Living with a Saint

Mohanji's Personal Blog - Doubts - Truth is Unreal to Ordinary Eyes

Saints have always been ordinary men. External glitters never mattered to a true saint. The halo in the picture is a reflection of the viewer’s mind. In real life, we hardly see any halo. When Shirdi Baba lived, some people considered him to be mentally unstable. He used to talk to entities invisible to human eyes. He used to behave in strange manners. He was living the larger truth. Who can understand that? Only those who dare to rise up to his stature.

Saints who chose to operate in the market place have always run the risk of ending up in mental asylums. Many never understood them. Many underestimated them. The extraordinary powers that we read about, create mental images. People live within those images and when they chose to live with a saint, the whole glass house started to crack and eventually fall. Truth is one. One who lives in truth also is one with the truth. Everything else is an illusion for him. He does not need to pretend. He cares not for ordinary glories, which we are usually victim to. There is nothing to prove. There is nothing to see. Look through my eyes, you will see the truth. Truth is as stark as the blazing sun. You chose the dark glasses. That was your choice. Truth is always stark and non-dual.

When you chose the company of a saint, you chose uncertainties also. That’s actually the essence of life. Saints live impermanence externally and experience permanence internally. This is the irony. They enjoy the growth and decay of cells, and do nothing about it, even if they had the power to change, reverse or recreate anything. When you are with the truth, you also possess the power of the supreme truth. That becomes part of your existence. Yet, you will do nothing for yourself. That’s the way true Masters are. They need nothing. No favors nor sacrifices. They live as moving monuments of selflessness. As signposts of liberation. If you read the life story of Shirdi Sai Baba carefully, you will understand what this text is all about. We need to see through His image to know the Master. A great Master has to be the most ordinary. Empty pots are noisy. Filled up pots maintain deep, pregnant silence.

Mohanji's Personal Blog - Doubts - Truth is Unreal to Ordinary Eyes
Truth is Unreal to Ordinary Eyes

When they die, we see them in pictures. Monks sitting naked with a big halo around their head. We bow to them. We revere them. We meditate on them. This is all fine because we do not have their physical proximity. Physical proximity is the problem. They eat and drink. They use the toilet. They sweat. They display human emotions. They love and they abuse too. Sometimes they even display seeming cruelty. It is bound to shatter all our concepts and mental images. It shatters expectations. Only through dissolution is re-creation possible. You have to empty first to fill in again. This is the bottom-line.

So, as the saying goes, do not get too close to a saint. Ha ha. Accept and enjoy his teachings, if you may. This is important if you want to maintain your mental picture of the saint. If that is what you choose. Getting closer to fire will burn you. Getting close to a saint will burn your expectations and even certain inherent traits. Beware!!!

God bless all


12 thoughts on “Living with a Saint

  1. Hello-Mohan-bhai—-You have indeed outgrown-somany socalled Swamis !Please keep up your good work without any reservations-God only knows that multitudes are benifitted in various ways owing to your advise/suggestions/help etc.The day is not far off when the world will awaken to your true potential—-Yours —Unniettan—Pkd-


  2. Hi Mohanji,

    Truth, it is ! One has to read, re-read and reflect…

    Keep guiding ALL and it is pure when it is unconditional.

    Expectations and its management – it is a process and individual oriented. God has been so careful to create evry humanbeing so unique !!!

    Salutations to Thee, that Supreme Power, Para Shakthi !!!!



  3. Dear Mohanji,

    Wow, what a synchronicity. I was just asking the masters today, in my morning meditation. Why we feel so comfortable and so much confident in your presence and why it just drops when we move into material world.
    And you gave me the answer now. In the presence of masters and saints all our expectation just disappear and what is there is only joy and love.

    Thanks a lot Mohanji.I always prays to put me closer to you.



  4. Dear Mohanji

    My question maybe a bit off the point but it begs an answer

    Why is it that we venerate, respect follow Masters posthumously? What makes them all the more attractive to seekers? Good example is Jesus Christ. Why does one need to have photos, statues medallions with their images? I have heard some people comment on how a picture of a saint is becoming more powerful because of the positive energies flowing during meditation. Or that the meditation was much better because of the picture of a particular saint.

    Does not God reside in each of us, Does not spirituality reside within? Why do we need external stimuli of this nature?


    1. Dear Sandi
      There is s saying “there are no two buffaloes alike”. Each being is unique and different. Each being is complete in itself, even though we do not really acknowledge this fact. While we enjoy terrestrial life, we entertain egoes in certain degrees. Some high and some low. Our own personal ego will never accept another as possibly “up there”.
      With the dead, we have no such problem. They are no more. They are not in competition with our personal ego. We always feel superior than the next man.This is why no master was revered when he tread the earth. Krishna was considered just as a friend by Arjuna, most of his life. He failed to recognise Krishna’s divinity. This is more so because, for an evolved being, as his consciousness becomes subtle and subtle, his interest in terrestrial standing decreases. He will feel that there is nothing to prove. Take it or leave it. So, those who are still caught up in terrestrial quagmire, will fail to see the real depth of the man. Thats why we do not even recognise the enlightenment in our own kin. It happens silently and it remains silent.
      The master within the frame on the wall is innocent. He does not interfere. We can interpret His teachings the way we want, according to our convenience. We can use him or abuse him. He is not going to come back with a stick and beat everyone. So, we stick to the picture in the frame. A walking and talking master may not be too palatable all the time. He may scold you and even abuse you, as he needs nothing from you. There, we prefer those half-baked, smooth-tongued masters who only talks what we like to hear. They pamper you and keep you in a comfort zone so that you will be happy even though unevolved. Mind likes to swap un-evolvement with comfort, which is the nature of human mind. Spiritual evolution is a path of thorns and hazards. There are snakes and crocodiles on the way. A true master will never stop you from that adventure. For those with endurance, great result is sure. For those who cannot leave their comfort zones, there is always a next time and a next life.
      According to the level of evolution of a person, he will have experiences too. In meditation, having images, having messages, or not having images and emptiness etc shows where an individual stands. Do not pay too much attention to these matters. We have to shed everything and keep moving ahead to progress well in this life. Annihilation is the key. Annihilation of everything – including our identities and merge with the super conscious which is beyond name, shape, color and smell. Thats when we arrive. thats our home.


  5. Dear Mohanji,

    And what if someone is prepared to go through the roller coaster ride with a saint?

    Deeper the rub, brighter the polish…..

    Will intensifying the sadhana have deeper and permanent results?



    1. One needs to do only what one is supposed to do. Nothing more and nothing less. Karma is specific. Dilution is a feeling, an illusion.Deviation is an addition of this life. If one is only following his prarabda, which is fairly impossible, one will reach the other end of the river much faster. No detours, No bother from unwanted currents. Just a mission filled existence. Thats a blessing.


  6. Dear Mohanji,
    Thank you for sharing the precious pearls of truth. Can you please guide me how can I realize the real task of my life. The real reason I am born.

    Waiting for your guidance,


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