Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 2

Beyond Space and Time, Beyond Definitions, exists the Guru… Humble Prostrations…

I surrender all my thoughts and words associated with this blog at Babaji’s feet. Mohan writing about an Avatar like Babaji is the same like a drop of water conveying something about the ocean. All I am trying to do is to humbly attempt to describe my experiences with Babaji – if at all this creates any effect in you, the credit goes to Babaji. This is a continuation from the previous blog with the same title.

My next experience with Babaji requires a brief intro.

More or less throughout 2005, I was unemployed, experiencing deep financial crisis. However, this was the time when my spiritual life was really blossoming. After a tough tenure in Iraq in 2004, despite insurgency and death threats, I had returned back to the relative quiet of home in India, without a job and without anything specific to do, apart from the charity activities. I had decided that whatever crisis happen, I will never use even a single dime from the charity funds for my personal purpose. I stuck to that decision, against all odds.

At that time, I was associated with one spiritual Guru and his ashram (I refrain from using his name to avoid inconveniences). He was more like a spiritual brother to me. He was also involved in many charity activities and that was my main interest. Apart from that there was no knowledge or power transfer of any kind between us. I was also involved in simple administration matters of the ashram in an ephemeral way, free of cost, and was occasionally travelling with this Guru, when he was moving around. I met many people who came to visit him and had made many acquaintances during those times. Most of those connections vanished as fast as they appeared.

Relative anonymity allowed deep contemplation on Self.

On one such occasion, I met an American man called Richard and his friend Cathy (names changed to maintain anonymity) from UK. They had come to meet this Guru. Richard was a big, sporty, muscular man, while Cathy was shy and quiet. I met them several times during their stay there and interacted with them briefly, whenever we met. Cathy stayed there only for a week while Richard stayed on for two weeks.

On the day Cathy was leaving, after taking the blessings from the Guru, she and Richard came to the room where I was sitting. Cathy came to me and said: “I do not know why, but I feel that this trip would be incomplete, if I did not take your blessings too before I go.” Richard was also with her. She was standing. I stood up and put my palm on her head (even though nowadays, during Shaktipat and our meditation sessions, many of you had experiences of this kind, please note that this incident with Cathy happened way back, when I was far from conducting any classes and was a complete anonymous, a non-entity per se). A very strong energy started flowing from my hand – she started shivering and fell into a trance. I helped her to sit down and she thus remained in deep trance for some time. Richard was watching this. There was nobody else in the room.

In the sublime state of beingness, Realities Alter…

With Cathy next to us in deep trance, Richard asked me “May I hold your hand?” I said “Sure.” We both sat down and he took my hand and kissed it. Vividly moved, he suddenly exclaimed: “It was JESUS!!! It was JESUS, I bet!!! He was blessing Cathy. Such a powerful energy!!! So much love!!!” He thanked me repeatedly and held my hand for about 30 minutes until Cathy came out of her trance. She had tears in her eyes. She hugged me and said: “I would have missed this, if I did not ask you. I always trust my inner guidance. Whenever I saw you here, I always felt that you are a silent mystery. You are not what you seem to be. Your inner depth is visible in your eyes. Now I realize who you are. I am grateful.” I laughed and said: “Cathy, I am an empty pot. I depend on what fills into me. Mohan does not exist at all. It is as simple as that.” Richard got up and hugged me. Both Cathy and Richard had tears in their eyes. I never met Cathy again, till date. However, from then onwards, I became very close with Richard, who returned to the ashram after dropping Cathy to the airport. Our friendship continued, with many unexpected blessings of the Masters.

The Fire of Deep Spirituality Sustains us…

The Babaji Connection – Richard’s Story

Richard was born in USA. He had a troublesome childhood and turbulent youth. He grew up as a rebel, fighting against one thing or the other. All his relationships were chaotic. He had series of fights, problems and police cases. Thus, while leading an aimless and reckless life, one day, he walked into a book store to pick up a greeting card for his girlfriend. As soon as he entered, he saw a shelf full of new arrivals. One particular book with a picture of a bare-chested boyish man sitting cross legged, instantly caught his attention. And next to the book stood the man who was depicted on the cover – in the same costume, half-naked. He was surprised. He had never seen such a costume, ever in life. And he thought it could be some kind of a book-signing ceremony and this person could be marketing his own book.

Richard was not interested in any books. So, he went to the area of the shop where Greeting Cards were displayed. He picked up the card of his choice and, while walking back to the payment counter, he saw the man again, still standing next to the book. Surprisingly, he found that nobody else was noticing him or bothering him, even out of curiosity. This was quite strange in such a crowded shop. When Richard looked at him, he smiled and beckoned him to come near. Unconsciously, Richard just moved towards him. He called Richard by name. He was shocked!!! “How does this half-naked man know me?!” – Richard thought.  He looked up to read the title of the book. It said “BABAJI”. That meant absolutely nothing to Richard. The half-naked man started talking:” How are you, Richard?” In that moment, Richard realized that he could not speak. His tongue was not moving. The man smiled and continued to talk. He simply narrated all the important events of Richard’s life as if the book of his life was opened before him. Richard was literally spell bound. Then he said: “We will meet again. I will tell you many more things, which you need to know and the world needs to know”. Soon after he uttered that, Richard could not find him anywhere. He had disappeared!

Richard became dizzy with amazement. He could not understand what just happened to him. Fearing that listeners will ridicule him, he did not tell about this event to a single soul. He kept it a closely guarded secret. (We must remember that Richard had never been religious, spiritual or spiritually inclined. He never had friends of that nature too).

Days went by. Richard started getting many messages from this man, telepathically. And many a times, he would suddenly see the man standing next to him, even if he was inside his house, doors locked. All Richard knew was that this man is called BABAJI and that he is very special. Some messages were prophetic – they were about the events that, sooner or later, actually did happen/would happen in his life or around him. Thus, day by day, Richard’s connection with this mystery man increased. His life also changed rapidly. He became sober, cool, collected – he even started meditating! He obeyed the new advisor, word by word. And whenever he disobeyed… – he always ended up in serious trouble.

Divinity Cares… But Who appreciates!!!!

One such incident was: Richard had bought a new car and had promised his girlfriend that he would take her to the beach that day, in his new car. Babaji told him “Do not drive today, stay at home.” He decided to ignore Babaji’s suggestion and went ahead with his appointment. As soon as he hit the road, he met with an accident. Even though he was unhurt, his beautiful new car was badly damaged.

On another occasion, Babaji told him not to meet his girlfriend on a particular morning. He ignored that and met her. They ended up in a major argument over a silly matter and, out of fury, his girlfriend smashed the windows of his new car. Once again, he was reminded of the importance of obeying Babaji’s commands.

And one day Babaji told Richard to go to a particular desert area and meditate there the whole night. There was no resistance from Richard this time because, by then, he had learnt his lessons well. While meditating, he was suddenly abducted into an alien space ship and had a strange communion with highly evolved aliens. This happened two times more. And every time it happened, Richard found that something was shifting within him, for the better. His subtlety level increased manifold.

Soon enough, he started giving lectures and taking classes about life, spirituality and healthy living. His audience increased day by day. This surprised him, as he had no previous background or education to handle the subject matter, and yet, everything seemed so effortless. Naturally, ego started bloating. He started feeling better off than others who are existing in the normal emotional plane of existence, suffering from the regular guilts, anxieties and fears. Every time he took a class or gave a lecture, he saw that Babaji was always present and watching, without interfering. It was as if Babaji was like a supervisor, making sure that his disciple is doing everything well. Richard knew very well that Babaji was transferring knowledge through him, into the world. He felt proud because he was the chosen one, out of millions. Steadily but surely, Richard’s ego grew more and more, along with his popularity.

Inspiration leads to Confidence. When Confidence leads to Ego, Man Falls…

One day, everything was set for a live TV show, with live audience. When the show began and Richard was shining on the stage, he suddenly realized that his mentor was missing. All those days, only Richard could see him, nobody else could. But now all of a sudden, he was not to be found anywhere! So there he was, standing on the stage with an empty mind. He felt as if his soul had left his body – he was an empty shell that had nothing to give. He did not know what to say and what to do. The TV show had to be called off and this brought money loss and disgrace to Richard. His new preaching career was shattered beyond repair! And his ego was completely deflated. When everybody left, Babaji appeared, as if nothing ever happened. Richard understood the harsh lesson, fell at the feet of Babaji and cried. Babaji said:” Ego is the barrier between man and God. Ownerships mean alienation from the eternal Truth. The fatter you become with ego, the more difficult will it be for you to enter my world. Ego should not be allowed to grow in weight and size. Service should always be selfless, without ownerships. Purpose should be pure, without expectations. Grace disappears when ego appears.” Richard learnt this truth the hard way. After that incident, Babaji asked him to pack his bag and move to India. He did so and that’s where we met.

My First Communion

Richard became very close to me, after the incident with Cathy. Till such time, he was minding his own business, ignoring everyone around him, including me. On the day of my first communion with Babaji, Richard and I were having dinner at the ashram. The Guru of the ashram was travelling. Both myself and Richard were staying in adjacent rooms at the same hostel, near the ashram. Cathy had left a few days earlier. Over the days, Richard and I shared our stories and experiences with each other – a deep mutual respect developed between us. He said that he could see multiple Masters working through me and that touched him deeply. I kept reiterating: “All masters are one and I am an empty pot. I contain everyone.”

Through the Wings of Time, We meet again and again…

That evening, while having dinner, I suddenly received a telepathic command ”Come to the Pooja room” (room for prayer and worship). I immediately got up, did not tell anything to Richard, washed my hands and mouth, and went into the Pooja room. I sat down and started meditating. I thought that it was Shirdi Sai Baba who called me, as I was, by then, familiar with His style (at that point in time, I already had several communions with Shirdi Sai Baba, receiving his guidance telepathically). His style was always abrupt and matter-of-facted. As soon as I prepared to meditate, the voice told me again: “Do not meditate. I am working on you.” Immediately, strange bubbles started to rise from every cell of my body. I felt the bubbles rising, clustering, conglomerating, moving and bursting. It felt as if someone was massaging my insides. This went on for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the voice explained to me about my tradition, path and the importance of the Golden path, i.e. the path of Shiva – path of perfect beingness, total nullification, annihilation and dissolution. Suddenly, a curiosity arose in my mind as to who is doing this and transferring all this great knowledge to me. I asked: “Is that you, Baba?” Immediately, a glimpse of Babaji in lotus posture appeared in my inner vision, stayed for a second, and disappeared. I was surprised. I never communed with Babaji before and it was not easy for me to accept that this was indeed happening. His “work” on me continued, along with the knowledge transfer.

After sometime, again, the doubt formed in my mind: ”Am I tripping or is this really Babaji?” Quite stupidly, I asked the question again: ” Babaji, is this really you? I cannot believe this is happening.” Immediately, movements started to subside within me. The messages stopped and everything became silent. Complete silence. No movement. I felt that even my heart beat and respiration had stopped. I sat like that for some time, all the while being aware of my transparent state and barrier-less awareness. I do not remember how much time I sat there.

When everything subsided and stopped, after a few minutes, I got up and started walking towards my room. It was already late at night. While I walked to the gate of the ashram, which was about 300 feet away from the house with Pooja room, Richard was standing at the gate. As soon as he saw me, he smiled and asked: ”So, you doubted whether it was Babaji?” You can imagine my shock at that question. A man standing so far away had actually understood everything that was happening to me, inside the room – and that too, in silence. The whole communion was telepathic and Richard knew it all!!! That was a revelation for me. I realized how strongly connected he was, with Babaji. I started having better understanding about the stature of Richard and the meaning of his native silence. My respect towards him grew manifold. I also felt that his spending so much time with me and for me was Babaji’s design, and I felt deeply honored. Babaji indeed takes utmost care. Babaji means Kindness and Compassion.

Great Masters, through a Thousand Eyes, Watch the progress of each Soul…Unconditional Love is the Expression.

A week later, we parted and I went back to Dubai. Richard went back to his temporary abode in a small town in India and, a month later, he sent me a beautiful picture of Babaji with a note: “To whomever I have gifted this picture, Babaji has appeared. I can see that Babaji loves you a lot.” I was deeply touched with Richard’s expression of pure love. I expressed my deepest gratitude to him.

In Dubai, I entered into a new job – as the CEO of a Logistics firm. My financial situation was improving, but between 2005 and 2007, I had no further communion with Babaji. However, during that time, I had the Shiva Experience, about which I shall narrate in the third part of this trilogy. There had been great shifts within, as far as spirituality was concerned. Yet, even though it was very difficult for me to balance the spiritual evolution happening at rocket speed and the terrestrial jobs, I decided that I will work for my living. I wanted to avoid all kinds of dependency. Spirituality has always been so private and sacred for me, that I decided never to sell it for my existence. When ever someone approached me, seeking knowledge or spiritual guidance, I always gave them whatever they could take, without expectations, maintaining perfect purity.

Purity is the spine of spirituality. I hope, with the grace of the Supreme Masters, that I will be able to maintain it until I shed this body. Non violence in thought, word and action, as well as selfless service, make us established in higher spirituality, beyond all man-made barriers.

Our debts towards Mother Earth are cleared only through selfless service

Thus, at the time I mentioned above, I was immersed in my own work and various spiritual exercises, subtly and benevolently guided by the Masters. I also made it a point to meet and pay reverence to the spiritual Gurus in their body, whenever I could. Since money was still scarce, I did not attend many paid spiritual classes. When ever I met or interacted with any living Master, I did it with absolute surrender and total dedication. Only if we empty our mind can we receive. If we approach a Guru with a filled up mind, what can he contribute to us?

Meanwhile, I became deeply connected with Sai Baba and had a few great experiences such as sacred ash and nectar flowing out of my crown chakra several times, etc. As far as possible, I kept my silence and anonymity. I never discussed my spirituality with anyone – I thought it is far too sacred to express in words, as words are too limited.

Love of Masters cannot be explained in words, it needs to be experienced…

My charity activities went on without any hindrance and many people joined me in those activities from various parts of the world. However, my spiritual practices were more personal and only a few were involved. At that time, a need for introversion was taking root strongly in me and any public display of spirituality created a shrinking feeling within. So, I kept away from the crowd and was swimming in the pool of spirituality within – I was well contended with that.

During 2006/2007 many a times I felt disillusioned with the cunningness, deceit, lies, treachery and similar negativities of the urban existence. I started feeling that I am a misfit in that rat race. I wanted to get out of it all – nothing that the city offered fascinated me anymore. I felt no interest in the fleeting glitters and artificial relationships of the city life. I actually went to Himalayas three times, on different occasions, when disillusionment reached a high pitch within to spend the rest of my life there. Each time, I was sent back with the same message: “You have much to do for the world.” That did not mean anything to me at that time. But, I returned back each time and immersed myself in my work and charity service, while I kept my spirituality, literally, under cover.

One thing that I realized during that time was – there is no need to go anywhere. Spirituality takes place where ever you are. All you need is eligibility and complete ego-less surrender. Anonymity helped to check ego and stay connected.

During 2006 and 2007, I often used to reach a situation of total blank state of mind. I would not even know my name or identity. I used to forget my signature. All identities would get erased. Thankfully, this state usually used to last only for a day or two. The maximum it lasted was one week. Each time it happened, I used to come out from it with a fresh consciousness. It was like a fresh butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Each such blank state used to be a shift or elevation in consciousness and it was kind of a metamorphosis.

The most difficult part was, it was impossible for me to explain my state to any of my colleagues as this was definitely not in a job description of a General Manager responsible for any organization. By the Grace of Masters, with their protection and blessing, no mishap happened during those times of emptiness. This was another realization: Whenever a seeker is exposed to such metamorphosis, the Masters take total control. They protect. This is my experience. We need not be close to any physical Guru per se. The protection is guaranteed. Such shifts are of different nature in each person. Sometimes they are very drastic.

In my case, before these shifts started happening, I had undergone a series of radical, life changing events, which can be called “consistent removals” – I lost my only daughter in a road accident, I separated from my wife, my belongings got stolen, I lost all my savings in a property deal, I lost my job, I also contracted a nagging skin allergy which was preventing me from sleeping or wearing certain materials on the body. I had to apply certain lotions every one hour and it was still very painful. All in all, life became a series of bitter agonies. Usually, in such times of deep pain, we will be alone. I was also friend-less and companion-less. Thus, everything was stripped from me, all my physical comforts were removed. And yet, at this time, spirituality soared. Awareness levels reached different dimensions. Masters took care.

Time and Space are not in our Control…Yet, time and space unite us.

One afternoon, after lunch, I felt that my senses were becoming dull or numb. I was in my office in Dubai. I decided to go home and rest. I got into my car and started driving home. On the way, I observed that someone was talking to me, instructing me to do a specific kind of breathing, which I did, while driving at the same time. I started diving within more and more, into a trance-like state…

Then the instruction came to shift my awareness to mind and thoughts. Soon enough, they also started subsiding. I barely managed to reach the building where I stayed, park my car, and reach my room. I somehow managed to close the door and lie down on my bed, facing the ceiling. The mobile phone which was in my hand, fell on the bed. I could not switch it off or put it into a silent mode. (Surprisingly, my mobile phone did not ring that whole evening. Thus, Babaji took care of all aspects).

I lied down, staring at the ceiling, in complete trance, as if paralyzed. I could not move a finger, even if I wanted to. Thus I remained from 3pm till about 9pm. That was the longest communion that I had with Babaji. My awareness was crystal clear. Body was immobile. Babaji told me many things, once again, about my path, the tradition that I belong to, the higher unity or unity between all Masters, purpose of life, and all the knowledge that I might need to continue with my mission of this life. I asked him many questions, which He patiently clarified (I do not have the permission to narrate the entire communication here, nor is it necessary – those were just clarifications and guidance, not futuristic predictions).

Biba leaning on Babaji’s shoulder, with tears of Gratitude….A Unique Picture!!!!

In between, at around 8pm, Biba (Biljana) came to visit me. I could see her parking the car in front of my building (it was only then that I noticed that, in this heightened state of awareness, I had a sort of an X-ray vision and could easily see through the walls, furniture, etc. My apartment was on the third floor). Babaji permitted her to come and ask questions about something that was bothering her for several years (by this time, she was used to my trance states and was thus not surprised to see me in one, even though a 6 hour stint was surely unusual). She was even allowed to write down some of the messages.

Faith and Purity – The two pillars of spiritual existence

By 9.30pm, Babaji left me. Before that, I asked him: “Babaji, how can I reach you?” He replied: ”Do not worry. I will reach you.” At one point in our conversation, my Anahata expanded so much and I felt such overwhelming love towards this Supreme Master, that I felt like articulating that to him telepathically: “Babaji, I feel deep love for you. I really love you.” He cut that off abruptly: “Cut that nonsense.” – there was no time for formalities. There was nothing to give or take. It was a grand collaboration. All were a part of it. I started becoming aware of that.

Thus, I reached the second level of my communion with Babaji. I realized fully, through Babaji Boy, Richard and my own communion, that Babaji is just a name to call a phenomenon. He is not a man or just a Guru. He is representing the God Almighty in all His subtlety. Words cannot explain Him. I started realizing that I know nothing about Babaji. In fact, I know nothing at all.   We cannot even fathom his stature or size. Babaji operates in various lokas or planes. He is guiding thousands of beings. He has no form or gender. We cannot restrict him to any form, any thought or any word. He is eternal. He is omnipresent. He is right here, right now. He is everywhere. As Babaji Boy told me, ”Babaji does not exist in a body – he exists in every body. Moreover, he assumes a body, which the other can identify, when he needs to interact with someone, and discards it as soon as he is done with his temporary requirement. Just like we wear special clothes when we go out to meet people, he wears a body when he needs to interact.”

I hope the above narration helps the reader to have some understanding and higher awareness about the Great Master whom we can call Babaji, for identification’s sake. He is nameless, genderless, formless, and yet exists everywhere. Thank You, for being with me, here and now. Babaji Bless You.

Aum Babaji!

Love To All,


I am an Empty Pot. Yet, I give all that I have…

79 thoughts on “Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 2

  1. The heart was racing while reading this sharing… – it brought back so many sacred memories, beyond this life time, triggered so much. There is a strange feeling of nakedness as these remain some of our most intimate experiences, shared in public for the first time. And yet, I understand the higher purpose of this sharing – I guess it was time…

    The above-described 6-hour-long communion with Mahavatar Babaji, and my visit to Mohanji at that very time, remains one of THE most memorable experiences of my life. I have recently written about it (and many other experiences with Mohanji and the Masters) in an autobiographical story that is soon to be published in UK as a part of Jolita Asmara’s inspiring book “When Dreams Come True.”
    With Jolita’s permission, I’m happy to share with you the excerpt that covers my side of the above stated experience with Babaji:
    “[…]Aside from my work and Yoga practice, all my free time was devoted to Mohanji. The area of Dubai where he lived was not too far from mine, plus his landlady was very nice, so I would happily drop by his apartment every now and then. One such evening I felt particularly happy while driving towards his apartment – I felt very energized and joyous to the point of ecstasy, for no reason. Before reaching his apartment I sent him a text message: “I’ll drop by in a few minutes. Are you in your body?” I found this joke to be so incredibly funny, because the usual question for non-freaks like us would have been “Are you at home?”
    There was no response from him. I thought he did not get the joke. After a few minutes, a brief phone call came – he just said, in a very serious tone: “Come upstairs.”
    The scene that awaited me in his room exceeded my wildest dreams – he was lying in bed, staring at the wall without blinking, and had this most incredible golden glow on his face. As a matter of fact, his whole body was glowing. He could not move an inch and picking up the phone to tell me to come was a very difficult task for him. Upon seeing him in this state, I became speechless and just stared at him. After some time, he managed to say: “Mahavatar Babaji is here.”
    My heart was racing. “What do you mean? Where?”- I asked.
    He said: “Within me. I am talking to him right now.”
    I was stupefied and asked immediately: “Oh my God, can I stay? Can I talk to him?”
    Mohanji whispered: “Yes. He is saying that you are allowed. As a matter of fact, he brought you here. He was showering you with golden and blue light while you were driving – did you feel it on top of your head? That was him.”
    I was totally shocked: “Yes, I felt it! My God, I did not know that was him. It felt so great – I was actually driving kind of intuitively, without thinking, but reached safely. Now I know why.”
    I paused for a moment. I was allowed to ask questions, but my mind was indeed so blank that I did not have any – except one, related to my astral experience with Mahavatar Babaji in 2002, my first ever astral experience, which happened during my undergraduate studies in Rome. The memory of that most amazing experience flashed back into my mind:
    I was floating (i.e. traveling in my astral body) on top of a big desert – using my will power, I was able to move faster or slower, go up or down. A thought command was all that was needed and my astral body ‘vehicle’ would obey instantly. In that way, I landed softly on the sand upon seeing something that attracted my attention – it was the most beautiful, most radiant young man that I have ever seen, sitting on a royally elegant chair, all alone in this vast desert!
    He had a gorgeous long black hair, slim waist and a totally blissful, serene face with most beautiful features and glowing skin.
    I stared at him for a while, completely in awe, until one thought came: “If I could only see his eyes, maybe I could then recognize him in my real life.” At that very moment, suddenly, his eyes opened. Oh!!!! I could not withstand those eyes – they were just too powerful! I could see the galaxies and entire Universe within them, moving through them. I could feel myself expanding before those eyes.
    It was thrilling, indescribable! He then told me, i.e. conveyed to me telepathically: “What are you doing here? You are not ready yet.” Before I had any time to say/think anything, I felt a sort of a push, and next thing I know, I landed back into my physical body. The entire body was shaking as if there was an earthquake happening (I guess that was the ‘crash landing’ effect). After a few more moments of shaking, the body just relaxed and I went into a deep, deep sleep. However, when I woke up the next morning, I knew for sure this was not a dream. It was so real, even more real that the physical experiences because my senses were somehow sharper.
    Later on I told one holistic doctor about this experience and she said that the man in the desert could be the symbol of my Higher Self. However, when I saw the drawing of Mahavatar Babaji in “Autobiography of a Yogi”, I recognized him immediately.
    Anyhow, I felt that this was my chance to confirm that yes, indeed, that was him. I therefore posed this question to him now, through Mohanji. There was only silence for a while, until Mohanji (i.e. Mahavatar Babaji in him) whispered: “Do you feel the answer in your heart?” I cried and said: “Yes, my heart always said it was you, but…” And he then said: “Then why do you doubt?” (Later on Mohanji told me that Mahavatar Babaji talks like that, in a very crisp, commanding, ‘no nonsense’ manner. But he is most loving. His stature is amazing. He is basically an intergalactic Master – our mind cannot even imagine his powers).
    Mohanji remained in trance for more than six hours, lying in the same position, with eyes open and without moving an inch. It was such an amazing, most unexpected experience, which made me see Mohanji in a completely different light. I started to understand his spiritual stature and kept feeling so incredibly blessed that I found him.
    Deep inside, I knew that he was a true ascetic, fast evolving in the spiritual path. His evolution was so hidden from the public eye, and he managed to mask his spirituality effectively. It became clear to me that only those whose ‘third eye’ (the seat of inner vision) was fully open, or those who were very subtle and intuitive, could recognize his spiritual stature…”

    With endless Love and Gratitude,



  2. My dear Mohanji,

    Wonderful! While reading the second part, I completely felt Babaji talking through You. Faith and surrender with total gratitude can move mountains. The story of Richard and Your own experiences again endorses the fact that higher spiritual experiences happen when one is eligible and grace is there but the underline factor is total surrender and purity of intentions.

    I am so thankful to the Existence to give this invaluable gift of a Guru in Mohanji. You are always there.

    With a lot of reverence

    Sri Ananda Durlabha


  3. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank-you. Thank-you v much for sharing these extremely private moments of your life with us. It melts away ‘wordly’ doubts and confirms the presence of Babaji in a way that cannot be denied.
    Add to that my own personal experience of him for a brief moment : I was meditating with my group on Friday morning. Babaji’s photograph was in front of us. I was visualising your face and trying to focus on your eyes. All of a sudden, your face was actually pushed aside and replaced by Babaji’s!! And that day my meditation was deeper than ever before.
    Your words ring in my ears – I am the medium. Don’t ever lose faith and don’t doubt…

    With lots of love and gratitude



  4. Pranams Mohanji!

    What a feast you are giving to all the readers! so joyful where ones mind is uplifted! heart expands uncontrolabally as one reads your narration of experiences with Babaji. Beautiful Mohanji!

    thank you for sharing , thank you for inspiring us, educating us! Ihave always wanted to attend dubai meditations while you are there, it hasnt been easy. I pray Babaji sends you to Abudhabi as well. I consider my self so blessed having met you once.
    thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    i love you mohanji


  5. very interesting and rewarding
    please keep up the noble work
    all the best
    prakash babu
    human capability learning
    enabling success


  6. 21.07.10

    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah,

    Dear Mohanji,

    I strongly feel that the permission for you to talk about it all (if not all, but most of it!) is His another play to get all His children back into the Spiritual path, if at all they are deviated from it a bit…
    All those who are destined to read this blog are earmarked to His job sooner or later – Serve the world selfless ….

    Thank you Biba once again for sending me the link promtly, and sincerly waiting to read the “Shiva Expereince…”

    May God Bless you both….

    With Love & Regards,



    1. Dear Sudha
      This is absolutely true. Soon after I had the Shiva Experience, I wrote about it, as best as I could, or as best as words can convey something so unexplainable. It took me about 3 hours to type the whole experience in words. Saved it and sent it to Bless The World Yahoo Group. It did not reach the group. It was not even in the sent folder, and surprisingly, it was not even saved on the laptop!!! It was so frustrating. One hour later, a message from Baba “I took it away. You are not yet ready to talk about it. When people read that, so many people will want to meet you. You are not ready to receive them as yet. You can talk about it when the time is right”. It is now, I am talking about it all. All the while, I kept a low profile. Now, I am being pushed into the open. It is like having to leave the comfort of a cosy warm bed in a cold winter morning. The outside world is made up of uncertainties. But, entering it unconditionally is my dharma. I am doing that. I feel the Babaji family will come together. He unites people. Indeed, this autobiographical blogs have inspired many. I believe that was the expected result.He is the doer. He decides. I am just an instrument.
      Love and Pranaams

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Dear Mohanji,

    I was waiting for your 2nd part of the blog-series, as soon as i saw email notification, I jumped on the link to read it :). I said, since I am too much busy now and each 10 minutes someone or other comes in my office room for some work, I will read at night. But I cant hold on my temptation to read & decided to read whatever happens. I printed out and read slowly, suprisingly no one diturbed me for 30 minutes. somekind of magical PEACE covered on me & felt expansion of ANAHATA. Thank you once again.




  8. maha avtar baba ji is a great yogi of india in kali yuga.he is immortal. in india is a place uttar khand is divided in 4 puries. kailash puri,alka puri,kinner puri and shonit puri. in alka puri all the immortals yogies and rishies dwell .9 naths 84 sidhas and 88 thousands rishies are in alka puri living with the grace of lord kali yuga there is no satguru like rishies so lord krishna gave suggestion to all yogies and rishies to dweell in this place in kali yuga to guide people of good moral in kali yuga. this has happened with me in 1983 may in high land of himalya.


  9. Dear Mohanji,
    Many thanks for giving us the expereince through your expereinces.
    Reading your words made me thoughtless.
    Whatever comments I write after reading your communions is useless.

    With complete surrender to Babaji,


  10. what to say? how to express feeling with words? I will take your picture and I will tell you with my heart what I fell! Namaste, my teacher! Sabrina


  11. Sairam Mohan ji,
    I was eagerly waiting for the second part of it. Just couldn’t read at one stretch. Tears(of what I dont know) were blocking my eyes. Dont know what happened today..I am alone in the office to cry loudly to my heart’s content…Why is that your experiences affecting me so much…
    Waiting eagerly for the third part. You may not know me directly …Sudhi ji And Jayaji send this link to me…
    May God Bless Us all..
    Regards & Love


    1. Eyes see the truth. Heart FEELS the truth. When we come face to face with eternal truths,Every cell of our body exclaims “IT IS TRUE”. Truth has that power. It definitely touches the soul. This is the quality of truth. And all the while, our heart knew that the truth exists, but could not touch it. And when it finally finds it, our whole constitution moves into a trance state. Whether it be what you read, or words you hear, or a song – or a dance. Truth always touches our soul.Spontaneous expression are tears or bliss.Enjoy…
      Love. M


  12. Dear Ones Mohanji and Biba,

    Your story brings back a time in my life when I dropped out of the material world (1991) to live a spiritual life for five years. While my experiences were very different, they were resonant with yours. When I had to re-enter the workforce, my work was beneficial yet sprang from ego mind and over the course of twelve years, I lost my connection to All That Is. Thank you for sharing your story for through it’s telling, I can feel what I miss so desperately is returning. I am going through a difficult financial period just as my “Dream is about to come True,” (my story is also included in Jolita Asmara’s book, Dreams that Came True). For the past six months, the task I was given by the Creator so long ago has been coming into being yet I have had a nagging feeling that I must return to Source before the dream can be made real … not the other way around, that is, as soon as it is real, I can be mySelf. It has been difficult, especially during those times when my mind goes blank and I cannot function which have been coming more often as the dream manifests. Now, I see those times should not be denied but embraced! You inspire me and will continue to inspire me. It is my hope that in some small way, I can do the same for you as we walk this path together. I am grateful to have you in my life, Connie


    1. Dearest Connie
      Every moment all we do is just echo the glory of existence in its absoluteness. When conscious mind blocks our vision, we fail to see its grandeur and completeness. This is the design of existence. When we are at it, since the conscious mind is filled with conditionings and related expectations, we fail to see the obvious. We cover our weakness over reasoning and arguments which are nothing but expressions of ego. Then again, our heart knows the truth. The spiritual heart. That guides you which way to go. They put people together, thoughts together and explains the meaning of life the way it is. There is no co incidence. We met for a reason and we will travel together for the same reason. When we look back, we will see the reason for the journey. Not before nor while at it can we see the purpose in its completeness. This is the nature of existence, that runs parallel to time. When our existence shifts to timelessness or beingness, everything becomes one. Just expressions of one large being. Nothing matters then. We will meet soon. There is much to do. Do not worry. You are not alone.


  13. Pranam Mohan ji,
    thanks for sharing 2nd episode and bringing mahavtar Babaji closer to public.Eagerly awaiting next write up……
    Love and regards,


  14. Wow! I have been waiting impatiently for Part 2. Its quite amazing that when i came in for the meditation that Friday in Bur Dubai, the lingering question in my mind was, why should such a great saint feel the need to be tied in marital bonds… of course, i love biba, but this was quite a spontaneous interjection as i know most saints prefer the path of non-attachment on a worldly plane… and now all the answers are unfolding. How wonderful to have met you both divine souls and of course the inevitable Babaji! thank you for telling the story Mohanji. And Biba i know what you mean about feeling naked. your astral travel journey is absolutely fascinating!!! Cant wait to meet you both soon.
    Love Manisha


  15. I enjoy and love reading your Blog about your experiences with Babaji.
    This time, while I was reading this 2nd part, I constantly felt going into a deep meditative state and perhaps even falling asleep. So I had to fight it, because I really wanted to finish reading it. I managed 🙂 and I loved it.

    Thank you for sharing it.


  16. Mohanji Namaste!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience! Look forwarding to more…

    With deep respects and Love



  17. What stupendous experiences.. We do not know when we will reach such a stature but are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Great Masters and the way they operate through you..
    Mohanji, words will never be able to express what I am feeling right now as I read this.. I feel blessed by none other than Babaji Himself for allowing me to become of those lucky souls who has found immense love and guidance from you..
    Thank you again and eternally grateful for all that you do..
    Much love,


  18. Pranam Mohanji,

    Your blogs always bring a new energy inside me always. I am eagerly waiting for 3rd part of Shiva as I am big devotee of Shiva. Thank you for blessing me always. After reading both the blogs now I realise why you, me and Biba are connected.


    1. Dear Sanjivani
      Nothing happens without a purpose. There is a grand design at work. Keep moving ahead with drive and determination. You are guided and protected. Remain Blessed. Love. M


  19. Dear Mohanji,

    I do not know how to explain the joy I received while reading this blog. Whole body started vibrating with the flow of energy.

    I have no words to write here now. Its only the experience.

    Thanks a lot for giving such a beautiful experience / knowledge.



    1. Dear Ramuduji
      Truth speaks and resonates with every cell of our body. Nothing can deny truth. The effect is clear. Own your experiences and walk free. Wish you Peace and Bliss. Love. M


  20. Dear Mohanji,

    I am quite speechless and awed at this moment. Thank you so very much for sharing this experience. I am eagerly looking forward to the next part on Shiva. My pranams to Babaji.

    With gratitude and love,
    Lata Ganesh


  21. Hello,

    I just happened to come across your blog, it was very nice to read about your spiritual experiences, thank you for sharing. With your permission, I would like to include some of your descriptions of Babaji (based on your direct experience) on our blog dedicated to Babaji ( Please reply and let me know if we have your permission to reproduce parts of it (with links back to this blog, for those who want to read more). Thank you.

    Best regards.


  22. Dear Mohanji,
    For some reason I could not attend the meditation today.But I was reading all your experiences.Though I have listened this from you personally ,reading them again made me happy.
    Sai has always protected me and when ever I had any problems I feel relaxed when I discuss it with you.
    Om sai ram


  23. Dear Respected M,Pranams to BABAJI and you on this auspicious Guru poornima.You are a blessed one since you met Baba ji in his physical body as well…..I must also appreciate your services/shaktipat/satsang for free in these days of marketing spirituality…..
    Love and regards,


      1. Dear M,pranams and thanks for your wish/blessing.yes i must attain highest(spiritually)in this very life since i do not like to get back here for a moment…..A maha purush(great man) used to say when ever any body asked a message from him that get lost and stay lost.Many people took it literally but i got the deep meaning(by GRACE)….
        Divine Love,


  24. Dear Mohanji,

    It is my pleasure to meet you and receive your blessing continuously all the times.

    Thanks for sharing the moments of your life with us. Reading and feeling this spiritual experience itself will stimulate the spiritual vibration with in us.

    After flowing through your every words of your experience with babaji, I am at most in joy and feeling peacefully in heart.

    All we request you is please show us the pathway to direct our life and understand the mission of our life.

    All we see babaji through Mohanji, I am so graceful to meet you in this life and thanks for being connected with me and make me strong in my life.

    Love All
    Aum Sai Ram
    Padmanabhan Raman


    1. My Dearest Padmanabhan
      We are one consciousness. We are connected since life times. Thats why we met again, in this life. Keep flowing and keep spreading the love and kindness that you are already doing. There is nothing to fear, when the Great Masters are constantly watching and guiding. Wish You Peace, Happiness, Strength and the Highest Spiritual Bliss.
      Lots of Love


  25. Dear Respected Mohanji,
    Namaskar and Pranam to you.
    I made a grave mistake by quoting one of your most enlighening analogue on Kalia on FB without refering your respected name and look at Lord Krishna’s leela,I was put back on the true path of spirituality by Biljana.
    I feel truly blessed to read your articles on spirituality and will await the moment most eagerly when I get to touch your feet some day in my life by Babaji’s Blessings.

    Jai Shri Govindam Jai Shri Gopala.
    Rajeev Anand.


    1. My dear Rajeev
      There is no mistakes in life, only experiences. Do not worry. Please feel free to use any quote from my blogs, if it will help to guide at least a few people. All the thoughts and words in my blogs are submitted as flowers at the feet of the Great Lord Krishna. The words are His. The thoughts are His. The energy that delivered them are His. The whole world is His. I have no value.” Vaasana Vasudevasya Vasitham Bhuvana Thrayam. Sarva Bhootha Nivaasosi Vasudevam Aham Bhaje”. You are a child of the Great Lord. Always Express His Grace and Love. Thats all you need to do. Express Krishna Consciousness which is nothing but unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. I wish You Happiness, Peace, Success, Love and above all, the Grace of The Lord Almighty. May Lord Guruvayoorappan Bless You and Guide you always. We shall meet. We already have. I am always with you.
      Love and only Love


  26. Sai Ram Mohanji,

    Your experiences are so inspiring. I feel like a kid in the candy shop 🙂 when reading your blog posts. Please do keep writing, it gives such an inspirational boost to people like me. Hopefully we will meet soon in person again.


    1. Sai Ram jayant
      Wish You Happiness and Bliss. You are serving the society through your blogs. May the Masters guide you and Bless You Always. Love. M


  27. Dear Mohanji,

    It was amazing experince to read ur article. I have meet you a few years back when there was session conducted by Prem Nirmal Ji.

    lookforward to meeting you in person .



  28. Dear Mohanji

    This is such a divine experience..and via u we also experience Babaji-his undiluted messages and teachings.
    Thank you so much.



  29. Dear Mohanji

    I express Sincere gratitude to Divine force for sending you to guide us. I read and re read every single word and still reading it again and again



  30. Wowwwwwww…

    What a wonderful blog to read. COmpletely into it/…. I read it couple of times…actually..

    Its fascinating to know more and more about My beloved guru.. Mahavatar Babaji…

    Thank you so much for the writing mr Mohan… You truly are a blessed person to receive the grace of Babaji……

    The Badrinath Old Man is surely babaji and I dont doubt it for a second………

    Arcticles on Babaji Boy… Mataji at Badrinath…….. Richard, Cathy …….Biba….and communion with Babaji for 6 hrs period……..are truly mind blowing…..

    I was going through another article which a detailed notes on Babaji written by a woman….. I hope I can present this link for people interested in Babaji..It covers….interesting facts… on the nature of Mahavatar babaji:

    I would treasure these articles for life time……



  31. Mohanji first of all namaste.


  32. Dear Mohan Ji


    Thanks for sharing sucn an amazing experience.

    I am waiting for kripa of Babaji and yours, if I am worthy of that.

    With Best Regards

    Rajeev Sapra


  33. Dear Mohanji,

    Never have I been so powerfully inspired by such strong writing. I simply cannot express my feelings. I pray to meet you sometime in meditation and physically as well. Love you and thank you.

    Karthik 🙂


  34. Mohanji Pranam,

    till the date,before reading your blog , I was very happy and feeling lucky to having belssings of I am a kriyaban yogi..(recently i got innitiated)..but don’t know why, after reading your blog suddenly thought came in my mind that why man is so helpless and always dependent on God or on any other immortal things…is he like a toy or anything else?..I know this thought must be foolish but still came in my mind and so that wanted to get answer…






  36. Mohan jI,

    I came to know about baba ji first by wathcing the tamil move “BABA”. I stumbled in to the book “Autobiography of Yogi” last year, and from that time onwards, i always look for information about baba ji online. I have started meditating and decided on my spiritual path too when time comes and felt like yoga and meditation answered all my burning questions. But i have one question which bothers me all the time. Why is baba ji not punishing or not preventing evill things from happening like the recent newport incident where the innocent kids got killed or the new delhi rape incident where an innocent girl got raped and mutilated, why can’t the divine force intervene when the evil forces are in action?


  37. Mohanji Namasthe!
    I just happened to see the blog thank you very much for sharing such an experience! Going through it was a real SATHSANG.
    Loving Regards


      1. mohan ji namaste actually for many years i was finding a guru can teach me the correct way to pray open my third eye so that i can help those who really need it free service i have gone true so many gurus there are so selfish not willing to teach how to get spiritual power open third eye or teach to do meditation correctly what the gurus is doing is example someone jobless evil in the house or posess in body or make u bath with flowers the charges is 3k 4k up 15k everything is money


      2. guruji mohan for the past 2 years i had face so many problems plz give me your blessing so that i can be out from all the problems and live a peacefully life and guruji due to my accindent leg hip fracture i cant sit and do mediatition do i have any alternative way thank u guruji with lots of love


  38. Thnx sir,for letting us know bout dis wonderful experience may babaji give peace nd prosperity in dis nd more lives to come….. Forgive me babaji for whatever bad deeds I have done nd bless me nd m family with lots of peace,happiness nd everything I ever dreamed offff……..


  39. imahesh786 on October 13, 2013 at 11:55 PM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Sir dis stories of yours bring me close to babaji, babaji plz forgive me in whatever bad deeds I have done in dis nd previous lives,kindly bless me n my family with peace ,love ,prosperity nd make my dreams to turn into reality nd help me in leading d happy life of dreams…


  40. Pranam Mohanji,
    I dont know how it prompted to me all of a sudden to seek more knowladge about my paramguru shri maha avatar babaji, while going through the different blogs I came to yours and I am sure it is the paramguru who guided me to your blog. Throughout the reading I felt as if myself experiencing those holy moments. It is gurukripa and guruagya only that you could share such things with ordinery mortals like us. Belief and purity is something which takes us to such level spritual attainment. You are blessed …..Pranam
    Biswajit Ganguly, Delhi


  41. Today is first time i am readg about babajis i am seeker i would like to tell it was a good feelg about spirualty but we forgot the truth path. We reptdly mistakes and ask fr pardon us to divine god why is it karmaic factor r ignortaly it happens why r we helpless fr the good things r bad things aum sairam om namha shiva


  42. “he was suddenly abducted into an alien space ship and had a strange communion with highly evolved aliens. This happened two times more.” Everything here seemed acceptable until you said the above lines :(.


    1. I was just re-iterating the story that he told me. I accepted his story without doubts because of his level of evolution and elevation in spirituality. Logical mind will question. I would have also questioned, if I myself had not experienced his connectivity with higher beings and also his insight as well as his need for isolation and non-disclosure of his stature to strangers. He was mostly in isolation when I met him. This is why I narrated everything that he said without editing here. I appreciate your point. Thank You.. M


      1. I thought I would never get a reply on this one. Thanks for taking time to reply back to me. I am so unsure of my relation with babaji. I have/ had/ will have a picture of babaji since 2005 which kept appearing and disappearing when in trouble. I do not know where it is today, but I do know it will show up someday not sure when. A few years back my aunt was in death bed and I had a dream where in I saw babaji walk with his followers and he spoke to me for quiet some time in the dream. The dream is very personal to me that I cannot say more on the dream except that he takes me to a lake near mysore(not sure what this place is even) . I always feel his presence but not sure if I assume or if it is really some connection. I left it to time to answer, reading your story made me feel the connect for a bit and again things went back to normal. Thanks for the write up, would love to hear more from you.


  43. Thank you alot for sharing your experience but sir it will be kind enough if u contact me through my id…


  44. Dear guru ji,
    I would like to meet u.i am just starting my spiritual journey at the age of 33..i am in bangalore..My mobile number is +91 91641 25800. I need ur blessings..will it be possible to meet u ??!!


  45. Pranaams dear Mohanji..
    Love to you and grateful to my young friend for sending me these links today.
    Exhilarating reading..I get shots…strongoing shivers on the neck area and a vigorous head shake…
    In the picture Bibaji resting her her head on Baba is shoulder…I see a face of a lady on the left side in front of SriBabajis face….Or am I imagining?Again and again ..Pranaams .


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