A Master Servant

Lord Ram asked Hanumanji “Who are you?” Hanumanji replied with total humility. “Great Lord, if I knew who I was, I might not be serving you.” The moment one realises who he truly is, there is no separation. What Hanumanji meant was that if he realised who he really was, then there would be no separation from Ram, as Hanuman and Lord Ram are indeed ONE – two aspects of the same consciousness. There is no servant and no master. There is no expectation. There is no separation. Until this realization happens, this and that, me and that, he and that, and all other kinds and aspects of separation, will exist in the mind.

Hanuman and Lord Ram – One in Consciousness, Separate by Choice (for serving the Purpose)

Ego has the power to expand illusion (Maya) that already exists with us, within us. Ego maintains us in the make-believe. Humility is purity. The more humble we are, the more pure we can be. Humility keeps us close to the truth. Every sadhak (seeker/practitioner of a path of spirituality) goes through the process of highs and lows of the mind and body unless deeply surrendered to the guidance of a true guru. Then the presence of the inevitable fluctuations of the mind will not matter because purpose takes precedence.

Deep surrender to the guidance of a true guru

As their practice brings forth certain experiences, when they have not yet tasted life inside the silence of stillness, the urge to spill out their findings to the “ignorant” public becomes more and more. We should maintain a clear understanding that it is not yet time to speak until we fully and properly settle down in the lap of silence. It will take time. We tend to open out when really, it is the right time to withdraw. Deliberate silence comes in handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.

Deliberate silence comes handy at such times. This also keeps the ego in check.

Flavour (Bhaav) determines the constitution. In the same entity, whether it is animate or inanimate, we can see various flavours in time and space which, if compared to human constitution, will provide us with a different understanding and awareness of existence. My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river.” What I saw was motherhood flowing, unconditionally nurturing everything from the utter gross to the unperceivable subtle. The difference is feeling instead of “seeing”. Thousands of powerful yogis since time immemorial have worshipped the Ganga and stay in her lap because they do not see a flowing river; they see a mother’s lap. Thus, a true yogi’s vision is different. It is this vision that makes them a true yogi.

My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”

My first impression of the Ganga River when I saw her was, “Mother, you look like a river!”
In my life’s journey, I have met many true but unassuming yogis who are deep treasuries of knowledge. They are well established in the truth (God), but maintain a deep silence and humility. Often society takes their humility as a weakness or even ignorance. What you experience is not always explainable in words. The taste of a tasty dish can never be explained. It has to be experienced. Even if you do explain, unless the listener is deeply aware, they cannot understand the subtleties fully. Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention, if they choose to physically communicate with the world.

Some elevated beings choose the medium of “miracles” to create awe and attention

Then there are many who only work in the subtle planes like avadhootas. Avadhootas may look like mad people, inconsistent in their behaviour and often unpredictable. However, they exist in a totally different operating level because their awareness has surpassed their body, and their sole reason for existence in society is to guide or protect society through subtlety. Even though there are many cases of people getting healed from chronic illnesses, karmic blockages and being cured through a mere glance or pat on the body by these unparalleled masters, they usually live in relative anonymity. This is perhaps the only way they sometimes reveal their stature. For common eyes, they are mad, unpredictable people.

The usual operating intellect of an average human is either intellect anchored on acquired knowledge (Srutha), or intellect based on situational, rational event analysis (Yuktha), viz. analysis based on acquired knowledge versus rational bent of observation, thinking and analysis. However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness. Since true masters constantly operate on the energy plane, they wield power over the elements and everything else. Even then, when they do interfere or intercept in someone else’s karma, they suffer through their body while the subject gets relieved. The masters take it on themselves.

However, for a true master who operates in a still mind, it is an intellect beyond the boundaries of the usual brain, which is called Ritam Bhara. Ritam Bhara is indeed cosmic consciousness.

It is not easy to understand the stature of a true master. One can only perceive. The external always conceals the internal. Their need for isolation is often for the sake of keeping themselves free from various or multiple frequencies. The frequencies of nature always have a pattern of love. Nature is LOVE. There is even love in natural calamities. Natural calamities are auto corrections just like a fever in the human body or a stomach pain. They demand rest for an internal correction, much like a stomach problem demands a fast or a reduced food intake. Likewise, nature corrects itself time and again. Sometimes it’s a mild warning, just like our body gives us time and again. Sometimes, it’s severe and far reaching.

Lord Dattatreya: Nature is LOVE – LOVE is Natural

However, the social frequencies emitted by humans of various natures are almost always chaotic. Collective consciousness usually revolves around negativity, because that’s the easiest and the lowest. The media supports it actively too. The yogi usually avoids the world, because having to handle multiple lower frequencies all the time pulls down or at least stretches their hard earned elevation. Elevation happens spontaneously by keeping the mind inside oneself and not attached to the senses. Thus, when he has to deal with the outside world, he will be totally dispassionate. When the mind is anchored inside, it’s total stillness. A still mind is a clear mirror. Thus, the yogi becomes a mirror to the world. The outside world looks at these mirrors and witness themselves in full clarity. Yogis only show the totally non-manipulated true images. It is a challenge to keep the mind still when the yogi is forced to deal with the varied frequencies that he gets to handle each day. Once the yogi dissolves the mind totally, he becomes a permanent mirror. Otherwise, it takes sincere, continuous and consistent practices to keep the mind inside. A yogi operating in society easily becomes a trash can of the residue of multiple frequencies. Some use arathis (ritual prayer) to cleanse themselves. Some just leave it and abandon their body when unusable.

Input has relevance. Input makes us. We are what we consume. We consume food through the body, emotions through the mind, and knowledge through the intellect. These inputs make us and sharpen our character, as well as determine our constitution. Hence input, if uncontrolled, can create obesity – which can affect the “circulation” – in various aspects of our existence. True yogis control inputs to a large extent through isolation and contemplation, if not meditation and silence. The less the inputs, the less will be the impressions, and thus naturally the less storage. Storage of anything demands its corresponding manifestation. This is what we see in the world. The dramas that we see enacted in this world are all expressions of stored impressions in numerous minds. Nothing else.

Isolation is essential for rejuvenation, concentration and purification. Some resort to far off places, some to caves and some to mountains. Finally, when the mind is isolated from the rest of the system, then it’s just isolation everywhere. It is isolation even in the market place, because what happens outside cannot create any ripple effect inside. Inside is separated from outside. The usual bridge between the internal and external is the mind. Here, the bridge itself is burnt for good.

The Tradition

I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition. If I have a form, it is just a projection of the tradition, or a sign that the tradition exists. All powers and all manifestations rest with the tradition and not me. Any form the tradition uses to express itself is not the doer. The tradition is the doer. The tradition is the witness. No gurus of the tradition have ever been doers at any point in time. The form can do nothing on its own. It’s the tradition working through various forms to add to multiple realities of existence for the purpose of showing the light of liberation to the world.

I am the tradition. I do not have any other existence. Nothing exists except the tradition.

The NATH tradition promises that “If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide”. This is the promise of the golden tradition where liberation is the sole aim. Freedom is the way of life. Freedom from the mind is real freedom.

If even one person seeks liberation, the tradition will provide a guide

I have no existence of my own. I am just a projection, projected by the tradition for its purpose. When the purpose is over, the projection will be withdrawn, just like an image on the silver screen. The purpose of the projection will remain unclear while the show is on. Usually one has to wait until the end of the show to know the full picture. In most cases, the extent and depth of the operating level of a master will remain unclear or unfathomable even after centuries of their existence. What need not be revealed, will not be revealed. Clarity of purpose is the requirement of a seeker’s mind. A master seeks no such clarity even though he has access to every detail if he wants to. Do we know why a thing is happening in our own life each moment? Every effect has a cause. Every event has a reason. The tradition knows. It has projected many forms into this canvas over time who we worship today as “masters”. It will continue to project many forms in the future too. The mind of man may get stuck with a form, which is normal, because the mind needs the help of the senses to recognise, feel and connect. As long as the mind needs, the form is relevant. When the mind moves on, the form dissolves. And all forms have a specific duration too. The tradition delivered me, operates me and will dissolve me at its discretion. I do not think, I do not choose, nor do I ask. I do not seek. I do not crave. I do not pretend. I do not…..
I do not DO anything because I do not have to. It is all the tradition.

I have no powers of my own. Everything rests with the tradition. The tradition chooses forms to express itself; just like the supreme consciousness manifests itself through its trillions of creations. This form is just another form – a perishable piece of flesh, a temporary manifestation. Its value depends on the purpose of the tradition. Value is directly related to usefulness. My value is up to the tradition. I have no value apart from it. None of the past masters have or had any value apart from their representation. There is a clear understanding that “me and my Father are ONE”. There is no will or choice of thought, or even action. The purpose of the tradition drives this machine. The purpose of the tradition opens doors, speaks through the machine and also dissolves whatever is unwanted or unnecessary.

The purpose of tradition drives this machine

Relevance is limited and rests with time. Everything on earth is time bound. Whatever is eternal shall not have any dependency. Dependency is always related to forms supported by elements. Non-dependency rests with the subtle and, in the forms on Earth, with their souls. Souls have never depended on forms, while forms have depended on souls. Minus the soul, the form is dead. The relevance of every incarnation is its purpose. Nothing less, nothing more. I have no further relevance than the purpose of the tradition, and its duration rests with the purpose.

Even though status can be conferred externally, stature must be earned. Sincere practice brings capacities. Grace maintains it. When capacities or powers are misused, grace is lost. When grace is lost, powers are lost too. Even if powers stay, they may start breeding negative karma. Hence a true master will never flaunt his power, nor display his capacities to ignorant eyes. Stature needs patience and perseverance. It needs tenacity. It is like climbing a steep mountain. It takes efforts and sacrifices. It takes immense pain and determination. Once achieved, one cannot rest still. He must maintain it through positive actions, words and thoughts, as well as through a life of selflessness. This is a true yogi. When he shares what he has, grace replenishes the energies needed by the man like a well replenishes its water. When people crave capacities and eventually achieve them, but don’t gather the maturity to handle them, the capacities wither away like a beautiful garland in the hands of a monkey.

The inner world is difficult to fathom or display, and the outer world does not have the eyes to see the inner world of a person. Thus, displays are useless. They will serve only as a show of ego or to prove a point. Both are unnecessary in spirituality. There is nothing to prove. All you have to prove to yourself is that You are the only reality. You are the only truth. The proof of the highest achievement is utmost humility. The need to prove is ego or ignorance. When the pot is full, the water never spills. When the pot is half filled, the water will shake and spill with every movement. A learned and totally settled man never spills his knowledge unwarranted. The half learned are eager to share their fresh catch to anyone and everyone, even to unworthy ears. Sometimes it brings unlimited woes.

Years ago, a bookaholic in various religious materials tried to discuss his intellectual trash with me. I was working in a company at that time. This man, my colleague’s friend, knowing that I do some practices wanted to discuss his knowledge. I did not answer any of his questions as I found them shallow if not childish, as everything was related to his interpretation and analysis. Later, when my colleague asked me why I disappointed this “sincere seeker”, I said “First of all, I am not his guru. Secondly, he is still searching outside. Until he starts to search inside, I will not make any sense to him. Thirdly, my head has no roof (upper limit), it is as open as the deep blue sky. His head has a roof. How can he contain my experience even if I explain my state in words which again is impossible?” Whether he understood or not, he never imposed any of his “spiritual” friends on me.

What can be told is little. What remains untold is mountainous. What can never be told is a universe. What is understood is the same. What is understandable is truly limited. The rest is all maya – illusion or pretension. If we clearly understand this truth, we will remain humble.
Spirituality is a journey from the illusory known to the unknowable. The illusion that the words create, the impression that it leaves in the mind, is one of the main reasons for delusions, detours and confusions leading to rebirths until understanding becomes clear. Standardisation is impossible. Everything is as it is. Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.

Consciousness cannot be explained. Consciousness just IS.

A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness. Out of emptiness, they churn out realities based on purpose. They churn out words, expressions and miracles. The inner emptiness is the Source. They are one with THE Source. What separates one from the Source is the mind and ego. They have no mind or ego. Hence, they are the Source. They are purpose based and purpose bound. Every action, thought or word is unselfish and higher-purpose based. They do nothing for themselves. They eat, drink, sleep and walk for others. True emptiness provides true humility. An empty pot has the most capacity amongst all the pots.

A true yogi is empty inside. They have nothing inside. Just emptiness!

Nothing affects the soul. We all know that. But the yogi experiences that day and night. The visible world, or the world of images, cannot affect the soul. It can only affect the mind and through the mind, the body. The bridge between the visible world and the incarnation is the unseen but experience-able mind. The soul remains neutral, pure and unaffected through lifetimes. A true yogi identifies himself only with the soul. Hence, his state is detachment irrespective of where he exists. When one’s identification rests with the soul that cannot be polluted, the external world has no impact on them. When we finally experience our own shining truth, our soul, every other faculty will become dim. Nothing else will matter.

Identification is the flavour of existence. When a man identifies himself with the body, he will become bound by the inherent desires and inclinations of the body such as hunger, thirst, etc. When a man identifies himself with his mind, he will flow with the emotional highs and lows and all the other fluctuations of the mind. When a man identifies himself with his intellect, he will be bound by knowledge and analysis. Finally, it is only when he starts identifying himself with his unseen, unbound soul, that he will become truly liberated. This is a long walk. It takes pain and sacrifice. Terrestrial emotions always appear to pull the seeker back to its whirlpool. Hindrances such as stored impressions, past memories, anger, feelings of injustice, and lack of understanding or awareness, emotions, expectations, opinions, hatreds and numerous such hurdles are part of the path of this journey. Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents. This is where grace comes in handy. Protection of a true master helps. The help of one who has already reached the other shore is a great advantage. Just clinging on to the master who appeared as a saviour will help the seeker to reach his destination. That is all it takes – clinging on.

Seekers need extreme tenacity and determination to navigate themselves to the other shore through powerful and extremely treacherous currents.

In the spiritual journey, prejudices and analyses block more than ignorance. Every seeker must be aware of this. One’s lack of understanding is often due to prejudices rather than one’s capacity for understanding. Pre-conceived notions based on past understanding are also a hindrance. Things should be taken as they come.

Things should be taken as they come

When life is higher-purpose bound, there is no alienation because there is no doership. When the purpose is completely over, then it is complete merger. Purpose keeps the form. Purpose determines the duration of the form. However, if the incarnation is karmic, as Hanumanji said, “The moment I realise who I am, I lose my identity. I merge into you. I become you.” After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose. The rules of such incarnates are different. It is purely the purpose determining the personality and duration. Nothing else. Karmic beings will not understand the operating levels of such incarnations.

After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose.

We realise, even this one does not exist.

Love to all



19 thoughts on “A Master Servant

  1. This is so very complete and showed up at just the right time for me. Gave clarification and each section is very relevant.

    I am a baby monkey clinging on to you.

    With all my love and respect.


  2. Lots of love & gratitude to you Mohanji for your guidance, love & protection always. This blog made me feel as if I was in a satsang now with u ❤️ It was needed especially that last night I was having a discussion with my son and this blog came as a highlight to that conversation, amazing ❤️ Thank you from all my heart for being with us always. God bless you ❤️


  3. Enjoyed reading the blog first thing in the morning. The messages/information conveyed are loud and clear, well understood.


  4. Dear Mohanji,

    When I read this I realised how I missed your personal writings when you do not compromise with seeker’s understanding like during the satsangs.

    You said Tradition created you for a purpose and stated this PURPOSE here clearly: light of liberation, freedom from the mind, guidance from gross to subtle, from the illusory known to unknowable, from what can be told to what cannot be explained, from what is understandable to what can never be understood, reaching the other shore.

    As I understood you relate your ’form’ (’PROJECTION’) towards Tradition, like Hanumanji is related towards his Master. You and Tradition are ONE, but in form separated for the higher purpose. You serve the Tradition, like Hanumanji serves Lord Ram. That is why the title A Master Servant 🙂
    You called yourself a projection (birth, body/mind/intellect with cosmic consciousness, death) like a bubble of existence. Extracted from the plane of energy and manifested as Mohanji, for a purpose. Your birth itself was out of compassion to your devotees! Both purpose and form that the Tradition created are for human’s mind’s sake. ’My value is up to the Tradition.’ – I cried at the amount and depth of surrender, humility and inner emptiness in this. As you said, real proof is utmost humility, ’displays’ of stature are useless.

    ”BHAAV determines constitution.“ We see the world not as it is but as we are. You saw the Ganga as a mother, such a gigantic amount of bhaav you expressed!

    A POT
    Love your comparisons with a pot to illustrate how realised yogi is humble and silent:

    FULL POT as positive
    Earlier you compared this to a pot – when it is empty, it makes a lot of sound. When it is full, it remains silent.
    Now you are adding another one – when it is half-filled, the water will shake and spill at every moment. When it is full, water never spills.

    EMPTY POT as positive
    Third, empty pot has the utmost capacity. True emptiness is the source, provides true humility.


    – Frequencies of nature are love, even in calamities (=auto-correction)
    – Frequencies of the society/people = chaotic (collective consciousness revolves around negativity, they need isolation because these frequencies pull down or stretch the master’s elevation) So with the world they are DISPASSIONATE. MIRROR to the world. Yogi operating in the society becomes a ’trashcan’ of frequencies.

    INPUT has relevance. We are what we consume: FOOD for body, mind, intellect (https://qawithmohanji.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/obesity-matters/). Control input through: isolation, contemplation, meditation, silence. Because creating new births start from input – impressions – storage – manifestation (Chronology of creation, https://qawithmohanji.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/cornerstones-of-mohanjis-philosophy/)
    Isolation is essential for rejuvenation, concentration and purification. First physical isolation, then isolation of the mind from the rest of the system.
    Please rejuvenate, and take as much isolation as needed, as we love you and your unprecedented purity to stay protected. I believe this need for isolation triggered this blog as well.

    Status vs. stature is a topic in dozens of your satsangs, but this one highlights very strongly what it takes one personally

    1) To reach stature:
    – it is earned through sincere practice,
    – needs patience and perserverance
    – needs tenacity
    – takes efforts and sacrifices, like climbing a mountain
    – takes pain and determination

    2) To maintain it
    – Grace maintains it, replenishes energies
    – Through positive thoughts/words/actions
    – Through selflessness
    – one needs maturity to maintain one’s capacity

    A true yogi is purpose based, purpose bound, unselfish, detached
    identifies himself only with THE SOUL (pure, neutral, unaffected through lifetimes, unseen and unbound)
    does not identify himself with body, mind, intellect

    To experience our soul, we have to overcome hindrances:
    – terrestrial emotions
    – stored impressions
    – past memories
    – anger
    – feeling of injustice
    – lack of understanding/awareness
    – expectations
    – opinions
    – hatreds
    – prejudices
    – analyses
    – pre-conceived notions based on past understanding
    Grace and protection of a true master helps, to cling on (like a monkey child to his mother https://qawithmohanji.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/about-letting-go-mantras-shaktipat-and-nath-tradition/)

    Love You,


  5. Grateful for this message Mohanji. The more that is revealed the greater i see my ignorance. Thank you for sharing. Abe Cherian


  6. Though appear to be written in simple form there is deeper inner meaning in the content. To understand and put in to practice what is told we again need the grace and blessings of the Master Himself. Bless us for proper understanding of the content and practicing the right thing to see the real YOU. Pranams


  7. I have read only a handful of ‘sacred’ or ‘spiritual’ books, and the teachings of just two have somewhat liberated me from the spiral of looking for the next truth for enlightenment in the next scripture. I have tried to not intellectualize the teachings, but hear them from a deeper (if not the deepest part I can fathom) part of me.

    Finding a Master who has successfully, and TRULY, crossed the other shore has yet to happen for me. Perhaps that is because I am not ready, but that has been my only true desire for years now. If tradition will truly provide a guide, have these ancient sacred writings (that I consider to be founded in Truth) become my Master, my SatGuru?

    I ‘try’ (something akin to the actionless-action) to constantly and consistently REALIZE who I AM, and not just “know” it. I can cognize the concept, but I only wish to realize The Conceptless, Formless, One. How can anything done here within time bring me to The Timeless that I am? Often times the mosquito of mind buzzes “What a cruel and terrible joke!” “What a paradox!” Surely it can be only Grace and nothing else, no practices of any kind? My intellect “knows” that I am All, One, Timeless, Formless, Conceptless; but, that is merely my mind. Oh, my desire to truly realize this!! Please, Mohanji!

    I have read what you have written, and I have read many things regarding the different characters you speak of, with great regard. And since you say a half-learned man gives away knowledge ignorantly, I will not name them here, but I would certainly wish to briefly mention their names to you, to give you understanding of what teachings I “treasure” most. I have ignorantly forgotten my Self, please I beg You, show Me who I Am. If you cannot do this, then I ask for more guidance in identifying with my Unbound, Formless, Limitless self (which I ignorantly attempt and fail often).


  8. Jai gurudev mohanji, wow this really put things into perspective. My satguru is sri swami vishwananda & jagadguru mahavatar babaji, clinging onto them for dear life lol. But your teachings has been a blessing to me as well, divine timing too, so has ram dass & neem karoli baba! I really enjoy learning from you all, sai baba, the masters, great blessing… Hopefully one day I get to meet and cross paths with your blessed soul. We all are so blessed to encounter the spiritual champions of the highest love. 🙂


  9. Dear Mohanji
    In state of meditation when all senses are calm, the mind itself is also calm. It seems that there’s nothing – neither form, nor content. Everything is reduced to emptiness. That’s the experience which is observed, but there’s no observer. That’s how one often gains experience which tells him that there exist nothing – no form with it’s content, no size, no substabces, no experience. If there’s a change of insight and change of experience of reallity itself within change of conciusnes, then reallity is determined with the one who experience that same reallity.
    Content and origin of mind which is not in the state of silence (outside of meditative state) I myself grasp as a state which simply happens. The mind, its content and its mechanism of activity is not possible to define clearly, too (at least in my case). It’s clear only its present and activity, and my own receptivity on certain minds contents.
    As I’m concerned, immersion in Silence is priceless experience. Acts of noble purpose in the everyday life gives me sense and order in the disorderness and senselesness in which I’m immersed.
    Guru is state of conciousness. Guru is manifestation of unmanifested. His presence is priceless. Guru is a confirmation to a seeker that grace is present even when it seems to us that it’s absent.
    Huge gratitude for everything – understandable and ununderstandable… all that which is for me still unattainable. What matters is that there’s Light which is present and which gives us light on a path we are obliged to travel.
    ❤ ❤ ❤


  10. My humble prostration Mohanji

    Your mad child once again has something to say.Iam so confused at all levels, the time when I think that iam sure of something I realize that no thats not realy like that. I dont want to gather any kind of information. But I dont know how much more time will I take to understand things and I know this for sure that without anybodys guidance I cannot do that,i always find myself at level zero no matter how many steps I think I take towards my Guru.
    You know this Shivratri Baba( Sai Baba) came
    Home. I was so happy.And iam so happy.
    Wanted to share this joy with you.
    I have so many things in my heart ,i dont know how to tell you. Sometimes I wonder what will happen the dAy when I will realy hear your voice or see you. I think I will talk endlessly or will become silent for ever (as all my questions will be answered).
    Our Baba dearest takes care of me 24X 7
    But its only my mind that seeks direct answers. Just bless me as always. Please dont let me wander here and there and atleast make this life worth living, every second gone in darkness and ignorance makes me more sad. Let the desires of this heart fulfilled with your blessings.

    Sai Sai Sai Sai
    My Love and Faith in you Mohanji



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