Encounter With An Ageless Saint of Himalayas – Part 3

You Gave This Life. You Gave This Breath! This Life Belongs to YOU. I do Not Exist. Only You Exist, My Supreme Lord…

Raman’s path was clear. The loss of his closest family members did create a huge vacuum within, and yet, before dying, Raman’s mother had given him a definite destination and a firm purpose in life to be fulfilled in the days ahead. He had firm faith in his mother’s words. So, he decided to walk towards north. Where is north? On his right, the sun rose and on his left, the sunset. The way in front was his path. He knew nothing else and he needed to know nothing else.

The Only Path Possible – is the Path Ahead of us…

As he took his first tiny step in the path of ultimate liberation, the guiding masters took ten steps towards him. This is always the case. Once conviction, determination and dedication is absolute, Masters, God or Universe helps to complete the task. Raman had wandered the whole day and by sunset, he found the verandah of a seemingly unused building, near a village pathway, and decided to spend the night there. There was a well in the compound. He saw a bucket and understood that the well was usable. Maybe the nearby villagers were drawing water from this well. He washed his face and drank some water. He did not feel any hunger even though he had not eaten anything ever since his mother’s demise. As he sat on the verandah looking at the setting sun, an old woman appeared in front of Raman. A toothless smile brightened up her wrinkled face. She also looked like a wanderer.

She sat down next to Raman and asked: “What are you carrying in your cloth?” Raman said: “Some rice and some coins, a couple of loin cloth.” She said: “Let us cook the rice.” Raman opened his cloth sack and put the rice in her bowl. She went towards the well, washed it, put some stones together, made a make-shift oven, took some dry sticks and dried cow dung that was lying around, put them under the bowl and lit it with a match stick. Soon the rice was fully cooked. They shared it. The old woman gave Raman the major portion, which was not much, and herself ate the rest. They also shared the soup of the rice.

By that time, the sun had set. It was quite dark. But, the partial moon lit up the sky. Apart from  Raman and the old woman, there were no humans visible anywhere in the neighborhood. The old woman swept the veranda, which was covered with dust and dry leaves, spread on it many rags that she carried, and invited Raman to sleep with her. For a moment, Raman felt that his mother was calling him. In the darkness, the old woman’s voice felt like his mother’s. Raman lied down next to the old lady. She said: “I could not find any food to eat the whole day. You were hungry too. But, you gave me all that you had. Bless you, my son, you will never starve in your life. My words will never go wasted. I bless you.” Raman was already quite tired and drowsy. He slipped into a deep sleep; a kind of a trance. The last few sentences that he heard from the old woman went straight into his subconscious mind, as an assurance as well as an important direction:

Never allow dust to settle on your consciousness. Be Alert. Be Aware. Inertia always lurks around the corner. It is not always easy to sweep the dust and bring back its usual shine, especially if the dust piles up. It may take life times. You may not see me ever again. But, remember, your mother is with you. She will protect you till you reach your final destination. She is guarding you now and she will guard you until you are in safe hands or the realms of the Almighty. She is postponing her further lives for your sake. She is a divine soul. She knows who you are and what is the purpose of your birth. She has decided to walk with you, till the end. You will not see her, but, will feel her presence at times. She sent me today. She will send many more, more powerful than me, to assist you in your journey. It is a divine collaboration.

These words always remained with Raman as re-assurance during days of occasional uncertainty, always afresh in his mind.

Elements are Essential for Earthly Existence, Yet, Elevation in Awareness Creates a Shift in Needs.

Raman partially understood the words of the old woman. But, he was so tired that he slipped into a trance state. When he woke up in the morning, the old woman had already disappeared. There were young girls playing in the open court yard and some women drawing water from the well. He got up, went near the well, and asked for some water. A plump woman looked at him questioningly, but, without questions, poured water into his hands. He washed his face and mouth. He took some leaves from a mango tree and brushed his teeth with that. When the women left with children, he bathed, washed his loin cloth and tied another one. He saw a mango at hand’s reach. He plucked it and ate it. Then, taking the loin cloth that he had kept for drying, folding it and packing it in his cloth bag, he walked towards the north again.

The Merger of Great Oceans

Tradition Merges all Oceans of the Universe into Perfect Harmony and Unity in Existence…

Raman’s total journey can be classified into three parts. The first part is, after leaving his home town, meeting a brahmin priest and staying at his house for a few years where he learnt sanskrit and manthras. The second part – meeting Atmananda and the third part – leaving Atmananda and the actual journey to Badrinath, alone.

The priest lived in a small house near a river. Raman had walked days and nights to arrive at the priest’s abode. In fact, he was guided there. Apart from one incident where one greedy merchant tried to enslave Raman to work in his shop, his journey was quite smooth, as he got assistance constantly and miraculously, whenever he needed it. This merchant gave him some food and then trapped him as a domestic help. He kept away Raman’s cloth bag that contained his loin cloths and the few coins that his mother had given him. This was the merchant’s way of making sure Raman stayed with him.

But, due to the twist of events where a fight happened in his neighborhood and in the chaos, Raman ran away from this entrapment, without any belongings.  Thus, destiny removed even his paltry earthly possessions from him. He walked empty handed towards north and while sleeping at a temple inn on the way, which  used to be free accommodation for travelers, the middle aged temple priest saw this small lonely Brahmin boy Raman and out of pity, took him to his house. After his service hours as a priest of the temple, he used to teach Sanskrit language, Vedas, Upanishads  and manthras  that are used in pooja or worship, to the Brahmin children of his neighborhood. At that time, he had about 17 students. Raman joined as the 18th student.

Raman stayed with the Brahmin priest, helping him and his small family (which consisted of a pious wife and a beautiful, elegant daughter) with their household chores. He always accompanied the priest. He attended classes without fail and in a few years, Raman became quite well versed in Sanskrit, Vedas and Upanishads. He could also perform poojas (prescribed format of Ritualistic Worship), and many times, when the priest, his teacher, was unwell, he performed the poojas in the temple as well, so systematically, that all the devotees loved and respected Raman.

Tradition Brought Systems for Liberation. Systems often bound ignorant humans…

Everyday, Raman woke up along with the Brahmin priest at 3AM (Brahma Muhurtha) and went with him to the nearby river to take a bath and complete the morning rituals that brahmins performed. The river was wide, but quite shallow near the bank. They chanted Gayathri Manthra together and took bath in the river, along with many other Brahmins. They washed their own clothes and kept them for drying, tied to poles or pillars of the post-bath worship sheds, a few steps from the river bank. All the brahmins chanted manthras together and in the early hours of morning, it created beautiful vibrations all around. The priest and Raman would then proceed to the temple to light lamps, bathe the deity, change its costumes, decorate it and perform the regular worship, without fail everyday, irrespective of whether it was raining or cold weather.

By the time they complete it, and open the doors of the temple for the arathi, the temple hall will be filled with devotees. The arathi lamp has five wicks representing five elements, five praana, five koshas, etc. and essentially, the fire element in us. The wet cloth used to hold the lamp to prevent the heat from affecting the palm, represents the water element, vital for sustaining life on earth. The peacock feather fan represents the air element. The flower represents earth. And the yak tail fan represents subtle form of ether. Thus, the five elements that constitute earthly existence are offered to the Lord. Along with that, the incense stick that represents the purity of our state, the fragrance of pure consciousness, is offered as well.  Thus, we are offering every aspect of our existence to the Lord Almighty and live our life in total surrender to His will.

After the arathi, they would offer the lamp to the devotees to purify themselves with the fire that has caught the essence of the deity/divine. The priests also offered sandal wood paste to the worshipers, to apply on their third eye, to cool the heat generated through intense prayers communicated through the third eye (with eyes closed) and flowers, which represented the earth, to stay grounded, yet totally grateful. The day is started with the request to earth, to forgive us for stepping on her, or walking over her body (earth’s body. Earth as mother earth). Earth is a gift to us from God, for the fulfillment of our desires or to exhaust our vasanas of earthly nature. Flowers remind us of this beautiful gift from God, with a warning to handle it delicately, with care, as we would handle a delicate, tender flower.

May Every Action be Flowers offered at the feet of Gurus representing the tradition. May our Lives be complete…..

Raman could not live with his own father for long as he died when Raman was quite young. Hence, he could not experience the lifestyle of temple priests. Here, living with his Guru, he learned the lifestyle of Brahmin priests and he also got to know the pure and pious way the whole family existed, totally surrendered to the tradition and Lord. He never heard them quarreling  or  even seemingly imposing themselves on each other. Likewise, their young daughter also always behaved elegantly and selflessly. He never saw them advising her or training her. She seemed to have picked up qualities spontaneously, as part of her prarabdha.

He saw that no wandering monks or beggars ever left their house without food, clothes or money. They considered everyone as guests who are representation of God and gave them whatever they had or could part with. Deep harmony, firmly rooted on spiritual conviction and faith, existed in the whole household. This gave Raman stability and well-being in his formation time. They always treated Raman as part of their own family. They never displayed any kind of discrimination. He never felt like a stranger there. He was given full freedom in the house and shared everything that they had, with him too. They were not rich in terms of wealth. But, they were very rich at heart, which is much more valuable and have more permanence.

The priest and his family always woke up at 3AM and always went to bed at 9PM. They had their dinner at 7 PM. They only ate satwic food, made of vegetables grown above the ground and basked in sun. They never consumed any roots or barks of plants or trees. They had a cow and calf at home. They treated the cow and calf as family members, with utmost love and care; and always made sure the calf gets sufficient milk before they milk the cow for their purpose. Calf was always let loose and could have her mother’s milk, whenever it wanted. They never sold the cow when milk ran dry. They served the cow with the same dedication and care, with gratitude for its selfless service that they received from her. Raman learnt a very important lesson in the expression of gratitude towards all beings and take none for granted. He understood that the pleasant vibrations that each being produces when showered with love, harmonizes the whole atmosphere, especially that of homes where love prevails in abundance. The well being of all creatures on earth gets reflected in the whole earth and beyond. It removes all emotional blockages and grace flows abundantly.

Cow represents the selflessness of Motherhood. We respect all beings that serves us. We express gratitude towards every being…

After five years of stay, Raman completed his education. He decided to continue his journey. The priest and his wife told Raman to stay for a few more years. But Raman had already decided to continue his journey to the North. It was the Lord Himself, in the form of a beggar who came to their house and told Raman, as he was handing over cooked rice to him “Son, it is time to travel again. This is neither your abode nor your destination. It is time to leave this place”.

Raman told them about this incident and his vow. They did not object to his decisions any further. Raman had cultivated a mango plant in their garden. In five years, it produced a few mangoes. He washed them and brought five mangoes in a plate, put them at the feet of his guru and said “Swami, this is my gurudakshina for you. I am indebted and grateful to you and your family for all you have given me; the food, shelter, the knowledge and above all, the unconditional love towards a poor, homeless child. The mango tree will grow and thus will grow your riches. You will have no dearth in life.”

Guru blessed Raman, lifted him up and hugged him. Bidding adieu to the lovely family, Raman started his journey towards north, once again. (Raman’s prediction or blessings certainly bore fruits. In the later years, the priest and his family inherited great fortunes, and the priest’s daughter got a very pious and wealthy husband too. they lived their life happily ever after. But, they never boasted or become egoistic and always lead a life of simplicity, surrender and gratitude to the deities they worshiped.The priest continued to do his work in temples and also teach children.)

“I come from the place where Great Oceans Merge. I came empty handed. I will return empty handed. All I have, I give you”…

Swami Atmananda Chaithanya told one of his constant companions, Swami Chidananda: “A boy who belongs to the place where the “great oceans merge ” has reached the konkan land. We must meet him.” Swami Chidananda (Manav) asked Atmananda: “How is he relevant to us? You never go in search of disciples!!!” Atmananda laughed and said: “He is relevant to the tradition. I am not just a man. I am the tradition.” Even though Chidananda had learnt not to ask questions and learn through practical lessons that life and Guru gives, which is how the tradition works, he blurted out: “Which tradition?” They were walking. Suddenly Atmananda stopped, turned, looked straight at Chidananda’s eyes for sometime. Chidananda felt that his nerves and meridians were shivering at that intense gaze. His whole body started to shiver. Sweat started to pour from all pores of his body. He saw a very strong intensity and power like that of Lord Shiva himself. He felt paralyzed and immovable. He stood frozen. He felt his third eye burning and bursting. His spine became like a hot rod!

Lord Dattatreya – The Adi Guru – Tradition Eternally Flows…


The Navnath tradition. Lord Krishna called all the higher beings before he left his physical frame and told them that the purpose and message of His avatar must continue in the whole universe. He chose nine people as its messengers. They are the Nav Nath Saints. They are Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath, Jalendarnath, Kanifnath, Gahininath, Bhartarinath, Revananath, Charpatinath and Naganath. Lord Dattatreya is the Param Guru, who started the tradition. They are the nine Narayanas. The name “Narayana” means the “destination of man”. Lord Krishna Himself Narayana, summoned the Nine Narayanas, who are projection of Himself to His presence and ordered the formation of Nath sampradaaya. Thus Krishna expanded Himself from one to many. The purpose was the continued preservation of Dharma. The realm or “karma bhoomi” is the whole universe. Each Nath Guru displayed profound wisdom and distinct and unique character and characteristic which made people wonder if they were indeed part of the Nath tradition at all. Some stressed on Yoga, some on just observing silence, some on devotion and some on knowledge, some stressed on faith and patience while some stressed on Purity, non-violence and faith at all levels. Nath Tradition is like a grid. In the seeming diversity, there is extreme unity and purposefulness. All Nath Gurus operate as one entity, one breath, even though each Guru displays a different method. There is extreme oneness and diverse expressions. Some of the saints of the tradition chose to burn themselves as candles, giving light and purity to the chaotic world. They decided to settle almost 15,000 feet high in Himalayas, in caves, hidden in ice away from human eyes. They recycle their own semen backwards through Yoga siddhi and they glow like glow worms. They are luminescent. They silently send soothing energy to the whole world. They are intense. This is their mission. When it is time to shed their bodies, they walk towards the nearby pool, withdraw their soul, cell by cell, to the top of their head, and remove themselves (their soul) from their bodies. They shed their bodies in water. They always choose samadhi in water. They only live for the world and not for themselves. Their prayer is “May the whole world along with its various beings be saved and elevated, except us”. They sacrifice their life for the world, unassumingly, expecting nothing in return; not even gratitude. Some saints of the tradition choose to be among people, in the market place, like you and me, to demonstrate the dharma of existence. Most Nath Gurus do not have any formal Gurus. They are chosen and guided by Divine, purely based on their eligibility. Thus, there are no initiations. Common man cannot understand nor appreciate  this truth. They will miss the grand message too.

Lord Krishna created Nine Narayanas from His own Infinite State, Lord Dattatreya evolved it, The whole universe nurtured it… The tradition is all encompassing…

All of us are distinct and inimitable. Each Nath guru displays a different aspect of life and living. They are usually polite, but extremely rude at times, only to serve certain purposes. All are extremely powerful, and yet extremely unassuming. Only those who have eyes to see will recognize them. It is very difficult to recognize an unassuming Nath Guru. Even if one recognizes, it is very difficult to follow them. Even if one follows a Nath Guru, it is very difficult to get anything from him, unless they surrender and dissolve themselves completely. Others will just see and will never understand or be benefited. And our tradition is an open river. There are no initiations. None with selfish motives can enter this river. They will get killed and thrown into the mud. Only good souls and true believers can enter this river. A Navnath Guru will travel Seven Worlds and Seven Oceans to find and rescue a pure soul. Eligibility is the only criteria. Eligibility is achieved through Purity. Purity is achieved through Conviction, Commitment and Consistency. The tradition is created to spread the message of true love, beyond all boundaries, and preserve the ultimate dharma of existence.

This message was literally drilled into Chidananda. He stood there in trance state for hours, completely paralyzed. When he came out of his trance, it was late at night and there was nobody around. He understood that Swamiji has gone towards Konkan land. He walked as fast as he could towards the direction of Konkan land. He walked the whole night and by morning, he found Swami Atmananda and his entourage, and joined them. Atmananda did not acknowledge or pay any attention to Chidananda, even though he saw Chidananda walking in. This was typical of Atmananda. One glance was equal to a ceremonial welcome! He never believed in formalities, even though he believed in discipline; discipline as a walking stick in the path of purity.

Tradition Never Leaves the Hand of the True Seeker. Gurus transcend Oceans of Existence to be with a True Seeker… This is the promise of the tradition where eligibility is the only factor…

Three days later, Atmananda and His whole entourage reached Konkan. Atmananda and his people kept walking until they reached a huge Banyan tree. There were many men, women and children sleeping on the man-made platform under the tree. The day was breaking. Atmananda went straight to Raman, touched his third eye and said “wake up”. As if hypnotized, Raman got up. He stared at Atmananda’s eyes for a minute or two. Atmananda stood up. Raman fell at his feet, held both feet for a long time and kissed them repeatedly. He recognized the tradition more than the saint. He had not physically met Atmananda before. He found his tradition in the eyes of the saint. It was unmistakable. Truth gets reverberated in the depth of one’s consciousness. No one can miss it, when they encounter the eternal truth.

Raman travelled with Atmananda and his entourage for five years. At Varanasi, Atmananda called Raman and said: 

You must leave now. You have to go up north. You have all siddhis. Never display them for fame or power. Never display them in front of skeptics or people of power for recognition or money. Do not be “visible” unnecessarily. Be visible only to those who come with Purity and Faith. Do not interfere in people’s future. Stay in their present. Guide in the present. You will become a great master and a beacon of light of our tradition. Your invisibility and invincibility will be your strength. Usual karmic beings will not recognize you. Those who recognize you will be of our tradition. They are eligible. I will be with you always.

Be always aware of your spine; especially the thin string that runs through the spine linking the poles of your consciousness. That is your stairway.

Feminine is Divine and Fluid. Feminine is the Power behind Creation and Sustenance. Where ever Feminine is respected Harmony Existed...
Feminine is Divine and Fluid. Feminine is the Power behind Creation and Sustenance. Where ever Feminine is Respected, Harmony Prevailed…

Lures of the flesh are unavoidable. But, I have given you the wisdom and awareness to see beyond. You will not be affected by the flesh, both yours and others’. Both will be well within your control. In extreme conditions, self indulgence is better than entanglement. Entanglement leads to karma. Karma pulls you down. Women are unique creations. They represent shakti, the creative dimension of Parabrahma. They are powerful, yet fluid. They are flexible  and creativity becomes fulfillment, as a mother. They have multiple dimensions. They should be revered. Indulgence is not a sin. If it becomes entanglement, it binds. It prevents liberation. Emotion attached with entanglement prevents liberation. Anything that prevents liberation, is sin for the soul. Be Aware.

Raman was 18 years old. He was at the door step of his youth. He began his ultimate journey in total renunciation. Step by step, he went higher and higher in Himalayas. Due to the grace of the tradition, nothing affected him. Nature provided him food and water. He learned through his consistent practices to stay beyond elements and its requirements. Body is made up of elements, elements that are put together for a purpose and will disintegrate when the purpose is completed. At Badrinath, he became a complete renunciate. He met many masters. Many guided him and protected him. And he stayed there ever since, invisible to human eyes, until the two travelers discovered him. He is centuries old. But, age has no value. He could live for ever, if he wants to and will leave the body, if he wants to.

This is what the travelers understood from the communion with the Great Saint who has no name, no address, and no identities, to say the least. In a world where people are competing to carve images, this saint lives as a strong reminder that:

WE MUST LEAVE EVERYTHING HERE, WHEN WE FINALLY DEPART. No earthly conquests or possessions can be carried with us, to the other dimensions. A Liberated existence is truly worth it.

When a student is eligible, the teacher appears. A teacher cannot deliver anything to a student who is not ripe and ready for knowledge. The whole universe comes together in the creation of True Spiritual Masters. The whole universe is their operating plane. There are no walls or boundaries. The great masters existing in various planes of the universe operate on one rhythm and purpose. They all are one. There are multiple forms because forms are needed to express. But, beyond all the forms is one single entity. One creator. One creation. One purpose.

All the Great Masters of the Great Universe are of One Consciousness. They work in Perfect harmony at their chosen location, without attachments, in liberated state in its totality and perfection….

The biggest and most substantial creation of our Father was relativity. Along with relativity occurred duality, time, gravity and space. Everything was ready for grand expressions to take place. Expressions took place, and are still taking place in every level, every moment. There is no negative or positive in absolute sense. All are just expressions of the grandeur of relativity.

The Father never really “created” anything further. His creations created many things further. Father arranged the creation objectively, just like our soul objectively aids the daily creation of our own personal realities. Shiva and shakti potential existed in each single creation.  The shakti aspect that molded beings using consciousness as the substratum, created all that could be created. Creation continues unabated. Creation also has its duration. So, dissolution also happens simultaneously. On one side creation and on the other, dissolution. When these two aspects are established, existence also comes into play within that duration between creation and dissolution. Creation itself has its dimensions. Characteristically diverse, but essence-wise, one.

Father made the first of creations and those creations made further creations. So, even though the same consciousness was at work, awareness levels of the new creations and their further creations were of diminishing nature. Some created just dependents or slaves, just like we create walking and talking robots. They had no specific identities. They kept binding restrictions on them so that they remain bound and enslaved. They had specific breeding patterns and gestation times while higher beings multiplied at will for a specific purpose and dissolved at will when the purpose is fulfilled. The relative lower beings operated on limited awareness and more on herd instinct.

Every creation does have the inherent dimension for achieving the father’s consciousness. But, entanglements, inertia and lack of awareness prevents them from seeing beyond. When the veil of ignorance is removed, by the grace of Gurus, visibility becomes constant. Path becomes well lit. Understanding the divine will, relishing in divine stature, out of compassion, higher entities assume tangible forms in various corners of the universe, to guide those who need to be guided. On earthly plane, most have only terrestrial needs. They sway with karma. Those who are ready for elevation, will get elevated. Even to salvage one such soul, a higher being may arrive. Everyone has value. Each one is valuable.

In the path of Non-Conformity, Expectations are cut at the root. Images are often destroyed to stay firm in the path of fluidity and liberation…

The path of liberation is a path of non-conformity. Most saints chose to wander to stay detached. Images, like places influence people. Images have effect in the minds of people. When images change, mind experiences confusion. Mind craves for images and we try to quickly replace the lost image with something new. Often times, this is an unconscious activity, which we often regret later. Sometimes, the sudden loss of an image will seem like a b0ttom-less pit for the mind and the mind pushes for an immediate replacement. Often times, in order to fill this gap, we choose the next best possible image or simply the next available identical image, ignoring the glaring incompatibilities and counting or hoping  on developing a few seeming ones. When the closeness surfaces incompatibilities more than compatibilities, disillusionment happens. People become disoriented! What to believe in? All that we believed in so far, has been lost and gone. Why was the loss felt so deeply? Because, the belief had given forth certain expectations, partially influenced by wishes and partially based on realities. Sometimes, the line between the wish and reality is so thin and invisible, that our mind fails to differentiate or recognize which is which. All this matters exist only in the conscious mind. In dream state and deep sleep state, we are reasonably immune to such afflictions.

Wish You the Highest Awareness in this life.

Remain Blessed.

I Love You Always


No Words are Wasted. No Actions are Wasted. Everything bears fruits at some point in time. The Tradition takes care of it…


Atmananda is a fictional character created by Mohanji to explain the Tradition. Any resemblance to the living or dead is purely coincidental.

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  1. Dearest Mohanji:

    I offer my humble Pranaams at Your Lotus Feet!

    Thank you for sharing the amazing revelations in this part of the encounter with the Ageless Saint in the Himalayas!! Each time I read it there is a new clarity! I am filled with deep gratitude! I seek Your Grace and Blessings to help me in my spiritual evolution! Let me the instrument of Thy Will!

    Om Para Brahmane Namaha

    With deepest gratitude and unconditional love,



  2. Dear Mohanji,

    I read the whole write up…or what can I say…the whole episode in this part 3 with tears of gratitude in my eyes. Thank you very much…the highlighted words are so familiar with highest meanings and Tatwa…Thank you very much..O Great Master…These write ups can elevate the Souls…confusing minds…struggling combinations of the pancha bhoothas also..Please pray for us…bless us to elevate ourselves….

    With Pranams..with Love

    Anitha Sreekumar


  3. The moment when Atmananda explains the Tradition, the depth of the Nath Sampradaaya, is simply breathtaking!
    A strange excitement and an intuition that a new blog is going to be downloaded soon came to me a day before – thus, when I felt enormous heat radiating from Mohanji’s body (especially from Sahasrara – it could be felt clearly by placing the palm one meter above the head) the following day and saw him typing in his ‘downloading’ speed, I was overjoyed to see that it’s really happening and couldn’t wait to read it. However, I never thought it would be THIS beautiful, or shoudl I say, crucial! Finally, a detailed in-depth explanation of our tradition has been given by the Masters!!! And oh, how honoured one feels to be a part of it.

    The following words especially will always remain in my heart and mind, as they correspond 100% to my daily experiences of life with Mohanji:
    “[Nath gurus] are usually polite, but extremely rude at times, only to serve certain purposes. All are extremely powerful, and yet extremely unassuming. Only those who have eyes to see will recognize them. It is very difficult to recognize an unassuming Nath Guru. Even if one recognizes, it is very difficult to follow them. Even if one follows a Nath Guru, it is very difficult to get anything from him, unless they surrender and dissolve themselves completely. Others will just see and will never understand or be benefited. And our tradition is an open river. There are no initiations. None with selfish motives can enter this river. They will get killed and thrown into the mud. Only good souls and true believers can enter this river. A Navnath Guru will travel Seven Worlds and Seven Oceans to find and rescue a pure soul. Eligibility is the only criteria. Eligibility is achieved through Purity. Purity is achieved through Conviction, Commitment and Consistency. The tradition is created to spread the message of true love, beyond all boundaries, and preserve the ultimate dharma of existence.”

    Moreover, I was deeply touched when I read the message about the importance of shakti and respect of the feminine, which is a crucial message for today’s world:

    “Women are unique creations. They represent shakti, the creative dimension of Parabrahma. They are powerful, yet fluid. They are flexible and creativity becomes fulfillment, as a mother. They have multiple dimensions. They should be revered.”

    And the following are pearls of SUPERB expression and depth:

    “Never allow dust to settle on your consciousness”

    “Be always aware of your spine; especially the thin string that runs through the spine linking the poles of your consciousness. That is your stairway.”

    May the great Nath Sampradaaya keep me in its lap forever.

    With deepest love and complete surrender,



  4. Dear Mohanji,
    Every word in this blog has hit my soul. I am so blessed to be with you and be in this Tradition through you.

    The Grand Tradition is which one does not require an initiation; the one who follows some simple truths are already in the tradition. Faith on your Master, Purity i.e selflessness in thoughts, words and actions, and non-violence in thoughts, words and actions are enough to be part of this tradition. This is really so simple and amazing. Once you are in the tradition, the Tradition takes care of you, protects you till you liberate. Guru neither pushes you nor does he leave your hand. Gurus in the Nath-Tradition may not require to be trained by a formal Guru. Beautiful!

    There cannot be any more simplicity and clarity than this. No doership or selfishness is tolerated in the Tradition. There is nothing “To Do”, no rituals; only “Just Be” in the tradition! Flow in this open river.

    Raman, his conviction and obedience to mother at such young age has moved me a lot. Raman followed his dharma of walking towards North and hence, tradition protected and supported him for ever.

    …..Raman’s, this real story is not just a story but a complete spiritual journey that any one will encounter. We will go through happiness and hardships of life. We will experience disrupted and also the loving family. Existence will help, depending on our eligibility. We can increase eligibility by faith, purity and non-violence. In some life, we also have to go through meaningful poojas and rituals, learning mantras and chanting. But, we also should drop them at appointed time. Then, may come a phase of wandering; and real learning with great Masters like Atmananda. Guru in physical form is also extremely essential. Ultimately, one also have to leave Atmananda/ Guru and continue further with the journey…..

    From “Doing mode”; Raman gradually progressed to “Being mode” and became the Ageless Himalayan Saint.

    Wow, in just few lines, you explained the complete Tradition and journey and understanding!
    You are the Tradition, so only You could wite this.

    Mohanji, please bless me to have conviction, faith and purity like Raman. May your grace be on me always.

    Complete surrender at your feet,
    Love and regards,


  5. i will remember all that You have just told me through this blog. I will also implement all that You have asked me to follow. I also understood our relation Mohanji.

    with deep gratitude and reverance to our Tradition,
    mohanish 🙂


  6. Pranam,
    Divine beautiful truths, as always, beloved Self.
    Thank you.
    Brahmachaitanya / Per Eric Gillberg


  7. Dear Mohanji,

    Having no direct yet indirect contact with you, these current days. Your blog was forwarded to me by one of our mutual great souls Sudhaji in Dubai… I glanced in the morning time, and saved the page open for later reading.
    Having felt tired early evening, no time to read just sleep.. However as grace works, it awoke me at 1.30am to be guided to read… It has lifited my soul again, with the continuous inspiration to continue the path of Truth, as when darkness falls it too can be covered, only the grace reveals the light again.

    Many thanks for choosing to be, in this period of time of great evolution for humanity.

    Blessings and appreciations always.
    Divine showers of Love


  8. Pranam to all

    No word to explain the effect.Let it ignite the minds of 60 cr youngsters in INDIA and others in the world.This world will chnage the WORLD …

    Thanks for all blessings


  9. Dear Mohanji,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    While contemplating on this text, the following verses flowed:

    What a vacuum formed in him
    nothing to fill the deep chasm, pit
    God knows how it must hurt
    God knows, God helps go through it

    Raman had nowhere to turn
    all the hopes and wishes burn
    there was only mom’s advice
    surrender was the only chance

    He got conviction, dedication
    unwavering determination
    then the Masters gathered to
    lead him to liberation

    What did his soul endure
    with nothing to feel secure
    so brave and faithful the heart
    with anything it’s able to part

    He wandered all day long
    at sunset reached unused building
    there was a deep good well
    usable, with water refreshing

    Treading into the unknown dark
    new experiences he was to embark
    then an old woman appeared
    cooked his rice which they both shared

    He hadn’t eaten all day
    but let the woman have her way
    she understood how he was selfless
    deeply touched she started to bless

    „You will never be hungry
    your mother is protecting you
    she has postponed her lives
    to be more helpful near you
    Your mother’s a divine soul
    your path’s her utmost goal
    she knows the purpose of your birth
    she will protect you from dearth

    You will sometimes feel her presence
    though eyes will see her absence
    this is divine collaboration
    when you feel insecure or stagnation“

    Being tired he fell asleep
    the voice sounded like his mom’s
    from then on he may never
    be fondled by her palms

    When he woke up there was noone
    unknown plump woman appeared
    he asked some water and got it
    bathed and washed his loin cloth unfeared

    He saw a mango on a tree
    plucked it and ate the juicy fruit
    after that he went forth
    alonng his path towards north


    Raman was walking and walking
    he didn’t know where for sure
    but he was guided by masters
    to avoid traps and stay pure

    Once a greedy merchant wanted
    to keep Raman working enslaved
    but a sudden incident happened
    his path was the path unpaved

    There was a fight in the neighbourhood
    he ran away without belongings
    he braved, existence helped him
    to keep up with his faith, not holdings

    Being guided from above
    one night he slept in temple’s inn
    when suddenly Brahmin priest found him
    and his new family begin
    He learned Sanskrit and Vedas,
    Upanishads, manthras plenty
    he did his pooja and worship
    with students almost twenty

    Raman helped with household chores
    attended classes without fail
    when the priest was unwell, ill
    Raman did pooja in his stead

    His daily routine was such
    getting up at 3 am
    taking a bath in the river
    with Brahmins, joining them

    They chanted Gayatri Manthra
    washed their own clothes, let them dry
    chanting together in quiet hours
    vibrated in divine sky

    Then the priest and Raman
    proceeded to the temple
    lit the lamps, bathed the deities
    changed their costumes as a sample

    of worship, decorated it
    it was an all-weather routine
    when opened the door for arathi
    the devotees were already in

    The Arathi lamp had five wicks
    five koshas, five praanas, five elements
    that we are also made of
    essentially fire, with other increments

    Wet cloth to hold the lamp
    is for water that’s life sustainer
    peacock feather fan
    is for air as breath container

    The flower represents
    the earth element there
    the yak tail fan is
    subtle form of ether

    Incense stick for purity
    of our pure conscience
    we offer to the Lord
    all aspects of our existence

    Fire of the lamp is
    offered to devotees
    sandal wood is
    offered to worshipers

    Then devotees are offered
    purifying fire of the lamp
    worshipers are offered
    cooling sandal wood paste forehead stamp

    Fire burns all, leaves no dirt
    no leftovers, but pure ashes
    while water, air or earth
    may still leave behind some thrashes

    Sandal wood paste cools the heat
    after the prayers sweet
    eyes closed, through third eye intense
    along with fragrance of incense


    This morning I’m born again
    after the deep sleep
    Thank you earth for providing
    everything for my upkeep

    You bear me on your kind back
    help fulfill my desires
    you let me reap our fruit
    you’re gift that inspires

    So dear earth how to repay you
    for your immense kindness
    let me treat you with great care
    delicately with humbleness

    Raman felt the family love
    in his formation time
    pious lifestyle, harmony
    gave base for his prime

    They didn’t quarrel, impose
    themselves on each other
    they fed monks and wanderers
    Raman was their loved brother

    Whatefer they had they shared
    they were rich in heart
    this wealth’s highly valuable
    which turn’s one’s life into art

    Spiritual conviction, faith
    kept them rooted and stable
    tidy sleep-eat routine
    made their spirit able

    They slept from 9pm to 3am
    they ate sattwic food
    fruit, dairy and cereals
    vegetables, but no root

    They respected animals
    plants’ root, bark and stem
    they revered cows even
    when she had no milk for them

    This lifestyle made Raman learn
    some important lessons:
    take nothing for granted
    be grateful for what happens

    Loved being, like watered plant
    vibrant, fresh and sound
    harmonizes atmosphere
    that is all around

    Then emotional blockages
    simply disappear
    pure grace flows abundantly
    makes well-being dear

    After five years of his stay
    Raman got a Lord’s call
    in the form of beggar
    reminded him of his role

    Five years ago he had planted
    mango tree which bore fruit
    he blessed all the family
    and continued his route…


    Swami Atmananda gave
    Raman a free admission
    to become his disciple
    crucial for the tradition

    He went to the Konkan land
    reached a huge Banyan tree
    touched sleeping Raman’s third eye
    Raman wke up instantly

    He fell at his feet in trance
    grateful for this divine chance
    held both his feet for a while
    found the truth, tradition style

    He travelled for five years
    with Swami and his tourage
    he acquired siddhis, wisdom
    he could seem flesh or mirage

    He was not to display it
    for recognition or power
    he was to guide in the present
    and become tradition’s light tower

    His strength will be invisibility
    and invincibility skill
    common people won’t recognize him
    only the eligible ones will

    „Always be with your spine
    the string that runs through it
    links the poles of your consciousness
    gives you energy, be aware of it

    Maya will always tease you
    but you will see beyond
    you have wisdom, awareness
    you won’t react, but respond

    In extreme conditions
    indulge better than entangle
    entanglement pulls you down
    indulge, but don’t let it strangle

    Women are unique creations
    powerful, fluid, flexible
    representing creative shakti
    their dimensions are multiple

    They should be revered
    Indulgence is not a sin
    only emotion with entanglement
    will bind you, be aware within

    Be beyond or enjoy without binding
    don’t bind your own soul
    on the path of liberation
    binding’s a sin preventing ultimate goal

    Raman was 18-years old
    climbing the Himalayas, his fate
    showered with grace he went smoothly
    becoming a total renunciate

    Many masters met him
    guarding and protecting
    He’s stayed there ever since
    he can choose living or leaving

    The two travelers saw him
    he was invisible till then
    the Great Saint has no name
    address, identities, kinsmen

    He lives reminding all that
    what begins has to end
    everything comes and goes
    the earlier we understand

    the better. We were born naked
    alone without possessions
    identities, relations, professions
    all will go despite protections

    Having this always on one’s mind
    with awareness and being kind
    brave into higher dimensions
    be liberated from earthly tensions

    Biljana V


  10. i have been trying to medidate for a long time, though i am able to sit for a hour or so everyday, i can se that i am more dreaming /imagining than trying to penetrate my focus. at sometime i become blank too –

    where can i find a practical guru to guide me ?? you had said guru will come, and am sure he will come, but i am eager


    1. Dare to walk the path. Gurus will come. If you cannot meditate, practice Purity, Selflessness and non-violence in thoughts, words and action. Do selfless service. Surrender all your thoughts, words and actions at the feet of the Lord. Be totally selfless. Have complete and unshakable faith. When you let go, God takes care. Purity and Faith will take you to the highest. Love. M


  11. Mohanji, Charan sparsh,

    It is human nature to see everything tangiable. In our path of liberation we are learning to go beyond tangiable, i.e, limited can not define unlimited.At this juncture the story is partinent to all sadhaks, as the tradition reassures that ‘there is absolutely nothing to fear or be doubtful, as masters are there at every step to guide.
    Faith, purity, selfless service and surrender can take us to our ulimate goal.

    Its not just a story, its road sign for all of us.

    We are living your teachings, we sincerely thankyou for giving these jewels of wisdom…


  12. Dearest Mohanji,
    I was guided to go back to your first blog on DOUBTS (October 2009). Raman had absolutely no doubts, raised no questions, had firm faith and conviction of the path to the North shown by the Guru Tattva through its representations. His surrender was absolute and was guided appropriately.The right Gurus happened to him at the appropriate moments.The law of Karma works without fail.

    Mohanji, you as an embodiment of the great tradition and lineage of Gurus have always told us “I am with you”, but still many of us use our minds and walk east, west, north , south only to realize later on that we are at the same place in the path of spiritual evolution. Tradition takes care of us but we so called knowledgeable people with our bloated egos want to decide everything by ourselves and precisely falter there. Time and again we have been missing the essence of what you are conveying.

    Your “I am with you” is a firm assurance from the great tradition…it is up to us to take it or leave it.
    with love and gratitude,


  13. Dear Mohanji,
    Thank Q for ur great blog on The Saint and i think i am fortunate to stumble on it by chance ie courtesy of Life Positive mag.I only wish i will get an opportunity to see u in person and get ur blessings.I am only taking small steps in my path of spirituality and i have a long way to go and with ur blessings i am sure i will progress further inspite of my age(61yrs).
    With deep grattitude
    Ashok Kumar


  14. Dear Guruji,

    No words to say,I feel some invisible energy entered into my body after reading all parts of Encounter with an ageless saint of Himalayas.

    With deep gratitude,
    Sri ram


  15. Our Revered GURUji
    sat sat pranam !
    I want ur. darshan and Iwant learn meditation from YOU
    Kindly accept my reqest.
    With deep regard


  16. Dearest Father,
    Your words are the stairs to your counsciencess. We feel honored and grateful while walking on it.
    Your presence is fire which melt our minds and open our hearts.
    Your soul is our, and our souls are yours.
    We live in You.

    Eternally grateful,

    Milan and Marija


  17. My heartfelt pranams to the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Mohanji,

    Have just saw your blog 4days back and by now I have read all the articles in your blog. Every word of this blog are really wondeful and required for the souls, that require liberation.

    whatever I wanted to write was written by Bibaji already … particularly the below expression….

    “Never allow dust to settle on your consciousness. It is not always easy to sweep the dust and bring back its usual shine, especially if the dust piles up. It may take life times”

    I know you are in South Africa now but would like to meet you… as soon as the Almighty makes it happen…

    With heartfelt reverences


  18. Dear Mohanji,

    The father have created relativity, and thereafter all source are formed for creating lives. If all were selfless, loving and serving all, the earthly possesions might have converted into haven for one shortspan of human life, while it hurts immense, while one lost dearest one, faced all miseries, sorrows and pains through human life. Why father cure or heal these before arrivals: and if these are part of life, why father have created these life?


    1. why father created this life?

      you feel for the sorrow of your fellow beings. help them… experience a doer ship of good… purity in action, nothing expected from them, already ur poor, still u willingly share something. they understand your love… period…

      your child tries to walk holding your hand for the first time, she is telling a story with lots of stops, wrong works and twist the whole family laughs …. isn’t for which we live for years?

      there are so much of good in the purpose of creation.

      misunderstood, greedy and shortcut loving minds brought chaos into our lives.

      awaken dear. do nothing ….. live with it.


  19. Dear mohanji thank you . Love reading all your write ups as they inspire me to be one with my Sai .
    Bless me mohanji so that I too can reach sia babas feet and merge into them.
    God bless


  20. truely i enjoyed reading this blog, cried many times, first time i felt tears flowing down a joy !
    the ultimate feeling to liberation.

    this swamji’s contribution to mankind is appreciated.

    thanking you,



  21. Our most beautiful, most loving most compassionate Divine father Prabhu, Deva,
    Today this story of Raman the ageless Saint is part of the book MASt by Mohanji. One of the greatest teachings available on our Tradition. Lots of love ❤️


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