Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 3

Spirituality is the SPINE of Life...

Those who have ‘eyes’ will ‘see’. Others will not, because they have chosen ‘blindness.’ In the real world, there is nothing to prove, if one exists beyond ego. There is no one higher or lower. There is no one better or lesser. All are equal. Just like in earthly life, spiritual life depends on the baggage that we carry. Some carry heavy karmas, while some have lesser belongings. Those who have lesser baggage, travel faster. Baggage becomes more heavy when emotions rule life. It is lighter when spirit rules life. It is as simple as that. Simplicity is Godliness. Complications are terrestrial. The more complicated we are, the more terrestrial we are. And, all complications are our own unconscious creations. God has nothing to do with it.

Spirituality is the path of infinity and dissolution. The more we travel, the more we realize that there is much more to go. Then again, our expectations end at some point and gratitude replaces all the emotions. Just gratitude. Simple Gratitude. Nothing else remains. Then our expression becomes pure Unconditional Love. Our journey becomes smooth and effortless. We do not feel the distance anymore. In fact, the distance evaporates and disappears. The destination itself disappears. The journey culminates in perfect unity. So, as we travel further and further, all our mental images and preconceived notions start to dissolve and we start accepting things as they happen. This is perfect equanimity, unconditional surrender to the Lord Almighty. This is the path of our soul. This is the path of Shiva.

Character is Inherited from Past Lives....

Over life times, we have created a certain character, that we are expressing in this life. This can be called our basic constitution as well. When non-resistance happens in our inner space, when all internal frictions disappear, our basic constitution will start to melt. This is the beginning of nullification. This is the beginning of merger with the supreme, or dissolution. We go through various levels or states of samadhi, and finally, we dissolve completely into a stage where we know that we do not exist as separate from anything. Everything is us. We are everything. There are no independent identities or identifications. Deep bliss. Nothing else but bliss. The bliss of being Shiva. Shivoham.

The destiny that brought a tough, muscular, cowboy-like personality such as Richard into the path of Babaji, is his past life karma. The severe sadhana that he accomplished in his past life brought him to the great Master, after an initial period of delusion, even though he fell ignorant of his roots in this life. Babaji never lost grip of any soul that is connected to Him. He never lost track. He kept everyone together. It is the same kind of destiny that brought him and Babaji boy into my life too. The golden thread that connected all of us – is Babaji. I am sure, I will come across many more of my relatives, from the family of Babaji, during my further journey. Some will recognize our relationship, some will not, yet the journey will continue, until the river merges with the ocean.

The Guru of Babaji

An Artist's idea of Siddha Bhoganathar, the Guru of Babaji.
Lord Muruga of Palani Hills

Siddha Bhoganathar is considered to be the Guru of Babaji. His Samadhi is in Palani, Tamil Nadu. He is immortal, just like His famous disciple. Bhoganathar and His disciples are still supposed to be meditating inside the caves of the hills of Palani. It is also considered that Bhoganathar created the idol of Lord Muruga, the presiding deity of Palani Hill. The idol is made out of nine types of herbs or 9 poisons (Nava Paashaan), which individually have the capacity to kill, but if combined in a particular proportion, becomes the medicine for any type of disease. This is called Siddha Oushadh (Siddha Medicine). It is also said that Siddha Bhoganathar created the idol of Muruga in the form of the youthful Babaji, His favorite disciple.

I felt a deep urge to visit the shrine of Bhoganathar. When I reached Palani and climbed up the hill, it was already evening. Lots of people running all over the temple premises and shouting for no apparent reason, did not really suit my silence-oriented mind. I decided to pay my respects to the Great Master Bhoganathar at His samadhi and get out of the place. When I reached there, that place was also crowded. The queue was long. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to go to Bhoganathar’s shrine. I went inside the temple, but could not sit and meditate there because of the crowd. So, I came out and found a relatively quieter place, on the side of Bhogar Samadhi. I sat there and meditated. It was almost 8pm.

Great Siddhas. What we know about them is nothing, compared to what we do not.

I paid my respects to the great Siddha. I also thanked Him for gracing the earth and blessing all of us. Suddenly, a hot stone fell on my thigh from nowhere. It hurt a bit. It was hot, as if taken out from an oven! I looked around to see if someone had thrown it at me. There was no one. From my thigh, it fell on the floor. I waited for some time for it to cool down, and then picked it up. The stone resembled a head of an elephant – Lord Ganesha!!! I was stunned and overwhelmed by the Grace of the Maha Siddha. I considered this as a tangible blessings from the Guru of Babaji. I was happy and satisfied. I put the stone in my pocket, brought it back to my parent’s home and kept it in their shrine. I started my journey down the hill to my hotel room. Before that, I had the darsan of Lord Muruga, the presiding deity of the temple and had a sip of the milk with which they bathe the idol. That milk is supposed to have the qualities of the siddha medicine. Siddha Bhoganathar is also considered to be Lao Tzu of China. One of the disciples of Bhoganathar is said to be Chinese. His name is Pulippani. Bhoganathar also created the Kaya Kalpa treatment which brings back youth and vitality in the old. There are many stories attached to Bhoganathar, the immortal Yogi. Let us prostrate at His Lotus feet….

Interesting Interventions

In 2009, I was preparing to return to Muscat, after attending a marriage in India. I decided to drop in and see Richard at his place. His place was on my way to the airport. I was not sure if he was there, as we had not communicated since long.  The train arrived just before sun rise and I landed up in town, early in the morning, checked into a hotel room, made myself fresh, had breakfast and then I called Richard. Usually, it is not very easy to get him on phone. When I called, he picked it up immediately and said: “I was expecting you. Was not sure if you will be coming here today or tomorrow.” I asked “When can I meet you?” He said “Right Now.” That’s it. I found his house in no time and once again, it was like old times. It was a great feeling to be with this son of Babaji. Both of us were overjoyed at meeting each other again. As soon as I sat down in his living room, within five minutes,the door bell rang and in came a friend of Richard called Alfred.

True Masters Represent the Eternal Truth...What we see or hear is nothing compared to what they actually are!!!

Alfred’s Story

I have never physically met Alfred before. We do not know each other at all. We never heard of each other too. He does not know that I exist at all. Still, three days before we met, he had a dream in which he distinctly saw me standing in a white robe, surrounded by many people. It was some kind of an initiation ceremony. Alfred was also sitting there. In the dream, I turned to him and said, ” I am coming to meet you. Do not worry.I will give you what you need.” Then the dream ended. Even though he explained this dream to Richard, they could not figure out the message in the dream. Since Alfred had not seen me before, the dream remained a mystery until he met me. The very next night, (the night previous to his meeting me) he saw another dream in which Sathya Sai Baba came and told him – as clearly as it would go, “I am sending Mohan to you. He will give you what you need.” This was again a mystery. He had no met anyone with the name Mohan as yet. And he also did not connect this dream with the one from the previous night. When he saw me in Richard’s house, it all suddenly clicked. He stood there in a shock, looking at me for a few seconds and then, without any formalities, said: ” GIVE ME.” I said: “Sit down. Let me prepare you to receive it.” He sat down, and Richard sat on the other side. And we started talking. As soon as I saw Alfred, I received an inner command to initiate him into Shaktipat. It became clear to me why I came to this town and why he appeared in front of me. The purpose was truly divine and this was completely and perfectly orchestrated by the Masters.

Alfred is a very sensitive man. He keeps away from everyone. He is very sensitive to energy and can see spirits and Masters effortlessly. He is also well connected to Babaji and he was brought to India by Babaji. Babaji and Sai Baba commune with him almost everyday. His belongs to the central part of America. He was supposed to go to Thailand the day he met me, as his Indian Visa was expiring and, due to some mis-understanding with his travel agent, his ticket got cancelled and was re-secheduled to fly the next day. The real purpose for this confusion was indeed our meeting.

Sai and His Vibhoothi Leela

Alfred’s story is also stranger than fiction. He was communing with Babaji and soon developed interest in Sathya Sai Baba. He felt a strong urge to meet Baba. He worked hard and amassed sufficient money to come to India and meet Baba. He worked for about two years to make himself free for this travel. Thus, he arrived at Sai Baba’s ashram. He was sitting in the crowd, eagerly awaiting Baba’s arrival. When he saw Baba, he was overwhelmed. It was indeed a Great Dream Coming True. Suddenly, in front of him, Baba materialised Sacred ash (Vibhoothi) from his hand and Alfred clearly saw Baba taking Vibhoothi out of a capsule hidden in a sleeve. He was heart broken. “Baba, a magician?! Did I come all the way to India spending all the money to see a magician?!” – his mind started racing. He was completely shattered. He rushed back to his hotel room, sat on a chair and cried his heart out. He felt betrayed and completely devastated. He was not sure how much time he cried. Meanwhile, he took a firm decision to pack and leave Puttaparthy the next day. Suddenly, he experienced the smell of Baba’s Vibhoothi and he lifted his head up to look. He was shocked to see Baba physically standing in the room, right in front of him!!! Baba gave him a hard slap on his cheek and said: “You Idiot, you think I am a magician? Do you think I brought you here to show you some magic? I constantly shake trees of faith to drop the dead wood and tamas. I wanted to disillusion some people who came to test me. They were sitting in front of you. They had no faith. They are not eligible to receive my grace or energy. That is why I created that scene. They will never come back. But you….. I brought you here. You stay” Baba patted his shoulder and disappeared. It took some time for him to recover from this great, unbelievable experience. But, he stayed. That night onwards, he meets Baba either astrally or physically, almost everyday. He started communing with Baba, constantly otherwise too.

Alfred steadily developed many powers. He could even read the minds of animals. He became so sensitive that he avoided all kinds of unnecessary interactions with people or any kind of get-togethers. He became more and more of an introvert. Richard was his closest ally. On this day, he had come to see Richard at his place and that is where we met. So, in his dream, Baba had told him that he is sending me to him. But, he was not aware that he will meet me at Richard’s place.

The Reason.... The End

We were sitting across from each other, when Alfred, at one point, asked: “Are you practicing Kriya Yoga?”

The Galaxy of Masters...One Tradition.

I said “No, I am practicing nothing in particular.” When asked why he asked this question, he said: “I could see almost all the Kriya Yoga Masters with you, working through you.” Richard intervened and said: “I saw it too. This links all of us. The same Masters, the same tradition. We are one family.” It was interesting how two Americans and I were discussing the intangible and subtle during this most unexpected meeting, at a strange location. Richard never allows anyone to enter his house unless he is convinced about the visitor’s energy. Alfred is very sensitive with energies as well.

A few minutes later, Alfred exclaimed: “Mohanji, something is happening in my body. I can feel my chakras expanding and contracting. I can feel the energy shifts. Bubbles are bursting within!” I said: “Please sit quiet and take it easy. I am working on you.” After one hour, I initiated him into Shaktipat. And while I was doing that, Richard, who was watching, went into a trance state. After the initiation, all of us meditated for some time. Then, they shared their experiences. Richard said: “Mohanji, I saw all the Kriya Yoga Masters, Babaji, Jesus, Sai Baba, Lord Dattatreya and many other Masters coming and going through you when you were initiating Alfred. The power and energy was so high that I was immediately shifted into another plane.” Alfred saw the same. He said: “Mohanji, I feel that it will not be easy to reach you sooner or later. I feel that Masters are preparing you for something much higher. More and more people will come to know about you.” Then, both of them told me a few things about my path and the future (actually, they only reiterated what Babaji had already told me in our earlier communions. This was like a re-confirmation for me, as both of them speak to Babaji as well as Sai Baba, regularly). Then I told Richard: “After my long communion with Babaji in Dubai, He has never come to me. Why is that?” Richard said: “Mohanji, do you know why Babaji is not so visible these days? He is observing silence. He does that, whenever he works on other planets or galaxies. He can operate at many places at the same time. He is truly omnipresent. But yes, He will come to you many times more. Babaji always keeps His promise. He has told you that He will reach you at the appropriate time. He will. Be patient. Just give it another year. That is the time for your maturing to the materials that He has delivered to you already. You need time to digest everything and live it, don’t you?” Even though he mentioned the last sentence as a joke, I understood the deeper meaning. True Masters never cram their disciples into indigestion. They allow time for the disciples to grasp, digest and grow.  We discussed many more things about Babaji, Baba and the tradition, and we parted after about four hours.

Babaji and a galaxy of Masters work relentlessly in order to bring up beings of lower consciousness. But, just like our soul never imposes its presence on us, they never impose anything on anyone. Once we prepare ourselves and become eligible, they appear and deliver unconditionally. Ego is the biggest barrier that we must cross. I never met or communicated with Alfred ever again, till date. And I have not communicated much with Richard too, after this meeting a few months ago. We meet astrally though.

The Shiva Experience

Inner Brightness - Flows Out

This is a slight deviation from my experience with Babaji. But, since I promised you that I will narrate my Shiva experience, with your permission, let me take the detour.

It was a day after my Birthday in 2007 – February 23rd. I was with my parents and decided to celebrate my birthday at a nearby ashram. I usually celebrate my birthday by feeding the poor children. However, that day, since morning, I was feeling dizzy. My head was spinning. I was feeling very uncomfortable and also was having a bit of nausea. I reached the ashram by evening. When I reached there, I was almost helpless as even my eye sight was blurred. I could not see people clearly. But, I behaved as natural as I could, to avoid unnecessary questions and explanations.  That morning, I had a deep urge to buy the book “Shiva Sutras”, without any particular reason. By 8pm, I spoke to the Swami of that ashram and told him that I am very much uncomfortable, without any apparent reason. He said: “Fine. Let’s take a walk and get some fresh air.”

The Mount Kailash Effect

He took me out and we walked to another house in the ashram complex, which is about 500 yards away. All I could remember was reaching that place, entering the hall and sitting down on a chair near a table.

Sacred Ash started coming out through the top of my head and then slowly falling down my body (Sacred Ash sprouting out of Sahasraara is a sign of burnt karmas. When the last remnants of karmas are getting exhausted, like a volcano, with high intensity, they are burnt and expelled through the Sahasraara. This is typical of Dattatreya Tradition). My body was transparent and huge bright light was glowing from within. My eye lids became golden. The light penetrated my clothes and was radiating to the outside world. I was expanded beyond description. Everything was within me. Mohan did not exist.

Dissolving into the Golden Consciousness

Viboothi kept flowing… There was no time or space. There were no gunas (attributes) such as Sattwa, Rajas or Tamas, there were no identities. Everything got erased in a split second. The need to return or come back was also not there… I do not know how much time I existed in that state. All I heard after some time was the voice of Swami shouting to other ashramites: ” Shiva is here!Come fast….Bring the camera.” I slowly started regaining my body awareness, but that took some time. I became aware that many people are around me. I became aware of the flash bulbs. Then, at one point, I opened my eyes.

Third Eye, Serpent and Sacred Ash, All so distinct...

I saw a lot of people in front of me. The first photo caught a slight glimpse of the brightness that was coming out from inside my body (Swami said that the brightness was so strong that initially he couldn’t allow anyone to enter as they (their nerve endings especially) would not be able to withstand this level of energy). The later photos just caught my physical frame with the Vibhooti, and the state after the experience. As it is said, “images can speak much more than words.” So, do enjoy the photos.

That experience tilted my consciousness. My awareness level changed. As of then, I started shifting to different awareness levels effortlessly.

When a seeker becomes the sought, his limited entity dissolves into that of unlimited nature. He becomes all pervading, completely lucid and transparent, vibrant, shining, subtly dynamic and exists in complete awareness. The momentary sourcing of data from the higher realms becomes effortless and continuous.

This is what I wrote soon after the Shiva experience:

The Unfathomable Infinity - SHIVA

When we touch the realms of Shiva, the Supreme, everything dissolves. Everything merges into one. It’s only a vast, expanded brightness, absolutely peaceful and all-knowing. All the planets, various suns, stars and various spheres of existence, become simply parts of the vast existence of Shiva, the Supreme. It is all contained within the infinite brightness which has supreme awareness. That was my experience on Feb 24th, 2007. That state can be called the state of the Father, or Allah, or Parabramha, it’s all the same. All one needs is to understand that effect.

When the limited entity called Mohan became Shiva, at first, there was only the bliss, indescribable bliss that encompassed me. The bliss of infiniteness. The bliss of liberation. The bliss of bodylessness. Existing in that expanded state, I became one with all the beings of the Universe. Limited awareness of Mohan merged with the entire cosmos and became one with both, the limited and unlimited existence. In that expanded state, one can only expresses Love, our very nature. I became every being, and every being became me.

Human intellect cannot comprehend the state of Shiva. Humans can experience that state only when they cease to become humans. They need to get out of their body, mind, intellect, ego and every other aspect and become empty and pure. Shiva’s state is that of extreme purity. Human intellect has limitation and its data bank, the sub conscious, is usually filled with stored memories and their attached emotions, and this is what it can refer from. State of Shiva can never be stored and extracted this way. It can only be experienced and that too, when we can effectively transcend our “humanness.”

Whenever intellect tries to comprehend, humans miss the Shiva aspect. Humans cannot achieve the state of Shiva by “doing.” Be it of physical or intellectual nature, “doing” amounts to action and movement. Action is expression of duality. Duality is dilution of the true state of Shiva which is all-encompassing and exists as non-duality. State of Shiva is truly that of Oneness. They can achieve the Shiva state only through “beingness”, being in the state of Shiva.

In that state of complete bliss and love, the transformed entity will choose to lead many more souls to His stature – that of the Supreme. This is a pure act formed out of love and compassion. By doing this, he is guiding himself; because everything is part of himself. It is as if some part of the body gets dirty, we wash and clean it. Just the same, when some souls search in darkness, liberated souls, with full understanding and awareness that those souls in darkness are essentially a part of themselves, lead them to light. By doing this, they are becoming more complete….

Birth of the Bless the World Meditations

Venue, People, Grace - All Provided by Baba

Three months after the Shiva experience, at about 4Am, I was woken up and immediately sensed very high energy, within me and around me. The Power of Purity meditation was given to me by Baba (I consider all Masters as BABA, because, there is no importance to name or identities in the other realms. All work in unison, under the guidance of the Supreme. This is my experience). So, when I was woken up and asked to write the meditation, I was not aware of what I am supposed to do with it. I had no idea what I was going to write. I was not even aware of the content.

All Masters are One. The God is the true Owner...

As it was being delivered, it took only about 10 minutes for me to type the meditation using my laptop. It was like Baba was making my fingers move. Everything was crystal clear. When I realized that it was a full-fledged meditation, I asked Baba: ” What am I supposed to do with it? Am I supposed to meditate?” He said: “No. You must teach.” Immediately the introvert in me objected: “No Baba, I am not cut out for such a thing. You know that I am an introvert. I cannot go around and tell people – Hey, come here, I will teach you a meditation. Moreover, I am not a Guru material. I am an ordinary man, with all the strengths and weaknesses of normal human beings.” Immediately the answer came: “That’s not your problem. We will send people to you. Understand that those who come to you are sent by us. Others will not reach you. Nor will they understand you. Your strength is your subtlety. You are empowered. You will represent our tradition.” Again, my logical mind objected: “I need people to assist me in this, especially if the mission that you are entrusting me is so big.” The answer was: ” That is not your problem either. We will make things happen at the appropriate time. Just be.” I realized that my holidays are over and I am about to embark on a much larger mission. 🙂 The journey has begun!!!

I recorded the meditation in a studio quite effortlessly because, at that time, I was doing the radio show called Mohan’s World, which was reasonably popular amongst the spiritual circles. Just as Baba said, our meditation took off in Dubai. It started spreading wider and wider to the stage that we have reached now. What have I done to achieve this? Nothing. This is Divine play. All my question-answers and blogs are also similar. I never read or prepare. Appropriate answers happen at the appropriate time. Our path is so pure and simple. No expectations, no conditions. Only two pillars. Purity and Faith. We operate on the ground of unconditional love, beyond all man-made barriers such as caste, creed, countries, communities, cultures and colors.

Even though I received the meditation in May 2007, I did not conduct any classes nor did I attempt to record it till  September.

'How Can I?' We Always Forget the Fire behind the smoke - The invisible hands that Make It Happen

Biba saw the entire text, right after I received it telepathically, and told me: “It is amazing. You should spread it.” A crystal clear answer appeared in my awareness: “I will do it free of cost, as a service to society. This would be the next dimension of what I am doing through Ammucare Charity Foundation. Through Ammucare, we are physically helping the poor and helpless of the society. Through Bless The World Meditations, we shall work on unburdening the helpless karmic entities called Human Beings. Unburdening/cleansing of the conditionings that one carries forward through lifetimes, definitely will take time. If change from the birth&death cycle is a necessity, then commitment and patience is a must. Faith is a must because the cleansing that happened may not be tangible. Yet, it will be effective for sure.”

In October 2007, Biba took the initiative and organised the first ever meditation class in Dubai that I myself conducted. Then, every week, the classes happened. People experienced heavy cleansing. Some experienced communions with the Masters. Some got answers to their questions without even asking them. Some had certain miraculous experiences. Thus, all have their own experience and are getting results. As always, some are consistent and committed. Some just come to see. Some to test. Some to taste. Some appreciate. Some criticize. Some ridicule. Some praise. This is nothing unusual. This is the way the world operates. We conduct the classes free of cost and voluntary donations are used for expense of the premises and charity activities. So many people, love incarnates, came together and made this happen. They are carrying it forward. Slowly, BTW meditations spread to other countries, as people shared their impressions and experiences with others. We did no campaigning or marketing. Baba’s words always ring in my ears: “Understand that those who come to you, are sent by us.”

Divine Communions

When Need Happens, Form Happens. Form has no Value, Need has…that created the form.

A True Experience: In one of our classes at Dubai, while I was answering questions, suddenly everyone saw the room getting filled with beautiful , purple energy – all fell quiet instantly. We sat there for more than an hour, in absolute silence. No phones rang and none bothered us from outside either. When we came back to our senses, everyone said, almost like a chorus “Oh God. I saw Babaji!!!It was Babaji!!!” This was real. There is a BIG difference between my talking and their experiencing. Experience cannot be denied. It is life changing. We have had many such experiences, with different Masters, in most of our classes.

Visions - Or Mind's Projections

Visions and communions are of two kinds. One is mind’s projection. We feel, “I saw Rama.” “I saw Krishna, or Jesus or Buddha.” “They told me this, they told me that,” etc. These are just mind’s cravings for recognition as the deep wish for divine communion gets projected back to you as a seeming reality. This will not have any lasting effect on you. You will not have any real changes in your constitution. The test is real life itself. If there is a fundamental constitutional change, visible in real life, that means that the communions were real. Otherwise, just like a dream, it is something that comes and goes. You will remain the same. You will shake and shatter only when you have to face the real life. Real communions are life-changing. They always leave you in a different dimension, at least one step higher than before. There will be a heavy shift within. Your awareness level would have changed.

Such communions are not easy to experience. They need eligibility. Eligibility happens with Purity, Patience and Egoless-ness. A shift does not take any time. A sinner can become a saint over-night. Eligibility takes time, because it is related to unburdening of karmas. People will never stay stable in one constitution for ever. Everyone evolves. Some are fast, while some are slow in evolving, which purely depends on their karmic baggage. If karmic baggage is less, spiritual evolution will be quite fast.

Those who have had divine communions, or those who have developed capacity to communicate constantly with higher entities, will display that divinity in real life too. Just like you unconsciously acquire the qualities of your friends, you acquire the qualities of your Gurus too. One Swami living in Himalayas once told me: “You can see a distinct trait in all the people who have communed with Babaji. That trait is a compelling need for introversion, to go within, to avoid articulation, embracing silence.” I saw this clearly in Babaji Boy, Richard and Alfred. I also saw this intensifying in me. I have to force myself to go and talk to people or take classes. It is only the Dharma (duty) that propels me to do so for some time more….

The Shaktipat Initiation

Shaktipat is a Boon, a Gift. It has the Power to Transform Lives.

Shaktipat is one of the key factors of our meditation. Shaktipat is part of our grand tradition. But, unless one is properly initiated, Shaktipat will not have any effect. The giver cannot give anything and the receiver will not be benefited. Our guided meditations, per se, are only preparations. In the classes, it is Shaktipat that makes the difference. It works on people’s ‘baggage’ and cleanses it systematically, week by week, and the results are clear in people. The same meditation gives different effect at each time. There is no physical variety. But, there is variety in the effect of the meditation, each time.

Faith and consistency. That is our path. Unburdening is a gradual process because we are unburdening from the samskaaras of many life times. Shaktipat is life changing. Shaktipat is precious and it is serious. Those whom I initiated to give Shaktipat were brought to me by Baba. Initiating people is not my discretion. I will be instructed at the right time, whom to initiate, just like in Alfred’s case. I do not choose whom to initiate. I follow orders. Those who are initiated have experienced tremendous shifts in their constitution and awareness levels. They are able to deliver it to others too. When they perform Shaktipat, their consciousness merges with mine. Shaktipat is sacred. The power will be lost completely, if one’s operating levels change to being ego based.

The Sacred Moments of Shaktipat

Shaktipat is a boon. It has to happen. It is a serious responsibility. Purity and Faith should be maintained at all times for effective deliverance of Shaktipat. Also, the presence of various Masters in our sessions is another tangible proof. People see them or feel them and they experience shifts in their constitution, their operating levels. This is not imagination. This is real. Still, conscious mind that cannot comprehend matters beyond the senses, will tend to deny it and trash it as imagination. It is anti- spiritual to deny our experiences, to prefer the words of others to your own experience. Your own experience is the most important thing for you. That’s your personal lesson. You have to start walking from where you stand. Your own experience is where you stand. Others’ words have no value, especially if the other is operating from the regular intellectual or emotional plane.

Predictions and Guidance

As always, during every trip to Himalayas, I meet an old saint (name has to be withheld – apologies) who has a great value in my life. He has not taught me anything. But, his words have always been of value. He is not a diviner.He is neither an astrologer nor a preacher. He never predicts future. Yet,the first time I met him, he said: “Do something for the children of mother earth. You will have eternal peace.”

The Irresistible Charm of Lord Krishna

Those words worked in my mind and it later became Ammucare, even though I had no plans to start any charity organisation at that time. It was like a command or prophecy. The second time I met him, he said: “I have a deep regret. I could not meet your daughter Ammu. She was an “amsha” (a part, or consciousness) of Lord Krishna!!!” This was a revelation for me. Ammu passed away on Krishna’s Birthday (Janmashtami). Also, on the night before she passed away, she told my mother: “I am playing with Krishna. Grandma, can you see Krishna?” My mom said: “We are humans. We cannot see God so easily.” And Ammu said: “You cannot see because your bhakti is not strong enough. If you pray sincerely, you can see Him.” These memories came to my mind when this saint told me about his unfulfilled wish. That gave me a better understanding about Ammu. I felt deeply honored that she came and took birth in our family as my child.

The Eyes of Ammu - Reflecting Eternity

The third important thing that this saint told me was just a year ago. He said: “In the days to come, you will explicitly express Shiva. Fire will come through your eyes. You will elevate many people just through your eyes. You will change many lives through Shaktipat. You cannot hide for long.” I joked: “Swamiji, let me hide as long as I can. This introversion is what suits me.” He laughed and said: “Wait and watch what is going to happen.” All what he said has happened. He is one of my biggest well wishers, and lives in relative isolation in the Himalayas. As he said, Bless The World Meditations are getting translated into several languages – people feel the prompting to join in, to serve, to spread Love.

Meanwhile, another meditation called 360 degrees was given to me. More are on the way. Each has the ability to change lives. The basic reason is grace. Grace cannot be created. It has to happen.

Grace is like the most sincere offering - it touches the heart deeply. Its beauty cannot be ignored...

All those whom I have initiated into Shaktipat, are delivering it with the same intensity that I would have, if I were physically present. Just like the monkey’s child clings on to its mother and automatically reaches the highest branch, in our path, the disciple reaches the highest in spirituality, just by holding on to the Guru Tattwa – the principle called Guru.

I still maintain my privacy and freedom. I still work for my living. I make sure that my existence is unpretentious. Nobody canvasses anybody for the BTW sessions. It is completely free. All voluntary contributions are used for charity after paying the expenses of the premises. Everything is recorded and audited. All those who attend are encouraged to write their experiences in their own spiritual diary, because, in the world of hard selling, beautiful talkers will brain wash them to nullify their own experience, make them believe that it was just imagination. I never take head counts. I just say: “It is available free. Using it is your discretion.” This lifestyle helps me to maintain my objectivity and selflessness. It helps me to stay liberated, without expectations. An unconditional existence is truly liberating!!!

Thus, my beloveds, the path ahead is the path of Gold for our generation. Energy changes in the universe are being experienced by us, right now, right here. Shift is taking place. Shift in consciousness is obvious. There is nothing to do. Just be in the present. Just be with every thought, word and action. Be fully conscious. Just express unconditional love always. Live in absolute faith and surrender. Live in Bliss.

Love YOU Always, M

Fire Follows the Lightness of Dissolution

87 thoughts on “Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 3

  1. My dear Mohanji,

    I recognised You the moment I saw You first at Bidadi Ashram in Jan 2008, and then again in Dubai in Kriya Yoga workshop the same year – you sent strong vibrations. Finally we had to meet in Muscat, and then, with Your grace, I could see much beyond Your present form. You have been constantly guiding me on this path and my life’s pulsation! I have now reached a space where I cannot separate myself from You even if I want to. It’s inseparable. I have seen Your Virat Roopa beyond Your body. Recently, the experience You have delivered to my wife Shampa and me are real tangible life changing experiences.We are blessed!

    My deepest gratitude to You and all the Masters who are working on me. In every step I am taking today You throb!

    With Love and reverence,

    Sri Ananda Durlabha


  2. Dearest Mohanji

    While reading this, an inner expansion happened, as if the cell frequency changed, heart pounds strongly… a delicious state.

    Not more to say.

    Thank you for everything.




  3. OH My God! What a treat! Thank you for your simplicity in sharing this with us. When I first met you I had come to check you out! I had many questions about who you are and they all spontaneously burst forth that day! I feel this three part expose on your own path is like a personal answer to all my questions! I bow down before your lotus feet and now I really know that getting to read the Autobiography of a Yogi is no accident. It was put in my hands at the age of 17 by a person who came very briefly in my life. And look how it has come full circle to visit me! It is true, Mohanji, we are all just instruments, just that some are more blessed than others. I am sure that we will all reach there under your divine love.


  4. mohanji
    continue to spread the importance of meditation
    well done
    keep it Up
    all the best
    prakash Babu


  5. Thank you Mohanji. I still remember the first time I saw you in person (during your marriage trip in 2009). I felt recharged reading this post. Deep gratitude and thanks again.


    1. That was not my marriage trip. That was your marriage that I attended, as per Baba’s instruction. Baba asked me to attend your marriage. Your and your mother’s devotion to Baba was well appreciated, so I came as His representative.Since Baba cannot attend physically, He came through me. You honored me and I am grateful too. Love. M


  6. Last night i had dream. I saw few persons from my Guru’s ashram running here and there and there was amazement on their face. My Guru was standing peacefully in the middle and had one book in his hand. I saw carefully, on the cover of the book it was written,”SHIVA IS HERE”…..

    From morning i couldnt understand meaning of this, but when i read your blog post, i realized the CONNECTION. I read about your shiva experience and swami shouting “SHIVA is here” and couldnt read further anymore. Peace & disattachment enveloped me…

    Thanks once again for sharing and giving the experience



  7. Dearest Mohanji,

    as always,as its said koti koti pranaam!
    been through unbelievably tough times but theres not even a scratch on me or the kids,innumerable instances where BABA has sent his love constantly,all this enhanced/activated or maybe I could see/feel or maybe I woke up since I met you in 2008.Can feel every single message of yours unraveling in my life everyday.Your blogs are reminders,wake up calls filled with love.
    Gratefully,gracefully yours,


  8. Thank you Mohanji, I am so inspired by your words, I feel joy to write a poem:

    Life is so simple, create yours with magic above
    the steps are simple to take, embraced in utter love
    know your own way, keep it pure discretely
    develop your being, surrender, have faith completely

    There’s nothing you can DO to live happier, better
    because it’s happy BEING that really does matter
    blissful being in the now at your own pace is desirable
    and fluent earthly living is then undeniable

    Without troubled striving for unreachable promises
    cause trying and attempting is bound to many misses
    just relax and allow, accepting when you act
    each earthly being is worth feeding, it’s a fact

    and while we simply follow our own BEING ways
    unconditional love is with us simply always



  9. Dear One Mohanji, there are no words … I feel the energy that is you, that is your experience. I close my eyes and see yours. I am grateful to be in your circle. Blessing to you and to Biba.


  10. Dear Guruji Namaste,

    When i came to my first BTW @ SilverSands Dubai, i just knew your name and picture thru facebook, some thing told me to attend BTW, due to misunderstanding i reached late missed the BTW M and only received sakthipath, when your hands touched my head it was like electric current with force moving up (difficult to explain).

    Now i know how blessed i am, and an opportunity to meet you from no where.

    After my first BTW, i am unable to attend the subsequent ones, now i am in Dammaam for work purpose. Is there any other way i can experience our weekly BTW M&S?

    With Love,



  11. Sairam Mohanji,
    I am breathless reading, Shiva is here. Mohanji..Accept my Pranams. Bless me and the family my Kannan has given to me to take care…with His direction…to visit as many great Souls as possible…and to be in touch with You in the Being level too. Pray that my Kannan will give You the instructions for it…Pranaams..Koti Koti Pranaams to the Ever expanding Love…
    Anitha Sreekumar(Saisree)


  12. Dear Mohanji,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I always had a strong desire to be with Baba but feel that there is still a lot to work on. So much conditioning, fear, worries… which are not allowing that intense desire to happen.
    Do remember us in your prayers.


  13. Dear Mohanji:

    I am simply speechless!! There was a deep silence in my being! It is my prayer that someday soon you will initiate me with the Shaktipat! I am indebted to all the Masters! Please show me the way.


  14. These postings have Healing Energy within them.
    I feel being Healed more and more every time I read it.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Bless you


  15. Dearest Mohanji,
    I still have the printout of the Shiva Experience which you had asked me to read out loud for the benefit of BTW meditators way back in 2008. Even today whenver I read it, it creates a certain vibration which is indescribable..!! I bow to the Shiva, who is manifest in you, to the Dattatreya who is showing us our path through you and to all the Masters who work on us through you..

    I am one who vouches for the tremendous inner shift that BTW meditations bring. It happens at so many levels along with a rise in awareness levels that we understand the changes as we go about things in our daily life. The other important thing I observed is that as some karma trashing takes place thru these meditations we tend to connect with more spiritually evolved people who also help us in our evolution.
    The meditations divsi much for us, in return I have only love and deep deep gratitude to give back.
    Much much love,


  16. Pranam Mohanji

    Its through Biba i came to know about u.Biba and i did the Nithya Yoga Acharya training together.There we discussed about Babaji and u.After that through Face Book i have read this article and she also had sent me the pictures of the shiva experience.I personally feel like i m stuck up spiritually and need some guidance. I don”t know how its going to come wat do i lack but i need it desperately . Sicne i was first initiated into Kriya Yoga from YSS.Then i was initiated into shaktipat,Tao.But my spiritual practice gets disconnected somehow i m not able to figure out as to why this is happening . I only hope we can meet someday.
    give my regards to Biba too and i thank her first cos thru her i m able to read all this articles

    Jai Guru



  17. Dear Mohanji,
    I am very grateful to the divine for bringing souls like you to my life. Your experiences are amazing. Hope I will get more clarity in my life.
    With love


  18. Dear Mohanji, perhaps the time had come that you had to introduce yourself to us once again. My limited understanding tells me that through the three blogs on Babaji you were perhaps forced to reveal your true self at this moment of time for the benefit of everyone, and more so for the doubting types. Maybe I am totally wrong.

    Dear Mohanji, Shiva is a stature which has happened to you because of your past life sadhanas and total surrender to the existence in this present life. That is why you are the FORM whom the Supreme Masters like Shri Babaji, Jesus, Sai Baba, Bade Baba and others have chosen you to reiterate their teachings. You are SHIVA. But still most of us fail to understand that and keep on raising silly doubts and questions. Most of us seek your blessings for only for materialistic and terrestrial expectations. You will deliver much more according to each one’s eligibility and requirement provided one has deeply surrendered to you.

    IF, Arjuna would have understood and listened to Lord Krishna at the beginning itself, perhaps we would never had the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita stretching to 18 chapters! It is perhaps human nature not to learn from what has been delivered to us through ages and generations. Mohanji, most of us whom you are trying to uplift in this life are like Arjuna in dilemma. Some of us are still questioning you and your mission while some others have even reached a state of advising you to continue your good mission!

    I feel that most of us have not even reached a state of surrender to understand and implement your very first blog on ‘DOUBTS’ in our lives. It is a pity that most of us will perhaps never understand your blog on ‘THE POWER OF LOSING’ in this lifetime. What can I say about our implementation in our day to day life of the intense messages you delivered in the other blogs? Perhaps most of us read, give comments to (??) make you feel good and forget your message. I wish I am proved wrong on this.

    Mohanji, you have given EXPERIENCES to so many of us. But it is unfortunate that only a limited number of us openly share them. Are the others who have had life transforming experiences still doubting your stature? Or are they ashamed to share them? I must confess that I am feeling extremely pained that most of us are still asking for more to confirm your stature.

    Mohanji, YOU have the stature to delete our karmas of so many lifetimes through your Shaktipat. But some of us whom you have not initiated have even taken the lead and liberty to deliver Shaktipat themselves! While it is sad that some those who have been blessed by Baba through you to deliver Shaktipat have not understood their responsibility!

    The life of Spiritual Masters is itself a lesson. We see you performing your dharma as an ordinary human who is earning his livelihood and as a Master striving to spread the message of gratitude, compassion and unconditional love and that too free of cost!

    It is high time for us to introspect and ask ourselves how we are helping you in your mission. Have we really understood Mohanji? Is it then not our duty to come forward and volunteer for the mission? Should we not contribute money for the mission without having to be told to?

    Dear Mohanji, I know you will be extremely angry at me and would not like it, but now that you have revealed your true self , please allow me the liberty to compare you with Lord Krishna just for the sake of sharing my understanding about you. I am seeing your life as somewhat like the following:
    ………In spite of Lord Krishna sharing his direct experiences for 9 chapters, the Lord had to say (or plead) to Arjuna at the beginning of the chapter 10 of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita that “O mighty-armed Arjuna, Listen AGAIN to my supreme advice, which I shall impart for your welfare, my friend”. Still in chapter 11 Arjuna asks for a sort of confirmation “O Supreme Lord, I have seen the self of yours that you speak of. O Supreme person! I wish to see your cosmic manifestations”. The Lord grants Arjuna the divine vision and later when the bewildered Arjuna asks for forgiveness The Lord Krishna says “This form of mine that you are seeing is very difficult to behold. Even the Gods are constantly trying to see it. The form that you behold cannot be seen by understanding the Vedas, not by austerity, not by giving in charity, not even by sacrifice can I be seen in this form as you have seen me. Only by sincere and undivided devotion can one actually see and understand this form and attain me, O Arjuna……”

    Now after the three Babaji blogs we all know your stature. Hopefully, at least now, can most of us who are sitting on the fence understand you and have unquestionable sincerity and devotion towards this temporary form known as Mohanji who is guiding us to reach the God within ourselves?

    With deep gratitude,
    Dr Sanjay Jaju


  19. Dearest Shri Mohanji,

    Thanks for the narratives. Yes! words can not describe. Greatest silence and the peace within is always part of you.

    During my meditations many masters appear, bless and disappear and you too, like all other masters.

    I know the intensity of very high vibrations of Masters. Mahaavatar Babaji was in my body between 2.00 PM – 11.00PM. on 24.07.2008. I had a very high fever then, my blood sugar levels have shoot up and so on. Later, I had a severe eye pain in the right eye and so on.

    Later, I was revealed that the optic nerves are strengthened, side lobes are adjusted to hold high frequency of vibrations.

    Your shared experiences and the state is the inspiration for many.


    with Love!


  20. Om Hreem Namah Shivaya,

    Dear Mohanji,

    Sharing is Caring and that is what you have done …
    May the Will of the Lord Prevail (it will, I know, even without our prayers!)…. And may all those Seekers of Truth be Guided by His Messengers (and you be One among them…)

    Om Sai Ram,


  21. Dear Mohanji, thank you for sharing your experiences with Us. It’s very inspiring.

    These quotes which i add here , resonated deep in myself:

    ” It was as if Babaji was like a supervisor, making sure that his disciple is doing everything well.”

    ” Whenever a seeker is exposed to such metamorphosis, the Masters take total control. They protect. This is my experience. We need not be close to any physical Guru per se. The protection is guaranteed. Such shifts are of different nature in each person.”

    If you don’t mind i will post these three blogs in :

    May it is of inspirtation for someone else.

    When gratitude blossoms in Our hearts , it’s a singal that we’re in the right path…….Patry .


  22. Pranam to my Guruji.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with Babaji. No words are enough to express how I felt after reading it. Mohanji you are everything to us and we LOVE you dearly. You have changed our lives completely, made us better human beings and brought us closer to the Almighty. It is still not too late for few Doubting Thomas’ to see and experience your divine stature.

    Guruji nobody has really understood you. What touched me most about you was your willingness to share your immense knowledge FREE OF COST. You readily shower unconditional love and compassion to all who come to you.

    I am sure I have done something good in my past lives to have found a Guru like you. Thank you Mohanji for all you have done for us and will continue to do in future also.




  23. Mohanji,

    I am a Babaji follower. Would like to know more about you. Please let me have your feedback on my eligibility to take initiation on Kriya Yoga.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Murari Bansikar


  24. Dear Mohan Ji

    I have gone through your Blog and very much impressed I am following teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1970 Iam a Kriyaban and practicing Kriya Yoga for the last 38 years
    Could it be possible for me to have initiation and Shaktipat from you If so when and where



  25. “After an eternity of contemplation, Shiva started beating the drum. The drum beat gradually intensified and dissolved into a deep humming sound from within. Deep and long AUM…….AUM…….AUM…..AUM…”

    i never knew about the origin and birth of the word AUM before.
    itz appreciated if the sanskrit word AUM is also entered here in bracket.

    itz really surprising that i c u here in this shape.
    what a change. some thing unpredictable.
    itz incredible !!!



  26. Dear Baba & Mohanji,

    I have no words to express my gratitude to you for taking care of my son, Pranav. Whatelse a mother wants? When I came to see you (obviously there was a purpose more than attending the BTW Meditation; that was to get my son Pranav your blessings..) And the moment you told me, I am taking care of him, I will be with him, dear Baba & Mohanji..I suddenly became the most happiest mom in the world.. Whatelse a mother needs! Yes, whatelse a mother needs! That soothing words have made my life, really, it has made my life.. Lots of Love.. When I repeated your words to my husband, it made an emotional waves on his heart and face.. I could make out so easily.. Thank you for everything.. and lots of love..

    Pranav’s mother


  27. I Loveeeeeeee you Mohanji!
    You KNOW I love you!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re a beautiful spirit guide but I’m lucky to know You and your benevolence in this human form…..your compassion and kindness inspires me a lot 🙂
    thank you for being YOU!
    ❤ Palak


  28. Dear Mohanji,
    I just discoverd this blog accidently its very intresting. I dont practice kriya yoga… I knew of babaji but never really thought of it.. but somehow I’m a drawn to the divine image of him. I would really like to receive shaktipat and rediscover myself there are so many bad things in me , I need to cleanse myself. I dont realy know how can i do that… will u ever come to Malaysia or Singapore? How can i meet you? Please pray and bless me , my family and my good friends and also for my father’s soul who just recently passed away (on the 16th May).
    Thank you


    p/s Hope you will come to this part of the world and spread babaji teachings


  29. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank you ,for give us such a good session on 08th july’2011 in Dubai. for me its a new path and i hope i can complete with love.
    do let me know if i can improve anything in myself ,to be a good human being .

    Warm regards
    smita ozha.


  30. To make your home a place of peace recite this prayer directly received from Sri Mahavatar Babaji… Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever. You can recite this prayer any number of minutes to hours. Babaji will give darshan also. Kriyaban J


  31. Plz kindly let me know thyself n cleanse me n make yours,I may not know to reach you but you can make me come to you,soulful love n joy of happiness through you~this is the first time I heard about you ,so make me follow you,with all love ,I’ld like to shine in BABAJI through you,Pranaams to MY BELOVED BAABAJI~<3


      1. Namaskaram Gurudev, I am a simple Devotee of Babaji,Chitra iyer is my name in this birth.I have been doing my sadhana for a few years.I am very devoted to Babaji and he is the head of our lineage. My Moksha guru is Swami Vidyadishanandha and his Guru is Swami Hariharanandha.I think i have connected with you because of Triyambhaknath Babaji. I am also very devoted to Shirdi Baba”.CONNECT TO MY EYES”the reason i am responding to this is , i connected to your eyes to one of the photos on facebook and i mentioned, You have not initiated me so how can i connect? Very soon i got your answer in my dream. We were sitting in a huge auditorium you were sitting next to me with a Blue kurtha. I told you i follow your blog and i feel very connected to everything you share.You got up after some time and i followed you to take your blessings. When i fell at your feet you lifted both your feet, i put both my hands under them and a swift current passed through my whole body like i was electrocuted it was so overwhelming i woke up with sweating and completly in bliss.I carried that energy all day. For all your followers, disciples, spiritual seekers,anyone who read your beautiful experiences ,i would like to say PLEASE CONNECT TO GURUDEV THROUGH HIS EYES.My humble gratitude for your abundant GRACE.I live in a small town in Kentucky USA.Please visit us if you visit USA.


  32. Respected pujya mohanji

    Through the great mahavatar Babaji’s grace i could find your blog and read few entries of yours and entry of raman filled my eyes with tears. I live in chennai and having 2 sons who are in 10th and 4th stds. My elder son also read few entries and instantly fallen in love with your caring guidance. Deep in my heart i love babaji as regard him as Lord SriKrishna. We want to meet you and take your blessings. Pl. visit chennai and shower your blessings on your chennai children.

    humble pranams!


  33. Beloved Mohanji, this 3rd delivery addresses what has been a burning issue with me for several years. I considered talking about this in a private message, but there is no need for privacy about anything concerning my little life. For 4 years,after serious illness, I have been living like a hermit. There is this unending craving for aloneness, for solitude,silence and introversion. Before this, I had a free healing centre at my home, had regular satsangs and was actively available as a vessel for service, and now, nothing, just this chosen aloneness. But with this, there is a constantly nagging inner voice that says ‘you are selfish’ – there is an entire planet fraught with suffering. I just cannot seem to stumble upon what it is that I should be doing – I have been asking and asking to be shown,but as yet nothing. What to do Mohanji?

    Your humble devotee


    1. Dear Annette
      Guidance will happen. Just ‘stay awake”, and on guard from tamas. That is all you need to do. Tamas lurks around the corner to bind us. Be aware of that. Inertia (tamas) has many ways to keep us in its control. So, just “stay awake”. You will be guided. Those who are sent to you, needs you. Attend to them. That is all you need to do. Just continue to give unconditionally, as you always do. Many people may not understand you or recognize you. Some may even criticize you, as they did in the past. They are not supposed to know you and be benefited from you. Just do your best and walk away. You are well protected and guided.
      Love Always


  34. Thank you for sharing everything. after doing Power of Purity meditation, I have a different sensation from my toes to head. strange, unsettling feeling. i feel a different vibration. should i continue to do the meditation? I feel the strong need for guidance. I don’t know if i am doing right or wrong?


    1. The Power of Purity is meant for internal cleansing. When you are being cleansed, various feelings will emerge. Some will be good and some will be bad. Allow yourself to be cleansed through consistent practice. We have stored tons of samskaaras in our system. What is being removed is what is hindrance to your progress in the path of liberation. You could also chant Aum Parabrahmane Namah: concentrating on your spine too. Do not be afraid. This meditation will not harm you. It will release many hidden, suppressed emotions or feelings from life times.


      1. Dear Mohanji,
        Thank you for your response. It was quick. I couldn’t believe that i got response. May be I am not so far from Guruji. 🙂
        I have been doing power of purity meditation consistenly once a day or sometimes every other day. I didn’t have the full body vibration ever again after my first comment here. But during the meditation, i could feel tremendous energy, it was really good. not after that.
        I was suffering from mild depression from the past year. I feel like my depression is kicking in stronger from couple of days. Chinmudra is supposed to be good for depression. I am getting better direct sunlight than before. I am not sure, if it is just a coincidence with my meditation or it’s like what they say It gets worse before it get better.
        (I am a healing touch apprentice)
        Sometimes I go to pray and ask for something better. And Then I wonder, there is nothing that god or guruji don’t know. should i be even saying that I am having hard time, because they already know, or probably they decided this for me. will they even do anything for me? or even listen to me? How do I know, if God is with me? or atleast that he is listening? and how can i talk to him?
        When i am walking down this healing path, i notice everything has a cost. even full meditation. I can’t believe you make it available for free and i was able to find it online. Thank you very much.


      2. Dear Lavanya
        Two suggestions:
        A. Resort to some compelling physical activity, games such as badminton or tennis. Sweat yourself out, tire your body. This should be done everyday. Exhaust yourself physically. This would change your psycho-somatic constitution.
        B. Practice power of purity everyday. This would ensure internal cleansing.
        C. Do not give over-importance to changing experiences. Write them down in a spiritual diary, but do not expect the same or similar experience. It will not happen that way, because you will continuously evolve. Experiences will change. Keep evolving. Nor do compare with others. Others have their own constitution.
        What I offer is priceless. That is why it is free. 🙂


  35. Jai Gurudev, One of my close friend Muthukumar shared the link of these articles. After going through them I thought that there is a definite connection getting established to come closer to you. I liked these articles and want to know how I can also take this path as soon as possible. I want to go through the courses that will cleanse me and progress towards almighty. I wanted to know if these courses can be attended in India.

    Love you,


    1. Dear Avinash,
      Kindly connect through or the Face Book pages – Bless The World or Mohanji or Bless The World Yahoo Group. All programs are free and there are regular programs conducted in India as well as in other countries. Do check the periodic announcements through the above sites and contact any of the organizers. They would guide you further.


  36. wish to meet himself for darshan in delhi my mobile no. is 09810306212 and get the blessing of the gurus of himalayas


    1. till today i am eagerly waiting for darshan of guruji in delhi my mobile no. is 09810306212 pls. show me the path of darshan of guruji with warm regards.


  37. sir, reading your article gave me tremendous joy as i am not very much aware about babaji and wanted to know about him . It would be kind of you if you could provide me some kind of guidence to know about shaktipat. I am in class twelve studying in kota rajasthan


  38. Beloved Mohanji, there are no words that can express my gratitude towards You. Your words and your eyes are what my soul waited my whole life. I feel like it’s end of a searching. I found. I remember. thank You my beloved Guruji, and thank God. As always, He didn’t forget me. He brought me to You. Thank You and I love You.


  39. As I read ur writings about babaji I felt seeing it might b out of involvement, mohanji I read so much about babaji in net n yoganandas book. I want to initiate into kriya yoga. We dnt hav yss-srf center here. I am an unemployed.please guide me into the babajis yoga.i hope dat I wil b initiated into yoga by the blessings of n the great eternal masters.i beg u for this from my heart to ur humble feet.please fulfil my request. Please treat me as ur foster son n guide me sir, urs faithfully


  40. The Gifts of Your blogs are immeasurable, Beloved Mohanji. Flowing and Nourishing all vehicles of the body. Subtle … and so powerful and profound in effects. I feel immensely Grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in them. It’s like swimming in the Ocean of Life. Your Shiva experience came as a Cosmic Birthday Blessing! Wow! … just a day after your Birthday.
    Namaste my Beloved SadGuru, Mohanji


  41. Dear Mohanji,
    I know that you are always watching me, but I don’t know why I am not able to give Unconditional love freely I always feel blocked, even if I am connecting through your eyes sometimes I feel blocked. Sometimes I feel myself in other world and after some moments i am being bounded in the same anger,ego,restlessness,skepticism & hatred i am trying but I don’t know how many lives I have to change for learning how to trust people & give unconditional Love to every one.please help

    Always yours


  42. Beloved Mohanji,
    Thank you for all you do and all you are. And thanks to Him on your living and being! I Love you… I adore the Supreme One that coming to us thru you.

    Please my dear Mahatma, for an answer, isn’t Babaji’s Divine Guru – Sri Alakh Puriji, the one of 12 immortal Gurus from Satya Loka? …Or, maybe, Sri Bhoganathar and Sri Alakh Puriji is the same person (phenomenon, the inkarnation of the Supreme One)?
    Thank you again, and sorry for my bad english. I am from Serbia, and I am so happy to meet you in Novi Sad just in a few days – 04.05.

    A lot of greetings to you and to your familly!
    Your A.N.


  43. Mohan ji..

    Very very happy to read this blog, wonderful experience through reading.

    Connect me swami to yours…want to gohead more….hope you can read me..


  44. Shri Mohanji

    I am confused and searching for my purpose in life. And in one of those searches I came across your Blog. It is amazing to read about you. I am blessed and honored to know about you.

    Given my current circumstances, I can only pray to Guru Dattatreya to guide me in life. If I ever get a chance and have the money I will come to India and meet you.



  45. Namaste Mohanji!

    I’m here a decade after this blog was written and make available for public. I have nothing to say or nothing to ask.

    Thank you. 🙏🏽


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