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Mohanji's Personal Blog - Bless the World - Bless All. It'll make you Serene and Light.
Mohanji's Personal Blog - Bless the World - Bless All. It'll make you Serene and Light.
Bless all. It’ll make you serene and light.

Blessing expands you. It makes you light. When we bless all the people we like and all the people we dislike, we truly become the perfect expression of the Almighty. His true expression is unconditional love. When we remove all the hatreds and fears from our mind, we become embodiments of LOVE. Love expands. Love makes our life enjoyable. When we express sincere gratitude to all the objects and beings that helped our existence on earth, we become universal. Once we understand the true relevance of the food that we have consumed so far, the houses that sheltered us, the books that gave us knowledge, our parents and our teachers, above all, the element of  Divinity that sustained us, we will be filled with humility and deep gratitude.

Most of our vital functions including respiration, circulation, digestion, heartbeat and even sleep for that matter, are controlled by our sub-conscious mind. All these things are working in perfect synchronization because our conscious mind has nothing to do with it.  We are given the time, space, intellect and situation to act out our inherent traits. What do we have in our control? Why do we blame others? Why do we entertain guilt at all? What is there to be afraid of?  All experiences have been lessons. We could not have changed anything. So, what else can we do except express unconditional love and compassion? What else can we do but to bless everybody and everything? When we realize that we are not really the one who does everything, we will see our ego getting nullified and our doer-ship getting dissolved. We will then operate in perfect awareness and gratitude.

God is within us. God is to be LOVED not Feared. The soul element that fuels our existence is the God within all of us. The one who Generates, Operates and Dissolves. Hence, all of us possess the same God element. None are inferior nor superior to anyone. Some evolved higher through rigorous practices, contemplation and meditation. Through lifetimes of efforts, they attained higher awareness. Thats all. In principle, all are one and the same. The same soul element fuels the existence of all the living beings, which includes plants, animals and birds. Just like the same electricity is used to operate various equipments, the same soul operates various bodies; and some of them are human bodies.

All of us are temporary custodians of this body, money and all our possessions. It is the same with relationships too. Everything is temporary. Everything has a definite longevity. There is no room for egocentric expressions, if we digest this truth. All we can do is forgive everything. Bless everything.

When we shift our consciousness to the spine and to 360 degrees, the impact, the wear and tear of the events that we are exposed to, will be very less. Nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will overwhelm us. You will maintain perfect equanimity and deep gratitude. Nothing happens by accident. Everything has a perfect reason. We often cannot understand the reason from our level of consciousness. That’s all. Our inability should not be interpreted as cosmic deficiency. Cosmic perfection is infinite and incomparable.

Bless The World Meditation is two years old. In October 2007, we started BTW classes in Dubai. Till date, people have experienced BTW meditations in UAE, India, Qatar, UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Africa, Oman and many other places. BTW meditations have transformed many lives. Some have stayed and evolved. Some came and left, perhaps choosing different paths. As always, each person responded according to his/her inherent consciousness and constitution. We did everything with the purest of intentions without any selfish motives. That’s the best we could do.

All of us exist in various planes of consciousness. We carry the conditioning of our immediate past as well as other lives, without having clarity about it. We cannot usually figure out which conditioning provoked which response in us. But, invariably we are victims of our conditioning.  Hence, it is important to touch base with our own consciousness; our real Self. BTW meditations are designed to bring you to your Self.

All our classes are conducted with the spirit of service, free of cost. The aim of BTW has always been to elevate as many people as we can, to higher consciousness. Many people actually experienced the difference from where they began and where they are now. We uploaded the meditations in with the intention to make the meditations available to many or any, without any conditions.

Without a few acknowledgments, this text would be incomplete. This meditation came to me at least six months before we actually started teaching it in Dubai. It was Biljana Radonic (Biba) who literally pulled me out of my introversion and put me in front of the people. Biba started it all. Divinity worked through her to make it happen. Then it started spreading continuously through Dr.Manjari Rao, Shernaz, Mother Ines, Pradeep Sukhrani, Pradeep Ullal, Simran Kaur, Yashi Aunty, Dr. Samata, Reeta Verma, Krishnaji, Mr.Chandrasekhar, Dr.Malini, Easwar, Murali, Jennifer Randive, Marina, Sandi Saxena, Jaya Chopra, Devang Kapadia, Danijela, Marija Govedarica, Mark and many others. My sincere gratitude to all of them for their selflessness, purity and sincere love.

We wish you great spiritual evolution in this life. We are one. We are one family and one consciousness. We will never be separate from one another.

God bless all




11 thoughts on “Bless the World

  1. Dear Mohanji….

    Thank you for those spiritual insights. Just reading your blog brings so much inner happiness and satisfaction. How unnecessarily we brood for trifles in life and just a tuning required in our thoughts that would make everything understand rightly said by you…whats in our control…

    We are here to perform our assigned roles and with time roles change and we take on newer roles. If every happening is understood with a spiritual insight, probably there would be more inner peace and reflect to bring peace outside and around us too.

    Mohanji….. just praying for a live experience of getting your positive energy. Lets make this family a lovely place to live and experience and expand globally.




  2. Dear Mohanji,
    I have been reading all that you post on the bless the world site and now your blogs and must say that your writing is inspirational and motivating and the clarity of thought and expression has added clarity to a lot of my doubts. I have been reading about all the experiences shared by all the meditators and would like to request that we hold such meditation sessions in Oman too! I have tried the guided meditation as available on the site but would like to learn this powerful meditation in your presence.

    Mohanji, I humbly request the opportunity of a live experience of being in your presence and receiving your positive energy.

    With deep gratitude,


  3. With the sincere effort of those involved and those yet to become involved the beautiful message of BTW will continue to spread.

    The Gratitude Effect will open many hearts, inspire many minds and awaken the inner powers of many and the hidden seeds of greatness. It will allow and help us breakthrough any limiting beliefs and guide us to a more empowered life filled with deeper meaning and awareness.

    We can all experience new levels of inspiration, creativity, and achievement through the living power of the The Gratitude Effect.

    Mohanji, I am witnessing the creation of Masters as you Touch Move and Inspire all to seek and find the Divinity that resides in all of us. The River is swelling with an abundance of LOVE


  4. Dearest Mohanji,
    What a beautiful explanation….
    May BTW,spread in every nook & corner of the world.

    Million Pranams on your Lotus feet,
    Deep Love,


    1. Dear Abhishek,
      The light shines through 100s. More will come and enjoy. Some will stay in the light. Some will return to darkness. Maybe, someday, the remembrance of light will bring them back. May be the heaviness of darkness will drown them. Everything is fine. There are no tragedies in existence. Please tell this to the world.

      Thanks for your best wishes. If you have understood the light, spread the light, let light fall on all.


  5. It’s our greatest blessing that we are even able to read all the blogs by you Guruji I am only waiting eagerly for your next arrival to Mumbai
    My Pranams to you at your Golden feet


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