Mohanji's Personal Blog - Doubts - Life is a joke? Smile Anyways
Life is a joke? Smile Anyways
Life is a joke? Smile Anyways

The conscious mind creates doubts. It also creates fear of the unknown. It is the inherent characteristic of the conscious mind to create doubts and subsequent insecurity. Doubts are based on the level of consciousness. On a sunny morning, when basking in the warm rays, the conscious mind is sure that its morning and there is sunshine. But, a person who sleeps inside a blanket with curtains blocking rays from entering the room can never be sure of the situation outside his windows. His mind speculates. So, the available data and the level of consciousness creates doubt.

Doubts block progress. Doubt about anything is a hindrance. Those who dare have always found some result. Sometimes it is just a mediocre experience. Sometimes its blinding truths. It is certainly good to be brave.  The roots of doubts rest in inertia (Tamas). The more tamasic a person is, the more doubts he will have.

Reasonable risks always help progress and self-esteem. Foolish risks often ruin the man. Reasonable risks are stemmed out of the intellect. Foolish risks are offsprings of emotions. Whatever gets born out of intellect has longevity while every action born out of emotion usually carries the seeds of catastrophes.

All doubts will vanish with higher awareness. When we have doubts about the weather outside, just open the curtains and look outside. Likewise, whenever doubts arise, do the action and do not resort to speculation. The best way to beat doubts and even inertia is by resorting to ACT.

Best Wishes


12 thoughts on “Doubts…

  1. Counteract Doubts with Action.
    Does this imply that I must Act? That would mean it’s more an emotional response than driven by intellect. Using my intellect would mean weighing the pros and cons sort of speculating on the positive or negative outcome. Emotional would mean jump in and I’ll deal with the consequences later. Confused!


    1. Yes, Sandy. Intellectual approach is balanced and unemotional. For example, someone scolds you and your emotional reaction almost always brings forth regrets in the future. Doubts are also part of the insecurities that we carry. Some are rooted in past experiences – or the impressions of the past experiences that we carry. By using intellect more for tackling situations, we maintain our poise and balance always. Postponement is Tamas (inertia). Not having the energy to act on what we believe is also tamas. Even when emotions overflow, if we can observe it as an outside entity, it is intellect at work. We could call it witness state. This helps us to be away from the emotional baggage of any situation.


  2. Beautifully expressed, Mohanji!! Indeed , man becomes so small when he doubts and the opportunities just expand when we just let it be and accept..
    Science is experimenting first then believing, Spirituality is believing first, everything else follows later. Doubts are the seeds of man’s and eveuntually a nation’s non progress..

    Wish there was spirituality at all levels so that the level of consciousness rises and we live better within the community.


  3. “The best way to beat doubts and even inertia is by resorting to ACT”

    That is a wonderful message. Postponement generally means disinterest and sloth. Taking action and doing it NOW is the effective way to get out of self spun web of inertia. Having the courage to take action is also an indication of one’s intent.
    As they say in sanskrit – “Dhairye Sahase Lakshmi”, You invite fullness (prosperity) when you take the courage to act on your intention.

    Thanks Mohanji.


  4. Thank you Mohanji for your wise words … beyond acting out of emotions it’s important to know the difference between ego-driven “intellect” and conscious-driven intellect … how do we discern where the motivation to act originates?


  5. Guruji
    ❤ Pranam

    what happens when we are balanced and something or the other comes and disbalances us. we lose our focus, angry, become egoistic and retaliate, burn ourselves up. it takes some time to calm down and regain balance.

    the residual anger remains and probably can be channelised into action.

    but why, even when one is aware, can one not handle oneself better in these disturbing circumstances? why the see saw.. still?


    1. Dear Anju
      When we shift our operating platform to spine, we will still express our emotions, but will not be participating. You are free to express ego, anger or frustration. But, do not be involved in it. Just express for the sake of conveying a message. When you involve, you become weak and helpless. When you express objectively, you are in control. This can happen by practice. So, your inside will remain calm and cool like the deep blue sea. You will never be affected by the waves of emotions. You will not own them or judge them. They will come and go. You will remain tranquil eternally. This loosens up your karma as well as attachment.
      Love Always


  6. A good way to guage whether we are quiet inside, is to check one’s heartbeat – is it slow and even? If so, that is a good indication that we are acting from a point of inner stillness. Uneven heartbeat and breath indicates that our actions are emotionally driven.


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