The Power of Losing

Many Mouths – Same Truth

Over the years, I have had the privilege of witnessing and participating in many communions – physically and metaphysically. Usually, in planes other than earth, the communions are more like a sharing of consciousness or conscious awareness. This means, one’s  thought becomes everyone’s understanding. There are no questions and answers because there is no intellect to question. Silence carries the awareness. Here are some excerpts. There are much more. Some day, I hope to share more.

The Power of LOSING

We sat under the tree in a state of absolute bliss and overwhelming gratefulness. I prostrated at His feet mentally. He acknowledged by clasping his hands and extending pranaams. Whenever our eyes locked, we offered pranaams and Namaskaars to each other. The bliss of being with a complete renunciate!!!

He smiled internally. It is similar to the smile of very small children during sleep. Nobody can understand the reason behind those smiles and the tears of those tiny babies. He smiled and looked into my eyes again. Then looked away. I was just watching and inhaling the overwhelming presence of a Great Master. About eleven of us sat under the tree, on the banks of Ganges, close to the Avadhoota.

He said: “All of  you have come here from afar. Why have you come searching for me? What can I give you which you already do not have? I have nothing to give anyone. All I have, you have too.  Why did you have to come spending so much money and time? To see a naked, mad man?” and he laughed again. This was all in Hindi.

A Spiritual Emperor

I said: “You called us. We came. Without your calling, we cannot come here. All we need is your blessings”. He looked into my eyes again. Then looked away, into eternity for sometime. He said: “Do you hear the birds singing? How did you hear that? Your mind went there to the tree along with your ears? Mind should not go away from you. It should stay within you. The birds will sing, but, they will sing within you. There are no birds, outside of you. Everything is within you. Do you understand me?” I nodded. He was not talking. He was commanding. His words were commands which must work within all listeners. I felt His power and depth. The authority was astounding. A man who remains unclothed and unattached expressed the conviction and authority of an Emperor. That was his stature.

The Sound of Silence

Another person asked: “Swami, the forests are vanishing. Where can a seeker find peace?” He answered: “Who needs forests? Who is making them vanish? If you cannot find peace where ever you are, you cannot find peace in the forests too. Peace is always inside the man, not outside. You cannot find peace outside, if your inner space is in chaos. Clean up your inner space with good thoughts, words and residue of actions. You will have peace everywhere else. The world outside is just an expression of yourself. There is no outside world apart from you. You make it. You break it. You make everything within you. You break everything within you. So, there is no point in going to forests to find peace. You will be more restless.

Echoes of One Father – SHIVOHAM

He said: “People are teaching about chakras, naadis, aura and kundalini! People are chasing sensations! People are so stuck with the thoughts of kosas (sheaths) and its accessories. HA HA HA. What is the use? More ego? When will you stop looking at yourself (your accessories) and look at Your Self? People give elaborate lectures about Kundalini moving through Mooladhara, Swaaadhishtaana, Manipura etc. What is the use of meat to a vegetarian? What is the use of knowledge when it is of no real use, and only creates more chaos within? We have to leave off all such knowledge and move higher. We have to shed names and images and move higher. How long will we hold on to such things? And what for? Eventually, everything must dissolve.

The true happiness is in losing. Losing every thing that added to the weight of your existence. The true happiness is that of someone who has nothing inside. Nothing to defend. Nothing to fear. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to do. Nothing to prove. Nothing to think. Nothing to achieve. Nothing!!! No needs. No requirements. Lose everything. Name, fame, image, thoughts, knowledge. Lose everything. You will experience the causeless joy and wonder of your eternal spirit. You will experience the true state of liberation – Jeevan Mukta.

Temptations Lure Minds. Wisdom Prevents the Fall.

He then took a glass and said: “Man is holding on to his toys, just like a child who cannot let go of his toys. Man is a child and the only difference is in his size, not in his outlook or attitude. Oh Man!!! When will you let go? When will you let go of your toys? Nature always ends up forcefully removing those toys and dispatching you from existence, time and again. No control on his own life and no control on his death too!!! What a misery!!! Oh Man!!! What can I say? What can I give you? You are so crammed up inside!

Go away. You can get nothing from me. Many come here to see if I can reduce their baggage of suffering!!! How can I release you from anything, when you hold them so tight to your chest? What do I have? I have nothing, just this piece of cloth (Loin Cloth). What can I give you? What more can you carry?

Established Gratitude is Inherent Blessing

Oh Man!!! You keep creating your sand castles!!! You keep building highly perishable empires, even using treachery and deceit, and cry when they perish. When will you leave the temporary and hold on to the permanent? Remember, you have to hold on to your mother (The Lord Almighty) like a monkey’s baby clings on to its mother, until He (The Almighty) takes over and holds you like a cat handling its kitten. If the baby monkey loosens its grip, it falls to death. Nobody can help that fall. You yourself are responsible. Remember that clearly.You are building and re building perishable empires life after life. Still you cannot understand its futility!!! Alas, Man, get out of here. I can give you nothing. You can take nothing from me.”

He closed his eyes and whispered “All are running. Running for what? Who is waiting for whom? If at all, what are they waiting for? Just to fulfill some selfish ends!!! Every meeting has a selfish purpose. Nobody meets anybody for the sake of unconditional love. Everything is conditional. Who created all these appointments that you are struggling to cope with? YOU. You made everything and now you are suffering. You cannot cope. HA HA HA. Oh MAN!!! RUN RUN….Run as much as you want. One day you have to fall. Fall from your pretensions. Fall into the real truth. When will you realize this? With or without you, the same stars will decorate the sky and the same Ganga will feed the grass. Do you feel that you are so important? Think again. Life was going on before you were born. Life will go on without any problem, even after you leave the earth. What appointment are you going to keep? What are you clinging on to? Be grateful for the present moment. Be Grateful. That’s all you can do.You can gain nothing from me. You are wasting your time here. Go, go to your entertainments and continue the life of pretensions and make-believe. GO AWAY!!! You are wasting your time here. YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!!!

One man said “Swamiji, let me sit close to you and be benefited from your presence. Let me also gain something. He snapped “You will gain nothing. You come here with a filled up mind. Swollen with ego, calculating your gains. You cannot gain anything from here. I have nothing to give you. You can take nothing. What can you gain permanently when you have to lose everything? All are here to gain something, take something. None can give, until nature forcefully snatches things away. Poor Man!!! How ignorant he is!!! Go, Go to your markets and play your commercial games – the game of gaining and losing. You are wasting your time here. GO”.

Liberation is in Losing

Man is Flesh. From Flesh, more Flesh are produced. Meat based ego. HA HA HA. Man’s ego develops and swells based on this meat. Flesh and Bones. See the flesh and bones of the past terrestrials, all over the earth. Once they were also moving just like you. You will also be that one day. Do not be too proud. Understand your reality. Accept your reality. Be Grateful.

Oh Man!!! Do not be too proud about yourself. When the perfume that you wear fades off, body, mind and intellect are just “dirt” and they stink too. You are just flesh and blood. Temporary formation of flesh and bones – a loan from the earth!!! This structure of yours. Look at the organs of animals that you killed. You have packed them neatly for sale in your super markets. Oh Hygienic flesh eaters, your body contains the same organs too. Minus soul, you and those dead animals are the same. You killed them because you like to eat their carcass. Time likes to eat your carcass too. Time will annihilate you totally and completely. So, while living, live with awareness of these facts. Practice Non-Violence in thought, word and action.

When Will You Know Me? In How Many Life Times?

Life is the difference. For everything that is born, death is an inevitability. One life breeds many lives, just like meat breeds more meat. The first existence was causeless, as a reason, for the demonstration of relativity. The rest are all karmic, until the final unity. Life breeds karma. One karma breeds more karma. The soul suffers births and deaths. Beware Man, you are no better off than those pigs living in filth. Look at your own inner space. What is there? What JUNK have you stored and nurtured there? No. Do not tell me. I do not want to know. Now, you tell me, what am I supposed to do? What will I do with you? Go away. You will gain nothing from me. You will not even understand me.

Look at those covered in saffron and ornaments of power!!! Poor Men. They are hiding inside the saffron. They are hiding their insecurities!!! Poor Men. Leave them alone. They are also like you, calculating gains and losses. Just leave them alone. They are doing all these for the sake of survival. Those priests also are waiting for their preys – insecure victims. Let them also live. Those religious fanatics, going after converting people who are nothing but unsteady minds and meat and bones; are trying to increase the head counts of their community. Ignorant people. Let them also live. Just now you said that there is no jungle anymore. Animals are certainly there. Jungle should be there. The real jungle has shifted to the city now. Your mind itself is an impregnable jungle, Oh Man!!! How many poisonous snakes and dangerous emotions roam there, uncontrolled!!! What can I give you? You created everything. You nurtured everything!!! Thank You. I want nothing from you too.”

Where ever you look, there is only the glory of Brahman (Supreme Soul)

“Foolish man, so concerned about “the right path”, does not even know which is his right path and follows  someone else’s !!! He cannot allow the soul to guide because he is not aware of its existence – even once a day. Then he repeats the same mistakes of life times, again and again. What a pity!!! Man, liberation is in abandonment, not in ownership. Understand this very clearly. What will you gain by seeing me? What you see is just flesh and blood. That’s not me. Then what do you see? Can you see my soul? In order to see my soul, you should see your soul. Thats the right path!”

Anyway, this will not be understood by many. This food will not be enjoyed by many. This is celestial nectar (amrut).Those who could digest this food, will be liberated. This will be heard only by those who are eligible. The rest will continue to intellectually fathom infinity. This is a futile exercise. Eventually, they will drop it and reach the truth. Every path leads to liberation. Time and space are the difference. Good BYE ( God Buy You)

My friends, In 2006, I communicated with an astral master – a true divine being. I was asking mundane questions, which the master replied patiently. After an hour or so, the master decided to depart. The master asked me “What can I do for you? “I said “I would always stay connected with Astral Masters like you.” He said “I will arrange that” and left. That experience was beautiful. He kept his promise. A part of the above text is taken from our communion with the avadhootha whom we met in Haridwar during Maha Kumbha Mela in 2010.
Many masters do not have physical bodies.  There is no language for thoughts. They transfer the right thoughts with power and intensity to receptive minds, time after time. My job as a man of flesh and blood is to convey it sincerely. It is not my job to convert you. I have no agenda. You may have, I believe, at least that of liberation – Jeevan Mukti?. If this suits your agenda, take it. If not, leave it. In any case, I LOVE YOU.

God Bless You



18 thoughts on “The Power of Losing

  1. Whoa! This is very bold and with great ‘umph’ – Masters surely don’t mince the words. I love it! All of us definitely need this kick.

    I read all of it in one breath – the words exude a powerful Shaivic energy.
    I feel connected, immensely blessed.

    It’s a great honor to witness all of this unfolding…

    Pranaams, love and gratitude,



  2. Remember – One who does not possess anything, owns or commands “everything “. Possession is limitation. Society is possession oriented. The more we amass, the more we are feared or respected in the society. Most of us live our whole life in fear of the society and does everything to maintain our image. Some choose difference. Some are not afraid to walk alone. They evolve higher. Possessions granted by praarabda karma should be handled with sincere gratitude and not pride and ego. Attachment and greed binds people to people, materials and earth. Higher awareness and understanding our true nature liberates people from it. Use all possessions with utmost gratitude. That makes this life useful and in that context successful.


  3. Thank you for relaying the message. Unlearning from the madness of spiritual acquisition is the most important aspect. I am thankful, on the path of losing whatever is left in me:)


  4. All these years, I was withholding my material possessions and spiritual experiences. In the last few months, I have just learnt to ‘lose’ a few of them and the joy i feel cannot be expressed.

    Here I am ready to lose whatever it takes…..Thank You for this post…it has made me believe in my self (myself) and leave everything else behind.

    Love and Regards


  5. Dear Mohanji,
    I owe gratitude to the existence for making you happen in my life. I am confused about your comment: Remember – One who does not possess anything, owns or commands “everything “. Possession is limitation. I am confused whether me remaining connected with you is some sort of possession that I am clinging on to? What does it mean that I should not be afraid to walk alone?

    Thank you for AGAIN reminding me that :Possessions granted by praarabda karma should be handled with sincere gratitude and not pride and ego.

    Thank you for EXPOSING the limitations in MY interactions with society by sharing the great Avadhoota’s truthful words that : Every meeting has a selfish purpose. Nobody meets anybody for the sake of unconditional love. Everything is conditional.

    And finally the understanding delivered that What can you gain permanently when you have to lose everything? is like a third shot from an AK-47 to kill Sanjay’s foolish thinking till now.

    with love and surrender,


    1. Dear Sanjay
      Anything that provokes pride and ego can be considered as your possession. Anything that is customary or a social necessity could be considered as dharma (duty).I am explaining it in this way, just for clarity’s sake. There are only thin lines of differences. A guru will exist in your life, as long as he need to. Once he leaves, only gratitude for him should remain. All the class teachers who came to your classes always empowered you to move on and move further.They need nothing from you. All you could meaningfully express, is sincere gratitude.
      We have to examine our emotions, one after the other, what can we live without? What are we clinging on to? Possessions do generate multiple fears. Even if the possession are qualifications, experience or just degrees, we fear. Our fears are of various nature. For an educated person, his fear would be that of correct positioning in the society, in comparison with those who are not so much educated. He constantly fear of losing his status. Even a job loss creates a big ripple in his inner space because he has imposed that kind of expectation on himself. A rich man fears the loss of his wealth. One who loves another fears the loss of the other. Like that, fears are aplenty. Liberation from all these fears through higher awareness and understanding of the impermanence of our situations, will liberate the mind and the man. Those who are so liberated dare to walk alone. They become self-sufficient. SELF Sufficient.
      Hope I have clarified your question. If not, please ask again.


  6. Dear Mohanji,

    Its really worth reading again and again the concepts of self awareness….Is it possible to make these true divine concepts in PDF format with print out option so that we read them whenever we requires .A humble suggestion…

    Pranams & Luv

    Nibu Nair


  7. Dear Mohan Bhai,

    such profound statements from the great masters has made the self feel grounded and experience immense flow of energy. thank you spiritual brother.

    love and gratitude

    Ravi bhai


  8. Dear Mohan,

    Losing is gaining! Thank you or this wisdom! How much one needs…? Very little…

    I am pleased to have met and got to know you durung business meeting in Hamburg recently! You are a model of how a person can be active in social live -job, social contacts etc – still keeping God and Love and Unselfishness deep in Heart!
    I believe that nothing happens by itself and so called “people radio”, in my person, will bring a small part of Mohanji to Latvia. People in my country are missing such a real Guru… This is not compliment (we have many Teachers in our country) but objective conclusion!
    Thank you very much! God bless you, your family and all us!
    Andris (Hamburg-Latvia)


  9. Thank you, it is so inspiring.

    One can crave for any identification
    aiming to escape from emptiness ration
    Cause it looks so charming to have many labels
    although they fade away, the time them disables
    Each man has his own path let there be no judgement
    bless him and with kindness send him encouragement
    What one needs is love, strength to breathe, be nothing
    love to be and just be whatever others may think
    What is our nature, spirit makes some breakthroughs
    when one has the courage and power to – lose



  10. Mohanji. The awakened and enlightened spirit. pranam. i have met you few years back in Dubai and recognized your power and shift. wonderful to know you so close. where ever you are sending you love and hugs. I am madan menon. now transformed as SHIV SHIVOHAM. thanks for your energy. just finished an american and canada retreat tour and back in india. HARI OM TAT SAT.


  11. I do not know what to say. I know I still fear to loose even though I feel I am managing to loose many of my insecurities and fears. Let Baba walk with me always. Jai Gajanan.


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