Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 1

Dear Friends,

This is my humble attempt to express in words a phenomenon which is truly indescribable. Mahavatar Babaji is not a man or just a Guru. He is a phenomenon.

Babaji Exists Beyond Sheaths. He wears them only to fulfill a specific Dharma

Even the name Babaji, which is commonly used in India to address many spiritual Masters, cannot ever explain or convey the phenomenon that we call “Babaji”. Since we have to depend on a name to make others understand whom we are talking about, we shall use the name Babaji.

Babaji is beyond any intellectual understanding. He is beyond words and thoughts. He is beyond all kinds of spiritual theories and experiences. Any form or picture that is attributed to His image falls short of His stature. He represents the formless. But, He assumes the form that is in your mind, when ever he chooses to convey a message, just to let you know who is talking!!! A formless Master can choose any form, as long as it is necessary. Human mind, addicted to form, cannot be satisfied, until a convincing form is attached to a message. Otherwise, even if the message is truly relevant to the receiver, it is discarded as data or message born out of a suspicious origin. In order to satisfy this need, Babaji has appeared in forms understandable to the receiver, while in fact He remains formless. I realized this truth, in the most practical way.

This write up is about my experiences/impressions of Babaji. Even though I had questioned my eligibility to write about such a Maha Avatar (Great Incarnation), I thought that my experiences might help at least a few seekers in the path of spirituality.

There are many in this world who have had direct experiences from this inter-galactic Master. Each one’s experience could be unique and different. This is quite natural, because each one has different levels of evolution, eligibility and different levels of understanding. Hence, comparisons have no value. Please keep that in mind, as you proceed further.

An Image of the Formless. Babaji - the Phenomenon

The Mystery called Babaji

My First Introduction to Babaji – In This Life

Most people came to know about this powerful, omni-present Master through the great, outstanding and living literary accomplishment by Paramahamsa Yogananda  called “The Autobiography of a Yogi.” This was the case with me too. My first introduction to Babaji, in this life, was through this great book by Yogananda. I read the book many years ago, that is, in mid 1990s. I read about various Masters and was fascinated about them. Nothing more.

In 2000, my only daughter Ammu passed away, which brought immense sorrow into the life of all my family members including myself. That was the year that I visited Himalayas, for the first time. Haridwar, Rishikesh, Tapovan… – dips in the Holy Ganga were indeed purifying. Meditating in Vasishta Cave, meeting and talking to real saints and sadhus, who wanted nothing from me, was quite refreshing, especially for a man like me, who has always been dwelling in the commercial world of hard competition and severely conditioned relationships. People do not meet people without profits attached!!! The unconditional love of Himalayas was quite refreshing and promising. It created a new hope in me. A new purpose. It triggered my spirituality. It pushed me into a completely different path, which I was quite unaware of, till that time. The path of subtlety and power. The path of truth. The path of SHIVA.


Himalayas enchanted me so much. I could never resist the temptation of visiting Himalayas every year hence forth, which I continue till date. I still do so on Ammu’s death anniversary, every year.

In 2000, I met Mata Devi Vanamali, the Divine Mother, who is compassion incarnate, a great devotee of Lord Krishna. She adopted me as her spiritual son. She lives in Tapovan, near Rishikesh, on the banks of river Ganga. She told me “A son does not need permission to visit his parent’s house. This ashram is the same for you. You need no permission to come here. This is your home too.” Thus, I found my “home” in Himalayas.

Myself and Mata Devi Vanamali

Even though each trip brought me many new revelations, I was not consciously searching for Babaji. This thought was not even existing in my mind.

In 2002, I visited Badrinath temple along with Mataji, which is almost 16000 Feet high up in Himalayas. Oxygen is less in such heights and I was experiencing breathlessness. It was very cold too.

Babaji’s abode is supposed to be near Badrinath Temple. I was not aware of that. Now I realize that Babaji is everywhere and He does not stay just near Badri. However, an interesting encounter with an unknown saint happened there and I consider that to be an encounter with Babaji, even though I am not sure. Does it matter? Well, it happened as follows…

Badrinath Temple in Himalayas.

On the night we arrived, when I looked up in the sky, above the temple, I saw a round bright object in the sky. It looked like a Flying Saucer – a UFO. In a way, one is to expect many strange or indefinable things in Himalayas. So, I took it for granted that aliens could be visiting great Masters in Himalayas. I have heard that some of the great Masters meditating in Himalayas are not from earth. So, sighting an UFO was quite a possibility, as far as I was concerned.

In the morning, I realized that there is a mountain behind the temple, which is invisible in the night, and there is a small hut on top of this mountain. I could not see any roads going up to this hut. I asked Mataji and she said that an old saint lives there. I could not fathom the possibility of an old saint meditating so high up in the mountains, in such cold conditions. I wanted to meet him, but primarily due to my health conditions, and because I could not find any way to climb up there, I discarded the wish as an impossibility. We stayed there a couple of days and, on the third day, we decided to leave Badri.

Mataji told us that we will leave after the morning prayers in the temple. That day, the temple was packed with people. Mataji was allowed to sit right in front of the sanctum sanctorum, and I got into the fourth or fifth line behind her. From where I sat, I could easily see what was going on inside the temple. The prayers and rituals had started and everyone present was chanting mantras. There was high energy and great elevation. Suddenly, an old and frail man came to the door and walked through the crowd straight to the door of the sanctum sanctorum where Mataji was sitting. Everyone gave way. Mataji moved to one side and he sat down beside her. When I saw him, I felt great hidden power inside the old frail body. He was very thin, almost like a skeleton. I sat observing this man and the ritual. When the prayer ended, everyone got up to leave. The old saint walked past me, looked into my eyes and he suddenly caught my right hand in a strong grip. I can still feel his grip, whenever I remember this incident. He held my palm for a few seconds, amidst the crowd that was pushing and pulling us, and suddenly left it and walked out. He disappeared immediately and we could not find him anywhere. I could not understand this saint nor could I understand why he caught my palm in a strong grip like that, stared deep into my eyes, and disappeared so quickly. Everything was so mysterious.

When I came out, Mataji was waiting outside. She said “This trip is so blessed because I could sit next to this Great Yogi.” I told her what he did to me. She exclaimed “You are very lucky. He is a great Yogi, who stays away from human contact.” I asked her “Who is he?” She said “You had wanted to meet this saint who lives on top of the mountain behind the temple. That was him. Since you could not go there, He came down to see you. Such Masters always fulfill the sincere wishes of seekers.” That was such an overwhelming experience for me! It was a kind of a deep revelation. Gratitude filled my heart, like never before. Was that Babaji? Who knows? I never saw Him again.

The Babaji Boy

In 2004, I faced yet another crisis in life. I had to relocate from Oman and underwent many material losses and associated agonies. I also lost my job and was reasonably insecure about everything, except spirituality. That was the time, when I came to know and meet a man who was in constant communion with Babaji. Since I do not have the permission to disclose the name of this person nor his whereabouts, I just call him Babaji boy.

I first spoke to him, when he was visiting India and was at a friend’s place. When my friend told me that Babaji boy was in his place, I felt a deep urge to talk to him. I was in Dubai at that time, and my friend’s house is in India. When I told about my wish to my friend, he said “Oh, you are wasting your time, Mohanji. He does not even look at anyone, let alone speak. He is always in meditation, night and day.” That did not put me off. I still insisted and my friend finally took the initiative. I called at a particular time when Babaji boy was close to a convenient phone and my friend took my call. I could hear him telling something to Babaji Boy about me. I heard him say “Mohanji is calling from Dubai. He is a great soul. You must speak to him”, and gave the phone to Babaji Boy. I heard his voice for the first time. Even before I could say “hello”, he said ” Om Sai Ram…Om Sai Ram…Om Sai Ram…” three times and disconnected the phone. Suddenly, I felt something entering my head – it was like a bullet piercing my brain. Excruciating pain. Severe head ache followed. I could not even see anything clearly. Somehow, I managed to reach home and decided to sleep. I could not do anything else.

We need the tangible to understand the intangible. Duality leads to the inevitable Unity

August 15th. It was one week after he ‘spoke’ to me. I was going to India. I knew that I will be meeting Babaji Boy and was reasonably excited about it. I bought some high quality “dried date fruits” and as soon as I landed in India, I tried to meet him. It was not easy. I met my friend who was hosting him and he dampened my spirits when he said “Mohanji, it is not easy to meet him. He lives in a house, which is about an hour away by car from here. He always meditates and communes with Babaji. He never speaks to anyone. Does not even look at people. Does not eat much food. Maintains silence and does not come out of his room, unless essential.” I still insisted on seeing him. Finally, he surrendered to my persistence and soon, I was on my way to his abode. So many thoughts were going through my excited mind. I was like a child on the way to Disneyland.

When I reached his house, I was expecting a maid or house keeper to open the door. Before I could ring the bell, Babaji boy himself came and opened the door. My jaw dropped. I did not know what to say!!! I just stood there, looking at him. He broke the silence “Mohanji….Welcome”. I tried to explain who I am and why I am there. He cut my attempt quite abruptly and said “Babaji told me that you are coming. I was waiting for you. I have to give you something. Come with me.” My heart started beating faster. I walked with him into the living room of the house. I had the dried dates with me. I handed that over to him. I said “This is for you and Babaji”. He took it without any expressions. I thought he did not understand. I took it back from him, unwrapped it, and gave it back to him and said “These are special dates, for you and Babaji”. He said abruptly “I understood” which was a hint that he was not interested in formalities. He gestured me to take the seat opposite to him. He sat down too.

He said “Listen to me carefully. Yesterday night Babaji told me that you will be coming. He told me about you in detail. I know everything. I know the problem that you are facing with your meditation. Babaji says that “You should split your mind into two and go in between. You will reach your destination.” Babaji asked me to teach you a mudra (a sign or a particular way to join fingers to achieve a desired energy flow), which will empower you further.” He taught me and patiently perfected this mudra.He made me do it many times, until he was satisfied. Then, suddenly, he said “Let’s meditate together.” This was indeed unexpected. My friends were waiting outside and I had promised to be with my parents before sunset. Moreover, my friend, the host of Babaji boy, had told me that, once he starts to meditate, he will come out of it only after a few days. What will I do? I tried to meditate for about 30 minutes. I saw that Babaji boy had gone deep into meditation. I prostrated at his feet and left for home. That was a wonderful day for me. I was excited beyond limits. Babaji knows me and has indeed given me a precious, life changing mudra through his disciple!!!. I felt that this was indeed a great leap in my spiritual life.

The unexplainable shift

An Awareness Shift

The next day, there was a public function in my neighborhood. This was a function intended to honor people who excelled in charity service or selfless service. I was also honored at that function by a celebrity, for charity acts/ initiatives conducted through Ammucare, the organisation that I founded in 2003. However, my interest was not the award. My interest was that Babaji boy may be there at the function. This was another opportunity to spend some time in his energy field. As soon as I reached the venue, I went indoors, searching for him. I found him sitting with his eyes closed in a room at the far end of the stage. There was nobody else in the room. I sat next to him. When he felt my presence, he opened his eyes, looked at me briefly and closed the eyes again. He did not show any kind of recognition. I sat there and mentally conveyed my apologies for leaving him without proper good byes. I tried to convey telepathically, the following message “I am so sorry. I had to leave early yesterday, without telling you. I did not want to disturb you, because you were deep in meditation.” A few seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes and said “It is okay. No formalities”. He got my telepathic message and responded verbally!!! This was truly amazing. My connectivity with him was clear to me and it is working!!!. Suddenly, a strong vibration, like a storm started within my body. As I was sitting there, I realized that I cannot move. I was feeling paralyzed. Energy started forming like bubbles inside my stomach region, rising like bubbles of soda water inside a glass. I felt a lot of bubble-like energy forming, moving and bursting inside my head. It was not scary though. While all of this was happening, my conscious mind and active senses were also recognizing my state and the program that is happening outside this room. A subtle awareness was there that my name will be called anytime to come to the podium for the honoring. The awareness that I cannot move my body as well as the awareness that something drastic is happening within me consumed me completely. I was highly expanded and was witnessing the happenings inside my body as well as the speeches and proceedings of the function outside. I do not know how long I sat there. I was hoping that Babaji boy will rescue me, and help me reach the podium the moment when my name will be called. He did not do anything. He looked as if he was in a trance state too. I was definitely in a trance state. Suddenly, a saint who was sitting on the stage, rushed into the room where we were sitting, without saying anything to both of us; he  gently brushed his hand over my head and quickly went back. Within seconds, I became normal. At the same time, my name was announced and I managed to walk to the stage while they were describing the activities of Ammucare for the poor and helpless. I went on stage, received the honor and was about to go back when the chief guest asked me to say a few words. I could not. I was in a different state. I just expressed my sincere thanks and gratitude for the honor with limited words and mostly through body language and quickly came back to the room where Babaji boy was still sitting. He was in the same state and did not even acknowledge my presence or my movements in the room.

The Parting and the Priceless Gift

I could not spend much time with Babaji boy afterwards. Soon enough, I came to know that he will be leaving that place soon. One evening, I was sitting, chatting with my parents, when a phone call came. I was surprised to hear the voice of Babaji Boy. He was abrupt, as usual: “I am leaving tonight. I would like to meet you. Can I come over for dinner at your place?” I was so pleased with this proposition! I immediately invited him. He arrived by car. As soon as he entered the house, he asked me to take him to the room where my parents have kept the altar and the lamp burning. There are many pictures and idols there. He stood silent in prayer for a few minutes. He called me and showed me his picture of Babaji. I know that for him, this picture was like a link or connection to Babaji. He would never even show this picture to anyone – he considers it so sacred and personal. He always carries this picture with him. He said “Babaji asked me to give this picture to you.” Oh, what a surprize that was! I knew that this picture is priceless. It was as if Babaji Boy was giving his own life to me. I was deeply honored and humbled by the love of Babaji. Without any emotions, he handed over the picture to me and said “Take care of this. Babaji will speak to you.” I could not believe all that happened in such a short span of time. I wondered about my eligibility for this love and grace. What have I done to achieve all this? Only Babaji knows. Anyway, I was indebted and overwhelmed. Babaji boy had his dinner with us and he left the same night. I never met or communicated with him ever again. I felt as if Babaji boy was sent by Babaji himself to guide me to His path, and left after accomplishing this task. He accepted nothing from me in return, except perhaps the dinner, which certainly has no value compared to the blessings that he showered on me. He subtly taught me many things. He changed my constitution, without articulating it. Thus I encountered another selfless soul. My path was getting clearer. I was beginning to understand my tradition and the purpose of my existence. The picture that Babaji Boy gave me is still with me, on my altar – a priceless possession…

The story will continue…..

Love You, M

At the right time, through the right instrument, the triggering happens - that re-awakens the boons from all our past sadhana - nothing ever goes wasted...

65 thoughts on “Babaji – Beyond Definitions – Part 1

  1. Aum Kriya babaji nama om,

    dear Mohanji,

    A briliiant treatise to my master – maha avatar Kriya Babaji of gauri shankar peetam at badrinath.And the incidents illustrated/experienced by you are truly amazing.

    I have been practcing babaji’s kriya yoga for the last 3 years and its been a wonderful experience. I am also greatful to you as my master communes with you often. And the few conversations i had with you about babaji were awe inspiring. And he is truly one of the real masters who is beyond time/space, and other limitations and still lives amidst us.

    I just couldn’t resist reading this beautiful blog of yours despite so many meetings and visitors coming into my office.

    Thank you very much indeed.



  2. This words are alive. I can feel you in every sentense. I m so happy because you came in my life.thanke you for your love and light, Namaste, Sabrina


  3. Dear MohanJi,

    Thank you for sharing the thoughts and experiences. I do have the hunger to reach my inner, but need “True Guidance and Technique”. Still awaiting..

    Kind regards



  4. Thank you for sharing your experience it enriches n also reinforces our faith.


  5. sai Ram

    Mohanji..Great experience..really you are a great soul..Can i join with your paath??..Bless soul is eager to brighten up more and more..convey my message to Babaji to have a look at me and lift me up…

    With Love


  6. Amazing encounter:) I had heard this briefly from you. Reading this makes it so much more joyful. OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAHA.



  7. “All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” ~Rumi


  8. I love the part: “Babaji told me that you are coming. I was waiting for you. I have to give you something. Come with me.” – Oh, I can only imagine how that must have felt! I would have gone MAD from sheer excitement! 🙂
    As I was reading all these experiences, what touched me the most is Babaji’s immense Love expressed through such abrupt words, in his classic no-nonsense style. I guess that’s what I love the most about Babaji, Shirdi Baba and all the Shaivic Masters. And that quality is expressed in your personality as well – which is why I never mind any of the scoldings, ha, ha.

    I’d like to share with our friends an interesting experience of mine while this blog post was in making a few days ago.
    I joined Mohanji for lunch and suddenly felt INTENSE heat in the spine the moment I came near him. I was puzzled and asked “Why is my spine heating up all of a sudden?” and he said: “Just now I was writing about Babaji.” I understood. It was also interesting to observe how his body became more thin and youthful, and the glow on the face incredibly charming. For some reason,I felt rather shy, so humbled, and so happy… As strange as this may seem to the often doubting mind, I knew, based on my past experiences, that the body next to me was bathing in Babaji’s consciousness.
    Over the last 3 years, since I’ve known Mohanji (in this life), I have seen this happening many times – the most drastic change on the physical body would happen when he would be tuning into the consciousness of Shirdi Sai Baba (I could clearly see his feet becoming longer, skin more aged, walk resembling that of an elder man, eyes becoming unbearably intense…). But, I must admit, my favorite is when the tuning happens with the consciousness of Jesus – how adorable his face and body posture becomes! Such radiance and heart-melting beauty…
    It’s a big mystery how all of this happens – I have stopped analyzing any of it long ago. It’s just that… sometimes I really have to pinch myself -as a reconfirmation that “Yes, all of this is real!” 🙂

    With endless Love and gratitude, Biba

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    1. “But, I must admit, my favorite is when the tuning happens with the consciousness of Jesus – how adorable his face and body posture becomes! Such radiance and heart-melting beauty…” I’m reading this and I’m in shock! When you were in Macedonia on the satsang on november 01 I could see yours and Mohanjis aura. It was very strange, I saw your aura for two hours I gess. Then I’ve focused on Mohanji and he was changing, in one moment he looked like an old man with white hair,and then like Jesus. Before that when he initiates Kriya in me I saw Jesus and I was confused. I saw Jesus in some of my Kriya practicing, and now I’ve read this. Thank you for this answer. Be blessed!


  9. Wow! Thank you Mohanji for sharing this with us! You are truly blessed! And i am glad that i met you at last. It is amazing how a book read at age 18 to me by a person who came into my life ever so briefly can come full circle again two decades later!The profoundness of it all is truly mind boggling and words belie the full expression of it. However, see how the grace works! My inner desire to connect with Paramhansaji is now fullfilled and in such a quaint way,,,! After being on the spiritual path for so long I cannot say I am baffled by it all, but just truly grateful to the Masters that i have encountered directly and indirectly. Am so blessed to have met both you Biba and Mohanji. Pranam and JGD.

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  10. Pranams Dear Mohanji,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heartfelt Story of Babaji of which I have no doubt. I have come to India three times to speak and each time something beautiful and sacred has happened and touched my Soul, truly beyond words as you write. I have had experiences with my own Guru Dev and sincerely appreciate what you have written from a surrendered heart. Your Story is profound and its Truth experienced leaves a surreneder heart that overflows in gratitude.
    Pranams, Jai Guru Dev


  11. Dear Mohanji,

    Thanks alot for sharing this with us. The name & even photo of Mahavatar Babaji is so strong, everyone feels the change in consciousness by just repeating his name or observing his photo. Words fallen apart to describe about His GRACE.

    Aum Kriya Babaji Namaha

    Love, Light & Peace



  12. Om Hreem Namah Shivaya … Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah

    Thank you Biba for sending me this link and I would like to share the link with few, with your permission…

    Waiting to read Part II…

    My own experiences during the pilgrimage to Manasarovar/Kailas, Babaji Cave in Rannikhet (where Lahari Mahasaya was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Babaji), Mahakhumbamela etc are morethan good enough to belive in what Mohaniji has quoted about Babaji – “He represents the formless. But, He assumes the form that is in your mind, whenever he chooses to convey a message, just to let you know who is talking!!!” ….

    Dear Mohanji, our love and Prayers are always with you……



  13. Dear Mohanji,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It brings us more closer to you.The ,most important message i received was…NOTHING EVER GOES WASTED….THANK YOU.
    LOVE Rashmi


  14. Pranam Mohanji,
    Was electrifying to read..God bless you for sharing!
    Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om!
    Is it possible to meet you? I live in Mumbai.
    Pranams to you and Babaji


  15. Dear Mohanji

    Your experiences are overwhelming and perceived through entire existence of mine. Many thanks for sharing.

    When I first met you in Dubai during Yoga session with Mr. Babooraj, I felt some charming attraction. And later it was Gopalji who briefed me about you and Ms Biba.

    Let Babaji’s grace be upon all souls.



  16. Dear Mohanji,
    Infinite gratitude for sharing your personal expereinces in such explicit words. Incredible! But, I suddenly feel ‘thank you’ or ‘Grateful to you’ are too small words to convey the gratitude.

    The name Babaji has been probably misused or taken for granted in the society. This name should be taken/written with great sincerity, devotion and reverance. Hope the understanding you gave will achieve this.

    Babaji is a phenomenon. Babaji- beyond definitions….. the title itself is so subtle. That catches mind to read further subtle expereince. Hope we are subtle enough to receive the undersanding.

    Eagerly waiting for next part.

    I completely surrender to the Phenomenon.


  17. Dear Mohanji,

    It is so inspiring to read your experience. Is it possible I can meet you personally sometime either in India or in UAE. I have a few similar experiences in my personal life which you have written about yourself. Pls help me have a smooth sail without bringing in burden to anyone through my problems with intgrity and grit. I seek your guidance, pls.

    With sincere love,



  18. I have no words…the light of awakening has started to shower its radiance into my soul… I can feel the tinge of excitement…shall wait for more…..

    it was a divine feeling reading your words…. shall wait for more…



  19. Om Kriya Babaji Namah! Thanks Mohanji for sharing your experiences with Babaji so lucidly and in so simple words. Such experiences are so subtle and so difficult to explain or even share. Just reading this has been creating vibrations in me, so what about your personal experiences! Babaji cannot be talked about in words, neither can be fixed into any form.We await the sharing of your experiences in Part 2.

    With lots of gratitude and reverence.

    Sri Ananda durlabha


  20. Dear Mohan ji,

    Thanks to Sudha & Biba that we got to read your experiences. My wife and myself, felt so alive while we were experiencing your experiences through your words. Thanks for being the reason of experience for us.

    Sharing means joy to me today.

    With love

    Param & Family


  21. Mohanji,
    Thanks for sharing this inspirational experiences. It is so great to see that beloved Babaji fulfilled your sincere wishes. Also for the spiritual children of Babaji, this is another testament that true devotion and sadhanas can get you unforgettable experiences with Babaji.

    Sudhakarji – Thanks for forwarding.


  22. My Beloveds,
    Thank You for the messages and above all, thank you for the Love. The most important matter in the path of spirituality is Unconditional Love and Purity. Purity in thought, word and action are much more powerful than any sadhana that we could get addicted to. Sadhana, without leading a life of purity and selflessness, is of no use. We often get deluded that those who get closer to higher Masters are those who perform rigorous sadhana. This is not true. Sadhana can only help us to organize ourselves into a discipline. It is our inner purity that finally takes us there. I am sure you have recognized this truth too.
    There are 100s of paths leading us to the same ocean. So, which path you choose should depend on which path suits you. All paths are fine. There is no need for any conversions. All Gurus are the same too. Your personal choice is the best choice for you. Never regret it. Essentially, it is through beingness that we achieve the ultimate. Doingness has tremendous limitations. It also leads to creation of habits and attachments.
    Our meditation(s) can be downloaded free of cost from It will not hinder any practice that you are into. It is practiced in groups in Dubai, Oman, Germany, Serbia, UK, Greece, New Delhi and Mumbai, and individually/in smaller groups all over the world. All details are available on the website.
    We shall meet soon. Anil, we can meet in Dubai, when I come there next. Tara, we can meet in Mumbai. I intend to visit Mumbai in September 2010. We have scheduled two meditation programs in New Delhi by the end of August. All my classes are free of cost. I mean it only as my humble service to the society. Please communicate to for further details. That is Biba’s id.
    Thank You, Vijay, Deepali, Biba, Ananda Durlabh, Sudha, Param and Siham, Anil, Tara, Solaikumar, Uttam, Ashish, Diane, Manisha, Gopi, Vishwajeet, Manisha, Sunil, Vivekraj, Pradeep, Jolita, Ferzana, Sabrina, Praveen Ashokan, Shaji, Rashmi, for taking time and gracing this page with your valuable comments. I love you all.
    The next episode will happen tomorrow, 21st July, Babaji willing.
    Love YOU

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    1. My dear Mohanji,
      Thank you very much. There is nothing more to say. Your unconditional love is enough for me.You are always there. What more is needed?

      Love, gratitude and reverence

      Sri Ananda Durlabha


  23. I thank the Almighty for using Sudha as a medium to convey this & including me also to share Mohanji’s divine experiences.This was a reminder for me to intensify my prayers & meditation & hope to participate in your “satsangs”.

    Love & prayers,



  24. Dearest Shri. Mohanji,

    Thanks & gratitude for sharing this great messages, insights that are inspirations to many who are in the path of sprituality. This indeed unites many hearts. Separation is always temperorary and illusion.

    I read this blog just recently and I am happy to note the same family of ‘Babaji’ expands and expands with out boundaries.

    The ‘golden blue’ light you described is the truth, a ray of Great Babaji which is currently engaged in the Earth evolution uniting all the concerned disciples & masters.

    There is a another great spiritual personality i came across few days ago: I read his Tamil Book called ‘Athma Dharisanam’. HE is Dr. B. Nithyanandham (Lovely called doctor – a medical practioner): details are in

    Fragrance of flowers / jasmine does not require any introduction of existance same way the Doctor Yogi & other masters also requires no introductions. They are spreading the peace, un conditional love, unity & all.


    With Love,


  25. Dear Mohan,

    My Pranaams to you!

    I have my cousin Smita Padiyath to thank, for forwarding your site and feel lighter after having read through it with tears streaming down, don’t know why! Your experince with your master was “DIVINE” in itself for me!

    I do believe that every for individual must have a Spiritual Guru in life, though I have not really gone ahead in search of a Spiritual Guru, who can guide me and help me elevate my inner being through good thoughts and teachings. I do believe that these incidents will happen when it has to and have left it at that! But within me, the yearning continues! Your words have inspired me, touched my being, I feel some connection, so have taken the liberty of writing to you.

    I am anxiously looking forward to read Part 2 and 3 which Smita has forwarded to me, but could not resist writing to you before I proceed any further!

    I was in UAE last week of July on work, met Smita, who promised to forward some sites for me to read and that is how I had the good fortune of reading about Babaji – Beyond Definitions!

    Staying in Bangkok-Thailand, I am not sure when and how one can meet with you. But if it is destined, then it will happen, that is my belief!

    Until then, I offer my humble Namaskaars and Pranaams to you!

    May your wonderful journey continue and may you inspire many more seeking souls on this Earth!

    Om Sai Ram!

    p.s. seek your permission to forward your site to friends, please advise.


    1. Dear Satish
      AUM Sai RAM!!!
      When the heart touches TRUTH, it overflows. That is why you “felt” this blog post more than you “read” it. Smita was the instrument to get the words across to you. Divinity was at work!!! Definitely, we will meet somewhere. This is for sure. My next trip to SE Asia will be towards end of this year. Please check .Travel schedules will be updated there. Also, please feel free to forward this to your friends. This is fine.
      Wish You Peace and Spiritual Bliss.
      Aum Sai Ram


  26. Dear Mohanji,

    I am so greatful to Mr. Sudhakar who has forwared this link to me, for having to know your experiences which are unaccountable!! It is so surprising that the master connects all his desciples in one way or the other, and during the apt time when you look out for a master. I received Sathcharita from your hands three years before, and am so overwhlemed to see the changes in me after getting accquianted with you . I am sure, the universal master comneects all like minded souls , to be benefited by each other , and I have no words to express the same. If I can meet u next time in Dubai, it would be my blessings !!




  27. Aum Sai Ram,

    I am so grateful to Deepa my dear friend who happened to be a medium of all these spiritual things to reach me, or was I taken to them.. She has brought me the proper sign to start my thursday vruth which I was postponing for 2 years one day. Other time, she gave me yellow flowers for my vruth…etc etc. And today, she gave me your site address… I have started reading your blog.. I have read the book “The Autobiography of a Yogi”. Since then, I have been wishing to read more and more about Babaji.. And my wish is fulfilled.. PRANAAM MOHANJI..I still need to read a lot in your site.. Deepa, thanks a billion!


  28. Om Sai Ram, Mohanji.

    You blog is like a battery charger for me. I believe in your experiences and I could feel them while I was reading. I will continue to stop by at the blog site and read further.

    I wish you a Happy Diwali. I am positive that our paths will cross in near future.




  29. Thanks for allowing me into this blog. Still taking baby steps into the world of spirituality..still at a stage where I can’t completely let go off myself and submit to spirtuality…not willingness..not fear…I don’t know what stops me..maybe ego..don’t know….but it was a nice experience going through this blog. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks once again.


  30. Hi,
    This is really nice to read your story with babaji. I want to meet him. You are in touch with him, please convey that i want to meet him and talk to him, always.



  31. how is a family to react to a person who’s kundalini has awakened but is a cause extreme sorrow to oneself and the family.even though he was given a darshan from the great masters like babaji giving darshan during the process. DO they just leave you at your fate or karma and not help you?


  32. Beloved Mohanji, I’m riveted by Your experiences with Babaji. Thank You for so lovingly and liberally sharing your deeply personal accounts with the Maha Avatar with us. The Living Energy of Your blog is palpable, embracing and Blessing…
    My Heartfelt Thanks, Love and Gratitude


  33. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    It brings us closer to our soul and shows our path to liberation. Your continued blessings and guidance is solicited

    With Pranams
    Babu Sadanand


  34. Dear Mohanji

    Namaskar and Pranam

    Today a Chord has been Struck
    A connection has been established
    A path has been shown
    A Journey has begun

    I don’t do anything but things are Happening
    He is doing and I am the Recipient
    Awaiting to be fit enough for the Babaji to Reveal and Revel

    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

    Hari Om Tatsat


  35. My Beloved Monhanji,

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. When I was reading the blog, I felt I was with you by your side watch it. Especially when you said that BabaJi boy came and opened the door for you he himself my jaw dropped reading it and the next sentence from you said your jaw dropped. 🙂

    I am so looking forward to the next part.

    With lots of Love and Gratitude


  36. Hi I am Anita.

    I came to know about BABAJI while reading “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Since then I keep on searching for information and reading articles about BABAJI’s life and works.

    Mohanji your article is a divine message with full of grace to all of us who are trying hard to be on the spiritual path. I am constantly looking forward to get initiated may be one day in Babaji’s kriya yoga. Your spiritual life experiences are so enriching and gives us a kind of encouragement.

    Thank you for sharing your valuable moments with us.


  37. Thanks Guruji,

    Guruji your article is a divine message with full of blessing. I also came to know about BABAJI while reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” after I joined in the Yogoda Satsnga Society of India to learn about Meditation and Kriya yoga. I started but… the practicing not continuing.Still the lessons are coming. Your spiritual life experiences are son enriching and gives us a kind of encouragement. I came to know more about you through my teacher (Radha Ambath) in guruvayoor and I expressed my wish to meet you and talk to you. My teacher give me a divine power picture of your eyes. I keep the picture always with me. If I can meet you, it would be my blessings …..

    With lots of love Guruji,

    “Om mahavatar vidmahe sadguru devaya vidmahe tanno babaji prachodayat”

    Prem Benil (Guruvayoor)


  38. Namaste Mohan Ji
    I also met this Great saint in Badrinath just last year just as he was preparing to leave that body. The most pure Anukai I have ever been blessed by. An eternal moment that is with me for eternity. The journey for us immortals never ends.
    I would love to hear from you. And meet you..Virochana and I have many Divine years of experiences to share.💕💙💛💖
    Sending LOVE 😊😊
    Jai Ho Sat Guru Dev MahavaTARA.💚


  39. Grateful to have read these experiences words to express..Jai Sai Ram..Please accept my humble Pranaams dear Mohanji…


    1. Dear Mr Balasubramanniam

      I would be grateful if you inform me whether Mohanji holds meditation sessions and gives Shaktipath in Vancouver, Canada BC.

      I am desperately willing to have his darshan.

      Thank you for your comprehension and contribution.

      Jai Gurudev



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