Consciousness is everything

Consciousness is Everything
Consciousness is everything

Once upon a time, there was no you and I. There was no earth. There was no cosmos. There were no galaxies. There was no life as we see it around us now. There was no up and the down. There was no black and white. There was no darkness. There was no duality. There was no relativity. There was no time. There was nothing. There was only consciousness. Undiluted supreme consciousness.

In the womb of the absolute consciousness, in the depth of silence, began the song of silence. The deep hum.  It pulsated within the consciousness. The sound of life – the heartbeats. Energy started to move and conglomerate. In the intensified hum from within, energy exploded into trillions and trillions of pieces. It further conglomerated into matter. Duality happened. Space happened. Relativity was born. Consciousness saw itself in the multitude. Consciousness saw itself in everything. It allowed the multitude of consciousness to awaken into positions that were suitable for each. When duality happened with the internal explosion, time began. Consciousness could measure itself from here to there and beyond. It could see itself as separate from the other. Relativity got transformed into more tangible relationships.

Relativity gave billions of options for creativity to take place. One consciousness in many forms. Then the challenge became to come together, come back and become one consciousness again.  The option was always open for experimentation. Each unit had its power as it was essentially one with the supreme consciousness. However, in the darkness of duality, it forgot its true identity and wandered in search of its home. The supreme never interfered in its pursuit. It just allowed the experiences. The free will of the present with the destiny of past karma formed lives, existence, and terrestrial experiences.

Consciousness experienced itself in various levels. The devil and angel were two sides of the same consciousness. From the barbaric dense state to the supreme consciousness state which was all-encompassing, the options were huge and varied. The denser it went, the deeper was its alienation from the supreme. The lighter it became, the easier it was to get contaminated. Consciousness never experienced any happiness or sorrow. It was always the supreme bliss of perfect awareness. There was no form and no death. There was only the detached state of witness-hood.

Embodied beings cleanse themselves over lives and elevate themselves to higher consciousness. Still, when they cease to express gratitude to the beings that helped their existence, they come back to pay. They pay their dues, sometimes over lifetimes and when they finally get the “no objection to travel” from the Mother Earth, they elevate themselves to the lighter zones. Once that is achieved, they never come back to exhaust their karmic agenda, because they have none. However, they may come back – out of compassion – to elevate a few more to the lighter existence.

In the varying levels of consciousness, from the gross noisy existence, a soul grows into the zones of silence. Words are gross there. In still lighter zones, even thoughts are gross. Those zones deliver absolute bliss of silence. They are not reachable until years of shedding and existence based on detachment that deeply segregates the embodied into a state of seeming disembody-ness happens. It is called the avadhoot state. The detachment is applicable towards everything that is gross, which includes food, weather, air, earth, and even space. When the elements are won over, the body is in control. When the body is in control, coming in, living and going out of it, is part of one’s free will and not destiny which amounts to past karma.

Denser consciousness is lived out through fears, possessiveness, hatred, revenge, soap operas ( Ha ha) – so on and so forth. The one who gets attracted to a particular object, person or a lifestyle usually has a similar level of consciousness. It is easy to recognize.  Some attribute all enviable qualities to themselves. They are living in a borrowed state of consciousness. They do not have their own identity. Their consciousness is limited.

Our universe is full of beings with diverse consciousness. Each is expressing it in their own way all the time. Birds of the same feather flock together. Similar consciousness attracts similar beings. They come together and create events. Consciousness creates events. When a generation is glued to television, watching soap operas which are narrating stories of hatred, treachery, and deceit, people will carry the same consciousness to their next lives too. This is their existence. They are part of the role play. They live that and they experience that. Some people cannot agree with one another, and some people feel too alienated from a particular society because of the difference in their levels of consciousness. Thus, consciousness is much more deeper than it seems to be.

Furthermore, physical beauty or appearance has nothing to do with inner consciousness. Great saints may look like nothing – too ordinary. Ordinary people fall for physical appearance and vocabulary. Even an avid reader can be a good speaker at public functions. He also can handle portable knowledge effectively. If we assume that his gift of gab represents his actual stature, we will be terribly mistaken. Consciousness has its own compatibility. A boy from lower school can never fathom the thought process of a postgraduate student. He has to rise up in stature through hard work, spread over a period of time, in order to understand and fathom the higher consciousness. Some people believe that cramming up knowledge will give them stature. No way. It might get them status – definitely not stature.  We respect intellectuals because they are visible and tangible.  Intellect believes in constructing. Being spiritual amounts to demolishing or destroying even own identity. That is the essential difference. We are eternal de-constructors.

Men of higher consciousness are usually not street smart on the gross terrestrial plane. They might even be considered as failures or misfits in gross society. Gross works well with gross.  When subtle has to co-exist with gross, even for the sake of providing duality, the subtle always gets shoved around. We can see many people with superior consciousness levels not making both ends meet. They indeed brought this reality upon themselves because they are in an alien land!!!

Different species are in different consciousness planes too. There are still high and low amongst them. Leaders of the pack display higher consciousness than their subjects. An ant has its consciousness. An elephant, a lion, a leopard, a whale or a dolphin has its own consciousness. Men also display a different consciousness. Some are base and barbaric. Some are born to lead. Some talk too much and add to the sound pollution that is already plaguing the world. Some pretend and display stature which they do not have. Some are silent, quiet and effective. Some dare to be different even at the cost of their own existence. Some dare to walk alone. Some are greedy, some are benevolent. Some love. Some complain…. so on and so forth.

There is collective consciousness also. A group of people thinking alike create events suitable to their consciousness. In daily life itself, we can see the “mob” effect. A group of people nullify individual consciousness and display collective consciousness. They often display, in groups, the kind of courage and determination which they individually never display.

People of lower consciousness dwell as victims of the up and down swings of life. Their life goes on like a pendulum. For those who are of higher consciousness, there is no resistance. They have no tragedies. They consider everything as experiences, lessons. Life is only about experiences.

Consciousness is everything. That is the only thread that runs through all our states, such as waking, dream state, deep sleep state, as well as the turiya state. That is the only thread that runs through all our lives. That is the only thread that began before time began and exists in the absolute plane of timelessness.

I hope I have given you sufficient food for thought. Those who understood this have already found the thread. Those who contemplate on it will find the thread. Those who ignore it will be caught up in the samsara. Everything is fine. Everything is life. Everything is consciousness.

Love all



16 thoughts on “Consciousness is everything

  1. Namaste Mohanji,

    I truly Honour in You the Divine that I honour in myself & I know that We are One.

    Your article on Consciousness is so very profound. Re your comment on Souls who feel they are in an Alien Land. Well, I was chatting with Pradeep yesterday & I was telling him that i feel I do not belong here anymore. I have been feeling this for some time now but these days its getting more & more stronger.

    My apologies Mohanji but Last Friday, i.e. the 9th of October, during the BTW meditation I was feeling very disturbed & my eyes kept opening. This has not happened before. My body, my back was in pain while in meditation so I really could not concentrate as I normally am in a deep state of relaxation. However all throughout the Meditation I felt your Divine Presence in the room. After the Meditation I was deeply pulled to Lord Shiva’s Handsome, Glorious picture which now Graces Jennifer’s office. I just walked to the Picture & felt an Immense energy flowing from the Picture to me. It kept Flowing beautifully yet very strongly. I felt complete in the moment.

    I do not know what this means, all I know is that I now have a sense of Peace. Calm & Serenity all around me.

    I thank you for Your Divine Presence in my Life. Your unconditional Love is what attracts me so much to BTW Meditations.

    On this final note Mohanji, I want to remind you that you had mentioned your arrival in Dubai sometime in October. Do let us know the date. I look forward to your arrival to Learn & Gain more Wisdom & Knowledge, te practice the 360 degree Meditaion in your Presence.



    1. Dear Lilly
      Divinity always takes care of each one of us. We often fail to see it at work, because we gets pushed and shoved by the results of our past actions. Just take it easy. You will achieve the best in this life. See you during weekend.


  2. What happens when we die ?…. I followed the link to read more about this subject. It just landed me on a first page of some newspaper…..

    Was it…. just to realise that everything in world goes on as usual and even the newspapers dont carry anything about us and life for others go on and on and we disappear ..more so if we have not even touched other souls at any level… OR is the correct link missing ?

    Whatever be…gave me that insight that whether I am or I was is just another day and not to worry much on that ..hmmmmmmmmm


    1. Dear Didi
      That link came by itself. I did not put it there. I think this site tends to put similar links together.
      What happens after death will depend on what you did with this life. It depends on the karmic backlog.
      The more the unfulfilled wishes are, the more you will tend to come back. Depending on your innate nature, you can choose to follow jnana Yoga (Knowledge path), Bhakti Yoga (Devotion path) or Karma Yoga (Self-less action path). All rivers eventually merge with the same ocean. All these paths will help you to merge with the supreme. Just understand your own inherent nature first and then follow what path suits you most.
      God Bless You


  3. That is exactly what i felt during our last meditation at Anoop’s place (16th Oct). The minute You said that the spine is the centre and we are observing everything at a 360 degree angle, my whole body started moving in a clockwise motion. At one point i felt that nobody is around me, that feeling later expanded to a state that I was all alone in the whole of Dubai, Gulf and finally the world. Then this thought occured to me ” I am in Sai Baba, He is in me; I am in Mohanji, he is in me; I am in Nithyananda, he is in me and finally, I am in Shiva, he is in me”. Truly a great experience. Thank You Mohanji……We all Love You!


  4. Respected Sri Mohan ji
    Mohan ji you have made me speechless. Just saw the link right now and you have answered all the questions which were arising in my mind since early morning, amazing!
    Consciousness is everything. That is the only thread that runs through all our states and all our lives. That is the only thread that began before time began and exists in the absolute plane of timelessness. Beautiful.
    @ Suman ji, when a person dies, consciousness is the carrier of soul (‘आत्मा’ ‘चेतना रूपी रथ’ पर सवार हो कर निकलती है). The consciousness level determines the future journey.

    Love alone



  5. Thank you Mohanji! That was quite informative and thought-provoking. Would you mind if I share this with my friends?
    Much Peace and Love to you, my friend.


  6. Dear Mohanji,
    While re-reading this blog, and preparing for the BTW website in Serbian, it inspired this poem through me, overwhelmed with refreshed understanding:

    from one to two from two to one
    from silence to song from song to silence

    One consciousness
    depth of nothingness
    depth of silence
    deep oneness

    Burst into dualities
    beginning and end
    relativity and comparison
    multitude and separation
    time and space
    ups and downs
    black and white

    Challenged to come to
    deep oneness again
    original state

    Biljana V


  7. Dearest Mohanji:

    Everytime I re- read Your writings I get another glimpse of Reality! But soon after I get caught up in the mundane cycle. What should I do to be constantly aware and free myself of all desires?

    With deepest gratitude and uncondtional love,



    1. Do not lose track of reality ever. Keep remembering who you really are, beyond your waking, dream and deep sleep states. Keep remembering who your real father (parabrahma) is. Stay rooted in your spine at all times. And be a witness to your own daily life. Do everything perfectly well, but objectively. Do not run away from anything. When ever a problem is born, a solution is also born. So, hold on to supreme faith and keep walking with supreme objectivity and love.


  8. Beloved Mohanji, like a hungry puppy I greedily pounce on your every message. There are many curve-balls in this journey, but then we connect with Teachers, and we know that somewhere along the line, we have generated some truly gooooooood karma. I’m basking in this Love
    and Truth, thankyou thankyou thankyou.


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