Velocity of Violence

Unity in diversity We live in a relative world. Various people, various perceptions, trying to find unity in diversity. Thoughts clash, words aggravate, actions violate, and this saga goes on since mankind began. Disagreements are rooted in non-understanding. Non-understanding is based on level of perceivable frequencies and this is individualistic. There are numerous frequencies available … Continue reading Velocity of Violence

In Service of the Guru Principle

Q: What is the root cause of our suffering? A: Ignorance. And the depth of our identification with that what is impermanent. When our identification is with our soul, there is no suffering. Q: What is the easiest and most powerful mantra that you could recommend for daily chanting? A: Aum Namah Shivaaya, Aum Namo … Continue reading In Service of the Guru Principle

We MUST TALK because They CANNOT

My dear Friends Man is quite famous for his selfishness. When our selfishness stretches to torturing other beings for our momentary pleasures - I feel this is exactly what we are famous for!!! We are famous for our insensitiveness, Sadism and cruelty. We torture and kill our fellow beings. We bind them and imprison them … Continue reading We MUST TALK because They CANNOT