Beautiful Minds

A Dream to Ponder

Dream State is as relevant as the waking state in one’s total existence.

David woke up from a beautiful, profound dream. It was, in a way, both elevating and disturbing. He saw himself  as a boy, along with his grandfather who is no more, strolling down on the banks of a river. It was evening. Sun was turning red. Birds were flying home after a full day of outing. There was a gentle, cool breeze. The village was very familiar. He has been there before. Grandfather was holding David’s hand and he seemed a bit extra cautious about David’s security. As they walked through the walkway running parallel to the river, they witnessed and experienced many beautiful sights and sounds. What caught David’s attention and his waking memory was a prayer that came floating from one of the small huts, apparently from the throat of some children. It went somewhat like this…

“Different spaces, different times
Oh Lord, thou carried me like a faithful boatman.
Safe and Secure, Safe and Secure…
Through the time and seasons alike

“Different faces, different tunes
Oh Lord, thou protected me like a mother bird, her children.
Safe and Secure, Safe and Secure
Through summer, winter, spring and rain.”

Tradition Nurtures Generations, only if we choose to Listen to it…

A feeling of powerful protection enveloped David. It gave a strong feeling of re-assurance. Grandfather’s hands and the lovely prayer accompanied and re-inforced his feeling of well-being. David called his grand father ‘BABA’. He was deeply connected with his grandfather, to an extent that they knew every subtle vibrations of each other, let alone profound emotions. As they walked on, he asked his beloved grandfather:

“Baba, where are we going?”

Baba smiled and said: “I want to introduce you to my friends. We went to school together, we played in the same team, and grew up together, just like you, Mark and Alf.”

David smiled, “Baba, I cannot imagine you as a young man, let alone a boy”. 🙂

Baba laughed aloud. “I was not born old. 🙂 I was not this old always”. 🙂

Baba was a tall man with slightly drooping shoulders, one side of his shoulder bent slightly to the front and to one side. He was of extraordinary character. He was always in command of every situation. He was never seen emotional. Always jovial, calm and collected.  He always used his intellect and quite knew what he was doing. David has never seen him idle, even at his old age.

Their journey ended at a graveyard in front of a church near the river. David was surprised.

“Where are your friends? Will they come here? Are we meeting them here?” This was indeed an uncommon place for any friendly get-together.

Baba said “No. They are already here”.

Baba took David to a stone which read “William Smith”. Baba said “Will has been my classmate and my best friend. He was the best man at my wedding too. An unshakable strong man, a brave heart. He had worked hard in foreign lands, made his money and returned home after his retirement. We met after a long time. He was a fire-brand in his youth, daring and charming. When he came back after all those years, he looked tired and withdrawn, a bit too distracted. He seemed more interested in isolation and hid himself from the society, as much as he could. I tried to bring him back to some old personal memories to revive his old vigor. But he showed no interest at all. He had three children. They all fought with him at his old age over property and money. They even abused him and never agreed with what ever he told or asked them, or wanted them to do. Finally, he died broken hearted, alone. Will was once a strong man, everybody’s hero. I could not see him so heart-broken and deserted. This is what old age does for some. David, if we are not careful enough to nurture relationships while we can, later on, life could bring isolation and alienation. That can even be called “living in hell”, with no love, warmth and togetherness, exactly the things that one craves for, when one is weak and unprotected.

David said: “Baba, are all your friends dead?”

(The graveyards of farm animals are human stomachs!) Human Graveyard. All of them have had their lives and all of them have had their deaths. Caring for the Living is more important than caring for the dead. Often, we ignore the living and care for our dead. We do things upside down. 🙂 We should certainly respect the dead, but not at the cost of the living..

Baba smiled and said “Not all. Some are still alive. But, they are old, you see. Most cannot move on their own. They need help. They are heavily dependent on others. Old age often makes people invalid and handicapped.”

David felt quite relieved that his grandfather can move on his own and is relatively healthy to that standard. Yet, David experienced a strange kind of uneasiness creeping up his throat. He felt that he would get depressed by meeting all these old friends of his grandfather in the graveyard. Yet, he knew that Baba had a purpose, even though it was not quite entertaining for David. He said: “Baba, let us go home. I am not feeling good.”

Baba said: “David, two more introductions and we shall go home.” Baba tried to cheer David up who was slowly settling into his gloom.

The next tomb stone read “Stephen Summer”. “He has been our pilot man.” Baba spoke as if it was a joke. David was too withdrawn by then, to enjoy any jokes. The whole situation made him extremely uneasy.

“Even when we were young, he wanted to become a pilot and fly aircrafts. He got into the army and moved into the air command segment and became a pilot. He has participated in many wars and bombed many people and places. And that was his deepest regret in his later years. Fighting a nagging cancer in his abdomen, though looked after well by his devoted wife Lisa, whenever we met for a coffee, he would say “How many people have I killed in my young days!!!. Women, Children, Men, Old and Young. I do not know their faces, thank God. But, they haunt me every night. Faceless bodies come forth and ask me “What did we do to you, to destroy our lives? We were just beginning to live, taste the sweet and sour buds of life, you wrenched us out of our beds. How will you pay us back, how will you give us back our lives?”  Regrets were eating into his flesh. Steve repented day and night. He even welcomed death as a solace to his aching conscience. He refused to be treated and used the pain that his illness profusely gave as a kind of purgatorial from his sins. He thought death would finally redeem him. Helplessness tormented him. Finally, he gave up and here he stays”, Baba pointed out at the grave stone.

The last one was that of Eric. He was an actor. He was after fame and recognition. He became addicted to intoxicants and died quite young. He could not ever find a stable relationships and even though he had many children from different women, there were none to take care of him, or look after him at his death bed. He died alone, in a hospital, with a longing to see his children and experience their love, which he never nurtured when they were young. I tried my best to convince some of them to go and meet their father who was in his death bed. None showed any interest and gave me lame excuses. He never cared for his children when he was young. The children never cared for him when he was old, sick and helpless. Life is like a mirror. You reap what you sow.”

Who has seen the other end of life? A predator could become prey at the flip of a coin..

“As for me, I have been quite mediocre, compared to them all, and I did not go anywhere from this place. They all saw the world outside this village. I did not see much beyond this village. I saw only my inner world. My world has been within me. The whole world was within me. In the end, they could not hold on to their large world, but I could. I am not boasting, but just proving a point. I learned to make buildings and do some farming which made my living. More than grains, I sowed love and I nurtured it. I distributed it in this village itself, as best as I could. Your grandmother was a great soul. She never allowed any visitor to leave our house with an empty stomach. More than the food, our genuine care satisfied our visitors. We have always been quite self-sufficient, yet our neighbors always shared their happiness with us, just like we did. They cared for us, and considered us worthy of their time and space. There is no substitute for HARD WORK. There is no substitute for LOVE.”

“I have been busy and my life has been quite rich and meaningful. As a hobby, I learned astrology. I never practiced astrology for money. I just guided a few who came to me to shed some light on some of their personal confusions. Astrology is ability to read into one’s destiny using the movement pattern of planets and stars. If destiny was a variable, astrology would fail. Fortunately, it is not. Destiny is constant, pre-determined. The science of astrology is based on a definite road map called destiny, a pre-planned journey that one takes in one life time. It is a science. It is sheer mathematics. The element of free will and the element of grace can always alter that to some extent.

Thus, I lived a simple life, away from the rush of the towns and lived long enough to see my wandering friends dead and buried! How many dreams and aspirations we chewed on during our youth! How many dreams we weaved. Some were realized, and some left unfulfilled. I have no regrets. It is time for me to go too. I may not survive this summer. My time is near. Death does not frighten me, nor am I worried about my life after death.”

“I do not know any God. I have not seen God. No God has come to me and guided me, let alone come to criticize me, beat me, or judge me. I believe that for the hungry, God is food and for the cold, God is warmth. In the summer, God comes as a cool breeze and in the spring, God appears as blossoms. I believe there is no God apart from its various forms. I believe God expresses itself through us too, as kindness, compassion and Love, while Devil, if there is one, expresses itself as jealousy, hatred, anger, and revenge. I do not know any grand philosophy nor do I want to know. What is the use of knowing it, if I cannot use it? I do not want anything that I cannot use or practice.”

David then saw his grandfather, grandmother, his parents and all his cousins in an outdoor party near a beautiful river. All were singing and dancing and there was immense love and sense of belonging-ness in the air. David sang many songs and had lots of fun.

It lost its life for us to celebrate an occasion!!!
Be Aware of What you eat. Eat with complete Awareness

There was a lot of food and drinks on the table, and when he touched a piece of bar-be-cued meat of a suckling pig-ling, (a specialty at important gatherings) he heard the voice of his grandfather again, even though he could not see him. “Remember David, that baby pig did not die happy, for you. It was forcefully killed. It was murdered for your enjoyment. Snatched from its mother’s breast while it was drinking its mother’s milk. Its mother is still alive and missing her child. Some of its brothers and sisters are still alive. Eat with clear understanding. Eat with awareness.” David dropped the meat. He could not consume any meat anymore.

He woke up with clear memory of the entire dream and he knew that his dear departed grandfather has just conveyed a very important and life-changing message to him. He had just used the medium of a dream to convey it, because he had already left this world and there was no way he could talk to David.

This was a crucial point in David’s life as he was getting more and more involved in a particular path of education that he chose and he was getting too introverted, indifferent and insensitive towards the outside world because of it. Even though his parents never interfered, he had taken a lot of responsibilities onto himself and was already suffering the pressures, pains and weight of it. Anxiety over possibility of failures or defeats were also affecting his self-esteem. David got a clear remedy to his dilemma from his Grand Father’s message. He decided “LIFE HAS GOT TO BE SIMPLE! Why do we make it complicated? We must definitely work hard. But, we must love our work. Love for work will remove all pressures and pains. If we love what we do, old age cannot make dents in our life.” The life of Baba’s three close friends clearly made David understand the futility of mad pursuits. Everything eventually ends up in the grave. All emotions, ego, ambitions end up at the same place. A life filled with love and laughter is worth more than the millions in the bank. He decided that he should appreciate what has been given to him, rather than be always dissatisfied, focusing on what he could not achieve as yet. He stopped comparing himself with others and judging or criticizing himself. He understood that he has always been in pursuit of something or the other that he did not have, ignoring everything that he already had. He realized that failing to enjoy the available materials or relationships always lead one to permanent disillusionment and eventual depression. He also realized that constant resistance to everything also consumes a lot of energy and it makes one tired. David decided to shift his life in 180 degrees. Love is the remedy. That is all he needed to learn and remember. Love is all one needs. He woke up to a completely new life.

P.S. Sometimes, protecting angels will take you to the astral plane and deliver such experiences. Its memory stays, if it is relevant to your terrestrial life. In order to keep the memories, directions and guidelines would be well engraved in the conscious memory, if that information was expected to be used in one’s life. It would be presented as a dream, even though it is an astral experience, a total communion. This is just for your understanding. Please understand that there are millions of permutations and combinations possible in our existence. So, do not think in terms of any specific patterns. Everything is individualistic and unique. Each moment is unique and each method is unique. One’s food could be another’s poison. So, do not judge experiences, but value them. Everything has relevance in some way, to some one.

It is a relative existence. Only Love is Real…

23 thoughts on “Beautiful Minds

  1. ‘Oh God beautiful, oh beautiful God,
    At Thy feet I bow.

    In the forest, Thou art green
    In the mountains, Thou art high
    In the river, Thou art restless
    In the ocean, Thou art wave.

    Oh God beautiful, oh beautiful God
    At Thy feet I bow.

    To the serviceful, Thou art service
    To the lover, Thou art love
    To the sick, Thou art healing
    To the orphan, Thou art father.

    Oh God beautiful, oh beautiful God,
    At Thy feet I bow.’


  2. Sometimes protecting angels
    in the form of a dream
    convey message and transform
    one’s life to new scheme

    That’s what happened to David
    when he dreamed of his grandpa
    introducing him to his friends
    along the graveyard far

    His grandpa was called Baba
    extraordinary, grand
    calm, collected character
    in every situation in command


    One friend was William Smith
    strong man and brave heart
    fire-brand, daring, charming
    worked hard, money-smart

    His three children abused him
    he grew old and tired
    they never agreed with him
    let alone admired

    Withdrawn and distracted he
    preferred isolation
    they fought over money
    wanted the best ration

    If we are not careful to
    nurture relationships
    later on the life could bring
    alienation and hardships

    Be in hell here means to be
    without love, affection
    it is what one craves for most
    when weak, without protection


    Stephen Summer, other friend
    dreamed to be a pilot
    he became one, flew aircrafts
    he made wars blood scarlet

    He bombed places and people
    which left deep regret
    eating into his flesh, his
    conscience could never forget

    Nagging cancer developed
    in his low abdomen
    he felt death will be solace
    not tragical omen

    He refused all the treatment
    didn’t take painkillers
    agony was purgatorial
    he craved for victim’s forgiveness


    The third friend’s name was Eric
    a famous actor with recognition
    name and fame didn’t bring him
    peace, he sank into addiction

    Without a stable relationship
    consuming intoxicates
    he had many children, wives
    ignoring that old age awaits

    No one was there to take care
    of him at his death bed
    he longed to see his children
    for whom he never cared

    He died old, sick, helpless
    without experiencing their love
    life is like a mirror
    you reap what you sow


    Now David’s Baba told him
    his own modest story
    he went nowhere from one place
    outer world was not his worry

    He saw his own inner world
    his world was within him
    it was what he could hold on
    their worlds were mere dream

    He worked for a living
    sowed love, nurtured it
    nurturing is important
    after sowing it

    Baba and his wife gave food
    true care to visitors
    they were self-sufficient, yet
    they shared happiness

    Neighbours also cared for them
    thought them worth time, space
    There is no substitute for
    hard work or love’s grace

    Apart from being busy
    he had selfless hobby
    using maths, astrology
    untied ones’ lives knobby

    He explained the destiny
    one’s pre-planned life’s journey
    how free will and god’s grace
    might alter destiny’s face

    Simple life, with no regrets
    without fear of death
    no worry about other lives
    he watched this life’s breath

    With sense of belongingness
    showing love and care
    what one eats regularly
    family have to be aware

    Pig’s Cry

    I went through pain, had piglets
    my dear little children
    you fell prey and victim of
    people hunger-ridden

    I was happy and fulfilled
    becoming a mom
    now they took you, cut your throat
    I’ll never be calm

    What is piglet on the plate
    my baby, my blessing
    those people don’t know at all
    that they create suffering!

    This dream happened to David
    at crucial point in life
    because he was getting
    indifferent to outer life

    Too many responsibilities
    he took, felt weight of it
    fear of failure put out
    what his life’s vigour lit

    Love has to be simple, we
    must love work, though there’re strains
    love for work will remove all
    pressures, hard work pains

    If we love what we do, then
    life cannot make dents
    mad pursuits are futile
    cherish laughter moments

    Life with love and laughter
    is really worth living
    stop comparing, judging
    be grateful for what life’s giving

    Failing to enjoy
    what is available
    leads to disillusionment
    bliss seems unattainable

    Resistance to everything
    consumes lots of energy
    makes one tired, exhausted
    love is the remedy

    Love is all one needs
    love is always there
    expressing love breeds
    more love in the air

    Love and surrender,
    Biljana Vozarevic


      1. Here it is.

        MOĆ SNA

        (Prema Mohanovom blogu ‘Beautiful Minds, Power of Dream’)

        Išao Dejvid sa dedom
        u šetnju kraj reke
        čuo pesmu iz kolibe
        zahvalnosti retke

        „Hvala Gospode što si me
        očinski čuvao
        prevodio preko svega
        zaštitu mi dao

        Hvala što uvek uz mene
        ti si kada treba
        k’o majka kad ptica sleti
        ptićima sa neba“

        Osetio u snu Dejvid
        zaštitu, smirenje
        moćno je to kad je sanak
        koristan za bdenje

        Išli tako išli pa su
        stigli i do groblja
        Dejvid se čudio zar se
        tu društvo okuplja

        Deda mu je predstavio
        prijatelje svoje
        da bi Dejvid dalji život
        proživeo bolje


        Vilijam Smit, snažan čovek
        srce hrabro, smelo
        živa vatra, popularan
        šarmantno mu telo

        Bio je svačiji heroj
        vredno je radio
        puno je zarađivao
        kući se vratio

        Kad se penzionisao
        bio je povučen
        hteo da se izoluje
        rastrojen, utučen

        Troje dece svađalo se
        s tako starim ocem
        nisu bili zadovoljni
        imovinom, novcem

        Nisu se slagali o tom
        što je govorio
        umro je slomljenog srca
        sam, napušten bio

        Dok možemo moramo
        svoje veze čuvati
        pažnje svoje i ljubavi
        svojim bližnjim dati

        Jer kasnije život može
        dati otuđenost
        bez ljubavi, zajedništva
        uz izolovanost

        Bez topline, zajedništva
        biti bez ljubavi
        kad si slab i nezaštićen
        „Pakao“ je pravi


        Stiven Samer je hteo
        pilot da postane
        ostvario je želju
        vozio avione

        U puno ratova
        je učestvovao
        mnoga mesta, ljude
        je bombardovao

        Prolivanje krvi
        ljudi, dece, žena
        izvor je njegovog
        najdubljeg žaljenja

        Žaljenja su se u
        meso usecala
        izjedala, grizla
        noću proganjala

        I rak se stvorio
        u donjem stomaku
        ispaštao je kroz
        bol oštru i jaku

        Tretman odbijao
        bez utehe bio
        mučen, bespomoćan
        smrću se tešio


        Erik kao glumac
        dočekao slavu
        priznanje imao
        ali ludu glavu

        Ništa nije bilo
        dosta mu za sreću
        pa intoksikante
        uzimao vreću

        Zavisnik postao
        žena je imao
        a i mnogo dece
        kome god se dao

        Al’ ni jedno dete
        različitih majki
        nije negovao
        ljubio da pajki

        Pa kad je bio na
        samrti, pun jada
        nikog nije bilo
        da se kome nada

        Čeznuo je tek tada
        za decom svojom
        toplom rečju, negom
        pažnjom, dobrom voljom

        A nikada nije
        kad im je trebalo
        brinuo o njima
        ma kol’ko im stalo

        Pa sad kad je star
        bolestan, nemoćan
        svakom mu detetu
        nevažno je l’ srećan

        Biraj kako ćeš svoj
        život proživeti
        kako budeš sej’o
        tako ćeš i žnjeti


        A deda je spolja
        bio prosečan
        nikud iz svog sela
        a život odličan

        Video je samo
        unutrašnji svet
        unutar je njega
        bio njegov svet

        Na kraju je deda
        mogao da shvati
        ko će imati za
        šta da se uhvati

        Oni nisu mogli
        za svoj svet ogromni
        a on je mogao
        za svoj svet skromni

        Od svoga je rada
        živeo s ljubavlju
        negovao ljubav
        na poslu i slavlju

        Kad poseješ ljubav
        veoma je važno
        da je i neguješ
        da poraste snažno

        Uvek je davao
        iskreno gostima
        i hranu i pažnju

        Samodovoljan je
        al’ delio sreću
        tako je od male
        sreće stvar’o veću

        Komšije su ga sma-
        trale vrednim truda
        ljubav nema zamenu
        a ljubav je svuda

        Ni vredan rad nema
        nikakvu zamenu
        rad nam okupira
        pažnju posvećenu

        Deda stalno bio
        u poslu nekom
        hobi, astrologija
        besplatno, ne čekom

        Matematikom iz
        zvezda je čitao
        sudbinu ljudima
        je objašnjavao

        Njihove živote
        zamršene brigom
        je odmrsivao
        svetlošću i knjigom

        Sudbina je puto-
        vanje planirano
        davno pre nego što
        nam je telo dano

        A slobodna volja
        i milost od boga
        mogu ponešto da
        promene od toga

        Jednostavan život
        praktičnog čoveka
        bez žaljenja, straha
        što smrt sve nas čeka

        Nije brinuo o
        tome šta će biti
        u životu nekom
        narednom po smrti

        Porodica kad se
        okupi zajedno
        svi su prihvaćeni
        svi su kao jedno

        Oglasi se deda:
        „Pune se trpeze
        okupljanje, slavlje
        ne jedi bezveze

        Nemoj na životinju
        da sebe svedeš
        povedi računa
        o tome šta jedeš“


        U bolu se oprasila
        mile moje bebice
        kako sam sretna bila
        eto mene mamice

        Drago moje mladunče
        odmah su te oteli
        milo drago stvorenje
        okrutno su zaklali

        I zaklali, i ispekli
        pojeli mi dete
        koliko to bola stvaraš
        ti nezreli svete

        I braća i sestre žale
        za bratićem svojim
        mira nemamo ni malo
        dok za klanje dojim

        Anđeli čuvari
        nekad san pošalju
        kao znak, uputstvo
        za mudrost nadalju

        I ovaj je sanak
        prekretnica bio
        Dejvidu je mnogo
        za život značio

        Jer je studirao
        zatvoren postao
        previše na spoljni
        svet oguglavao

        Bezosećajnost a
        i indiferentnost
        počeli da nago-
        milavaju štetnost

        Previše tereta
        i odgovornosti
        stavio na pleća
        pritiskao kosti

        Bolelo ga pod te-
        žinom tog tereta
        plašio se neuspeha

        bledelo od brige
        u grču i stresu
        i sa i bez knjige

        A život treba da
        bude jednostavan
        ni jedan san nije
        takvom miru ravan

        Moramo redovno
        i vredno raditi
        ali i ljubavlju
        svoj rad ispuniti

        Ljubav prema radu
        ukloniće boli
        stres i pritisak jer
        taj svoj rad se voli

        Tad starost ne može
        da utisne traga
        jer je rad nam prepun
        ljubavnoga blaga

        Besomučne trke
        jesu uzaludne
        sve će završiti
        u grobu oskudne

        A život ispunjen
        ljubavlju i smehom
        vredan je življenja
        dobar prema nekom

        Zahvali za sve ono
        što ti je dato
        ne poredi, ne osuđuj
        druge zato

        Ako kritikuješ
        propustiš trenutak
        da uživaš u tom
        na raspolaganju

        to će te odvesti
        u zatvoren kutak
        u depresiji i
        u razočaranju

        Opiranje svemu
        troši energiju
        zamara čoveka
        zavrće mu šiju

        Sve što je potrebno
        je ljubav ka svima
        ljubav sve izleči
        i uvek je ima

        Zato doprinesi
        uzajamnoj snazi
        pa ljubav ka svemu
        što možeš izrazi

        🙂 Love,


  3. That was great philosophy and truth of life served in a simple very simple food for thought! Thank you Mohanji!

    Anitha Sreekumar


    1. shish tav charano pe jhukana chaahe mohanji …
      pavitrata bharado nasnasme pyare pyare mohanji …

      With l&g,


  4. Mohanji, Charansparsh,

    I have no words…A complete silence…& contemplation…

    Love and only love…

    Gaurdian angels helping in our sadhana…Faith & surrender are the keys …

    Guruji please help us to have complete surrender always at your lotus feet…

    With gratitude,



  5. awe… my translation is not like a song but more of an story that an elderly is speaking to me, as if I am “DAVID”
    thank you for these story it had com in just right time for me…
    but I must confess I am steel afraid of change, I’m afraid of me
    I’m just guessing that change will come with doing, so I’ll better stop complaining and moaning and pick up myself and just BE with love in me and around me..
    blessed be
    Hugs and Kisses


  6. Dear Mohanji!
    I’m asking for your permission to translate your spiritually inspiring stories to the Estonian language. I have already started the translation and to be correct I need your approval. Also, I’m asking permission to use your photos for translations, in order to maintain closeness to your original blog posts, and I will add a link to your original blog. The translated blog will be for free reading to all Estonian people.

    With Love,


  7. I was speachless after reading your post on vibhuthi from sahasrara. wow..I am really glad to come across your blog. I even did your power of purity meditation. I felt so much energy around me. Thank you very much for sharing these amazing experiences with us.


  8. The story is so simple and yet it has a profound impact on my mind. Awareness is the key in all of life situations and in all pressing of situations the best is to surrender.

    Lovely message Mohanji..

    Warm regards and love



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