now – never postpone or procrastinate.
  • Understand all individuals as karmic beings. Everyone lives their karma. Each pattern is unique. Respect it.
  • Never censor your thoughts. You are what you are. Accept yourself with all your strengths, weaknesses or “imperfections” that you think you have. In absolute sense, there are no imperfections.
  • Observe. Be a witness to your own thoughts, words and actions at all times. You will stay liberated from all of it. Objective observation is liberating. Involvement is binding. Remember this always.
  • Every being on earth has a definite purpose. No creation is by accident. Respect every being, animate and inanimate. Never disturb or destroy. Live and let live.
  • Emotions, guilt and regrets are ropes that bind us to earth. Have nothing to do with it.
  • Love is the most beautiful of all feelings. Express it unconditionally.
  • Do everything with full application, sincerity and objective commitment. Never do anything absent mindedly or half-heartedly. Avoid all such actions. You will always be true to yourself and life will be regret free, ego free and fulfilling.
  • In our path, Gurus are just roadsigns. Gurus are perfectly unconditional. They never bind a seeker to themselves. They never interfere in your experience or your journey. They never criticize, judge or censor. They are objective and truthful. Gurus never display their powers to attract and control. Gurus never demand anything from any seeker. Gurus lead a liberated existence and they lead the seeker to liberation as well.
Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu…

Wish You a Liberated Existence.

Love All – Serve All


In Search of The Precious – 3

In Search of LIFE – 2

True Dilemma of a Goddess

Once upon a time, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, lived an avadhoota. As with all avadhootas, he was also dis interested in his bodily well-being and it gave him the status of a “mad man” in a society which believes in accumulation of wealth, corresponding social status and physical well-being. To mock the superficial society, and to teach them the futility of the repeated terrestrial existence, every day, this avadhoota used to push a big round stone up the hill and with great effort, before sunset, he would bring the stone to the top of the hill. Then, he would push the stone downhill and laugh at it rolling down. This action gave him the title “MAD”. While people were in a hurry to categorize him as a “Mad Man”, they did not understand the method in his “madness”. He was teaching the ignorant society a precious lesson about life. The stone represented human life. People work hard from birth till death to accumulate wealth and “secure” their life; and death takes it all away. At death, everyone leaves empty handed. All that they accumulate from birth till death, including wealth, status, rewards, qualification, emotions and relationships, gets annihilated and left behind. Nobody carries anything when they depart. The stone was a symbolic representation of life itself. The grave effort of building it up is lost in a second, when death happens. Everything gets undone, with physical death. The avadhoota spent his whole life doing the same thing and giving the same message to people. Unfortunately, as always, people only saw the obvious – the action, and not the precious message within.

The avadhoota had no house of his own and he lived in the village burial ground. Dogs and foxes appeared every night to devour unburnt flesh from dead bodies. They never bothered him. Like aghoris, he cooked his meal in the funeral fire or with the fire from the funeral (in India, dead bodies are customarily burnt, not buried). And after eating, he would sleep on the burial ground. He also did not have any work that earned him his daily bread, and yet, by “working hard” everyday by pushing the stone up the neighboring hill and then dropping it, he demonstrated the need to be active, for a larger purpose. He found his food through begging. If nobody gave him anything, without complaints, he would sleep with an empty stomach. Having food or lack of it never bothered him. A true renunciate indeed!!!

Kali Dances with the Souls of the Burial Ground…

The story goes like this. Goddess Kali and her entourage (which consists of fearsome Demons, Ghosts and Vampires) used to visit this burial ground on specific nights, such as Fridays or Tuesdays, to dance in the funeral fire along with the souls of the departed. This dance also signifies victory of death over life, i.e. the temporariness of human existence. So, when Kali and her dancing troop came to the burial ground, they saw a “human” sleeping there. Goddess cannot dance in front of humans. Human beings are of gross and  inferior existence, according to them. And, till then, no human being has survived seeing such fearsome spirits and Kali. People who have seen them have died out of fear. So, they decided to frighten the sleeping avadhoota. They made all sorts of sounds to wake him up. He did not even open his eyes. He was not enjoying the normal sleep, he was in samadhi state. Finally, he opened his eyes and got up. He sat there, watching the efforts of Kali and her team of ghosts, trying to put fear into him and drive him away. He watched their show like a movie and sometimes clapped his hands. Kali and her team got tired of this. Finally, Kali came to him and said. “Oh Man, I am pleased with you. No ordinary human can see us, witness our dance, and still be sane. You are no ordinary human. I am pleased with you. I want to give you a boon.” The avadhoota smiled and said “Thank You for your kindness. You and your team really entertained me. I am really happy. I do not need another boon. I am fine. If you are finished with your dance, please leave the place and let me sleep a bit more, before the day break. I have heavy work to do when the sun rises.” (Pushing the stone uphill and watching it roll down at sunset). But the mighty Kali insisted: “I have decided to give you this boon. You should tell me what you wish for.” After a lot of persuasion, he asked Kali: ” When will I die?” Kali gave him the exact date, place and time of his death. He said: “I want to live one more year.” Kali explained: “When a human takes birth, his longevity of life is pre-determined. He comes with the full karmic agenda. Nobody can tamper with it, including me. So, I cannot give you this boon.” He laughed, then thought for a while and said “OK. Then subtract a year from my life – give me one year less.” Kali said “I cannot tamper with your karmic life. Nobody can. Your destiny is well defined. Everything happens accordingly. The time, space, and the faculties are chosen and the experience is inevitable. You cannot cut it short and leave early. You have to move with time and complete everything that you came here for, before you exit.” The Avadhoota laughed aloud and teased Kali: “This means you do not have much power as you pretend to have. I do not need anything else. You may go.” Kali explained “Even the God Almighty does not interfere with the karmic agenda, created by existence. Existence creates karma, using the faculties. Unit souls that represent existence, aid it. So, units creates karma individually and collectively as they come together. The unit experiences singularly and collectively. Karma gets lead by itself. Bodies and minds happen based on Karma. The underlying factor is karma. Nobody interferes with Karma. It is the Dharma of Gods to allow Karma to happen…. I cannot leave without giving you a boon because I have offered you one. I am Goddess Kali and I have to keep my word.” Again the Avadhoota teased Kali: “Can’t you give me just one day of life more?” She said “NO”. “One day less”. Again she said “NO”. He laughed at her helplessness. The avadhoota humbled the Goddess. Finally,out of sympathy and not out of requirement, he pointed to his swollen left leg. He was suffering from a disease called “Elephantiasis”. His left leg was swollen and heavy. He told Kali “Did you see my left leg, swollen and heavy?” She said “Yes”. “OK, Shift it to my right leg and relieve my left leg. It has taken pain for long. Now, let the other share it.” Kali shifted his disease to his right leg, blessed him and disappeared with her entourage.

Remember, he did not ask Kali to remove his disease. He was not resisting anything that life gave him. He was just ridiculing the pomposity and resistance attached to our everyday existence. We become proud and egoistic with the feeling that we are doing everything and it is us, who move the world. The world is moving. Our powers are quite limited. Moreover, the avadhoota himself had the power to change anything, including his disease, if he wanted to. But, a real Siddha will never use any of His siddhis for self satisfaction or selfish needs. He uses it only for dire necessities and sometimes as an eye opener, to install or re-install faith in people. The detached life of an avadhoota is a true message to man-kind that is running after fleeting glories and paltry pleasures.

Burial Ground is a great place of complete justice. The rich and poor, the prince and pauper, all are alike in the burial ground. The eventual residue of the very rich and very poor is the same – a handful of ash!!! We apply ash on our forehead, as a reminder to others that eventually, we will become nothing but ASH.  This is meant to annihilate our ego, by reminding us of the eternal truth of perishability and unity.

Fire does not discriminate. It burns everything alike and still does not get contaminated. It stays clean. Water purifies, but gets contaminated. Air purifies and takes on the negativity. Earth also purifies, but gets contaminated. Fire purifies, burns everything into ashes, but, stays pure always.

Greed is Blinding

Who Will Share My Karma???

Karan was born poor. His parents were poor. They lived in a small town in the suburbs of the city. They could not provide him good education or even food and clothes. As soon as he completed his 12th class, his paternal uncle took him to the city. He stayed with his benevolent uncle, found a job and started earning even while he was a teenager. He was good at work and was quite loyal. He even skipped his lunch and worked to complete his tasks. His employer liked him, a silent performer, and thus he grew in his career, quite rapidly. A few years later, when he became well established in his work and was earning a good salary, his parents found him a native girl, and got him married. He was very happy with his marriage. His wife was a quiet and loving woman, who took care of his household chores without any complaints. They were a good match. Everyone loved them.

Years went by and they were blessed with three children, two boys and a girl. Meanwhile, he got an opportunity to go abroad and get into a job, which paid him many times more salary than his current job. He and his family settled down and again, he grew in his career, as well financially, rapidly. He became very rich. Meanwhile his father expired. He looked after his mother well. He invested in land, buildings and owned many establishments along with his best friends as partners and became one of the richest men in his home town. A smooth life of glory. He was happy and people were happy with him.

When he was 55 years old, he decided to return back and enjoy the fruits of his toil. He came back and started living in his home town. He had left his home town many years ago and he felt a bit alienated. But, money attracted people to him. He made many friends. Slowly, sycophants started spoiling his mind. He started getting into arguments with his partners and slowly took over most of the companies to himself. He used various methods to achieve this end. He became a completely different man.

The peer pressures of his home town made him a ruthless businessman. He took over all the distributed shares, by force, through threats or, in some occasions,  by paying off. Thus, he strengthened his position in the town. He stood for the local elections and also gained political clout. He became invincible. Along with politics, he entered into many corruption practices, bribery and “handling” of people who opposed them. Thus, a once clean employee became a totally corrupt  and dictatorial employer. People feared him, more than respected him. It was a path of “no return”. He kept walking unconsciously and in a way, helplessly.

One day, while he was leaving his office, late at night, he was beaten up by some people. He did have his driver and body guards. It was like an ambush, just outside his office, which was totally unexpected. They stabbed him in his stomach, broke his collar bone and ran away. He was immediately hospitalized. He had lost a lot of blood and was in intensive care for almost a week. Slowly he recovered and his state frightened and shocked his family and friends. One thing was clear – some people were affected by him so much that they want him dead. There was a big threat to his life.

When he was out of the hospital, when he could travel on his own, his brother-in-law took him to an old saint. His aim was to calm his agitated and shaken up mind. The saint looked at him and said: “You came empty handed. You will leave empty handed. What have you conquered?” Karan said: “I was a poor man. I became rich with my own hard work. Everything is hard-earned. I had to secure what I earned for my family and children.” The saint smiled. “Did the place, time and environment happen to you, or you created it?” Karan said “It happened to me. I used it.” Saint replied: “Good. Good understanding. What about your corresponding actions, which harmed many?” Karan said“I had to do whatever I did. The message had to be delivered loud and clear.” Saint: “What about the affected?” Karan was silent. There was no answer. The saint said: “They also decided to give their message loud and clear. That is what you are suffering from now.” The saint then said: “One more question. You are responsible for all your actions, even if the guidance was from others. Right?” Karan said “Yes”. Saint: “Just tell me, who will share your fruits of action, you may call it SINS?” Karan was shaken again. “Do you think your wife or children will share any of your sins? If you are doing everything for them, they should also share your sins, right? Will they?” Karan started crying. The saint consoled him: “Remember my son, Mind means dissatisfaction. Wisdom gives satisfaction. Depend on your wisdom. Mind means Greed. It always remains dissatisfied. It wants more. It wants more money, more power, more positions, status, food, wine, women, control….so on and so forth. If you get carried away, you will hurt others and you will harm yourself. Nobody can suffer your fruits of action on your behalf, except in a larger collective way. So, please share with others and sharing will bring you happiness. Hoarding will give you more anxiety. Go home in deep peace.” The Saint blessed him.

He came home and contemplated on the words of the Saint. He realized that nobody can share his burden and nobody will. He has to run his own life. He was born alone and will die alone. All that he accumulated cannot be taken with him. He cried for a long time. He distributed a lot of his wealth to poor people of his town. He started free schools for the education of poor children. Irrespective of caste and creed, he provided meals to anyone who came to his estate, any time of the day. He relieved himself from politics, distributed his business to his children, and plunged himself into charity.

Life gives rude shocks to make us understand certain inevitable truths. Those who understand will evolve. Those who resist, will perish further. This is the nature of life.

Believe it or Not…We Write Our Own Destiny!!!…

Love YOU Always


The Slumber of a Volcano

After Years of Unity, Duality happened, just to understand Unity

After an eternity of contemplation, Shiva started beating the drum. The drum beat gradually intensified and dissolved into a deep humming sound from within. Deep and long  AUM…….AUM…….AUM…..AUM… The ecstatic murmur from deep within drowned all the external sounds. The intensity of the internal murmur sucked in – all the senses, mind, intellect and ego. It was like a huge whirlpool. A whirlpool of molten lava. Everything fell into it and got dissolved in the powerful heat. The intensity and pressure was increasing. It can erupt any time.  Shiva’s drum beat intensified. He DANCED without moving. The inner dance!!! The dance of beingness!!! Each foot step shook the matter around and it exploded into pieces. The heat melted everything. The vapor pushed against the walls of creativity. All inside became RED with heat and pressure. Shiva beat his drum harder.Every cell of the universe was shaking.  The heat and pressure increased further. Shiva beat his drum harder…. the pressure increased further. Harder…..More pressure…..Then, IT EXPLODED!

When all identities melted completely, Flames and Ash erupted through the Volcanic head...
The molten energy penetrated the earth, water and fire and erupted deep into the skies...

The ash was thrown high into the air and the molten lava of samskaaras got spewn all around. Everything was in a completely dissolved state. It had lost all its identities. It could never come back and be reborn. While the lava flowed through the open head of the volcano, continuously, the soul merged back into the womb of Shiva. Complete dissolution. Nothingness. Exhaustion. “I” do not exist. This was the call from home. It was returning back home, empty handed, without any belongings, just as I had started the journey, once upon a time. The first birth and the eventual dissolution!!!

Shiva is Everything...Everything is Shiva..It is formless.

“Once upon a time”!!! I looked back. My past. I was in the womb of Shiva. It was peace and tranquility for a long, long time. It was eternity. Shiva’s womb is infinity.  Then, at some point, I started experiencing the same pressure from within. It was time to be born. While inside the womb, there was no time or space to measure the existence. Everything was inside the womb of Shiva. All of Me, which later became all of us. Everyone was inside the womb of Shiva. Shiva Himself was nothing but the womb. That time, again, I heard the familiar sound. The deep intensifying hum, AUM….AUM….AUM…. which obscured all the other sounds and the unmistakable rhythm of Shiva’s heart beat. The heart beat started intensifying and the humming began to be deafening. All sounds merged into the deep AUM. The whole womb was shaking. I experienced motion for the first time. Then the explosion happened. Brightness!!! I saw myself, everywhere. I was born!!! That was the first time that I noticed what we call space. There was space. And it required time to move through space. Time was born!!! I started exploring. There was relativity, for the first time!!! Relativity and creativity, walked together. Shiva seemed to be happy. He encouraged creation… He aided it whole heartedly. All his children who were spread far and wide swung into action. All imitated Shiva, the father. All became father of their own creation… Life is wonderful. Something is created every moment!!! Shiva just observed and smiled. He is such a kind father!!! Little did we realize that He was the creator, not us. Never it occurred to us, ever.!!!

The familiar feel of Home. The feel of Belongingness. The Oneness....LOVE...

First, I was curious. I liked to touch, feel, kiss, smell, lick, bite, taste, and listen. Everything was myself. All I could see was mirror images of myself everywhere. They were the mirror image of Shiva, our Father too. Perfect resemblance. All are one. Same entities. Staying apart  from myself, using relativity, I could do everything. I could express my creativity and expressions well. How could I do all that to myself, if I was the only one? So, the detachment from others helped my curiosity and explorations. The space allowed more options. Various highs and lows. Various shapes and colors. Various textures of existence. I loved it all. I was so preoccupied with my wanderings, that I forgot my home. And it was alright, as everything was mine and I was everything. Why do I need a specific home? I was at home everywhere. There was no space which is not my home.

Ida and Pingala, the cold and heat currents of the mighty Oceans, kept the Sushumna of life in perfect balance.

We started addressing each other with different names, which reinforced duality and alienation. The truth of our oneness was getting erased from our mind. Then, I found that some parts of myself, that resembled myself even though were called other beings to exercise the relativity, have started collecting the scattered parts that they found interesting. I did not understand why they have to do that, when everything is ourselves  and everything is ours – isn’t it all there for us? Nobody can take anything away. Where will they take it away? From whom will they take it away, because all are one!!! Why do I have to save it only for myself?

When I found that all that I liked, others liked too, I also selfishly started to collect what ever I liked and I called them mine. To my utter shock, I saw that some parts of myself started stealing from me and others’ collections. I hated it. I cried. Why do you have to do that. It is all yours. It is all ours. Take it if you like. Still, possession lead to possessiveness. The fun vanished from the game. It became competition. Fights…WAR. Differences in opinions and forceful evacuations. The space that belonged to all was torn into pieces. I saw that my own parts started destroying my own parts. I cried. I saw many severed heads. I saw many shattered shells – bodies. Many massacres, in the name of possessions and even just to show strength over the other. It was not worth it. From absolute bliss of being Shiva to absolute ignorance and waste of being Shava (dead body). I wanted nothing to do with it. Let those who want to fight and conquer, do it. I decided to pack my bag and return to the womb of Shiva. There was no bag to pack. There was nothing worth carrying. I will miss nothing, I was sure.

The Genderless Unity. The womb of the Father..

I sat in a grave yard. Nobody else came with me there. Except the burning gross bodies and disembodied helpless souls that waged wars and craved for possessions, there was no one to give me company. There I saw the dance of death. This had a difference. This was the dance of vengeance, destruction. My father’s dance was the dance of ecstasy and bliss, dissolution and complete oneness. Shiva danced for unification. I craved for that dance.

Through Deep Penance conquering our needs and fears...We cross the deep darkness of ignorance and duality. We return to ASH. When all identifications dissolve, there is nothing apart from you...

I dived into myself, looking for my father. I waded intuitively through the thick darkness until I reached the mouth of the volcano. Should I jump in or return back? Suddenly, I realized the existence of free will. A further jump will mean complete annihilation of all my identities. A complete annihilation of my existence in relativity. The complete nullification. I turned back and looked. Blinding darkness. Nothing else. I looked ahead. The fiery volcano. I called aloud: “Father…. Have you forsaken me?” Without waiting for an answer, I dived into the pool of molten lava. I did not feel any heat or pain. I saw myself dissolving. Then, I heard the most familiar sound of the drums of my father. It soothed and comforted me. I am reaching my abode. My home!!! It intensified. It further intensified. Then the eruption!!! Blinding Brightness!!! I was HOME.


The dance of the Father!!!The dance of Beingness!!! Perfection!!!

My beloveds, in the beginning, everything began with an internal explosion. The result was duality. In the very end of our individual life cycle, it begins with an internal explosion. The result is unity. Births and deaths exist between these. The final is unity or perfect awareness and being in completeness. Here, we are talking about the beginning of duality or relativity, regular births, deaths, consciousness shifts and final merger. So, it is both individualistic and cosmic. There are similarities. Distinct similarities. Just like a drop of water contains all the qualities of the ocean, our soul contains all the qualities of Shiva, Parabrahma, Father or Allah, what ever you want to call the eternal God. Hope you are able to see yourself and your true nature through the above text. Contemplate… Meditate. Love and only Love. M



And We Merge with the Eternal LIGHT & LOVE forever...

The Velocity of Emotions

Deep in Delusion, We often miss the Beauty of Life and we forget to LOVE.

This is a work of FICTION. Any resemblance to those alive or dead is a sheer co-incidence.

Emotions are always temporary. When we live unconsciously, life glides from one emotion to another. A man who exists based on emotions, will experience extreme turbulences in life. A man who uses his intellect more than emotions, will experience a life of relative calm and poise. Emotions lead to calamities. Emotions flow out of ego. When emotion flows, it locks up the intellect. When intellect is unavailable, if unchecked, it kills people and their personal environments.

Man Walks the Path of Emotions and Attachments. Karmic entanglement ensures Re-birth

Agony and Ecstasy

In Bengal, in early 1900s lived a Yogi called Liladhar. He was quite introverted and unassuming. He used to give lectures on Bhagawad Gita and other scriptures to the villagers. He used to teach students and thus earn his livelihood. He led a very humble life. He cooked his own food, washed his own clothes, cleaned the house himself, and he shared his food with anyone who came hungry while he prepared his food. His needs were very limited. He lived in a single room near the river. People revered him and respected him. Thus, he lived a quiet life, till about 40 years of age.

Frustration Leads to Crime. Suppression leads to erratic actions. Society is a cluster of multiple expressions.

There was a brothel about 500 meters away from his house, in the same street where he lived, which used to be visited by many people from the village as well as from the neighboring villages. One day, people saw, with great surprise, Liladhar visiting this brothel. All were surprised as well as shocked. Yet, nobody dared to ask him anything. They were even more shocked when they saw him visiting the brothel again, the next day, after sun set. This went on, day after day – every night he visited the brothel and spent the whole night there, with one particular young woman, who had just been brought into this brothel. This seeming weakness of his, steadily tarnished his image. He fell in the eyes of the villagers. They stopped attending his classes. They refused to send their children to him. He became jobless and penniless. For a few days, he did some odd jobs in the locality. Soon, people stopped giving him any job. He went around begging, and somehow, everyday, he made just enough money to spend the night at the brothel with this woman. Even if he could not buy food, he religiously visited this woman. He did not forfeit his habit at any cost. Finally, when nobody even gave him alms in his village, he went to the neighboring town every morning, earned his money through odd jobs or begging in the streets, and came back in the evening to visit this particular woman at the brothel. Some youngsters even beat him, destroyed his one-room house, and even threatened to kill him, because they decided that he was not doing something that befitted a spiritual man. They decided that he was violating the moral consciousness of the society. Some people of the village tried to expel him from the village by force. But, it was effectively aborted by some elderly villagers who explained to them that “his karma will take care of him”.

Everyone Contributes to Existence. None High or none Low. Everything just is!!!

Some others who used to frequent this brothel became curious about this woman. Nobody ever saw her, because Liladhar used to occupy her room, before others arrive. They even bribed the woman who was running the brothel and offered her much higher pay, for one night with this mystery woman. Each time someone tried this, the brothel woman blackmailed Liladhar and extracted higher pay for the prescribed night with this woman. He toiled more and more for this extra money which the owner woman increasingly extorted day by day.

When Sex becomes Lust, Men Fall.

Still, he did not change his ways and this practice went on for about five or six years until one day, the woman whom he used to visit fell sick, vomited blood, and was hospitalized. On the same evening, she passed away. There was no one to claim her body. No one wanted to claim the body of a prostitute. The wise, morality conscious society was very clear about that!!!. Liladhar received her body, found enough money and arranged a proper funeral for her.

After the funeral, on the same night, he prepared to leave the place. He gave his house, even though partially damaged by the morality conscious society, to an old woman who was homeless, abandoned and lonely. Any shelter was better than no shelter for that old woman. She was well pleased. She blessed him for his kindness. While he was leaving, the old woman asked: “My son, you are a kind man, but you have suffered a lot in silence – without complaining, because of your weakness for one woman. She is dead now. Tell me, what made a balanced person like you, to undergo so much pain and trouble for the sake of a prostitute?”

Liladhar smiled and said: “That was my wife from my last life. She craved for physical relationship with many men in her last life, and she became a prostitute in this life. But, she never wanted to prostitute in this life. She was forcefully sold to this brothel by her relatives, because her destiny was such. She wanted to escape from there, but was quite helpless. Since she did not have enough money to buy freedom, nor did I have sufficient money to rescue her, I gave her company every night till she died. The whole night, I taught her various scriptures and words from the divine Masters. We never slept. She slept in the morning while I worked to earn money, to meet her in the evening. Day by day, she became spiritually evolved and attained liberation at death. I sacrificed my sleep and reputation for a noble cause. It was more important to serve a helpless woman than a thankless society reeling in inhibitions and non-understanding. I never even touched her once. This helped her to remain chaste and get liberation in this life. Because she served me sincerely in her last life as my wife, I returned the service and thus equalized the karmic debt. This will help my liberation too.  Now, I have nothing more to do here.  So, I am leaving for Himalayas. The time for my final liberation is at hands reach.”

He walked away, without looking back. After he left, this story started spreading from mouth to mouth and the villagers started feeling guilty for torturing a noble man. Some even went searching for him in the neighboring places to bring him back. It was too late. He never left any address behind for anybody to find him.

Life is not what we see or understand through our social eyes. It is much beyond. We cannot judge anyone’s actions using our limited intellect or levels of understanding, especially if the subject is a true liberated saint. We have the history of torturing and killing all the liberated saints, especially if they become rich or popular. Gross cannot understand subtle. Subtle can understand gross, but usually never interferes, just like our soul does not interfere in our waking life, except aiding it. The subtler we become, the more connected we will be to our soul. Our life may not be in line with social norms anymore. It will become more in line with the larger dharma which will be intangible and incomprehensible to the average general consciousness.

Pearls at the bottom of the Sea

The Journey is Tough, Especially When the Destination is Unclear. Tenacity of Conviction is the Key for Success

Ahmed was born in an orthodox middle class Indian family. His elders were all religion-bound. His mother, whom he loved a lot, was open and warm towards all cultures and religions. He grew up with the same mentality – under his mother’s loving guidance and protection, despite his getting officiated into his religion by birth, at the appropriate age. Soon after his birth, his father expired leaving him and his mother alone. Life became tough for him and his mother. He had to leave his education half way because of poverty. His mother tried her best to get him across the 10th class. And soon afterwards, he migrated to the Arab world, looking for survival. He was too young and inexperienced. He could only find odd jobs, which did not pay him well. He spent ten years in an Arab country and came back to look after his ailing mother. He found a steady job in the local market, loading and offloading food stuff into local warehouses. He earned his daily bread without complaints. Soon, he got married to a woman whom he knew since childhood. She was from a conservative as well as orthodox family and was quite rigid in her views. They also had two children in the course of time.

Ahmed was quite a spiritual man. He was quite liberal in his views and strongly believed in the necessity for co-existence of various paths of spirituality. He was always filled with compassion for the poor and needy, irrespective of their religion. Ahmed easily became an odd man out in a society segregated by religion. The usual question to him was – “why do you have to help those who are outside our religion, when there are many poor people within our community?” Ahmed just smiled and brushed away such remarks, because his vision was very clear and unbiased.

He continued his usual religious practices regularly, at the same time, he tried his best to help the poor, sick and helpless of the society. Even though he earned just about enough money to run his family, he shared his income with the sick and the abandoned, by visiting the local government hospital when ever he got time, many times a week. He expressed abundance within his limited income.

He was quickly evolving in spirituality through his genuine selfless acts or karma yoga. He was leading a satisfactory existence – both spiritually and charity wise. At the same time, he thirsted for more. He did not know what he was looking for, but, he felt that there is a mighty ocean of existence within himself, that he must taste and explore. He did not know how to reach that abundant world of peace within. And yet, somehow, he was always aware of that world, its proximity and existence within.

He started attending classes of other religions in his pursuit to find answers to his deepest questions. He belonged to an orthodox community. They did everything to prevent a young lamb from straying into unknown terrains. He was warned by elders time and again, not to attend other religious lectures and stick to his own. Still, he continued his pursuit. He became an odd man in his own house as well as the society. His mother understood him well. His wife, who hailed from a conservative family, did not. She argued with him many times, even threatened to leave him, if he brought disgrace to their family because of his strange habits. He subtly escaped such situations in the house. Even though he searched for truth through many teachers of his religion of birth and others, nothing helped him ultimately, to progress further. Something was missing and it remained as a nagging pain, within. He knew that he was in search of something much higher, greater and deeper than what he has experienced in life so far. A pleasure beyond imagination. There was definitely discontentment and disappointment with his lack of progress. But, he immersed himself in social work and thus lived a relatively peaceful life. The elders of his religion did not bother him much because of his inclination for social service and his willingness to help everyone. Many of them were receivers of his assistance at various points of time. Their thankfulness indirectly saved him from troubles, as they chose to keep a blind eye towards his wanderings.

One night, he had sufficient work which kept him busy till late evening. While coming home through an alley, close to a

Extreme Penance is a test of Endurance as well as the depth of conviction. It is not easy. It is not for everyone. Everyone need not travel this path too.

river, he saw one man with his head and face covered moving alone towards the river. There was no light anywhere and it was difficult to recognize him. He thought it would be a thief and without his knowledge, Ahmed followed him. This man walked up to the river and stood there for sometime, observing the surroundings. There was a thin light illumining the sky and the earth from the waning moon, when they came to the river bank. Ahmed hid behind a tree and watched. The other man removed his clothes, made a bundle of them, tied it to his back, and swam across the river. There was not much water because it was summer time. Most part of the river was dry and he could easily swim across. When he reached the other shore, he wiped himself, wore his clothes again and walked towards the trees. Ahmed, did the same and followed him. He went into a dark alley and further deeper into the trees. He reached a cave which was invisible from any road, and was almost hidden by creepers. The man ahead entered the cave, spread a thick cloth which was already existing there, prayed quietly for a few minutes in silence, removed all his clothes except the loin cloth, and stood upside down with his legs in lotus posture above and his head below, supported by his hands. Ahmed waited for a few hours, hiding himself behind a tree. That area was almost like a forest, with trees and bushes. He became conscious and worried that snakes or wild animals could be roaming free there, deep in night, looking for prey.

The man did not change his posture for hours. Ahmed felt tired and  slept, leaning his back against a tree. Even though he was determined to see to the end of this unusual sight, he fell asleep. By 4AM, a slight sound from inside the cave woke him up. The man inside was now sitting in erect posture and doing hyper ventillation or praanayaam. Soon, he completed his chores, got up, wore his clothes and started his journey back, the same way he came there. Ahmed followed him. After they crossed the river, through the dark alley, to his biggest surprise, this man entered the quarters of priests of his religion, through a back door. Even though he could not see the man’s face fully, he recognized his regular priest. He was determined to know more. He decided to wait the next day and see if the same saga will take place. It did. Every night, this happened. He recognized the priest who is practicing deep penance, alone and in wilderness. Finally, one day, he decided to confront this priest. After the prayers, when everyone left the premises, Ahmed went to the priest and requested his audience. The young priest, almost the same age of Ahmed, readily agreed. He explained everything that he has been witnessing each night, to the priest. At first, the priest had an expression of surprise and a tinge of fear on his face. What if his orthodox community finds out what is happening with him, after people go to bed!!! Soon, he reconciled with the situation and smiled. He asked Ahmed. “What do you want from me?” Ahmed said, “Please teach me what you are doing. I want to experience higher spirituality”. The priest agreed, under one condition – that Ahmed will never tell this to another soul in this life time.

Extreme Conviction and Persistence Leads us to the Ultimate Liberation

Thus, he started travelling with the priest to the cave at the other side of the river every night. The priest taught him how to stand upside down for a long time and learn concentration and later, real meditation. One more youngster found their secret out and he also joined them. He was trustworthy and without any fear, their spiritual practice continued without any interruption, safely away from the eye of the public.

However, terrible interruption happened in Ahmed’s household sector. His wife started suspecting him to having another girlfriend, a second wife or at least a regular romance. She was convinced that the prompt exit of her husband, every night, has the lure of some woman behind it. She asked him many times and he could never give her any satisfactory answer. He trusted his mother and told her everything and she agreed with her son that this should remain extremely confidential because of many reasons. But, day by day, his wife began to create more and more tantrums. She told her father that her husband has found another woman and goes to her, every night after 10PM and comes back before dawn. Ahmed’s father in law called him and counseled him. In their religion, it is allowed to marry more than one wife, but, he should have the capacity to look after each wife in the same manner by providing the same facilities. Ahmed is relatively a poor man. So, taking that into consideration, Ahmed’s father in law tried his best to make Ahmed understand that what he is currently doing is against the will of God, community as well as the society.

Despite all these troubles, Ahmed continued his spiritual practice which gave him immense satisfaction. His energy level was very high. He involved himself in more social service than before. As he evolved in spirituality, his wife’s frustration also evolved to a stage of intolerance. Finally, frustrated and angry, she took her children and left for her parents house with a vow never to return back until her husband ends his relationship with the other woman. Even though she tried to trace the other woman in Ahmed’s life or at least find out who that could be, she was not successful in that attempt too. Completely frustrated and helpless, she even blamed Ahmed’s mother for supporting her son in all his weaknesses.

Even though his wife left him with their children, Ahmed still did not change his ways. Ahmed did miss his children when ever he came home. Yet, did not do much to bring them back, because he knew that he could explain nothing to his wife and knew very well that she will never understand him. He tried to visit his children at her parents house and gift them some sweets that they loved, he was not allowed entry into the house or access to his children. He had created so much anger and hatred in his wife.

Months passed by. Some people of his community decided that he is not conforming to the norms of their religion, because he is also visiting the places of worship of other religions. They joined together and excommunicated him from his religion. Against all odds, Ahmed continued his spiritual journey. He even visited the central place of his religion in the Arab land, the very seat of his religion twice and offered his prayers there. This surprised the elders. They thought “Some of us who are more punctual in our prayers could not visit the holy city. A non-believer like Ahmed was able to. Without the call of the Supreme Almighty, nobody can go to the Holy city. This means Ahmed has the grace of the Almighty. We should bring him back to our community.” Thus, eventually, without any effort from his side for that, Ahmed was re-instated in his community.

Conviction is the rope that holds the man against all odds of life

Ahmed never changed his ways. He progressed a lot spiritually through his rigorous practice and found that all religions are the same and that God is One. Soon, he stopped his nocturnal travel and started practicing within closed doors of his own room. This news reached his wife’s ears and she returned back with their children. She came to know that her husband was only doing some strange spiritual practices and it had nothing to do with sex or women. She was happy, even though she tried to convince Ahmed to walk the beaten track. Ahmed, without confrontation, continued his pursuit. Thus, the family was finally re-united and Ahmed and his family still exist, quite peacefully, in a corner of this vast world.

Most of us fail because of our lack of conviction. If there is purity and selflessness in thoughts, words and action, this truth itself will strengthen us against all the odds.

The Velocity of Emotions

Mother and Son – A Sacred Relationship

Victoria’s husband died when their son Adam was only two years old. It was indeed a tough task for Victoria to bring up a toddler into a healthy man. She worked hard to make both ends meet. They lived in a town close to the sea at the cape. The place was peaceful in the day time, but, quite dangerous, after dark. Gentlemen and ladies never ventured out after sunset. Adam grew up rapidly into a strong and handsome man. Victoria was a bit over protective about Adam and she did everything to keep Adam from any complications of the city. She even made sure that he mingles with the “right” type of people. She hovered over him all the time. When Adam found Diana, he tried his best to gain privacy for both of them, from his over zealous mother. Diana had two brothers and she was living in the outskirts of the city. As their love progressed, Adam stayed away from home more and more, to be with Diana. This created more agony for Victoria.

Adam was 21 and he won a job in a company as an apprentice. He had his work and his girl friend. He was happy and contended. But, time spent with his mother became lesser and lesser. Victoria had nothing else in her world except Adam. She started feeling lonely and abandoned.

One evening, while coming back home from dropping Diana to her home after sunset, Adam saw one of Diana’s brother named Sam lying in a pool of blood on the road. He promptly took him to the hospital and the boy survived. Police got involved and the boy named the guys who did this to him. They were arrested. Since they were below the age of recognized adulthood, they were warned, fined and left free. This was Adam’s first experience of anything as ugly as that. He decided not to tell his mother. Why make her worry further?

Two months later, Diana’s brother Sam, now reasonably recovered, invited Adam for a drink after work. Adam agreed. Adam thought that Sam wants to express his gratitude for saving his life, in this way. They met at the appointed place and had a few drinks. Adam told Sam about his intention to marry Diana. Thus, the pleasant evening went by and their bonding strengthened. Adam offered to drop Sam on his motor cycle as Sam had not started to ride a bike as yet, after his injury. It was almost 10 PM. As they reached the alley where Sam was attacked earlier, something hit the bike and both of them fell down from the bike. Before Adam could understand what was happening, he saw three boys dragging Sam to the side of the road. Adam rushed towards Sam to rescue him. The bigger of the three turned towards Adam and shouted “Run, if you want to be alive”. Adam ignored his words and tried to grab Sam. Suddenly, he felt a severe pain in his lower back. He could not get up. Again he felt something sharp piercing his body many more times. He fell unconscious. His soul left his injured body, immediately.

Victoria woke up with the rude shock of  the terrible news. Adam is NO MORE. Police had arrested the murderer, also a youngster, maybe a few years older than Adam. Victoria was completely shattered. She did not know what to do next. How to survive alone till death? Her whole life lay shattered. She was shivering with helplessness.

Since this was a murder, a criminal offence, Victoria had to attend the court. She saw her son’s murderer. His name was Nick. He was being convicted for murder. She screamed at him “The law may not kill you, but I will. I will wait till you come back. I will stay alive, just to kill you. You killed an innocent man. You really need to be punished.” The murderer was given imprisonment  for 10 years as the punishment for the murder that he seem to have committed, as there was no witness and only circumstantial evidence. But, Victoria was sure that he killed Adam. A mother’s instinct. Victoria thought it is too short a term for such a henious crime.

Ten years passed by. Victoria remembered the exact date and time of Nick’s release. She waited outside the prison. She saw Nick coming out of the gates of the prison. She went to him. He looked at her without any expressions of fear or anger. He looked resigned to his fate. She asked: “Where are you going?” He said “I do not know. I am homeless.” She said, “Come with me”. She took Nick in her car to her home. She gave him a room and asked him to take bath. She also gave him fresh clothes, that her son used to wear. Fortunately, Nick was of the same size as of Adam.Afterwards, she gave him soup, salad and bread. After food, she escorted him to a bedroom, which her son used to use, and allowed him to sleep peacefully. All the walls of that room had many pictures of Adam at various age of his life, till death. Nick could not sleep. His mind was full of repentance. He could sleep better in the jail with lesser facilities. He could not sleep in that room filled with the vibrations of the person whom he had killed.

In the next morning, Victoria saw Nick sleeping on the sofa in the living room and woke him up. After he brushed and bathed, Victoria gave him a healthy break fast. After break fast, Nick prepared to leave. Victoria asked “Where will you go? Do you have a house?” He said “No”. I have nobody. I am an orphan. Victoria said “I am alone here. This house is big. You can stay here as long as you want.”

Nick looked at her in disbelief. He looked into her eyes and asked in a low voice:. “When I was going to the prison, I heard your screams all the way until the door closed. You were shouting ‘I will kill you. I will wait till you come out. I will kill you.’ Now, tell me, when will you kill me? Are you doing all this to kill me in the end?”

Victoria looked straight into his eyes. Without blinking, she said “I have already killed the man who killed my son. You are not the same. You are just an orphan who is homeless. How can I kill you?”

Nick burst out into tears. Victoria put his head on her shoulder and allowed him to rain his emotions.

Forgiveness is one of the highest of virtues. Love converts criminals. Punishment reinforces crimes and the guilt attached.

In Search of a Guru

The Eternal Search of Life. Search for Oneself.

David decided to leave his home at the age of 23. This was a major decision of his life. He was quite disillusioned with the way his life was going, especially with the competition in the world and the associated rat-race. He was not cut out to weather such competition which existed throughout his school days and through university days as well. All the students seemed pretty preoccupied or obsessed with making it big in the material world, which felt too shallow for David. There has to be something much more meaningful in life. Finally, he achieved post graduation in English Language and Literature. Even though everyone thought that he would end up in an educational institution teaching children, he decided to walk out into the much wider world, avoiding identities. He was in search of a spiritual Guru.

He went to the North of India, the foot hills of Himalayas. At some point of time, Himalayas call all spiritual seekers, one way or the other. He went up and down the mighty mountain many times, by foot and in vehicles. He practiced various methods and techniques to connect with God, but internally, the search for his Guru continued. He spent almost four years this way. Many times, he thought that he found him. And each time disappointment happened, one way or the other. Thus, one evening, as he was sitting in disillusionment and sadness, looking at the flow of River Ganga, a young man with bright eyes came to him. David noticed the sparkle in his eyes and somehow felt attracted by it instantly. The young man just introduced himself just as Govind and did not explain further about himself. He was quite abrupt in his communication. He said “I was sent by Siddha Baba, to tell you that your Guru lives in the south of India and not here. You must search for him there.” David was so surprised with this unexpected revelation, he could not speak for some time. ” How did this man know who I am and what I am looking for?” While David was in that state, the young man asked David to write down the details of the location where his Guru existed. David noted everything down, drew a map, and before he could ask further about Siddha Baba and his messenger, the young man disappeared, without even waiting for an expression of gratitude from David. He realized: ” When disciple is ready, the Guru appears.” The next day, David packed his bag and left for the southern Indian state that the young man had described. He reached there in a week. The young man had described the looks of his Guru. David already had made an image of his Guru in his mind and started searching for him. But, even though he searched for days in all the ashrams in the neighborhood, he could not trace this Guru. Days went by. He checked with all who looked like a Swami or saint or at least a spiritual person. He went to temples and monasteries. Nobody could guide him to his Guru. The young man sent by Siddha Baba had only told him the location or the city where he could find him, not the exact house. This made things worse.

Day by day David started getting depressed more and more. One night, he had a dream in which the same young man who guided him to this place came again. In the dream, he told David the exact name of the village, right at the outskirts of the city where his Guru lived. Still he did not give the address of his Guru’s house!!!

He got up from his sleep, refreshed himself before the sunrise and took the first bus to this village. There were no monasteries and hermitages in that village. This made him angry. David scolded himself for believing in a dream. After making sure that there are no Gurus or Acharyas in this village, he walked back to the bus stop, in disappointment, and waited for the bus. While sitting at the bus stop, his eyes went to a vegetable vendor opposite to where he was sitting. There he saw a man with bare chest, wearing a single piece cloth around his waist, buying vegetables and putting them in bags made of thick cloth. For a moment, David’s eyes got locked with his. Suddenly, he turned and immersed himself back into his purchase. Then it clicked. David knew that was his Guru. He went to him and offered his greetings to the other man. He just looked and nodded his head, without any expressions. And abruptly, he paid for the vegetables that he had bought from the shop and started walking away with his two bags, without even looking at David once again. David stood still for a few seconds, not knowing what to do next. He realized ” I have searched for a Guru since years and now I have found him. Even though he does not look like a spiritual Guru, he could be an enlightened soul, capable of being a Guru.”  What confused David was his costume. He looked like a domestic servant. No shirt and only a white cloth around his waist. Quickly he gathered himself and ran after this man, who seemed to be in his fifty’s. David tried to ask many questions and the man answered in a word or two, obviously not interested in that conversation. Finally, he stopped. Looked into the eyes of David and said ” I am a poor man. A domestic servant, serving a rich farmer in the village. What do you want from me?”

David explained everything to him. He listened to David’s story patiently, both standing under a tree. Then he said “I appreciate your sincerity and steadfastness. Many seekers have no conviction and no faith. That is why they do not progress. They always doubt in themselves, their path and also their Guru. They reach nowhere. You have come all the way, searching for me. I have no disciples. But, I have to accept you. However, do remember, I am working here as a domestic servant. I can teach you only after I complete the household chores, in the night. You should not disturb me in the morning, till night.” He started walking. ” It is time for my master to have his lunch. I must hurry. He should not be waiting for me.” He started running home.

Guru Appears at the right time in disciples life. Recognizing him is the most difficult thing.

David agreed to his Guru’s demands and his spiritual journey took a different turn. For once, his faith got re-instated in his dream as well as the guidance. He and His Guru met at 10 PM that night. Even though he has been working the whole day, his Guru seemed to be fresh and had no sign of fatigue on his face. he also seem to be happy and liking his work or what he was doing for a living. David asked ” Guruji, I realize that you are a great Siddha. Only a true siddha can be so unassuming like you and stay away from public eye so effectively. Why are you involved in such a job, instead of pursuing your spirituality through other means? Why are you not teaching students? Why don’t you have your own hermitage? I am sure the whole world would be benefited. We have a society in which pretensions sell well and genuine material remains unrecognized or unwanted.”

David’s Guru started laughing. He said “You are the first disciple that ever came my way. First of all, I am not concerned about my status. How does that matter to me? What ever my spiritual status is, it just is. It cannot be another. I have to move on from where I stand, establish in the consciousness that I am in. It does not matter and it is not a subject for comparisons. Comparison means ego, as we will be comparing ourselves with another person. Secondly, our own establishment also adds to ego, as “me and mine” becomes predominant. Competition is not my path. Nullification is. I have effectively nullified my identity. I have no address of my own except a care of address and just have a name for identification’s sake. I do not own any property or possessions. All that I use is my master’s. Everything belongs to him. I do not earn enough to pay taxes. I do not have to vote in this place, as I came from else where, hence no politician is interested in me. I do not have a passport. I am a non-entity. My master gives me a place to sleep. He provides me with food, clothes and shelter. I have no more needs. I am well protected and I have the whole night to myself to do my spiritual practices. I am living in the present. I have no anxieties or fears. Now, existence has sent you. I was told that you will come. But, still I tested you. I like your tenacity and conviction. So, I accepted you as my disciple. Our path is that of simplicity and purity. We have nothing to prove. Hope you understand this well.”

Thus, David found his Guru in a very ordinary man. David also found his path. He was deeply contented and his search for a Guru ended there.

All that glitters is not Gold. God often comes to our doorstep in the guise of a beggar. Identify God in everything. You will remain in bliss and peace.

Love YOU


All our identities are temporary. When we wake up to this reality, peace descends in our hearts. There is nothing to prove anymore.

Enlightenment and Dissolution


Q: What is God? Can you Explain God?

God is unexplainable. God is EVERYTHING. The Good and the Bad is God. God can be experienced, but cannot be explained. Only in the depth of silence, can you hear the foot-steps of God. God is the vast and unfathomable entity, name-less, form-less, gender-less etc. All its representations are called LORDs. Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, etc. There is only one God. But, it has many manifestations. Many expressions. All the expressions that we see in the whole universe are the one God’s expressions. Only when you go deeper and subtler, will you recognize that. It may take life times.

God is Infinity. It has no form, name, color, taste, smell or specific character. God is Omni-present. Everything that we could see and feel are its manifestations. God is beyond all dualities that are associated with relativity. God is in all dualities. God is in relativity, but God is not that. God has no states – even bliss state, all states of existence, are God.

God has no time or space, all time and space is God. God is neither happiness nor sorrow – all emotions are God, but God is not emotions. God has no Gunas (Satwa, Rajas, Tamas) – All Gunas are enlivened by God. God is perpetual awareness – various levels of awareness have its root in God. God is infinity, as the whole universe exists within God.

Lifetimes of Dis-entanglement from Karma Lead one to Liberation and Ultimate Merger with the Supreme.

God is the reason for relativity, which paved way for creation and creativity. God is the awareness of the reason for relativity. In the midst of multitudes of expressions, God stays liberated. God is above all Kings, Lords, Dieties, Demi-Gods, Angels, Demons, Devils, Human Beings, Animals, Birds, Reptiles and every other creation. God is beyond them all. All these exist within God. All these are enlivened by God. We can see only manifestations of God. We can only experience God. God is inexplainable.

God can only be Experienced not Explained…

Q: How can we experience God?

A: We can experience God, when we develop subtlety. This may take life times. We have to transcend sheath by sheath within ourselves until we unite with our own Soul, the source of our existence. We can call it enlightenment. Enlightenment also gives only a micro glimpse of God experience. When we have to continue operating in the body level, we keep shifting between the micro and the macro. Maya (illusion) lurks around the corner. It constantly attacks. Delusion is easy. It takes extreme vigilance to stay connected to the soul further. From soul, through extreme devotion, by shifting all the actions to dharmic mode, we can start to taste God. This is easier said than done. We have fallen so deeply in consciousness. Fortunately, we do not know how much have we fallen. In this way, Ignorance is bliss. 🙂 Since we do not know the depth of our fall, we can keep up hopes and keep climbing. Well, It is a deep subject. One can write volumes about it.

Enlightenment is a Shift in Consciousness…

Q: What is Enlightenment?

A: Enlightenment cannot be easily explained in words. Enlightenment happens, when the ground is set for its landing. It happens, when doing-ness stops and being-ness takes place. It happens in the absolute level of equanimity, where the ego element remains completely nullified. It is a shift in awareness. Enlightenment is a big leap. This means a leap from limited awareness, to unlimited awareness. From the state of limited body consciousness, its attached mind consciousness and its intellect and ego, to unlimitedly expanded awareness state. The awareness is in 360 degrees. You are aware of everything around you and the bodily boundaries are blurred. This happens when the same mind that goes for a stroll with the senses merges and dissolves with the soul instead. Deeper unity and total awareness take place.

States of Samadhi are unexplainable. Words fall helpless.

Q: Is the actual experience of Enlightenment describable?

A: It is not. Words are far too shallow to explain an experience such as the explosion of silence or cosmic consciousness. Many people have attempted it. Paramahamsa Yogananda does it in the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Usually, silence slides in after the experience and the need for expression gets erased. For many people, the need for communication itself gets erased. There is nothing to do, nothing to prove, nothing to say. Everything just is. Everything is a part of our existence and we are part of everything too. In such condition, there is perfect stillness and supreme perfection. How can anyone explain such a state? Even if someone does, it will only become a theory in the reader’s mind. Moreover, Enlightenment experience is not the same for all. It differs from person to person. It differs with each person’s individual constitution. It differs according to the Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas combination of the individual who undergoes the shift. So, even though a general idea can be given about the experience, like Paramahamsa did, it is not really describable.

Enlightenment is a Juncture, a shift or transition. The Journey continues…

Q: Is enlightenment the final? Then what?

A: Enlightenment is like a graduation. You have arrived at a different level of existence. Then, before complete liberation, there are still miles to travel. However, the push of the mind for results will not be bothering you and hence the journey will be more pleasant. So, once the shift of higher awareness happens within, the path ahead becomes fully illumined.

Two main parellel things happen, quite simultaneously. One is the self purification and dissolution, and the second is the repayment of debts to the Mother Earth. This is the most treacherous time. First of all, the grossness and street-smartedess of terrestrial existence is less. And secondly, the enlightened one has to live with the gross society while existing in his/her subtler state. People get tossed around a lot, in this state.

Spiritual Journey needs firm Commitment and Conviction. Faith is the stick. Masters are its Road signs.

Q: The treacherous tracks

A: Indeed. When a man operates in the present, he is not plagued by the guilt over the past or the anxiety over the future. He lives moment by moment. When he is perpetually in 360 degree awareness it helps him in settling in more and more. This needs relative isolation and limited interaction. When the need for interacting with the world arises, we need the help of senses. When senses are to be used, there is a limited mind – like controlled electricity, necessary to activate the senses. This limits the man from his newly acquired larger awareness to limited sensory awareness. The more he interacts at the sensory level, the more vulnerable he becomes to the terrestrial lures. It does not matter if it is an enlightened man or an unenlightened one. The effect is more or less the same. So, if the Yogi intends to convey his wisdom to the terrestrial world, he also needs to face the consequences related to the terrestrial existence.

For most Yogis, who have already shifted from Karma to Dharma, terrestrial interaction is only a self-less service, SEVA. Then again, high level of equanimity and self-control is necessary. This is more easier for a woman than a man, because, men get lured by sight (Visual oriented-ness) and women get lured only by touch or feeling. Many Yogis fall. We have seen that happening time and again. This is also because, even though the enlightenment has occurred, the subtle samskaaras (impressions) are still existing in the deeper layers. This provokes desires for enjoyment of sensory pleasures, if he has not grown beyond it. Even if they have grown beyond it, often, hey reflect those who come into contact with them, as a truthful mirror. They express the other’s samskaaras, take it over and eventually suffer from that. This is mainly on two matters – Food and Sex. The two aspects that bind all species and human kind especially on terrestrial plane. If food is considered as sustenance to maintain the physical form and sex to maintain the species, man stays objective and unaffected by its lures. When it slips into greed and lust, man falls. Sometimes, they even pretend that they are immune to everything and perform the mischiefs in disguise. This pulls them down completely.

Many people who have tasted liberation,prefer to escape into anonymity and isolation. They do not stay at the same place more than three nights and do not eat from the same plate etc, to avoid any attachment. This truly helps. But, it is not easy. Not every one can do it.

Life is a transit from the Gross to the Subtle. Enlightenment is the result.

Q: Can you define gross?

A: Gross means gravity. Gravity only affects the gross or the dense. When the elevation in consciousness happens, lightness also happens. Gravity or pull of earth is reduced substantially. Each sheath of human substratum has various degree of subtlety. Each sheath is prone to some amount of terrestrial gravity, binding or, simply put – pull. As we shift from gross food sheath (anna maya kosha) to the mind sheath (mano maya kosha) itself, the gravitational pull is reduced in a subtle way. Then, through the shift to other sheaths, till bliss sheath, (ananda maya kosha), the transitions reduce dependency on earth. Thus, stage by stage, man attains liberation. As he transcends each sheath, his gravitational pull also gradually gets reduced. When you become the soul, there is no gravitational pull. Only the karmic baggage is prone to gravitation. From gross body to the state of our soul, through the sheaths, man transcends. This is indeed a long journey. Faith and Purity will accent the momentum and help the journey. In the journey, many obstacles will happen, triggered by Samskaaras and Vasanas (subtle impressions with emotions attached to them).

In the journey, many Masters will come as road signs to guide you to walk the right path. Many lower beings will come forward and confuse you too. You are free to choose your path, as options are available, based on your tastes, even though the final destination is the same for everyone.

Perfect Dissolution Merges us with the Infinity…No identification exists…

Q: Can you talk about Dissolution vs. Enlightenment?

A: Sure. So, enlightenment takes the awareness to the level of the soul. One who is enlightened understands the symmetry of the larger life behind his regular existence. Enlightenment does not automatically take one to dissolution. Dissolution is still an ongoing process. Dissolution is again, a sheath by sheath process. Impressions of numerous lifetimes have gotten stuck in the web of existence and our sheaths. In the place of action, impressions of thoughts, words and actions of generations lay preparing the rope for further action. Just like the external world, our internal world also has similar patterns lying deeply embedded to bring forth life to thought, word or action. True liberation happens only once deep and complete cleansing happens on various levels. Enlightenment helps this process, because the awareness is much higher at that state and it gives clarity, understanding and, essentially, objectivity from emotions. Aside from the embedded impressions from the sheaths, detachment from elements is also essential. This happens by itself. When awareness improves, elements – which are gross in nature, release its grip slowly and steadily. Remember, the lure of the terrestrial world is always waiting outside the doors of your senses. You have to constantly fight them with higher awareness and not by suppression. Suppression is not eradication. Existence without temptations -not needing any of it, even if it is available – is what helps this process.

Higher awareness is the key to detachment. When the grip of elements is less, man’s dependency on food, water, and a prescribed space for existence also gives way. He can then survive on universal energy. Ancient Masters have mastered the art of surviving without food or water and thought process. This is possible and indeed real. So, path of dissolution is long and winding. But, eventually, everyone must walk this path.

Dissolution is a process… Delusion is the hindrance

Q: Can Complete Dissolution happen in one life time?

A: Yes. But, it does not happen because emotions and attachments creep in with each new life, even if we are very careful and controlled. How could Menaka lure Vishwamitra into having a physical relationship with her? So, the path is very, very narrow and risky. It usually takes life times to eradicate all impressions, desires, and dreams to liberate the man from the need to be on earth. If the desires are earthly, he should be here. So, he keeps coming back.

The final is the debt that he must repay for using the facilities of the earth. That can be achieved only through self-less service for the mother earth and its children, which means all beings. The tool for accomplishing that is Unconditional Love. Complete liberation is a process. The deeper the silence in the Master, the deeper is His detachment. Desire to prove or talk is only on the surface, and that too, towards the shore, like waves of the ocean.

If a man talks too much, usually, he is surface-oriented, and does not have much depth. He will come back again and again till silence deepens and takes over. Silence does not mean physical silence. Silence means the silence within or lack of any mental activity. Switching over to dharmic life precedes complete liberation. He will need nothing from earth. He will give all what he has to the earth and its children. His existence will not hurt the earth. It will only soothe the earth. His walking on earth will make the trees, plants and animals of the earth rejoice. Big cleansing happens to everyone and everything, just by His sheer presence and existence.

True Gurus need nothing. They represent the Infinite Almighty.

Q: What do Masters want?

A: Nothing. They are just road signs. Their purpose is to guide you to your destination. If you chose to use the road sign or chose to ignore it and walk your path yourself, it is the same for any real master. It does not make any difference to the True Master. Only one caution. Do not confuse between an Acharya and a Guru. Acharya is only an exponent of knowledge. Guru is the manifested representation of the invisible Almighty. In our times, as technology rules our lives, we are always in web. Web means trap. This has also happened in Spirituality.

Acharyas who have only book knowledge or theoretical knowledge, pose themselves as enlightened masters and lure people for money. Have you seen any Great Master of the past, calling themselves enlightened? Take the case of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Akkalkot Maharaj, Manik Prabhu, Bhagawan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri, Sathya Sai Baba and all those truly powerful masters -they never called themselves enlightened. They never promised enlightenment to anyone, because everyone has to go through life times of cleansing to attain liberation, and they positioned themselves on earth to guide us unconditionally. Now, the tragedy is, Acharyas, or teachers who have no originality, call themselves enlightened, promise enlightenment and hang victims on pretensions. They keep articulating theoretical knowledge and pretend it to be their own experience. Their method of holding on to people is through fear and control. They contaminate minds by injecting fear and thus control their victims. These Acharyas have no originality. They imitate others. They will scan the market, identify what sells in the market, and package that in their own syllabus. They do not care about the consumer, because consumer is already helplessly bound through fear, with them. They change their stance also, according to market demand. If giving Shaktipat sells, they will start giving Shaktipat and initiate disciples into it. If Pranayaam sells, they make modules of it. If Hatha Yoga sells, they will teach it. Thus, they remain very flexible and observant. This is the tragedy of our times. Every Acharya pretends to be an enlightened Guru. Dress up accordingly, speak accordingly and mislead masses. Everything has become commerce – Spirituality too. Spirituality is Dharma. It is sacred. It is individualistic. It is not for sale.

(This does not apply to Nithyananda – despite the recent scandals, I still consider him as a real Guru Material. He has depth and spontaneity. His teachings have clarity and profoundity).

I wish all of You LIBERATION in this Life Time itself.

Stay Liberated, Operate in Unconditional Love, Be Love.

Only Love is real