Diamonds and Stones

Life is Precious…Cherish it

Q: Life is Precious

A: Indeed. Life is precious. Every moment is precious. We have already missed many diamonds while we were busy collecting stones.

Life of Bondage is not LIFE at all

Q: Life is about Liberation

A: Indeed. But it is not about escapism. It is not about discontentment with what we have and lust after what we do not have. It is not about comparisons. It is not about sadness over inequalities. It is not about resistance and turmoils inside. Liberation is about LIBERATION – an existence in which you have everything, but need absolutely nothing. Whether a material is available or not, there is no agony or ecstasy. Nothing is essential. True liberation  is lack of dependancy on anything and being grateful about everything.

Life itself is the True Achievement – What ever your path is, what ever you are into.

Q: Life is about achievements

A: Indeed. But, it is not about the cups and trophies  in the wardrobe. It is about the blessings that you rendered to the helpless. It is about our ability to make a positive difference to another being.True achievments cannot be counted in fingers, but can only be measured through one’s spiritual progress, one’s level of liberation. True achievements are the tangible moments that we lived selflessly. This is the only place where everyone wins. All material achievements are gain for some and loss for some.

Individual Thoughts Add to the Collective Destiny

Q: Life is about Thoughts

A: Indeed. What you think, so you become. Thought is the first level of creation where energy is released. Thoughts arise out of an inherent desire existing in the sub conscious in the seed form, blooming in the right environment. Thoughts, if powerful enough, lead to further expressions such as words or images. If the words are powerful enough, they lead to action. Action, combined with emotions, becomes karma. Karma leads to further births. Thus goes the life of a Man. So, every thought is important. Nothing goes wasted in our system. Collective thoughts of a generation create events. Oppression or suppression brings forth an Avatar who will destroy evil and reinstall dharma. A life style based on procrastination and lethargy will provoke wars and change. Thus, at every point in time, all are participating in the creation of a collective destiny, which in turn becomes the individual destiny, in which ever degree it should.

For the Hungry, God is Food. Avoid Wastage of Food

Q: Life is about food.

A: Indeed. Body is a sheath made out of elements. Elements nurture that sheath till death and dis-integration. Body is linked to mind as much as mind is linked to body. Mind keeps emotions, including emotions related to food. Body needs are superseded by mind’s need for satisfaction. Mind rules. Body obeys. Obesity happens. Body does not need as much food as the mind needs. Mind nurtures craving. Body has its own intelligence. Our food habits reflect our character and destiny. Unconscious eating, emotional eating and craving leads to over eating, obesity and sudden deaths. Food that is cooked and stored, food containing dead organisms (which lacks praana) and food that is contaminated, decrease the consumer’s vital energy gradually and makes him vulnerable to many diseases. One who is in control of his consumption can be considered an emperor of his own life. Moderate eating which fills one third of the stomach, while one third remains filled with water and one third with air, is supposed to be the ideal quantity for a healthy living. Moderate eating, moderate sleeping, and moderate excercise along with personal hygiene makes a superb human. Wastage of food is a crime. It should never be entertained. Take only what you can effortlessly consume. Never take food for granted. Our body has consumed tons of food and gallons of water till date. Much more is wasted also. We live in a world where some starve and steal food while some fight obesity. Feeding the hungry is the noblest of all charities. Hungry can be a bird, animal or a human being. Irrespective of the type of body or species, we must educate our children to feed the hungry. This will arrest stress in them and make them higher beings in flesh and blood.

Success is Life. Life is success.

Q: Life is about Success

A: Indeed. True success of life depends on our growth in awareness. Success is in our spiritual evolution. Success is in our kindness expressed. Success is in liberating ourselves from all kinds of dependency. Success is in gaining simplicity. Success is in knowing oneself. Success is in success itself. All material successes are temporary and transitory. They come and go and involve either happiness or sorrow, but not equanimity. And yet, equanimity in happiness and sorrow, is the true success.

Faith Brings Miracles. Faith Moves Mountains

Q: Life is about Faith

A: Indeed. Faith happens, sooner or later. When ego subsides and gets nullified through consistent downfalls, faith happens. Faith leads. Faith soothes. Faith reinforces. Faith nurtures life. Faith elevates life. Faith stabilizes life. Faith Liberates man. Faith increases with experiences. Faith decreases when we disown our own experiences; swapping it for other’s opinions or book knowledge. Faith increases when surrender becomes absolute. Faith decreases when ego becomes predominant. Faith is real, if it is spontaneous. Faith is transitory, if it is induced or inherited. If man’s herd instinct leads to certain faith, it ends when he turns a new corner. Such is the passing faith which has no longevity. Faith based on conviction is more real, if conviction is based on truth.

Great Masters set examples of Selfless existence and unconditional giving.

Q: Life is about giving

A: Indeed. Only when giving becomes unconditional, and absolutely devoid of any expectations. Giving is not about wealth or money. Giving time, energy, knowledge, guidance, information, space, food, water, medicine, clothes, books, healing,  and everything else, done with pure intentions and without expectations indeed transforms a man into a “MAN”.

One who gives glows. One who selflessly moves in the society, radiates positiveness and hope. Even if his life is short, there will be LIFE in each moment. His purposefulness itself will radiate LIFE. Life is not worth it, if lived without any benefit to the world around us. It is nothing superior to the existence of an animal. Life is in Giving. Giving is essential in Life. Giving strenghtens and raises man to the level of God. It liberates him. Unconditional existence always liberates man.

Gratitude Makes hearts RICH

Q: Life is about Gratitude

A: Indeed. Gratitude liberates and positions the mind on the present. Being in the present itself is liberating. Gratitude makes the heart rich. A rich heart is  more precious than a rich wallet. Gratitude invokes child-like wonder in the mind. It makes life worth living. When gratitude becomes the essence of our character, excesses vanish, ego vanishes and anxieties vanish. Gratitude supports faith. Gratitude provides equanimity. Gratitude reinforce unconditional love. If you have to choose one quality in life, choose gratitude. It is worth it. Everything else will fall in place by itself.

Real Power is in Real Control of one’s mind and senses

Q: Life is about Power

A: Indeed. The real power lies in the state of control of  intellect over mind. When man becomes emotional, intellect gets shut down. Uncontrolled senses and mind amount to human weakness. Senses in control of the mind and mind in the control of intellect make a man powerful. The real wire puller is the soul, which is the all powerful. But, it does not express its power. It never over rules any decision of the mind or intellect. Having power, but not expressing it, or having to express it, is real power. Power, if used to create harmony and love in the world, is truly noble. Power, if used for conquests and suppression of other being, is demonic. How we wield our power depends on our basic character. Power makes a man naked, as it exposes his true nature. Some use power benevolently and for the benefit of all. They are true expression of the Almighty. They never entertain any barriers within, such as caste, creed, culture, countries, colors, communities etc. They are Universal beings. Their nature of expression is unconditional love. Some use power to control other beings through fear. They are insecure; and those leaders who create fear and control indeed lack character and quality.

An individual or an organisation is the same in this context. Organisation is a body consisting of many individuals. Power should be used for wiping the tears of many. It should be used for protecting rather than destroying. Power should be used with awareness and not emotion.

Power is a double edged sword. It could hurt the one that wields it. History is full of examples. One who has absolute power needs to be absolutely careful. Power should create harmony, love and peace. That is real power. One who has his mind in control, is really powerful too. Nobody can shake him ever. He will never be insecure. He will live a life of equanimity.Thus, the real conquest is the conquest of the mind.

The Power of Purity is incomparable and True

Q: Life is about Purity

A: Indeed. Purity of thought, word and action liberates man from everything. It strengthens his existence. Purity is power. Purity is truth. Truth is pure. All elements resonate with truth. Our whole being resonates with truth and purity. The whole universe resonates with truth and purity. When we live truth, purity happens. When we live a life of purity through consistently expressing purity through every thought, word and action, we elevate ourselves to an existence of supreme consciousness. There are no barriers in the realm of purity. There is supreme strength in the purity. The power of purity is tangible. The power of purity unburdens in various levels. The power of purity liberates. The power of purity immunizes from the rocks and shocks of daily existence. The power of purity radiates. Purity empowers.  Purity strengthens. Purity liberates. It brings gratitude into existence. It quells the wandering mind to a thought-less state. It quenches all questions. It brings contentment. It brings stability. It makes our very existence, a great experience. It fills our existence with Life. It brings purpose. It fills life with faith and hope. It connects us to the highest of consciousness. The Power of Purity is unfathomable. It is the nature of the Supreme.

Questions gets repeated, a 1000 times, until the mind drops dead. Then it is peace. Deep peace. Deep peace of acceptance. Deep peace of living the truth….

God Bless All



After 1000 questions, the mind drops dead. Liberation begins there.

11 thoughts on “Diamonds and Stones

  1. Pranam Mohanji,

    This is so Aussumn, & so true. Every question what comes to mind you always answer it with purity this shown that how you read our Mind & soul.

    Om Sai Ram.


  2. FANTASTIC: After 1000 questions, the mind drops dead. Liberation begins there.
    Dear Mohanji the SATSANGS with you have deleted many of my questions. Some still pop up but now there is an intense desire in me for a dead mind and just live a life of gratitude.
    with love and gratitude,


  3. Indeed! The whole gist of how should we be living full life and the core of spirituality has been summed up in the answers to the questions by Mohanji. There cannot be anything more explained on this subject that I can think of. The whole secret of the cycle of cosmic drama has been well deciphered and delivered. For those who will get it and follow will be liberated from this cycle. Nothing more is needed than surrender with faith, patience till Self Realisation and Gratitude for whatever we experience in our lives. May the Divine Grace flow abunduntly through each one of us to make us understand this, experience this in total awareness! God bless!


  4. Real diamonds that ‘are forever’ 🙂 for they express the eternal Truth.
    Reading this blog post was a sacred experience, especially since I know how it came to be…
    Being the only eye-witness to this, it is my honor to share with you the following: Mohanji wrote this blog post at 2.30am. He woke up due to a sudden energy surge of Shaivic nature, i.e. he was prompted by Shirdi Baba to get up and write. The entire text was done in 10 min.! I was suprized to see that the product of that Grace and fast typing is a text this long and profound.

    With gratitude that ‘makes the heart rich’ and indeed ‘invokes the child-like wonder in the mind’, I marvel at the magic of our existence, eternally grateful for the greatest blessing of my life – called Mohanji…





  6. dear mohanji

    my pranams to you ! we are all blessed by our gurus BALAJI / PARAMAHAMSA YOGANADA – indeed i feel happy when i am with them, either reading or thinking of what they had said. such being life.
    on the material side i as still a director in a logistic co in india with all the problems and issue. sometime i get so worked up and do not know why ? honestly everyday in the morning (prior to 6am) i try to meditiate (for atleast 30minutes). when i start to do that all types of thoughts comes in and flood my mind, i can see that, and i am at ease only after a long time – can u please help me on two issue ::

    a) why is it that i getting so worried (though our gurus has been very kind and has blessed me with everything i want)? i still am not happy, i get frusterated fast, i sometime think what this life is all about, but at other time like a pendilum i get so worried about “tomorrows”

    b) how can be with our gurus / gods all the time, ?

    tq mohanji

    with rgds


    1. The reason for worry is expectation. If expectations are not realized, it leads to frustrations. The remedy is acceptance of every moment as it is, without resistance. Allow life to flow. Acceptance of yourself as it is, is also equally important.
      You are already with all Gurus and God. If you reach closer to your own soul, you will realise, feel and experience the proximity. Nothing can seperate you from them, because you are one with them.


  7. What jumps out at me is the words on “faith”. When the mind wins the battle, doubts enter like an army of enemies. It screws up EVERYTHIING. But once we gain control over mind, and rest in our own Swaroopa, with absolute surrender to the Master who finds us and gives us of His precious time – then like a switch, bliss takes the place of the madness of doubting. And even when there are doubts, the Master simply watches, never turns His back on us – just allows us to be and believe whatever we want. And then, when we realize our folly, and turn back to the Master – there He is, loving as always, utterly non-judgemental – open arms and an ever-welcoming heart……! Now THAT, is LOVE.

    At Your holy feet beloved Mohanji!


  8. Pranams Mohanji . You are a torch light for us in the darkness. Always trying to guide us to the right path. Please never leave our hand and be with us protecting and guiding to reach our destination. With Love and surrender at your Divine feet


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