International Yoga Day Message 2020

Namaste. I wish you a great Yoga day. Yoga – Union, Unification and Unity.

We are powerful when we are united with ourselves. We have a gross form, the body. And we have a subtle form, which is experiencing the faculties that help us to experience life, such as mind intellect, ego, and those kinds of things – the subtler parts, subtler body. Then, there is a further subtler body, which is the causal, meaning something, or that which causes us to experience life.

Great masters have already told us about who we are, what we are, what we essentially should experience before we exit. But what happens is life catches up. Life takes over. The mundane things of the outside world like people, places, materials, objects, all these things take over our lives. And we do not know how to come out of it. Almost like a slave, we go through our life patterns.


Life is full of patterns. We are just expressing our patterns and experiencing our patterns, or experiencing life through our patterns continuously. But we know very well there is something beyond. That’s where a structured formatted method like yoga comes in practice. This is given forth by great masters, those who have identified the truth within, those who have made a clear inner journey. These people have told us what to look for.

We are lucky to be born on Earth and to have identified the methods to understand and assimilate ourselves. It’s not easy. It’s not easy, but we know the path, we know the destination, we know that there is a journey, not like existing as we are and existing without any kind of awareness. It’s that we are existing with the awareness that there is a journey, there is a continuity of existence and our patterns, and we are becoming aware of our patterns. Patterns are binding. It’s not easy to disconnect from them, we have seen that, right? We always experience that. Patterns bind us. Strangle us, suffocate us. And we do not know how to come out of it. Only one method, clear awareness. Number one, clear awareness of who we are, what we are here for, and where is the destination – where are we going. This helps us to assimilate and align ourselves and that brings us tremendous peace.

The extreme causal aspect of our system is always peaceful. The soul aspect, the consciousness aspect is always peaceful, never disturbed. Whatever happens in the body, or the mind structure / mind-matter such as the intellect and ego is consistent, it’s totally separated from the causal layer, the causal aspect, which is the soul and the consciousness. Whatever happens outside it’s not worried. It just helps the journey; it aids the journey. So, it’s important to get back to that which is not affected by our system. So, we detach from those things which are affected such as the mind, intellect and ego to that which is not affected, which is the soul and consciousness. Consciousness is the operating part of the soul, which operates in three different levels; waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. So, these understandings have been given by great masters, to take us through this journey, this beautiful journey called life. And masters have appeared time and again with each generation in different forms to convey this message to the people.


We are very lucky that we are existing in this time. We are existing in this space where the technology is bringing us information, even if we don’t go anywhere. This COVID situation has given us a tremendous opportunity to connect to ourselves; because we are at home. The external faculties are taken away from us so that they are far away. And then we are with ourselves. This is a beautiful state; all the people got this experience now. Being with oneself, connecting with oneself, and totally being oneself. So, this time, which is quite unique, but it is quite important for our growth, for our awareness, for our settlement into our true self.


On this Yoga day, I wish you tremendous awareness, tremendous contentment, and deep connectivity to yourself, so that this life is complete. This life cannot be wasted. We have taken this birth; we have gone through all the troubles of various stages of existence. Now, we can’t waste this life. We must use it properly to connect back to ourselves and merge with the Supreme Consciousness. I wish you success.

Lots of love.
This is Mohanji.

yoga book

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan



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