Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2015

Dear Embodiments of Love,
On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima we are joining hands again; we are meeting again. When we look ahead in life and in spirituality, what exactly do we see? Have you ever thought? Are we in a repetitive mode of practice or are we looking ahead at an evolution, a kind of awakening, from inside?
Today feel the time, feel yourself vs. the time. The time is speeding by so fast. You have no control over time. You are not in a position to stay or to stand and think – you/time are constantly moving. In such a high pressure time, what kind of practice is good for you? Or what can we do to keep ourselves purified and elevated? We can’t lose the track. But we also have to try to do our best for this is the only time available to us.
Clearly, we need practicality more than spirituality. We need to be practical, compassionate, generous, and as we express the highest qualities that humans can express in this world, we spontaneously elevate our consciousness. So today the elevation of consciousness depends on how you position yourself in this world. Are you positioning yourself as a wealth or as a burden to this world, demanding more and more from earth? If you want to position yourself as a wealth to earth, you must start sharing. You must be abundant and rich inside else you can never have enough.
Most of our life is based on people, places, time, situations and if these external pleasures are not available, we fall into depression. The time is speeding fast and nothing that you see outside, including our own body and constitution, belongs to us or will stay forever.
Spirituality is very difficult if you do not understand or accept the situation as it is and if you do not start sharing and enriching yourself from within. All the true masters and gurus are true mirrors, just showing you who you are. What you are is what you are; and this is exactly the position where you can start walking from. There is nothing else to guide from or guide with.
Ask yourself what you have been doing all these days. Was it a ritualistic practice or mechanically following somebody without knowing exactly what, why or where you were headed? If you do not analyse, understand, introspect, meditate or contemplate what you are, where you are coming from, where you are going, why you are going there – you are missing out on a lot.
So look at yourself at this point in time, understand, carry the message of love to wherever you go and try to be what you truly are – the compassion, kindness, love which is you, the whole beingness that you could actually express in the world instead of anarchy, lack, dissatisfaction, anger hatred or the wars and calamities. Look at yourself and ask, “Is this me? Is this what I want to be in this existence called life?“ And understand clearly that we are here only for a short span of time. We do not know how long we will be here in this body, companionship or situation. We do not know how long we can enjoy or experience a particular thing, relationship or situation- We do not know how and when the situations change. Since we do not know any of these, the best thing to do is be yourself every moment.
Be yourself – love, be yourself – compassion, be yourself – kindness and please understand all beings of the Earth have equal right on this world over this Earth. All of us are the same. We cannot say we have supremacy over other species – we don’t. We are the same as any other beings who are walking on earth. We have no right to control, conquer, victimise, torture any beings including ourselves. Self-torture is equal to torturing other people. Self-victimisation is as powerful and significant as victimising other people. Both are detrimental for evolution.
The only space that you can own forever is your inner space. So as you keep your inner space clean, neat and tidy, you are spontaneously being spiritual. Being spiritual is a spontaneous, everyday, every-moment thing. When you keep on doing things which are generous in nature, which expand your heart; you are being spiritual and this is the best spirituality in the time like today where the time runs fast; you have no time to stay, sit, think or contemplate. You have to keep moving, acting, and doing things. This time is very critical; we can’t stop the time or ourselves. We sometimes don’t have time to even plan things.
What can we do? We can be kind, compassionate, loving. Do not buy gossips, emotions or anything which hurts you or other people. Do not store them either. Just let them go. Just let your past go. Let every pain, every stress, let it all go and start expressing love against all odds. Just express love.
Always bank on your experiences. People can have various opinions and understanding levels because every being is a unique constitution with his/her own understanding and experiences. So when they say, “This is right, this is wrong,“ please understand this is their opinion.Your own experience is the most powerful guiding factor in your life. Your experience is very important for you. Never ever discard your experience for the sake of anything in life. If you do, you disown your own growth or you are discarding your own progress. This should not happen. This is very important to remember. If your experience was good, keep moving ahead with gratitude. Love it and love yourself for whatever experiences you have gone through in life whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Experience is experience. Accept it, live it and move with it.
Likewise, whenever you do a practice, do it with an attitude of surrender. Lord Krishna says, “If you surrender the activity and its fruits to me, I will remove you from its sins.’’ When he says ’sins’ he means repercussions, realities, reasons or the results. So when you do things in life with the bhav or attitude of surrender, you are totally free from it. Be free inside by presenting or surrendering all your everyday activities at the feet of the supreme consciousness; the consciousness that runs the show, which is brighter than million suns. Surrender everything and just feel the supreme consciousness happening through you every moment. Then you are free from inside.
When you are free from inside, you experience every moment with full and complete beauty or perfection. Then life becomes complete. Karma is equal to fulfilment. If there is a pending desire, yet to be experienced, it becomes karma. And that karma demands a fulfilment. When you have karma and if you suppress karma due to whatever reasons, it means you are denying fulfilment and ensuring another birth. So suppression of any desire is not a good idea.
You can prevent a desire – through awareness. When you are aware that this is just a desire sprouting out of nothing, and even without it you are fine, it drops off. Lack of desire means lack of karma. Lack of karma means lack of further lives. So if you are being yourself every moment, happy and satisfied with every situation, relationship, person, time, space – without complaints or suppressions – your life is getting completed. On top of it, if you surrender your action and its results to the consciousness which runs the whole universe, you are free from everything.
Be free from within. Be compassionate. Be kind. Help everyone without expectations. Do not ask anything back. The more you share the richer you become inside, the more powerful you are inside. Nothing outside matters any more. When you are not dependent on any external thing while being happy with every external thing, you are a perfectly peaceful being. If society sees you operating continuously in that mode, as the idol or the model of perfect peace, the society also becomes different. So the more people experience peace inside, the cleaner the society becomes. Non-violence is extremely important at three levels – thought, word, action. If you are non-violent in thought, word, action, you are peaceful inside without hurt, guilt or regret.
Thank you so much for being here, remember: we are one family. We cannot be separated. If at all we get separated, that’s only because of our mind. Mind can only guess but never understand the truth: we are one consciousness, the children of the same father, here for a purpose. A guru does not happen by itself. A disciple creates a guru. Likewise every situation is created because of necessity. Please understand this. Be united. Do not entertain anger, hatred, jealousy and other emotions which bind, control, conquer and eventually depress you. Instead, go in the path of beauty, honesty and truth.
I wish you happiness, peace and once again, I love you.
Thank you

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