Mohanji’s message for ACT Day

My beloved colleagues and companions in service,

Ammucare and ACT day (November 9th 2016) 

The ACT Day. At least one positive ACT every day. This is what we believed in and what we will believe in forever. Our life depends on our disposition. A consistent positive disposition ensures a life of courage and confidence while the predominance of negative disposition will ensure tragedies. Our thought quotient or pattern of thinking has great value in our existence. Constant negative thoughts carry patterns suitable for psychosomatic ailments. Ability to swap negative thoughts with positive thoughts will help create a fulfilling, balanced existence. Thinking positive is very important. Keeping away from negative thoughts is equally important.

Love is our most powerful God-given strength. Love is light. Lightness ensures elevation. When we constantly express love, we become rich inside. Inner richness is the only richness that travels with us while living and while leaving.

EMPOWERMENT. LOVE. NON-VIOLENCE. They are the key pillars of ACT.

COMPASSION is our strength. INTEGRITY is the oxygen of ACT. ETHICAL LIFESTYLE is our way of life. We do what we say. We say what we do. We believe in living LOVE beyond any man-made boundaries. It is selfishness that creates walls. Selflessness needs no walls. We are here to help and heal the world. This is the purpose of our life.


A life well lived means a life lived for the helpless of the world. What can we gain from earth permanently, except the good vibrations from those to who we mean something good? Their blessings are our only permanent earnings as well as savings. We cannot lose these savings unless we indulge in acts of abusing, torturing, killing or harming the beings of earth through thoughts, words and actions. If we lead a life of kindness, the whole universe will work with us, empower us and protect us. ACT is a living proof of this point.

ACT took birth in 2003, on the day of the festival of lights in India. Dr. Namboothiri, P.P. Namboothiri, Pratapan, V.P.Nair and others came together and launched Ammucare in India. The same year Sankarji, Anand Nair, Ramdas and others joined hands to form ACT in Dubai. We express our sincere and deepest gratitude to these founding fathers of ACT. ACT grew and stabilised itself in many countries while Ammucare expanded itself in activities as well as locations within India. Young at heart, energetic people are leading ACT to greater heights and diversification each year.

When ACT was born in 2003, we had declared that ACT has no compulsory payments of any kind and will be 100% voluntary charity organisation beyond caste, creed, country, culture, colour, community and religious barriers. We care for mother earth and all our acts would be in line with that. We stayed with this principle. We remained transparent in all our activities and transactions. And the universe brought us to where we are today.

Thanks to elegant and eminent past and present leaders of Ammucare and ACT at each location, we will grow further each day. The team is our strength. Their strength of conviction, compassion and consistency is leading us forward. Our association with other selfless institutions and individuals has further strengthened our reach and activities. This has added more value, higher purpose and meaning to our actions. Thank You Global Leaders of ACT. Thank You – our close associates, Manav Seva Samithi, Skanda Vale, Bona Lasedi, Hope and Aid Direct, etc. We are growing together as one family.

A life lived in selfish pursuit is no life at all. Real gain is in our ability to express deep compassion and selflessness under all circumstances. There is a twisted culture of might as right that the world is used to since generations. This is exactly the misconception that created all the wars and deaths since thousands of years. Might means sheer power. Modern day Might is translated into money power, political power, people power, knowledge power, media power and sometimes spiritual power. Each has its own flavour and density even though the reason is the same, capture, conquer and use people and resources. This way of life only leaves us a barbaric species. This way of life detaches us from purity. This is totally selfish and earth bound.

The way to elevate ourselves is through kindness, compassion, unconditional love, unhooking from past, unbinding, and living a life of selflessness. This keeps us free and rich inside. Help the helpless unconditionally. Hurt never. Civilised generations are essential for the earth to survive further. And to be civilised, we should stop bloodshed across species. Every generation that spilled blood left behind a trail of wars and displacements.

ACT should bring awareness to the contemporary generation. They should become aware of the importance of living compassion, kindness, selflessness. Caste, creed, political bent or religious views have no meaning as much as being a good human being. Being Good and non-violent is essential for the future of the world. Every man, woman, child should think about it and adopt it. Profits will help only a few people. What is the use of profits at the cost of destruction of masses? When everything is destroyed, what is life? World does not need any more wars.

World needs awareness. World needs kindness. Let every ACT of kindness leave a message to the generations to come on the right way of life. The right way of living is living kindness, living non-violence and living compassion night and day.

I wish ACT Day a great success and let there be many more ACT Days beyond the boundaries of time. We are global citizens. It is our duty to wipe the tears of every being, beyond species. Moreover, it is our duty to not allow tears to happen by spreading love and happiness in the world around us. Let the future see no tears. Let there be NO WARS. No Separation. No displacements. No Violence.

My humble greetings to each one of you. I love you and I am you as much as you are me.

Best Regards

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