Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2019

Hello friends,

I wish you all a very, very happy New Year with  great success, happiness, peace, unconditional love and all the good things which make life better. I wish you everything that is beautiful. I wish you all things that will help you to have contentment. Contentment is all that we need in everyday existence. 2018 was a mixed bag – we had lots of happiness, lots of sorrows,  many different flavours.  We have seen displacements and anarchy  in the world; we have  seen quite a lot of things in the world and  SUCCESS  lies in accepting situations and people  and doing our bit in transforming them  for the better.

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I wish you great success in doing that in 2019 wherever you are, whatever you do. If we ADD VALUE to the society, we have value in this life. In this whole life it’s all about how much we can give, it’s not how much we can take. Please understand taking is an illusion. We take nothing from here. We came here  empty handed and we go back from here empty handed. All the materials you see here, all the relationships, all the things we have, positions and possessions are all temporary. They are all gratifications. So if you really understand that all that we are doing is only for the sake of EXPERIENCES, gratifications, we will not have ownership. If we do not have ownership, we have peace of mind. Ownerships are making us heavy and it’s difficult to live with possessiveness; our possessions are binding us.

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I wish you a great success in 2019 especially because if you are able to share whatever you have, be it kindness, love, compassion, time, knowledge, skills, money; it doesn’t matter what it is, if you are able to share unconditionally all the materials which life has given you, with all those who do not have them, then your life will become a LEGACY. The success rate which we can measure in a lifetime is how much you are able to give. To leave a legacy, you must share what you have, what has been gifted or delivered to you. This is exactly what we live for. If you only concentrate on giving and sharing whatever you have with the world, then you will always have a great, peaceful existence. I wish you RICHNESS OF HEART. When you are able to give, you are rich. When you are only asking, complaining, looking for more and more accumulation, then you are nothing better than the state of a beggar, where you need many things from earth.

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The entire world is our playground. We can live and walk here, we can experience this place or travel to countries, we can meet people… They are all experiences. There is nothing else, just EXPERIENCES. Every situation is an experience. Every aspect of life is about experiences. These are all contributing to experiences. Thus, while we live with full awareness that nothing stays forever, everything is coming, providing experiences and dissolving, just like we do. If you take the next 100 years, we will not be living on earth in this incarnation.  This incarnation would have dissolved. There is nothing great about this. We have seen many incarnations before, some of who we remember. We don’t remember many – even our own ancestors. We don’t know them, we haven’t seen them, we haven’t seen even their pictures, yet we know that they existed at one point in time because we exist. Just like that, all the things that you have collected, accumulated, experienced in this life, are just experiences. You are expressing your highest. Let that highest be compassion, kindness, unconditional love, selflessness, sharing and caring. Let that be your highest expressions on earth so that you have no regrets. You will live peacefully, you will exist peacefully, you will have a great life and you will also have glory.

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I wish you great glory in 2019. Let’s walk together, we will do whatever we can together and we will express our highest human possibility which is kindness, compassion, unconditional love, sharing, caring, selflessness. Let us keep on expressing without expectation. When you expect from others, you are also asking for disappointments. If expectations are not met, the result is disappointment. Therefore we must do whatever it takes to deliver without expecting. That will be our strength. If your expectation levels are very low, then you have a great feeling of contentment. The more contentment you have in your life, the more successful you are. You have glory.

This is my message for 2019, I wish you a great success. I am always with you. I am walking with you and I will continue to walk with you as long as you are able to walk. Just keep walking. Do not procrastinate, do not waste your time, your life. Everything is moving, so it’s like that belt at the airport where people walk. The time is taking you forward whether you like it or not. Therefore do not stand and procrastinate. Don’t think that you can do it at some other day. It’s not possible. Life is happening right now. While you are walking this path I will ensure you do not fall. I am holding your hand, I am walking with you, I am always with you. And I need nothing from you. I am just loving you as yourself, as myself. You are myself. Let’s all love each other as ourselves. Let’s give and deliver the highest possibility of human existence without expectation.

I love you and wish you great success; I wish you and your family, friends and relatives a great successful new year filled with nonviolence. No violence – lots of love. This is your Mohanji.

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