A Letter of Gratitude – Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2019

My dear embodiments of purest love,

I am deeply grateful. While I write this, I am filled with gratefulness to each and every one of you and your families for taking me to your heart and doing good for the world on my birthday and beyond. My heart is full because, at least on this day, so many people of various species slept peacefully, with food in their stomach, a clean cloth around them or slept peacefully feeling and understanding that someone out there cares for them. Your kind gesture fills me up. The most precious wealth that I have earned in this life is your love. My favourite abode is your hearts. I love to live there. I love it there. The “life” in your hearts is my inspiration, love in your heart for me is my food and energy. I love you and care for you more than you perhaps are aware. I work all the time for your welfare and well-being. I do not live for myself. I do not need anything more than the human basics. You are truly my family, my true family, who stood by me through sunshine and rains, thunders, lightnings, tsunamis, earthquakes, summers, winters and springs of life. How can I leave your hand ever, since you have never left mine? I am grateful.

Food, clothes, and shelter are the basic human needs. Health care, education etc. follows. It is the responsibility of every citizen of this world to share food, clothes and shelter with those who do not have them. Compassion is the higher consciousness that we have inherited from the great selfless masters who guided us selflessly. What you share, you have, as grace. Whatever you earn from earth, we do not have forever. Give more than we can take from earth. Share whatever you have been empowered with. Our net worth on earth is what we are able to share with the world, not what we earn temporarily from here and leave behind when we leave. Our signature on earth is the ability to share unconditionally. This is the real humanness.

My birthday is not so important. If February 23rd reminds you of your highest consciousness, where the expression of it is compassion, kindness, selflessness, unconditional love, Ahimsa (non-violence), purity in thoughts, words, actions, sharing whatever you have in abundance and caring for all living beings equally, without discrimination, I am grateful. Do celebrate it. I am not so special and nor is my birthday. I am just like you, a living, talking, eating, sleeping, working human being. I have no greatness more than you have. Yet, if you remember me as “consciousness”, and if my presence is a reminder to you of what we truly are, (that you and me are one), do celebrate. And celebration should be strictly by adding value to the society around you, in whichever way you can. Look at all the people of all the species, through the eyes of compassion, kindness and love. Serve them. Love them. This should be ideally a consciousness day, not a birthday.

We have been talking about the reason for us coming together here on earth, in this space, now. It is perhaps the urge of our souls for liberation, as well as experiencing a full and complete life, while we are in the body. This needs consistency in practice. Consistency is not easy, primarily because of the pressure of memories or impressions of past pleasures of life, including relationships, spaces, events and materials. It is not easy to detach from them and focus on completion. Karma demands natural fulfilment. Fulfilment is its completion and culmination. Then why is it getting repeated? The answer is memories, impressions of pleasures or pains that keep re-appearing to bring us back to the terrestrial path of wishes, desires and fulfilment. Combined with our inherent instinctual ownerships (me and mine), we get trapped again and again in the cycle of karma, which means re-births and re-deaths as bodies. If we have come here, come together at this time, for the sake of stabilising this awareness and moving beyond it together, as one family, you need to have consistency, conviction and compassion.

Ego is a silent killer. It kills the beauty of relationships without us being aware. And so are our ownerships. The medicine for ego as a disease is humility. If we consciously practice humility, we will certainly have a good life. Likewise, one of the projections of ego is social importance. This is a silent enemy too. It walks with us and makes us dissatisfied with what the society offers us. The medicine for this is practicing insignificance. Humility and practice of insignificance will give our lives immense stability and satisfaction. Along with this, if you also learn self-acceptance with all your weaknesses and strengths, you will add to your stability. And finally, of course equally important is your ability to expect less from the society and environment around you. The less the expectation, the higher the satisfaction. So, this year, let us consciously practice these as part of our higher consciousness. Humility. Insignificance. Self-Acceptance. Less Expectations. Once again, contentment per second is a clear sign of spiritual stability.  So,

Ego X Humility

Self-Importance X Practicing Insignificance

Insecurities X Self-Acceptance

Disappointments X Less Expectations

Thus, let us practice positivity, totally ignoring negativities of life. If people love you, be grateful. If you get help, be grateful and reciprocate. Always give more than you receive, thus maintain your inner richness. And do not misuse or waste any materials or means that you get to handle. Be life always, consciously. Live your highest consciousness.

We are experiencing various kinds of dense energies which are causing much confusion in many minds around the world. We have to be aware of the dense energies. But, we must definitely handle those situations with maturity, calmness and perfect awareness that whatever comes to you is indeed food for experience, whether we like it or not. Acceptance. Acceptance without expectations. Look at it calmly without emotions and allow the storm to pass without ruffling your inner space. Not everything in life will be palatable always. Sometimes we have to live with bitter stuff too. This is part of life. Accept it. Allow it to come and go. Do not resist it and prolong it.  When you are unaffected, everything vanishes spontaneously sooner or later. When we resist and fight it, it stays longer.

Once again, immense gratitude for your kind gestures, including positive actions, words, expressions, thoughts, calls, messages and everything else. I love you and am always with you. Wish you and your respective families, good health, wealth, abundance of love, happiness, peace and spiritual bliss.

Much Love Always



Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2018

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 12

Celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, children without parents, abused children, old and abandoned people, sick people, etc. Make them happy. Show them that you sincerely care. Their joy is my joy. Give them assurance, strength, support and love. Share what you have, whatever you have in abundance with those who have nothing. Do not discriminate between species. Remember, human species is just one species in this world. Rescue and take care of abandoned animals, if you have the capacity too. All these actions will create positive energy in this world…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deep love and affection for me. You are my true wealth. Your love is my inspiration, oxygen and existence. Be happy. Remain love. No other emotions will give you so much power, elevation and purification. I shall never leave your hand. Make sure you will not leave my hand either. Everything that you offer to me is well received. I get it each time, every time. So, be at your place. Chant your favorite mantra with sincere devotion in your mind the whole day. Perform Mohanji aaratis which will purify your internal and external environment. Be more beneficial to the world. My happiness is when the people who love me and I love serve the world unconditionally and see me in every being. I bless you and am with you. Be rest assured.

Bless you with a good life filled with love towards all, and hatred towards none.

Infinite Love

Note: Countries on all continents celebrated selflessly, gifting the needy instead of Mohanji personally, as He suggested before His birthday and as He reminds every year. To see the moments from various places, click here.

Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2017

mohanji-quote-a-master-is-only-worth-based-on-the-teachings- mohanji's birthday message

Thank you all of you. Love you from the bottom of my heart for the showers of love. It gives me immense satisfaction when lots of beings of our planet feel loved and cared for. This is my true gift from all of you. Thank you for all these activities held at all these locations. Remember I love each and everyone of you. I cannot express it any better.

Thank you. Wish you good health and fulfillment in the days ahead. I am always with you. Happy to see Hanumanji installed as well. One promise is kept. Beautiful.

Lots of love


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Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2016

A Melting Heart

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 7

My Dear Embodiments of Pure Love

 What is worth living for? What is real wealth? What is success? All of us would have had these thoughts at some point in our life.

Modern education teaches us that material success is real success. It tells us that bank balance means security. And, assets means power. Conquests of materials and positions mean success in the world of duality, our waking state world. This is total and complete delusion. These never stay. These never pay. These never last. We came empty handed and naked. We shall leave empty handed and totally naked. But, when will mankind realize this simple truth? Or will they realize it at all?

A  few moments of joy, a few moments of sharing, a few moments of bliss and love is all that we could earn in this life time. Whatever we collect from here are impressions of false pleasures. All things false collapse sooner or later. False becomes colorless in no time like imitation gold. Pure gold always survives time and keeps shining against all odds. We see many scenes as we walk this journey called life. People appear and disappear like butterflies. Everything is momentary and temporary. Nothing stays forever except our age old companion, our SOUL that walks with us every step like our ignored shadow, silent, witnessing and yet inevitable.

I always considered myself as a VVIP in this ocean of existence. Very Very Insignificant Person. The ocean of this layer of existence itself is so vast from the mind of a human being. It’s 7.3 billion people just on earth and still counting, plus numerous other beings visible and invisible. Among all these myriad expressions of life, what is one body with the name of Mohanji worth? How does this form and presence matter to this world? I live with this mindset which helps me stay totally grounded. All are equal and all are significant one way or the other. We should love all and serve all as ourselves. Nothing selfish is worth it. 

Likewise, the birth and death of this form has no further significance than the birth and death of numerous forms each moment. As we speak, many are leaving and many are coming into this realm of duality. Those who are coming are coming here to feel the same things which we all have felt through our lifetimes – agonies and ecstasies of numerous patterns. Everybody born and to be born have experienced these waves of time and lived their life, collecting some pebbles of experiences, memories, and some desires. This is the only earning of everyone born in this world of duality. In short, the subtle seeds of the pending desires is all that we earn and carry when we leave. What else can we take home? What else can we carry with us?

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 8With a melting heart, I write these words. I LOVE YOU. Each and every one of you out there. Thank you for taking time and wishing me, being in my company, loving me so much and praying for me. Above all, serving the helpless in my name. How can I even begin to express my gratitude? I am sure you see my totally melted heart. It is you that made this life worth living. It is nothing but your sincere love that drives this machine called Mohanji. It is your love that urges me and inspires me to do more and more and more. It is all you. I am you. You are my wealth, my health, my expression and compassion. You are myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you who took time to wish me personally and write those beautiful words which urge the chronic introvert in me to move on with this incarnation further and further. I thank you again for waking me up to this life and walking with me, cherishing my existence, celebrating my birthday as if it is your birthday, which is true as when we met, we took a new birth. We became a new person, a personality. This is what each meaningful encounter does for us. We are reborn each time we connect and grow together. Hence, it is our birthday. Our DAY. The DAY to celebrate the core of ourselves; we as embodiment of compassion, embodiment of kindness, embodiment of supreme consciousness (Parabrahma) and Embodiment of Liberation. We are the walking and talking truth that we have always been searching around us. This moment is a moment to search within. A moment to recognize, feel, understand and connect with the truth that this birthday represents. The re-birth, the re-enactment, the supreme truth beyond all illusions. The real YOU. Hence, we celebrate our birthday and not just my birthday.

Thank you again, to each and every one out there who wished me, connected to me, did selfless services of multiple flavours which touched the lives of many people of different species and to all those who wished me through blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp and every other means. I cannot even begin to name all of you, except locations. When I say locations it is all encompassing – as in Mohanji at those locations or you in me. I am deliberately avoiding names here to avoid confusions and disappointments. Name is part of ego. We remain beyond the realms of ego, I hope.

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 9

Grateful to AMMUCARE and STOP the HUNGER team who served food to more than 3000 people only in various parts of India. Mohanji Ka Aangans, ACT  LIFE, ACT BLOG, ACT Foundation of South Africa, USA, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, DATTA TAPOVAN South Africa and Serbia. Our family in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Canada, India, UAE, Qatar and elsewhere. 

My special thanks and gratitude to our ambassadors and team leaders who envisioned and encouraged such an overwhelming celebration across the globe. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the new (silent) global management team who without fail guides the team managers so efficiently and promptly. Thanks to the new Social team who are proving their efficiency so effortlessly and happy to see them grow. Thanks to the new Kriya team too. In general, I am happy to see the flow, the sincere enthusiasm, lack of ownership or ego, lack of inertia and self-inspiration at works which can be easily read as unfailing conviction. I was told that our posters are being shared by many through Facebook and elsewhere. The credit goes to the social, admin and creative teams who are giving birth to such enchanting posters based on my messages.  The credit for so many likes and shares goes to you. You are truly helping to spread the message. Thank you. And superb pictures, guys… Special thanks to the inimitable Monja, Madhu, Palak, Biljana and Zoran. A good picture is worth a 1000 words. A great angle is poetry.

Thanks to the testimonials team and all those who are sharing your experiences through blogs, which is indeed inspiring and giving hope and clarity to many well beyond what we can see. I also came to know that some of you intend to write books and publish on us and our mission which is highly commendable. I wish this effort brings forth great success and fulfilment to you who are doing books. I welcome the new locations and those who are inspiring centers in new locations and also inspiring new activities in existing locations. You are doing a great job. We are looking at lot many new events such as trips to Kailash in August 2016 and Machu Pichu in March 2017 apart from the retreats in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnian Pyramids, Macedonia, USA and India. Apologies to Canada for reducing my time there which I am sure you will understand. Just to make you feel better, let me confirm to you that we also reduced my time in UK as well as South Africa. Time is tight this year.

Last but not the least, My special thanks to all those who are reading, sharing and following my messages and implementing them in real life. You are my inspiration. Your growth is my mission. 

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 10
Your growth is my mission.
Thank you again.
Lots of Love
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A Chapter in Life. A Birthday Message.

February 23rd is a reference point to me. The day of entry into this world in this form. The day this chapter in existence by the name of Mohanji began.

Mohanji Birthday.jpg

Mohanji Childhood

This soul has had many such chapters in the past and this essentially is the final chapter before it becomes just an existentialistic time rider – or merges with time and becomes a part of the soul of time. I always believed that each lifetime, as we call it, is just a chapter in the existence of the soul. A chapter which has its own character, duration, flavour and purpose. Every chapter has a call, a solid reason to be there. You would not start it unless you have to and have a compelling reason for that matter. I never call a chapter – LIFE. It is part of LIFE, but it is not LIFE by itself. LIFE according to me has no duration. A chapter has duration. Whatever has duration is NOT LIFE. When we take a chapter as LIFE, we miss the real life and we suffer. I always believed that LIFE can never be bound by time because LIFE is not bound by TIME. In that context, I am riding the time – as if time is a horse. And I will exist as long as time exists. I have no birth or death. A chapter does have a distinct beginning and end and it must because it has a distinct purpose.


Half a century of existence later, when I look back at this chapter called Mohanji, my heart overflows with gratitude. Hence, I would like to dedicate this overflow of powerful feelings at the feet of all those who walked into my life at various points in time and to all those who will come in the future at various points in time. They are not just human appearances. Some stayed and are still staying. Some left and some are in the process of leaving. Some never fully came, nor fully left, but always existed whenever needed. This is especially pertaining to the masters and the guides including protecting angels which all of us have. I like to look at all those who came, existed, existing and left with utmost gratitude because all of them gave me invaluable experiences and added value to this incarnation. They all are irreplaceable.

Mohanji on living life.jpg

LIFE itself is the message. There is message in each life and there is LIFE in each message. When I “slipped into” the path of spirituality totally unaware of what is in store, I encountered many kinds of people which I would like to call as various flavours of the grander LIFE. They could only be segregated based on their operating levels in awareness.


I have been walking this mysterious path called spirituality since many years. This is a path to the intangible. The path that we as human beings are used to is tangible. From tangible to intangible and knowing to the unknowable, the path is quite treacherous and often winding. There are many trials and errors possible. Many falls and rises. Tenacity and conviction plus the will to survive against all odds will keep us going. I am not talking about the comfort zone spirituality where we can choose what we like or discard the uncomfortable. Here, the path of dissolution itself is the path of pathlessness. It is a long and winding road by itself. Then again, those who walked ahead of us always come to help. There are times when we cannot explain anything to anyone because the experiences are indescribable. In this journey, I encountered two distinct groups of people – the aspirants and the accomplished. The aspirants have fresh roots while the accomplished have deep roots and are totally balanced. Both have roots and hence they stand. Since seekers do not see roots, often they cannot differentiate between the aspirants and the accomplished unless they spend time patiently to see and feel.



They are usually graduated into higher frequencies in their past lives. Their roots are well set over those lives. They are balanced and deep rooted. They are totally established, unassuming and will never display any powers even when asked or challenged. They need nothing from the world and give everything even without asking.They do not even consider themselves as more important than the lowliest of beings in the canvas of creation and stay to serve. They never care who follows them or whether anybody follows them at all. They are self-sufficient. They do not care about terrestrial names and fame. They only exist as a reference point or a beacon of light for those sincere seekers who have only one aim – LIBERATION. Those who are already established and have dissolved their minds, their powers would be unlimited because they are always one with the Source. Each chapter for them is only another door to serve and lead the people in the right direction of LIBERATION. Their messages will be clear and simple. They will never bind their subjects to any fear based rituals or compulsory conditions. They will have no fear. They will never betray, steal, lie or encourage any of these because all these things are traps of karma and it takes lifetimes to shrug it off from the system.

Created By Sabrina Koletic


Those who use the spiritual path for achieving spiritual powers essentially for their own gratification or to prove to the world. They are the immature lot who would do anything to impress the world and, in a way, conquer the unsuspecting spiritualists. They are always alert. They plan, plot and even betray those who trust them with their life, as their aims are totally selfish. They are predatorial, aggressive, cunning, intelligent, (using their intelligence for conquests), skills of public display of their acquired powers, often trap entities through mantras and make them work for them and even use those entities to trap their clients or bring them to their knees and control their minds to create slaves. They are very dangerous people. Once they have sucked the sap of the ones in their control, they will go for fresh ones. They thrive on conquests. A true spiritual seeker should have extreme clarity as to what he or she is seeking, otherwise they could easily get trapped with such spiritualists and their sensation oriented methods. The tragedy is that, when one is with such spiritual teachers who use power to control, they would never know that they are trapped. They would even feel that they are much better off from the rest of the world and will adore the teacher and his prowess more easily because he controls their minds. They restrict their subjects from thinking independently and will make them believe through mind control and fear that the rest is all bad for them. Hence, one of the most important points that every spiritual seeker should keep in mind is that “All that glitters is NOT GOLD”. Also that if someone is in a hurry to prove something to you, especially their spiritual prowess, be watchful and be very careful. Powers are easy to acquire, but easy to lose as well. Inherent powers and its spontaneous usage without mind getting involved cannot be put in the cause and effect category of karma.


This is this chapter of life. Living in truth and living truth against all odds is not an easy task. It takes guts and more than guts, it takes GRACE to stay alive. Hence this letter is a letter of gratitude.

Numerous masters walked into my life. Some were in form and some were formless. The whole Datta tradition was revealed to me slowly and spontaneously by these masters and they still do. I do not claim to know even an inch of the tradition because the tradition of sanatana dharma (the eternal religion) out of which all traditions are based, is truly unfathomable. When I asked for aloneness, quietness and solitude, they pushed me into the world of noises and prejudices and made me to swim against the waves of sundry noises. Later I realised that the actual silence sits in the core of these noises and by avoiding them, you will never reach its core. And unless you keep your inner boat steady, the noises could overwhelm it and sink it completely. I saw many such sunken and half sunken boats in the path of liberation. The task was to keep the inner boat steady against all the external waves. It will always be the masters, who are huge ships compared to our little boat who will guide and hold us, who help us to navigate through time. I hereby express my unequivocal indebtedness to each and every one of them. Each one contributed at each point in time so that the boat kept moving.

There is only one love – Unconditional LOVE. The rest are all illusions. The situation more dangerous than the waves outside of the boat are the erratic and unstable fellow passengers. When they become seasick, some of them perform bizarre behavior patterns. Their solidarity and vows of companionship until the common destination are thrown in the winds. They jump out of the boat often jeopardizing the lives of fellow passengers. Unfortunately, most of them do not make it to the shore. They drown in the world of noises and illusions. I have watched this spectacle, quite helplessly, many times.


School girl Indu from Karnataka asked me this question: “Mohanji, what makes you happy and what makes you sad?”   I would like to answer her through this message.

Acts of compassion makes me happy. When people spontaneously, without thinking, display love and compassion unto the society, it makes me happy. When generations enjoy peace and love, I am happy. When people love and serve all and I am happy. Well being of my fellow beings irrespective of gender and species makes me happy.

Cruelty, acts of violence and insensitivity towards fellow beings makes me sad. Betrayals of the most trusted friends make me sad. When people who I trust lie to me, while I know well that they are lying, It makes me sad even though I allow them to experience themselves as liars 100% without interference. And such lies badly affect their conscience to an irreparable extent.

Mohanji 4


I am a hardcore romantic. I have always been. My first and foremost love with this incarnation is towards the nature. This includes the beings of nature. I love the various emotions of nature. I see the changes. Most of all, I see the underlying love beneath all the flavours of nature. I am convinced that nature can only love. No other emotions work with nature. There is love in her storms and rains too. Nature is love. This is why when people insensitively harm the beings of nature, I become terribly disturbed. This is unnatural for me. When a lion is not hungry, the zebra is safe. When man’s recreation encroaches into the freedom of other beings, it disturbs me. Live and let live.


As most of you know, I am a very private person. I consider myself as empty and reasonably illiterate which I later found as a great advantage. The more literate one is, the less flexible he is. I have never been predatorial. I never snatched anything from anybody. As far as I can remember, I never cheated, never stole or never betrayed. I never betrayed the trust of anybody. Many people have betrayed my trust over them. But, then I always believe in eventual justice. Justice always happens irrespective of time. Their illusions will break and they will come to know what they have done.  Justice could be delayed, but never denied. I have seen this justice at work in the most decisive manner. I keep repeating that I am not someone else; I am not any of the past masters nor will be any of the future. I am not Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Baba or Mahaveera. This body is called Mohan and will die as Mohan. When people see resemblances of past masters or incarnations of the past in me, that could very well be their mental projection, imagination or dharmic and consciousness resemblance. (When the message and operating frequency becomes the same at least sometimes, the matter may also look the same).

Mohanji 6.JPG

Mohanji respect

Mohanji on service.jpg

I always tell the world the message or knowledge that came to me or the truth that happened to me. I do not know anything else. I have no acquired knowledge sitting in me, waiting to burst forth. I am always empty. That way, I have no agenda and I am always free. What can be truly called ours? That which has happened to us or that which is with us. Nothing else at all. The rest are all borrowed. Since I have a body, I have all the needs of every body. Since I have an operating mind, I resonate every feeling and emotion associated with an operating mind. Since I have an intellect, I do relish knowledge at times. But, I am none of these. I am connected to all these only in the operational level and only on the basis of need. I maintain my separation from all these so that they never bind me. I feel pleasures and pains as much as I have to. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not different from anybody who has a body, mind, ego and intellect. I like to maintain this originality of incarnation at all times to avoid all confusions and “larger than life” projections. I feel the seemingly extraordinary revelations that I have had are accessible to anybody. I am not special. But, remember, the key is inside of you. When the knowledge breaks forth from inside, it is real. The rest is acquired knowledge and they are someone else’s experience or guidance. The problem with acquired knowledge is that it could become a burden, bias or concept that feeds the ego without us being aware of it. When ego takes over, the urge to prove to the world becomes a dire necessity. These are all traps. I always stay away from it. There is nothing to prove to the world. All we can do is live our truth with utmost honesty. Those who truly love you, will never leave you through the summers, winters, springs and rains of our life. Those who do not care will leave you at the drop of a hat. Bless them and send them away with peace and love and never hate.

I talked a lot even though my original plan was to just express my gratitude to all of you out there for being with me, loving me, hating me, walking with me and accommodating me at various points in time during this incarnation, which I sincerely hope will be the final. 🙂
I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I hereby extend my sincere apologies to each and every one of you, if I have hurt you in anyways, intentionally or unintentionally. While walking the life, we may walk over many beings which might cause their death. We do not mean it. A sincere heart filled with gratitude is the only thing we can maintain during this existence with a firm decision that we shall never be selfish and we shall give back to earth much more than we take from her. I sincerely appreciate those who loved me. I appreciate those who betrayed me too. They all added value to my life one way or the other because through all these encounters, I witnessed another flavour of life. Life is a continuous flow. It keeps flowing. Ocean is ahead. All of us will reach the ocean sooner or later. While I float towards the ocean of dissolution in the boat called existence, my conscience is my row. Unconditional Love is the water that takes my boat forward. The waves that sometimes shake the boat and confuse its people are the ego and mind. Tradition is the sky. Grace is the sunshine. Love of nature is the breeze. I am responsible for all those who are in my boat and I will always be. How can I be responsible for those who are not in my boat?


Let us shed our prejudices and be together forever in this short life. Differences are only in the ego state of the waking mind. The same differences does not exist in any other states. Be aware. Be clear. Be together. I love you and am always with you, irrespective of time, space and moods. Whenever you remember me, I am yours. When you love me or hate me, I live with you, in your heart. When you enrich yourself through consistent acts of kindness, you are enriching the whole universe, which includes me. If you love me, express it to the beings around you. The beings around you are my self in other forms. I am not alone here. I am not just this incarnation. I am everything. I am everybody. I am both you and I. So, please do more for the world. Give to mother earth much more than you take from her. You are consuming food, water, sunshine, wind and numerous other things from earth. Now, concentrate on giving back to earth much more than you have ever consumed in the form of kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, togetherness, so on and so forth.

Mohanji 2.jpg

Many members of our Global Family are celebrate this day. Thank You.12717565_10153215594692161_1093037557489172312_n


I am with you always. I love you always. I will always be.

Endless Love

Yours Mohanji

Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2011 – No Flowers, No Sweets

Written on 21st February 2011

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, it is difficult for us to resist the desire to express our deepest appreciation, gratitude and respect for all that he is. He who has given us so much, never asking for anything in return, never showing off with what he has done. If you are wondering what could possibly satisfy, bring pleasure and happiness to Mohanji, then kindly read on.

With love,

Mohanji Team

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 6


My Beloveds,

I am overwhelmed at the plans that you are making to mark my birthday. I sincerely thank you and appreciate your true love towards me and your many expressions of it. At this juncture, I would like to share with you a few of my thoughts in this regard.

What makes me happy?

The only thing that makes me truly happy, is your sincere expression of kindness towards the poor, sick and hungry people, the hungry and helpless birds and animals; the truly selfless trees and plants. If you consistently and honestly express deep compassion to your fellow beings, I feel genuinely happy. Your overflowing compassion, kindness and unconditional love from your heart towards the helpless, forgotten and ignored beings of the world, makes me feel RICH inside. It makes me proud of you, my dear family members. Nothing else makes me truly happy.

Who Am I?

I am what you make of me. I am fluid. If you think I am good, I am good. If you think I am bad, I am bad. I am formless. I am a non-entity. I have no birth or death. Birthdays are only milestones in my current physical existence, which has a definite duration. I do not attribute any more value to my birthdays. I am what you think I am, because, like water taking the shape of the container that holds it, I take the shape/reflect your mind, your constitution and your consciousness. I reflect you sincerely and truly like a good mirror. My one and only message for mankind is “Tat Twam Asi” (You Are That). Know it, experience it, LIVE IT.

What is celebration for me?

As I have explained, if you express non-violence in your daily life, for me this is celebration. Your spontaneous expression of kindness, compassion and love towards all beings, without discrimination, is celebration for me. If you consistently express love, compassion and kindness to all beings, including nature, it is indeed celebration for me. Then my time on Earth becomes truly worthwhile.

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 3I do not believe in blowing off the flame of candles on cakes, as I believe in bringing light and brightness into the lives of people, or at least remove some amount of  darkness from their minds, if they will allow me to. I always feel it is ironical that we blow out the brightness of candles as part of our celebration (while candles represent complete selflessness – burning themselves while providing light to the world)!!! No cakes attract me. No sweets attract me. No bouquet of flowers attracts me. I love to see flowers in the garden, live in the nature. I look at flowers as the “Bliss of Nature”. I do not like to pluck them from their mother plant. I feel that to be selfishness. I love flowers, especially if they remain in the nature, I like to see birds free and flying and not in cages. I do not like to see any being bound and caged. And, no gifts attract me. What will I do with them?

Remember the Supreme Lord Krishna’s words: “I will be satisfied if you offer me a flower or a leaf. But, remember, they are all mine anyway.” Whatever we offer to the Lord is legitimately His!!! In the realms of unlimited consciousness, everything exists within you. What can you gain? What can you collect? What can you own? Everything is within you. Everything is already yours. So, please do not send me flowers, cakes or sweets. Even without all these expressions, I LOVE YOU and that is not conditional. It will never change too.

What is Communication for me?

Do not spend money on me. Do not spend time for me. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your kindness. The money or time that you will gladly spend for me, may kindly be spent for the poor and the needy of the world. If you are able to do something for the other beings around you, even buy a hot tea for a poor man feeling cold on a winter morning, you have communicated your love for me. This is what I consider to be a true communication of love. I will not be happier, even if you call me or SMS me or e-mail me. I will be happier, when you feed a hungry dog or a bird which represents detachment because it never hoards or stores anything. Clothes to the poor and needy, food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless. This is the communication that I like. This makes me feel happy and rich within. When you do such good deeds, please inspire others also. Let this become a movement. Let this become spontaneous. Let hearts swell with love and compassion. ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ should melt, wither away, and become ‘Ours’ and “Everybody’s.’ Selflessness should become your very nature.

Furthermore, do not blame me, nor be offended, if I did not take your call. You must know that I LOVE YOU, truly and sincerely in every situation and time. Our love and relationship should not be conditioned or bound by terrestrial gadgets such as phone or internet. Faith should replace all such needs. It is better expressed or communicated through your actions, which happen anyway within my consciousness. You need not tell me anything. Through positive thoughts, words and actions, when you enrich your consciousness, you get closer to the supreme consciousness, which makes us inseparably ONE.

In summary, please do not send me flowers, sweets or cakes. Please refrain from sending me SMS or emails. Use that day, time and money to stay in my consciousness and enjoy the feast of unlimitedness. Feel we are one. Express Compassion, Love and Gratitude towards existence and fellow beings. Exist in Love. Express it fully. Meditate. Shed your skins of conditioning and for once, be yourself. Be your SELF. Express your SELF. Love everything wholeheartedly, without expectations. Love Unconditionally.

Nothing else will make me more happy. I do not need anything else from you. This is my sincere request.

I Love YOU,


happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 2