Terrestrial Expressions

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - Man becomes human when compassion overflows
Man becomes “human” when compassion overflows

Indifference is no virtue. We should feel.  Feel for ourselves and feel for others. For a self-centered man, spiritual evolution is not easy. Man, as a general rule, is essentially selfish. No doubt. Even animals are selfish. They take care of themselves first and then leave the rest to the others. Man certainly takes care of himself, but usually cannot let others enjoy anything, as he likes to hoard everything for himself. This is how the world works. The world has provided sufficient materials for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s GREED!!!

True evolution happens when our personal matters become secondary and others’ matters become our priority. Selflessness is the first shift visible in a true spiritualist. There are many seekers who are extremely self-centered. Their growth gets stagnated beyond a limit. The expansion of the anahata (heart chakra) is synonymous to spiritual growth. Our detachment becomes expressive when unconditional love replaces selfishness.

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - An elementary man personifies Selfishness
An elementary man personifies selfishness

Let’s classify people according to their basic traits or character. Vasana (inherent nature or trait) becomes a thought. Thought becomes a word or expression. A word becomes action. Repeated actions become one’s character.

There are elementary men. They are emotional by nature. They do not use their intellect at all. We can divide them into emotionally good and emotionally bad. Some are bad by nature. They are selfish and only live for themselves. They live their life in complete anarchy. They are capable of creating lots of nuisance in the society. There are many such people in this world. They cheat, steal and kill. They are like animals in human bodies. They do not care. They do not use their intellect at all.

They live an emotional life. An example in Mahabharata is Dusshasana, brother of Duryodhana, the Kaurava King. Dusshasana would kill anyone if his brother commanded him to do so. He would not even think for a moment or stop and ask, “Why?” By nature, he was harmful and his conscience never stopped him from carrying out harmful acts.

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - A passive good man acts on emotions.jpg
A passive good man acts on emotions

On the other hand, some men are good by nature. They never harm anyone. They are emotional by nature and usually express repetitive benevolent thoughts, words, and actions. In Mahabharata, Yudhishtira, the Pandava, was such a person. He was good by birth, truthful and benevolent to all. He will not even tell a white lie. He was so emotional about truthfulness. But, he also lived on his emotions and seldom used his intellect.  Because of that, he could not do anything, even when he knew that playing dice with the Kauravas could prove to be hazardous to him and his family’s very existence. He led his brothers and families to the forest, as he lost the game. The loss was inevitable. His own blind truthfulness was his own enemy.

So, if the head of an organisation is emotionally good, one who just follows a set rules and never uses his intellect to change anything or adapts to help himself and his company, the company is most likely to suffer. It is easy to follow a set rules. It is difficult to improvise. So, most managers are like this. They just walk the beaten path. They cannot take a company to the next level unless nature automatically aids its progress. Then, the success of the company has nothing to do with the manager’s calibre.

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - An intelligent selfish man plays all roles effortlessly.jpg
An intelligent selfish man plays all roles effortlessly

Then comes the intellectual negative. There are many such people in the world. They are extremely intelligent. They present things very well. They prepare elaborate plans and impress everyone. The end result is always for their personal welfare. They are selfish to the core. They can easily make the above two categories of people dance according to their tune because they are truly eloquent and immensely presentable.   In Mahabharata, Sakuni, the maternal uncle of Duryodhana, was a very intelligent man. He plotted the whole drama. He played dice with Yudhishtira. He was intelligent. He knew the limitations of his enemy. He knew how far Yudhishthira would go. He created the fall and surrender of Yudhishthira and his family. For an intellectually negative person, life is all about scheming and plotting, without actually making it seem so. They are never transparent. They are sweet talkers. They are cunning. Treachery is their toy.

Passive people suffer at their hands. We can see many politicians in today’s world who are of this nature. They make their whole country dance to their tune while they accumulate personal wealth. They are usually good actors too. If such a man leads a company, it will prosper, but, the maximum benefit will eventually go to him. He will work out things in such a way, that he earns what he targets and sometimes beyond, even if he has to compromise the company, its staff, and its reputation.

He never cares about anyone except himself and his family. He will not care much about his staff and he will demand work, even at the cost of their equilibrium. He will pamper some if it is good for him. He will express selfishness visibly and in disguise.

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - An Avatar appears for the welfare of the world
An Avatar appears for the welfare of the world

Now comes the last but the best of them all. The good man who lives by his intellect. Lord Krishna is the right example of that. He is good by nature, even if we ignore his “avatar” stature.  An intellectually good man has no selfish dreams. He lives for the betterment of the society or the country. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu. He never cares about himself or his personal gains. He does not count in terms of money to nurture any relationships for selfish ends. He lives his whole life for others.   But, he does not blindly and emotionally follow principles, like the emotionally good man who inevitably ends up in problems. Instead, he would use the truth measuring the advantages of a situation. He is superior to all the above three because of his selflessness and because of his capacity to think and act. He can never be dragged into any foolish commitment. He is transparent and benevolent. He feels for others and he truly does something about it. He dares and he has no fears of any kind.

Lethargy or procrastination is not his cup of tea. He lives a life of selflessness and intelligent truthfulness. He has the capacity to take a country from dungeons of despair to the height of bliss. He knows what he is doing and how to go about it. If such a man is the boss of a company, the investors and the staff will experience true well-being. This boss knows everything about every member of staff and he truly cares. He will make sure each one is well-taken care of and nobody is abandoned.

His distribution of work will also be based on individual capacities. Overburdening someone or being partial to someone will never take place. He genuinely cares and it will show. If an organisation gets such a manager, it is a true blessing. They are very rare in today’s world that teaches competition and supremacy. Even though it is difficult to see such people, it is never impossible.

Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - Life is a duel between the good and the bad. Whom you support - WINS
Life is a duel between the good and the bad. Whom you support – WINS

We should feel. We should be sensitive towards ourselves and all others. Our progress and happiness should not be the only priority. Others should also be happy. Happiness if shared, multiplies. Sorrow, if shared, decreases. Hence, both need to be shared. Express benevolence unconditionally, without expectations.  It is worth it.  Trust me.

God bless all,

I love you,


Brahmarishi Mohanji - Terrestrial Expressions - Perfect silence is much more powerful than a million words
Perfect silence is much more powerful than a million words

10 thoughts on “Terrestrial Expressions

  1. When the Master Leads ….
    Thank you Mohanji for the great insights.

    Your understanding of human behavior is so mystical.
    Does a person’s character trait have anything to do with his soul’s archetype? Don’t you think some people are just born selfish while some are born good natured or helpful right from birth? Or are we always responsible for our characteristics? Can emotions be controlled or witnessed all the time?

    With love & gratitude


    1. Soul is the petrol of your car. It has no particular preferences of destination. Soul’s sole aim is perhaps only to get back home at the earliest. Soul’s home is the supreme soul, the father or Para Brahma. Soul aids all experiences. It aids each thought, word and action (three levels of creation) and remains neutral everywhere. It never interferes in any of our transactions.Mind along with senses weaves dreams and wishes.Soul helps it. Our character is carried over through many lives. It has evolved over time and space. We do not know that or understand that fully from our current level because, we cannot see our past lives and future lives. We are actually present oriented. All the traits that man displays have been brought forward. Experiences also are chosen sub-consciously. So, we cannot blame another one for what is happening with us, even though we conveniently, ignorantly do that. Soul can never be contaminated. It is part of the supreme soul, ever pure and ever glowing. Soul carries the big bag of our samskaras and karmas, life after life. People behave as per their level of consciousness. The broad pattern is mentioned above. From the base barbaric to the level of an avatar – the entire human kind lies somewhere in-between. We are always responsible. Our mind is responsible. Every thought, word and action are responsible. We create our own destiny. Emotions can be checked by shifting to the witness mode. By witnessing ourselves getting angry, sad, anxious etc, we successfully detach from that emotion. This liberates us. Anger, hatred, Ego etc can be effectively brought into control by witnessing. We see ourselves getting angry etc. This also makes us familiar in using our intellect more than emotions. This gives us a good deal of immunity from our regular sorrows and happiness.Thus, being in witness mode and surrendering all ownerships to masters or God will deliver you free from many afflictions, affectations or despair.


  2. Wow, let us all allow this sentence to melt into every cell:
    “Our detachment becomes expressive when unconditional love replaces selfishness.”
    Last sentence of the first paragraph.

    We may keep on asking ourselves:
    Are my actions based on desire and expectations (‘doing’ under pressure)?
    Or are my actions lead by compassion and empathy without a goal (doing that’s causing no harm)?

    The Path really takes a lot of awareness and honesty, agility, clarity, confidence, courage…
    It’s so easy – and it is not.

    Mohanji, thank you for continuing to inspire!




  3. A brilliant reply Marina – thank you for accentuating the crucial insights.

    This brings to mind something I read in the book you gifted me recently (‘Bringers of the Dawn – the teachings from the Pleiadeans’).
    You mentioned the Path for which awareness is the MUST – what Pleaiadeans are saying is that our path is that of HARMONIC DEFIANCE. In other words, all of us who are sincere about our spiritual awakening are, in a way, renegades. The Pleiadeans say, “You came to this planet to give yourself such a challenge so that you could be definant – not in a way that would give you problems or create disharmony, but in a way that would create HARMONIC DEFIANCE. Through your harmony, you are defiant toward the old vibrational frequency.” I just thought how that perfectly matches the 4th category that Mohanji mentioned, that of ACTIVE GOOD. To achieve that stature and LIVE its qualities, we ought to focus on what we are FOR, not on what we are AGAINST of – and then act/speak/think accordingly.
    ACT Now! One positive ACT per day! – two main slogas of ACT Foundations are thus the beginning steps towards an achievement which is higher that we can imagine, the higher planes at which perfect silence is married to intensity of loving action…

    Love to all,



  4. Wow. Excellent message.

    Life is a process of learning unconditional love which is infinite. More we try to learn and act, that many opportunities it brings.
    These opportunities can be positive or negative. Be aware of where your attention is, the energy bring that infront of you to experience.
    The more we learn and allow the things to happen, the level of resistance to the situations will decrease and the detachment happens automatically.

    Everything is part of learning unconditional love. Based on the level of understanding we have on this unconditional love, our plane of existence changes.

    God is Love and Love is God and both GOD & LOVE are infinite.

    Thank you Mohanji.


  5. Thank you Mohanji

    Your message made me understand where I stand and where I should correct myself…
    We are blessed to have you in our lives..

    With love


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