Little Drops Of The Ocean

Dev had a morning dream. In his dream, his grandpa visited his house and had breakfast with them. Soon after the breakfast, he bid good bye. Dev and his sister repeatedly pleaded him to stay back and tell them stories. But, grandpa seemed to be in a hurry. He told them, “Some other time, children, … Continue reading Little Drops Of The Ocean

A Strange Revenge

Mala was 45. Mother of two. She grew up in India in a middle-class family. There was love and silence at home. Tolerance of individuality was an unwritten rule of her family. It helped each one to be their normal self without having to pretend ever. She had migrated with her husband to America when … Continue reading A Strange Revenge

Beautiful Minds

A Dream to Ponder David woke up from a beautiful, profound dream. It was, in a way, both elevating and disturbing. He saw himself  as a boy, along with his grandfather who is no more, strolling down on the banks of a river. It was evening. Sun was turning red. Birds were flying home after a … Continue reading Beautiful Minds

In Search of The Precious – 3

In Search of LIFE - 2 True Dilemma of a Goddess Once upon a time, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, lived an avadhoota. As with all avadhootas, he was also dis interested in his bodily well-being and it gave him the status of a "mad man" in a society which believes in accumulation … Continue reading In Search of The Precious – 3

In Search of the Precious – 1

The NEST - A True Story Brian belonged to a Middle Class family. This also means that he inherited much more "DO's" and "DON'T's" from his family and the society than his rich and poor friends. Richness, or higher purchasing power, and poverty, or no purchasing power, have one thing in common -  FREEDOM. The … Continue reading In Search of the Precious – 1

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Unlike the previous communications, this is written amidst many distractions of extremely busy schedules. This may lack continuity in theme and text. Hence, please bear with me. Kindly read on.....   DIVI  SOORYA  SAHASRASYA (Brighter than a thousand Suns) When we came on earth, we were brilliantly bright. However, darkness of emotions, like persistant waves, … Continue reading Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

When the blind leads…

There are hundreds of rivers. There is one ocean. Even if there are different names for the same ocean, the ocean is one. Names do not matter. The essence matters. The substance matters. There was a sea captain. He sailed all his life in search of the Pacific Ocean. He could not find the ocean … Continue reading When the blind leads…