Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2020


Hello my dear friends,

I wish you a very, very happy New year!

How do you feel at the end of 2019, the last decade of this decade, which is about to be closed?  I think we have met each other. Most of us have met, and we had some time together. I am very happy and grateful that we met.

Now, 2020 is happening: the new decade, new hopes, new feelings. It is a good point in time to decide that whatever we could not do or whatever we could not accomplish in the last decade, we could complete in this decade. It is very simple; we don’t have to think complicatedly. We don’t have to remember too many things, just take a couple of small steps for decisions.

One of the decision is to accept yourself with all your weaknesses and strengths. Accept yourself. We all have weaknesses, we all have strengths. We are not just weaknesses, we are not just strengths. So why don’t we just accept ourselves as we are? A major problem gets solved. A major problem in our life happens because of resistance, non acceptance. We don’t accept many things about ourselves. We don’t accept many things in the society. We have a lot of resistance to so many things and that causes a lot of anxiety, fear…

Likewise we make a lot of comparisons. We compare ourselves with other people. We have too many comparisons, which prevents us from experiencing life in its completion.


One more thing which you can very well follow, is respect those who really love you. There are so many people in this world who really care for you and love you, there will be somebody – respect them, don’t take them for granted. Because we usually chase love from somebody who does not care about us, and we forget or we ignore the people who love us. That’s the irony of life. Instead, we should not worry about those people who do not care for us and concentrate on the people who love us. That’ll make your life much brighter. Your focus, your concentration will be on those people who will give you companionship, who will stand by you through heat and cold, good and bad times. These are the people who are your real relatives. They have to be taken care of. They are your blessings of this life. That you should understand. Always follow that.

And ignore those people whom you really want to love you, like you, but they don’t care. That’s ok. You don’t have to be approved by everybody. Not everybody may approve you. Not everybody may accept you. This is how the world is. Not everybody likes you, not everybody dislikes you.

So, let us understand that this world is as it has been offered to you – as you interact or as you are. Your world is around you and what you can interact with. That’s your world. The world is very large, it’s multifaceted, multidimensional, but we don’t have that world. What world do we have? The world where we can experience something, which we can interact with. Today in the internet age, we have a much larger world. Through the internet we can experience so many things, but essentially we have our limitations and boundaries. Within those limitations and boundaries, how much you accept yourself, how little you resist situations, and how much you love the people who love you or take care of the people who love you, and those who return, reciprocate, care for you the same way, that much you will be able to make a great 2020 and the next decade.


Respect is very, very important. Respect should start with yourself. You have a body, you have a healthy body, you are breathing, you are able to sleep. You are able to eat and the food is getting digested. You are reasonably healthy. All these things are extraordinary things. Be grateful. Have respect.

What can be the highest prayer? The prayer of gratitude. Those who are grateful are also graceful. They are filled with Grace.

All the great Masters have spoken about ekāgratā (the steady concentration). Steady concentration has to start with you. You have to concentrate on yourself. Assimilate yourself. What is this thing called you? Understand. Try to understand.

You will find the you are multifaceted. You are amazing, you are supremely amazing. Why? Because you are a synchronicity of so many factors, flavours, variations together performing in unity. We always fail to see it, because we look outside. We always look outside, so we fail to see the thing called us, this unit called us. That is something that we must really take care of. Use this next decade to understand yourself, be with yourself, assimilate yourself, accept yourself, respect yourself and then give forth or give to this world around you extraordinary love: kindness, acceptance, compassion.

Make sure because of you no being is harmed in the next decade, 2020s.  Make sure, because of your need nobody is punished. Nobody is harmed, nobody has pain, because you exist. Nobody should be having any pain. No greed, no competition, no comparison, because these are all things which drain you, which really, really drain you. And also, when you compare – you’ve already divided yourself; you are not accepting yourself. When you compare, you can’t accept yourself. When you do not compare, you are also accepting yourself, and accepting  the other person.  This is the whole thing.

Next decade is a very important decade. We have seen a lot of unrest around us. Unrest for the sake of divisions which the minds have made.  We have no divisions. There are no religions, there is only humanity. Humanity is the core religion. We are species. The species as a whole has got a value, relevance on this planet. But when species is divided into country, culture, class, religions, various denominations, we are scattered. Mind is scattered. We don’t understand each other. We don’t respect each other. We don’t love each other. That’s not to be. That should not be the case to finish with.


In fact, next decade we should all concentrate on unifying. Making ourselves as a unit, where we are complete: body, mind, intellect, ego, spirit, all together as a complete unit. Fully accepting ourselves and unifying the whole diverse, creations into one aspiration of love. Just be love.

We don’t need to complicate this whole thing. Every being responds to love. Every being becomes rich by sharing. That’s what we should do. Share what you have. Share everything that you have. We will never have enough, because of the mind factor. Mind always asks for more. We have a desire, we ask for fulfillment. After the fulfilment mind asks for another fulfilment, another desire, another fulfillment… Like that we are in a circular motion: always desire and fulfillment. That’s never ending.

Take a step backwards, look at what we can give to this world. We have plenty to give. We are a multifaceted Universe, not just a unit. You are a Universe. We have a lot of dimensions. We have numerous expressions and let our expressions be the highest, because we have that talent. Nature, God has given us imagination. God has given us great intellect, which created this whole world, all the things we use on the earth, in the water, in the air. Everything is created by the human imagination – intellect. We all have intellect, products of intellect. We are amazing, we have great capacities. Let’s use that capacity to give more happiness to this world, more contentment. We need this whole world for our own experience. Human species is just one species, we have numerous species.

We can’t overpower all the species of earth. We should not. Everybody, every species has the same right on earth, just like us. So what we should do?  We should share, care and integrate. Make everything inclusive: every plant, every tree, every being, every bird, everything in the sky, everything on earth, everything in the water. Everything is important. Every being is important. This is exactly what we should be concentrating on. We should be concentrating on unifying all these things; making sure that every being is peaceful; every being is happy. We should also be happy. We should be contented. We should be contented  with what is given to us, for which we must be grateful. We should be really grateful. And also, do not compare, do not criticize; do not judge, do not betray, that’s very bad. These are all things which drain you, which diminish your frequency, which reduce your energy. Please understand, whatever you do which is negative by nature, like comparisons, anger, hatred, jealousy, criticism, betrayal, gossiping, character assassination, all these things drain you, and make you less. It’s very difficult to increase the frequency if you go down to that frequency. This is the drop, that reduction in the frequency.


What we need to do is to enhance the frequency through kindness, compassion, love. You should be careful about all these things. Let us unite, let us be together, let us love, let us be understanding, let us be awareness, let us be One. Let the next decade be that of Oneness, not of divisions. The time for divisions is over, I believe so. I believe that the time of divisions is over. We are not separate. We are all One. We are all one family. We have the same aspirations. We have the need for love, we have the need for togetherness. We have the need to experience life together. This is all part of us. So, let us use this time, this space, this awareness, for creating a better world.  I am with you. I am walking with you. I am giving what I can within my capacity, for an enhancement of your life, and together we are a powerhouse. We are strong. I am empowering you as much as I can, likewise you should empower the world as you can. Together, we have lots to do.

2020 is happening. I wish you a great year and this is not the end. This is just the beginning. We have great things to do in this life. Don’t just exist and die. Live and let everybody live. We have no enemies. There are no enemies.“Enemies“ is an aberration of mind. How can there be enemies? There are only disagreements. We consider some people or things we do not agree with, as not our cup of tea, so we look at them as enemies. But these are all distractions. Don’t look at them. We have the right to be peaceful. We are peace incarnates. What we need to do is bring together like-minded people, positive vibrations and spread this around the world. We are One. We are together.

I am walking with you, and I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I receive your love as well. I always feel it. I wish you a great 2020. Shine bright. This world needs Light.

Love you.

I am always with you.

Thank you.


Transcribed by Anja Jeremic and Nada Rakovic


Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2019

Hello friends,

I wish you all a very, very happy New Year with  great success, happiness, peace, unconditional love and all the good things which make life better. I wish you everything that is beautiful. I wish you all things that will help you to have contentment. Contentment is all that we need in everyday existence. 2018 was a mixed bag – we had lots of happiness, lots of sorrows,  many different flavours.  We have seen displacements and anarchy  in the world; we have  seen quite a lot of things in the world and  SUCCESS  lies in accepting situations and people  and doing our bit in transforming them  for the better.

Mohanji quote - New Year message 0

I wish you great success in doing that in 2019 wherever you are, whatever you do. If we ADD VALUE to the society, we have value in this life. In this whole life it’s all about how much we can give, it’s not how much we can take. Please understand taking is an illusion. We take nothing from here. We came here  empty handed and we go back from here empty handed. All the materials you see here, all the relationships, all the things we have, positions and possessions are all temporary. They are all gratifications. So if you really understand that all that we are doing is only for the sake of EXPERIENCES, gratifications, we will not have ownership. If we do not have ownership, we have peace of mind. Ownerships are making us heavy and it’s difficult to live with possessiveness; our possessions are binding us.

Mohanji quote - New Year message 1

I wish you a great success in 2019 especially because if you are able to share whatever you have, be it kindness, love, compassion, time, knowledge, skills, money; it doesn’t matter what it is, if you are able to share unconditionally all the materials which life has given you, with all those who do not have them, then your life will become a LEGACY. The success rate which we can measure in a lifetime is how much you are able to give. To leave a legacy, you must share what you have, what has been gifted or delivered to you. This is exactly what we live for. If you only concentrate on giving and sharing whatever you have with the world, then you will always have a great, peaceful existence. I wish you RICHNESS OF HEART. When you are able to give, you are rich. When you are only asking, complaining, looking for more and more accumulation, then you are nothing better than the state of a beggar, where you need many things from earth.

Mohanji quote - New Year message 2

The entire world is our playground. We can live and walk here, we can experience this place or travel to countries, we can meet people… They are all experiences. There is nothing else, just EXPERIENCES. Every situation is an experience. Every aspect of life is about experiences. These are all contributing to experiences. Thus, while we live with full awareness that nothing stays forever, everything is coming, providing experiences and dissolving, just like we do. If you take the next 100 years, we will not be living on earth in this incarnation.  This incarnation would have dissolved. There is nothing great about this. We have seen many incarnations before, some of who we remember. We don’t remember many – even our own ancestors. We don’t know them, we haven’t seen them, we haven’t seen even their pictures, yet we know that they existed at one point in time because we exist. Just like that, all the things that you have collected, accumulated, experienced in this life, are just experiences. You are expressing your highest. Let that highest be compassion, kindness, unconditional love, selflessness, sharing and caring. Let that be your highest expressions on earth so that you have no regrets. You will live peacefully, you will exist peacefully, you will have a great life and you will also have glory.

Mohanji quote - New Year message 3

I wish you great glory in 2019. Let’s walk together, we will do whatever we can together and we will express our highest human possibility which is kindness, compassion, unconditional love, sharing, caring, selflessness. Let us keep on expressing without expectation. When you expect from others, you are also asking for disappointments. If expectations are not met, the result is disappointment. Therefore we must do whatever it takes to deliver without expecting. That will be our strength. If your expectation levels are very low, then you have a great feeling of contentment. The more contentment you have in your life, the more successful you are. You have glory.

This is my message for 2019, I wish you a great success. I am always with you. I am walking with you and I will continue to walk with you as long as you are able to walk. Just keep walking. Do not procrastinate, do not waste your time, your life. Everything is moving, so it’s like that belt at the airport where people walk. The time is taking you forward whether you like it or not. Therefore do not stand and procrastinate. Don’t think that you can do it at some other day. It’s not possible. Life is happening right now. While you are walking this path I will ensure you do not fall. I am holding your hand, I am walking with you, I am always with you. And I need nothing from you. I am just loving you as yourself, as myself. You are myself. Let’s all love each other as ourselves. Let’s give and deliver the highest possibility of human existence without expectation.

I love you and wish you great success; I wish you and your family, friends and relatives a great successful new year filled with nonviolence. No violence – lots of love. This is your Mohanji.

Mohanji quote - New Year message 4

Mohanji’s New Year Message 2018: Sadhana and Silence

Hello, everybody! It’s a great pleasure to meet you again towards the end of this year. Most of us have met each other during some part of this year, but it gives me immense pleasure to talk to you again at the end of this year. We have discussed so many aspects of life and have practised so many things during the course of this year. The whole idea has been to attain more and more inner silence. Now we have decided that we should accent on practices, sadhana, and silence in the next year. So the aspect of life should be based on sadhana (practices) and silence.

Mohanji in prayer.jpeg

When I say ‘practices’, the practices that suit you are the best for you. We have a lot of practices which the tradition has given us, but if they do not match with our frequency, they don’t work for us. So it’s important that we practise what suits us. There are so many things, methods, systems we have got through time from great masters, and we have continued through various paths towards the higher levels of awareness.

Let us understand life in comparison to a football match. There are two teams, one team is trying to score the goal into the other team’s goal post, and similarly, the other team is trying to score the goal into this team’s goal post. Your aim is to take the ball or take your purpose all the way to the other goal post. There are many obstacles, many people will come and try to block you from achieving the goal. If you are holding on your skills sufficiently, you can effortlessly take the ball to the goal post and successfully score the goal. Likewise, the other party will also try to score their goals into your goal post, which you have to prevent.

Mohanji quote - We must prevent entry of negative

So this is the game of life. We must prevent the entry of negative substances through thoughts, words, actions and through body, mind, intellect. We must prevent only the negative coming in while we should let the positive come in, viz. positive thoughts, good words, good actions. That helps you and rejuvenates you. Meanwhile, you have to carry the goodness that means your ability to attain the highest, all the way through life to the fulfilling end – completion. In other words, if you look at life like a football match, you have to be in the game, continue with the activity and take it to completion. You should be steady in it, otherwise, you will not win.

Another option which people usually try is that they don’t play the game at all. In the football match, many people are passive and sometimes some people are not even active. Many people just watch. They just comment. They have judgements about players, goals, activities, etc. You always have to expect that. A lot of people look at you, comment and make judgments of what you do, etc. But you have to continue to do what you are good at, what you have to do. This means take the ball all the way to the opposite goal post i.e. you have to achieve what you have to achieve. In terms of spirituality, the highest you can achieve is more and more inner silence – higher levels of states of silence of mind (samadhi). So the higher you go in silence, the less you are affected by the world outside. The world will always be the world. It has every variety, all dimensions but what affects us depends on how vulnerable we are or how open we are for everything to come in.

Mohanji - The deeper you go into silence

Indeed it’s important that we must safeguard i.e. protect ourselves as best as we can, from all the negative things that could come in. Just like a doubt – a doubt can come in and can delay the process. Self-doubt is the worst doubt. If a player does not believe that he can score a goal, he cannot take the ball forward. Every player should believe that they can do the best and the rest is teamwork. Everybody can help each other. But for teamwork to happen, every player should have faith in themselves. Like we should believe that we can actually achieve it and we should have faith in ourselves and then we should take it forward until the end. So each person has to attain some kind of intense conviction. Without conviction, there is no way you can take the ball to the goal post.

Worried teenager woman on the beach in winter

Some of you are aware of how people play the cricket match. The aim of every bowler is to get the batsman out. The aim of every batsman is to score more. Similarly, there will be opposition while you practise anything. There will be many, many obstacles. Their aim is to get you out of this practice. So our job is to make sure we score great runs, that we succeed in the match. Be a good batsman and always be aware that every ball coming to you is a potential out. You can be out with this ball. When you have to defend, defend, when you have to play, play, always be in the game and continue with the game.

Mohanji quote - There will be opposition

I compare real life to a football match (or cricket match) because these matches are very close to our spiritual practices. Many people come with great enthusiasm and go through a certain motion for a long time. Then something comes along, they get deviated and they don’t come back. It’s not a loss for any guru, tradition or a path. It’s their personal loss. If you deviate from the path and you become abandoned in your own way, or you get caught up with worldly affairs and you are stuck in so many things which are not so important in life, a lifetime gets wasted. Literally lifetimes get wasted. So each lifetime is very important, this incarnation, this body is hard-won. It took a long time to reach here to this level of awareness.

We have taken many bodies to reach this level of awareness where we can understand whatever we can understand in this life to attain this frequency. We don’t know this fact and that is much better. . So do not take this life for granted. Use it well. Using it well means attaining the highest silence you can attain with this life. This is the best you can do with any lifetime. By increasing the awareness, not getting caught up with the world outside, not entering into judgements, comparisons, confusions, etc and keeping yourself steady in the path of liberation. When I say “the path of liberation” it also means detachment from so many things around. The fewer desires, the lighter you become. If you have fewer desires, you become that much lighter. This is important.

Mohanji quote - Do not take this life for granted

So whatever you practise should be aimed at more and more and more inner silence. Silence is your friend. It is your benchmark. Increasing our depth of silence is exactly what we want with the lifetime. Each year passing, 2018 is coming. Before we know it, 2018 will have happened and 2019 will come. Each year is important, each day is important. Time is important. We must make one decision. Past is finished, we cannot change it. It’s gone. But today we can do something. This day, this moment, this time is ours. Do not waste this time, this moment. Enjoy this time, experience this moment, be aware that you are here and it’s precious. This life is precious. Everything is important.

With that clear awareness, walk the path and help others to walk the path, too. When I say “help others to walk the path” it doesn’t mean to force them because by forcing you are actually creating an aversion in them, not giving them a better understanding. The best way you can give a better understanding to anybody is through life itself. You live it. Go through the process, live it and show to the world what it actually means to be silent. And inner silence shows, when you are not affected by thing around you. Otherwise, confusions, anger, hatred, jealousy, judgments, criticism, gossiping, etc will be all over you, controlling you and pushing you forward.

Mohanji Ganeshananda Giri and Sai Baba.jpeg

So the year 2018 is just around the corner. In a couple of days’ time, we will be crossing over to 2018. I wish you a great year ahead, a great year of silence, a great year of awareness and a great year of togetherness. I will probably meet all of you in the days to come. I hope that we will all meet, and even if we don’t, we are all connected in consciousness. We are always related. We are all connected in consciousness, that’s what united us and we will stay united. We will all be together. There is no way that we can be separated, ever. Either you love me or hate me, you are still connected to me. If you think about me, you are connected to me. Likewise, I’m connected to you, so the connection is always there, that’s the truth of life. Let us focus on the positive, invest in the positivity, don’t worry about negative thoughts, words, actions. Focus on positivity and invest in positivity. Enhance positive thoughts, words and actions.

Also, invest in awarenss. When I say “awareness” please understand you are original, you are authentic. When you are authentic and you decide to express authenticity without diluting it, there might be enemies, not everybody will accept your positive nature, your ability to be positive and authentic. Not everybody will accept it. So be aware of it, but at the same time don’t be perturbed about it. You should always believe that you have every right to be authentic and be authentic. And be good and do good. Whatever expands your heart is good for you and that’s exactly what you should do. Whatever expands you and whatever expands the hearts of other people around you, that’s the right action. Whatever makes people happy, brighter and more loving, that’s exactly the action you should do.

Mohanji quote - Whatever expands you

Whatever you speak, speak with love and kindness so that the world will have a better vibration. It’s up to us. It’s up to all of us to increase the vibration of the Earth. Every individual is responsible. Every man, woman and child is responsible. All people are responsible. So it’s important that we enhance the vibration of the world as we go through our life. That’s the best contribution you can make in your lifetime. Ensure there is a lot of kindness flowing out of you, in your own way, in your own capacity, to the world outside. If you concentrate on that, 2018 will be a very fulfilling year for you. 2017 has already happened, we cannot do much about it, so don’t worry about the past. Whatever happened in the past, it’s alright. It’s finished. Please do not put your mind on something which is already completed, done.

Now concentrate on what is yet to be and make the best use of 2018. Our family is growing, many more people are reaching us, more and more people are connecting, so each one of you is more responsible to make sure that other people are happy. Everybody is happy, everybody is contented, everybody is welcomed and loved. Let it flow, let it spread. Let there be more positive vibrations in the world and keep blessing everybody. Keep conducting meditations and activities which will help people to understand themselves and also to understand the world better. A place made out of love will always stay. The energy stays. So love should be your medium of communication against all odds.

Mohanji quote - Ensure there is a lot of kindness

I wish you all success. Please remember obstacles and obstructions are just your tests. You must score the goal, that’s your aim, that’s why you are in the field. If you are in the field, your job is to score a goal. And please understand that you cannot get a ground without anybody opposing you. There has to be two teams, the positive and the negative. The negative’s job is to make sure the positive does not score a goal and the positive’s job is to ensure that they score a goal. So please understand that this will be the way life is. Don’t expect an open ground without obstructions so you can keep on scoring goals. Then there’s no game. So please understand this is the way it works and don’t be perturbed about it. Focus on yourself, have confidence, chant, make yourself more powerful, stronger, practise better, and then you go and score the goal.

I wish you all success and I’m with you. I’m with you always, I love you from my heart and you know that very well, I’m always with you and I’ll always remain with you. Let us walk together in 2018 and beyond.

Love you


Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji and a Swami in Arunachala.jpeg

A Humble New Year Message for 2017

My beloved embodiments of pure love

Mohanji - Weekend Program - Macedonia - 29 May 2016 (387)

         We talk again after a full year. A year of happiness and sorrows as usual! As someone told me, “The year was nothing special”. Well, making every moment special and worthwhile is within us. It is the way we are that makes our life special or ordinary. We often keep too many expectations on ourselves and from life. We weigh ourselves down. We punish ourselves. And when finally health gives way, we lament at our losses. A balanced life needs discipline. A satisfied life needs balance of mind. A complete life needs selflessness as the basic operating platform. This is within us.

Do not live this life as a favour to anybody. You are doing nothing else on earth except experiencing something. It could be good or bad. It could be expected or unexpected. But, all beings on earth are just experiencing and, in a way, expressing oneself so that it flavours one’s own experience. Our expressions add flavours to the life around us. We are doing nothing to anybody anyway. There is nobody apart from us. All are our own expressions. All situations are our own creations. Sit down at a quiet place. Silence your mind by concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation. When mind is thus silenced, ask yourself what you are and what you think you are. As yourself what you are up to and how much control over life you have. Spend some time with yourself like this every day. Measure your understanding with your own inner silence. Start accepting yourselves with all your weaknesses and strengths. There is not one person in this world that does not have any weaknesses. Accept them. Accept your weaknesses more than your strengths. When you finally accept your weaknesses, they will start becoming weaker and you will start becoming stronger. When you suppress them, liked caged tigers, they will wait to be unleashed to pounce on its prey which is you. Who are you, what are you, why are you – are the most relevant questions that can lead you to liberation. Be liberated from your own mind through constant awareness and contemplation.

Ask yourself why you need a guru. What do you lack? Ask yourself why you are listening or following Mohanji? Mohanji is an ordinary man just like you. What is so special in him? Remove all your superimpositions on this man called Mohanji and decide if you should be with Mohanji. Do not be with any Guru because of infatuation, fear of any kind, illusions, thinking that they are someone else from the past or something else, enlightened, better than yourself, filled with powers and strength and without weaknesses, miracles or misconceptions, expectations, karmic conquests or clearance, or even a shoulder to cry on. If you look at a Guru as anything else apart from a reflection of yourself or as a mirror in which you can see your own reflection, I am afraid you are in the wrong track. Remove yourself from all such bindings. Be free from within. I would not want anyone to follow me out of fear, compulsion, herd instinct, illusion, misconception, or thinking I am someone else’s incarnation. Take your time. Think well. Should you be with Mohanji from 2017 onward or not? Take firm decision. If you can accept me with all my imperfections, just like I have accepted you with all your imperfections, we can travel this life together. If not, we can part with love in our hearts for each other. Do not be afraid to leave Mohanji and be free, if you feel any binding here. Your freedom is most important as is your free will. Nobody can live peacefully together if their imperfections are also accepted along with their perfections. Every person who ever walked on earth had been imperfect in the eyes of the society, one way or the other; especially if he has made a name for himself. Society likes to highlight imperfections of people and discard their goodness. “The good that men does are often interred with their bones. The bad survives them” – Shakespeare. So, be brave to leave if you do not like than suffer a forced companionship. Again, also look within what makes you bitter. All things outside are only triggers for what is already within. Be Aware.

I would like to use this space to make myself very clear. I cannot promise you a bed of roses. I cannot promise any comfort zones. I cannot promise you healing or cures. I cannot predict your future or for that matter mine. Do not think that I have supernatural powers or direct access to God Almighty better than you. I am just as you are. Nothing special. If you love me without expectations, you are welcome to be with me. If you are here to test or taste, or here with bundles of expectations, I am afraid you will be disappointed very soon. Do not blame me then. I have warned you. I have all the strengths, weaknesses that you have. I am more ordinary than the ordinary.

This is a fresh year. A good time to start anything fresh and new! So, if you would like to leave me, leave me now. If you decide to stay after taking time and thinking well, take one resolution; stay with me till the end of life. Otherwise, I may not be able to give you whatever I have and you will be disappointed because of the same. Do not change your mind too often. Change it now for good, if you have to, so that it does not inconvenience anybody.

Just like you incarnated on earth for a set of experiences, I have done the same. What I am today is part of that plan. I can never say that I consciously chose this way of life or even this name or costume. If some people like my expressions, it is because my expressions suit their agenda on earth. In that context, I have no feeling, let alone bad feeling towards those who have chosen to leave me. When they were with me, they shared me, my time and whatever I am and I shared their space, time and whatever they have been. Only gratitude wells in my heart for all the experiences time has given me through various situations and people.

I use this space and your attention to thank you for every experience, company and comfort that you have provided me in the years past. I am grateful. Truly Grateful. If you will continue to be with me, I shall remain grateful. That is all I can say. I cannot promise you anything else apart from my love from the bottom of my heart. How you receive it is up to you and I presume would be as per your capacity.

2016 was a turbulent year for me. Some people, whom I loved deeply, parted from me. I understand and respect their reasons and choices. As a human being, it does hurt when those who you love leave you. Then again, life is all about meetings and partings. So, we wish them well and move on with our life. Some people who were close to my heart left the world as well. Baba Ganeshananda Giri and Vasudevan Swami have been my pillars and support. I cannot even begin to fathom how much value and power they added to my existence.

Avadhoota Nadananda, a powerhouse, pillar of strength, a father, mother, friend, brother, Guru, God and everything else, gracefully received me under his umbrella, protected me from the storms of life, gave me all he has in terms of his spiritual bank balance and allowed me to walk free. There are no words to express my feelings for him. A true master, as innocent as a small child, a spiritual titan, a remarkable guru and a humble human, he has touched hundreds of lives. He connected me with the Guru Mandala when he made me to offer a dakshina to the great master from Guru Mandala, opposite the Shiva temple at Shirdi in June 2016. Guru Mandala officially adopted me in 2016. Guru Mandala also conferred the title of Brahmarishi on me, through Avadhoota Nadananda. 2016 was an overwhelming year for me. I am truly grateful. Once again, I can only prostrate at the feet of the great masters of Guru Mandala `who adopted me, an ordinary man, despite all my flaws and weaknesses. I can only be grateful to the supreme Mahatapa Babaji who Himself asked Avadhoota Nandananda to look after me. Gratefulness moves my heart.

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you who walked with me through time, without expectations and conditions. Thank you for your love and care. Thank you for your companionship. Thank you for your company during our pilgrimages. We are again going to Kailash in 2017 July and Macchu Pichu in October. We shall meet in Croatia, Serbia or London for our retreats. We shall meet at Sedona Yoga Festival, USA in March. We shall meet somewhere. We shall definitely stay in touch. To those who are disappointed at my not answering via Facebook, let me confirm to you, I have listened to your heart always. If you really want to reach me, come via and I shall revert back.

I would like to thank the teams of Gurulight, Speaking Tree, Awakening Times and various news papers and media that covered our programs at various locations. Speaking Tree’s guest editorial was a great honour and I appreciate the love and respect showered on me by the Times of India team. Thanks to Ahimsa Vegan and Madhuban restaurants for supporting our programs with good food.

I would also like to thank the trustees and teams of Sreepaada Sree Vallabha Sansthan, Baba Ganeshananda Giri’s Dattatreya Shiva Sai Trust, Ashraya trust Kurnool, Manav Seva Samithi and other groups and trusts who honoured us, respected us and associated with us in the years past. Sincere thanks to Skanda Vale and Yoga Ville team for their true love and companionship. Special thanks to Himalayan School team, Mohanji Youth Club team, Mai-Tri Healing team, Consciousness Kriya team, Conscious Walking team, Kailas team, Retreat team, so on and so forth. Heartfelt thanks to Mohanji Foundation India, USA, South Africa, Macedonia, Serbia, ACT Foundations, Ammucare, as well as ambassadors, activities or centres in USA, Canada, UK, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and all their team members. All of you have really helped our mission to gain a good momentum despite all odds. Thank You.

My sincere thanks to the M management team who made the processes and made me more available in the world. Thank you for envisaging, orchestrating, streamlining and optimising my time and availability to the world. Thanks to all the volunteers who supported and helped to reach my expressions far and wide into the deep corners of this world. Your presence and support really made my life easier. Thanks to Mamu for efficiently managing my office and optimising it efficiently.

Special thanks to Amma for the translation of Power of Purity into Telugu, Dr. P. K. Namboothiri for Malayalam translation. Thanks to Sunil, Sujatha, Sunitha and Shirdi Sai temple Palakkad for the book Sai Mahima, translation of my writings on Sai Baba into Malayalam translated by Dr.P.K.Namboothiri. Thanks to Taiji for Sahasranaama and Ashtothari. Thanks to Jyothi Bahl for the rendition.

I wish you a great and fulfilling year. May happiness fill you at every moment and may your life be simple and purposeful.

In Gratitude



My New Year Message for 2015

Dearest Embodiments of pure love

Curtains to 2014. A new page in the calendar – 2015. As we lay down the ceremony of waking up a new year in our life, we rake up resolutions, hopes and optimism. A new human year is about to be launched along with new hopes and aspirations. I wish you great elevation in awareness in the days ahead. We die every night and are born every day.  Every day, especially every birthday is another milestone in our life. New Year is another day in the flow of time.

As we shed the weight of 2014 behind us and as we continue to trek into the unknown terrains of the inevitable future, let FAITH be the guiding light.

As we wear the garlands of resolutions that we aspire to change in ourselves; change that we consider as the blinding blocks within our character and detrimental for terrestrial excellence, DETERMINATION is the pillar.

As we wear the new garbs of life, and as we turn another page in life, we look for new terrestrial glory. As we spread on time our expectations about ourselves and our future, may COMPASSION be the key ingredient. May your terrestrial success be measured by your acts of COMPASSION and KINDNESS.  Do not be too harsh on yourself.


  • Be Unconditionally Kind and Let it show.
  • Do not judge or condemn another because we do not know their karma just like we do not know ours.
  • Shed the weight of everyday – every night
  • Be the sun to life. Rise in the brilliance of the sun every morning and live as unconditionally as the sun every day and spread the warmth or moonlight every night.
  • Let compassion be your breath. Build your liberation on the acts of compassion
  • Unconditional love is a state. Be in the state of Unconditional Love. Be that. Do not DO that.
  • This is human NEW YEAR. Dedicate this to the well-being of beings of other species and pledge to make their
    life a bit better each day. They will be better off if we just leave them alone.
  • Reduce dependency and enjoy freedom. Dependency leads to expectations and eventual disappointments. Avoid expectations and experience satisfaction every moment.
  • Do not judge, criticize and condemn others and thus contaminate yourself. When we condemn others, we are condemning ourselves.


Wish You a Bright and Brilliant New Year

Wish you Happiness, Peace and Success

Infinite Love

Love Makes Life Beautiful

Mohanji quote - Let the wave of awareness unite the worldMy dearest Embodiments of Love
This is 2014. 2014 is concluding. Another year in time is dawning. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner – just a few days away! While you are leaving on your well-earned holidays, thank you for finding time and sending me so many wishes and love from various parts of the world. I appreciate your time and sincere love for me. Life is all about expressing and experiencing multiple flavours in relationship. Relativity is equal to relationships in terrestrial terms. Hence, sharing time and nurturing relationships are the most beautiful flowers that bloom in this garden of life.
A healthy life needs positivity. It is difficult to maintain positivity in this hypermarket of tragedies called the “modern world”. Tragedies sell. Media thrives on snuff stuff. More money is spent on weapons of mass destruction than preservation of what has survived our greed. Real awareness or unity consciousness is still not taking root which is the real human tragedy. We are still encouraging divisions based on religions, races and countries. The same God is put into various names, garbs and used to induce differences, displacements and wars. It is still your god and my god – not our God, ONE God. krishna buddha jesus Mohanji quote - Let brightness of wisdom

In the name of religion, people are killing children, women, men and animals. How can we have world peace when such ignorance is mounting day by day? Let us be deeply aware. But, let us also be optimistic. Peace is only possible with true awareness. Let brightness of wisdom illumine us. May darkness be dissolved in the wisdom, that all are one and all beings of earth are part of one consciousness. All are beings and all they need is LOVE. The world order is bound to change. It should happen sooner than later. Much destruction can be expected. Yet, we should sincerely hope that it would not take much destruction before the change over takes place. Peace must happen. Peace must prevail in individual minds as well as the mind of the society.
We have been trained to be normal. Normal in social terms is average. Our psychology is based on average social human behavioural patterns. Anything that is not average is abnormal. Abnormal is considered as weird and something that needs special attention. This discrimination has made our “scientific generation” grossly average. Society is programmed to support “normal” beings. Hence, average beings are the rulers, law makers and those who enforce laws. Their vision is grossly two dimensional. The “allowed” is the average. Being average also means carriers of social emotions. Social emotions can create wars and divisions. And “normal” also means you need to possess the socially accepted fears, concerns and problems. We are grooming our children to be “normal”.

Mohanji quote - Allow the children to be naturalOur society and educational system has systematically crushed many original thinkers, geniuses and those who had the potential to change the way we see the world to average “harmless” human beings. Non-conformists are branded as eccentrics. We should not allow this to happen to our children. Allow them to be natural. Nourish them to cherish their spontaneity and naturality. Tell them it is not weird to be different. Life is all about expressions and experiences. If your expressions and experiences are harmless to other beings, it is OK. The trained conformists may or may not appreciate them, but, tell them it is OK to be different. It is OK to walk your own path. Non-conformity is not a crime. It is your freedom.

Remember, this “average-hood” that the “normal” enforces has created much inequality within the society. It has minimalized or even nullified species equality. Do we know or care about the suffering of animals and birds in our society? It has sponsored human supremacy and religion based separation. This means it has consistently sponsored injustice. It always protected the rich and the powerful. It supports “might” in disguise and the weaker strata of the society are always kept poor and wanting.
Let us look at life with optimism. Awareness is growing. Silence is taking deeper roots in many minds and many pockets. Many people are doing whatever they can to make their neighbourhood a bit healthier, lively and comfortable which are positive outlooks of life. The non-violence in expressions always leaves a residue fragrance of goodness behind. When you touch the lives of those who are not part of your life, unconditionally, you become rich inside. Just as all people strive hard to stay rich, once you are rich inside, you will do your best to stay rich inside. See the good in people. Nurture the good in people. Remain selfless against all odds and pressures of the society. Nurture love and kindness. Leave the residue of compassion through your thoughts, words and action spontaneously.
One positive action could lead to a positive movement. This is what all great masters lived for. This is what Jesus, Buddha and Krishna appeared for. They lived their lives in Freedom. 01 krishna

Freedom is our choice. It has nothing to do with people, places, time or situations. Freedom is an internal thing. If you are free inside, you will float through life. If you are free inside, it will show. Freedom is also associated with inner richness. Inner richness makes you free and freedom leaves you rich inside. When we are bound by concepts, we will only see differences. When we are liberated through freedom, we only see oneness and love everywhere. Unconditional Love! This leaves us totally free.
Fears bind us to earthly cycle of birth and death. Seven billion people are walking this slender earth with heavy hearts filled with concepts, refusing to experience, let alone enjoy the freedom of liberated existence. There is only one choice to make in life. Only one choice which really matters! The choice is between freedom and binding. To be free or to be bound! And remember, this has nothing to do with any religion, master, guru, book or philosophy. It has to do with you. Only You! You choose to be bound by your fears and concepts or be free from all bindings and start enjoying the terrestrial experiences like a small child who sees the world with the eyes of wonder. So, liberation is not a thing that you need to achieve through a person or a practice. It is your very nature. It is the choice that you make.
01 Jesus-Christ-In this context, I would like to tell you one more important factor. You cannot approach your freedom selfishly. “I need to be free but I do not care if others stay bound.” This is the wrong attitude primarily because if the whole society is blind and you are painting a beautiful picture, who will appreciate it or gain experience from your expression? Secondly, even if you are free from inside, but you are living in a society that cannot understand your state, what is the use? They will never let you express your state of liberation by considering you as weird or an eccentric or on extreme cases, even assassinate you from existence. They may bind you or even crucify you for being original. So, if you have seen light, it is your duty to guide others to light, in your own way. You need not become a guru for that. Your inner guru will shine forth spontaneously, without any effort from you. You could show light to people through your expressions and actions. You could make a difference around you through your expressions of compassion, kindness and love. The expressions of liberation are sufficient for bringing a positive difference in the world around you. You belong to the world around you, primarily.
You can achieve wealth, money, possessions, pride and many things terrestrial through hard work or deceit. But none of these can guarantee you freedom. All of these could become traps to build your ego as a wall between you and your freedom which is your birthright. Ego is a subtle matter. It is like your shadow, which always lurks behind you even if you are ignorant about it. Ego could make you critical and judgemental and delude you into believing that all you needed for happiness are the worldly possessions and people. And all the aspects of “Purushartha” such as dharma (text book of existence), artha (physical properties and terrestrial collections), kama (lust for fruits of existence) and moksha (vision of liberation) can also become addictions. (P.S I have interpreted the “Purushartha” in the context of this mail.)
01 buddhas love for animalsFreedom means free from fears too. When you are free from inside, everything amounts to freedom. A birth, a death, and all things in-between amount to another aspect of inner freedom. If you gain or lose, it is the same because everything is dimension of inner freedom. Nothing stays forever on earth. Change is the only permanent thing on earth. So, when we travel with the wings of freedom, the changes of life are just passing locations of transit. People, places, time and things change. Nothing stays. There is nothing to hold on to which is worth it, except your inner freedom. And once achieved, inner freedom spontaneously stays. We will always stay rich inside. And it will never be affected by the passing emotions or karmic agendas.

01 Jesus-Christ-and-Krishna1
Jesus and Krishna

Great Masters have been great shepherds and cowherds. Why did Krishna, Baba and Jesus spend so much time with various sentient beings, rather than human beings? All beings have the same soul. All beings are expressions of the same God. All are same on earth. For a liberated being, there cannot be any difference between species. We CANNOT kill another being. We SHOULD NOT kill any being due to any reason. If we are superior beings due to our intellect, we should express the godliness within us. We should express compassion and kindness without discrimination of species. We should care and it should show. Do please use the time that we use in abandon over silly matters and soap operas of life for the protection and care of other beings of earth. Help prevent killing of any kind and spread peace and non-violence purposefully, spontaneously. We have NO right to kill another being, even for the sake of our palette or conditioned existence.
So, my message for you, as you take off on holidays, is that – do what you can for the world, the environment, the nature, and the beings of the nature. Help them to feel love and kindness capable of expressing by human beings. Most of our fellow sentient beings love unconditionally and never complain if they do not get that back in return. Every bird and animal out there responds well to love. They feel fear too. There is huge anarchy and bloodshed happening out there in various corners of the world towards humans and beings of other species.

Buddha and Jesus
Buddha and Jesus

Only one thing can heal the world – AWARENESS. Awareness is what we should give to the world. Shower the world with higher awareness which amounts to non-violence, kindness, compassion and peace. Awareness leads to all that. If you take one decision, that to be free from inside, not to be bound by any emotions, people, places or time, express that resolution in terms of unconditional love, kindness and compassion towards the world and all its beings. Do not see the differences in gender, class, race or species. Differences mean ignorance. Differences mean non-understanding. Freedom is the thread of consciousness that links all beings of the universe. Consciousness is free and unbound. When we are driven or propelled by consciousness, we can only see the thread of love which is also the thread of freedom. Freedom is love and love is freedom. Differences and all lower emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, so on and so forth, are clear signs of operating in lower frequency. Choose higher frequency and let it shine forth in you and through you to the outside world too. All of us are potential masters, irrespective of our social conditioning. Thoughts Per Second (TPS) determines master-hood. Lower the TPS, you are a master of your own mind. Higher the TPS, you are bound by concepts of the world which are denying you inner freedom. Hence, inner silence despite compelling external calamities determines your stature. Remember, even if you are externally or socially bound, you can still be internally free. Let the wave of awareness unite the world beyond caste, creed, races, religions and differences. Let love unite the world. Let us not sponsor news of bloodshed and displacements of property and lives. Let every breath we take lead us and the society to more awareness and freedom. Remember, we are just visitors here. Sooner or later, we will have no signs of our existence on earth just like our great grand parents, who lived five generations before us. Please live in love and add love to our life.
Kindly pardon me as I am unable to write to all of you individually, even though I would have loved to. Please accept my Best Wishes and Sincere Thanks for all the love that you are consistently showering on me each day. I love you through time too.
I wish you a great and fulfilling holiday season as well as a GREAT NEW YEAR.
Lovingly Yours
Happy Holidays MF

Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2014

cute smiling m, nature (2)

Beloved Embodiments of Love,

Another year has passed in linear time. We are constantly witnessing changes happening within us and outside of us. We have seen changes happening in Nature too. The years past have left their regular residue in our subconscious. The year to come will leave the same. But, we can choose and we must choose whether the residue should be of positive nature or negative. When we indulge indiscriminately and unconsciously in negative thoughts, words and actions, the residue that gets stored will be of negative nature. When we indulge in positive thoughts, words and actions, the residue left behind will be positive. Beware!

There are New Year resolutions that people intensely decide upon, but usually never practice. I would recommend going with the flow of life rather than adopting resolutions that you cannot handle, which eventually breeds guilt, low self-esteem and lack of confidence in oneself. Flexibility should be the catch word for 2014-2018 at least. Spontaneity which comes along with flexibility will help you navigate a lot better. It will take you to your destination effortlessly. Be aware!

We met many people in 2013. Some came to stay, some to test, some to taste and some to judge. We loved everyone. More varieties of people will come and touch our lives in 2014 and beyond. Those who are connected to the higher will understand the third dimension of others, while those who are connected to the senses will only witness the superficial image, mannerisms, personality traits and incompatibilities rather than the unity of consciousness. Such people will leave us sooner or later. So, do not be perturbed. Just be. Just be natural. Just be kind. Just be real all the time. There is nothing to prove in this world. If you want to prove something at all, prove that you are truly a human being, by being kind, considerate, compassionate and genuinely good at heart. Be a human being by making the world a better place. Today, the world does not need preachers. The world needs those who can lead by example of unconditional love beyond all man-made barriers. All barriers are primarily in our own mind. Then this gets reflected outside. Inflexibility and intolerance are in our own mind. When this becomes an external war, Nature suffers. Beware!

Transition has happened with the changed speed of earth. Time is beginning and ending simultaneously in front of our eyes at shut-eye speed. People are taking birth and getting cremated at a high speed. Remember this. We own nothing here. This is our place of action for our own personal gratification. This is our karma bhoomi. This is our place for fulfilment. Respect it and deal with it that way. We have no rights on earth. Or at least, we have no special rights on earth, apart from beings of other species. Gratification affordable using the available space and time on earth is all that we can achieve out of this place. If you try to own anything here and decide that you are indeed the owner of all your possessions, understand that all that you will eventually own are the sorrows of separation which happens to anyone who possesses anything sooner or later. If you understand this clearly, all your sorrows will vanish. All your anxieties and fears will vanish. You will be happy with what you have and you will live in the moment with the perfect happiness of being here and being alive today. More possessiveness means more sorrows. Beware!

Time has shifted and its effects are made visible through calamities on earth as well as changing mind sets. People crave liberation and fortunately nature is indeed aiding it. People crave freedom from themselves and it is possible if they turn inward instead of outward. Transformation is happening and settling in more than before. There are hardware crashes taking place rampantly. Ideas, notions, concepts and sundry conditioning of the human mind are getting crashed and in some cases re-moulded. Those who are connected to the supreme with or without a guide are gaining ground rapidly towards total merger with the supreme consciousness. Those who stay within their mind barriers are rapidly falling out of the system into deeper disillusionment. So, this is a very interesting time and the time pushes you to introspect. It makes you see within. It crashes your ego. It makes you so unstable that you have no choice but to change. It’s a good time to be yourself and accept yourself. Good time for you to consider who you are, where you stand and also why you are here. Those who are totally selfish and self-centered are bound to take the stick. They will experience loss and suffering one way or the other. Those who only think of themselves and their families and shun the pains of the world outside will become more lonely and isolated. Those who become one with the world and do what they can for the betterment of the world inside and outside of them will be guided, guarded and assisted. Being universal is the call of the time. Being self-centered is a sure recipe for failure. Beware!

You can cleanse your inner world by doing good to the world outside of you. When the inner world is clean and spotless, the outside world will benefit from it. Be Aware.

Unfortunately, the world that we know around us, operates much on pretensions because of the judging nature of the society. Society tends to judge every person and situation using its conditioned vision. This is scary for many. Hence they wear the masks suitable for social acceptance. Understand and discard all your masks this year. Come out and be real. If you can live an unpretentious life, it will be the biggest gift that you could ever give yourself. Tear off your masks and break free. Be real. Be yourself. Be the true you. Be conscious of your lies of existence – the very lies that are pampering your egocentric social image and binding you with invisible chains. Break Free from everything. You can! This is the biggest new year gift that you can give yourself.

Bless you, your larger family and all those whom you love or hate, wishing all the very best in the years to come. Come together as one family. Come together beyond species and lives of the universe and spread kindness indiscriminately. Give more and more love. Give more and more compassion. Give! Bless you with the attitude of giving. Bless you with selflessness. This is the sure remedy which will heal all wounds and take you to the highest realms of human achievement. The greatest achievement is a life lived with non-violence in thoughts, words and actions. Be love and give love. Bless You.

Love You Always



(The next day, on 1st January, after numerous questions to Mohanji to suggest a New Year resolution… he has given a general answer to all):

Nevertheless, I would like to consider two things as resolutions for your liberated future:
A. Give back to mother Earth much more than what you have already consumed from her and will consume further as long as you live here from now on.
B. Maintain your inner space tidy and clean by being kind, unpretentious, gossip free, soap opera free, living the acts of kindness, spontaneously compassionate, unconditionally loving and non-violent in thoughts, words and actions and by traveling inward much more than the outer world. Be happy and peaceful with what you have been provided and learn to share rather than hoard. Sharing enhances you. Hoarding diminishes you. Share inner and outer wealth with others. Share experiences. Share joy.
These would take you a long way in spiritual elevation much more than hours of spiritual practices and visits to places of worship. Guaranteed!

happy new year mf greeting 2