The Dance of Shiva

In the depth of beingness....
In the depth of beingness….

In deep silence, in the depth of inner consciousness, the inherent rhythm of life, of heartbeat, reverberates. The cosmic dance begins. The entire cosmos rejoices and participates in the dance of Shiva. In the depth of extreme being-ness, the need for expression takes place. Shiva Dances, pumping up extreme rajas. Satwa paves way to diverse creativity and shift of energies. From the base of non-doingness, forms the expression of extreme action. The whole cosmos gets shaken up from inertia. Energy shifts and matter gets formed.

In the silence of beingness, energy gets conglomerated and with the external expression of cosmic dance, matter gets thrown out as a natural process. Extreme rajas destroys tamas – the evil in the path of spiritual evolution and puts everything into an action mode – only to fall back again into the being-ness of inherent guna-less state. External expressions are not remembered then. It is only the internal calmness and absolute peace. It is only the expansion and omni presence. It is only being-ness and nothing else.

When Shiva dances, the nature dances. Nature gets into the vibration of the one who dissolves. Nature echoes the universal heartbeat. Nature expresses the cosmic choreography. Every being dances in perfect rhythm and understanding. Everyone falls into perfect synchronization. There is no fear of dissolution. There is no fear caused by limitedness or limitations. There is only the relief of expansion. There is only the objectivity and peace of being-ness, or the bliss of being one with everything.

In the dance of Shiva, the senses gives way to awareness of music. There is no listening to music, there is only being music. The music becomes the listener and the dancer becomes the dance. There are no dualities. There is only perfect alignment and dissolution. There is no past or future. There is only the present or the present which also contains the past and the future. Nothing is apart from one another.

Man Carries His Abode
Man Carries His Abode

Shiva breaks into extreme rajas to shake up and speed up the creation. Then he dissolves back into being-ness. As easily he broke into extreme action, he retreats into extreme inaction or the state of non-doing. The whole cosmos merges into His consciousness. The heartbeat of the whole universe becomes his inherent rhythm. He carries the universe within himself.

The dance of Shiva is a momentous interlude of maya or illusion in the depth of unity of being-ness or being the truth. The seeker and the sought becomes the dancer and the witness. When the dance ends, there is no dancer and witness as separate entities. Everything becomes one again. The dance is an expression of creativity as well as duality. The dance is an expression of relativity too. The dance is an expression of the bliss of being-ness.The dance is an expression of time and space. The dance also is an expression of vitality and dynamism of creation. The dance is also a reminder of ultimate dissolution. The dance becomes Shiva. Shiva becomes the dance. Dance cannot exist without Shiva and Shiva cannot express without His dance. All beings remain in awe of the immensity of His expression and creation.

Man carries his expression. Man carries his abode. Man cannot exist without his abode. Man cannot express without his abode. Man is the in-dweller and the temple is the abode. Shiva expresses the fundamental dynamism of creation of the universe through his dance. When the whole universe becomes His dance, He is everywhere, but nowhere. His omnipresence gets expressed through His duality as well as dissolution. The action and inaction are also symbols and signs of life. The being-ness and doing-ness are two sides of the same coin of existence. Without each other, there is no duality – there is no expression-able life.

Life is a continuous stream in the dance of Shiva. Shiva continues His dance, eternally. Before time began, Shiva existed. His Dance continues through the time into the absolute timelessness.

Bless All



10 thoughts on “The Dance of Shiva

  1. I read this completely zapped and breathless – while my being was exploding recognizing the depth from which this expression arrived, my mind became silent overwhelmed with the amazement that you managed to write all this in the midst of your skin problem, the living hell of continuous itching, irritation and dryness. Seeing a text of this profundity arriving at this time is truly the last thing I expected – you will evidently never stop surprizing/amazing me, and I am so happy for that 🙂
    I LOVE the captions you gave to your Shiva experience photos – indeed, so true…

    My deepest pranaams to Shiva…

    With endless love,



  2. This explains Shiva in its true essence. Shiva, The Lord, is our state of beingness…..alas it took us so much time and effort to understand this. It is souls like Mohanji who awaken us from the deep slumber and realize our true potential. We are truly blessed……………bless the world!


  3. Dear Mohanji, Thank you for sharing insights on shiva’s cosmic dance. On this path of dissolution, shiva is everything to us. Thank you for guiding us selflessly and showering us with energy as much as we can take.

    pradeep ullal


  4. The paradox of duality as One is beautifully said and explained, Mohanji. It is difficult to write how this makes me feel, it resonates on a level that words cannot explain and to do so, changes the meaning. And so, I will simply express my appreciation and gratitude that you are in the world and I have come to know you. Namaste, Connie


    1. Dearest Connie, There is no need for words. I feel your feelings. It is true. It is genuine. It is being one with the expression. Being with the expression and being the expression.
      Love. M


  5. The most incredibly beautiful prose-poetry, read and reread many times. I interpret this as a direct experience of Shiva-Shakti, that we and the rest of the universe are all part of the creative expression, or dance, or Shakti. And when the dance ends, it’s just beingness or Shiva again.
    How blessed, to experientially realize that..


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