We MUST TALK because They CANNOT

Born Free – But Always in Chains!!!
My dear Friends
Man is quite famous for his selfishness. When our selfishness stretches to torturing other beings for our momentary pleasures – I feel this is exactly what we are famous for!!! We are famous for our insensitiveness, Sadism and cruelty.
We Torture for Pleasure and Profits

We torture and kill our fellow beings. We bind them and imprison them for our pleasure. We teach our children that it is fine to see a monkey in a zoo. It is fine to keep animals in cages for our pleasure.

Imprisoned for Life – for our Pleasure!!!

We do scientific experiments on them without regrets or concern for their pain and inconvenience.

Superior Intelligence of Man?

We skin them alive because we love to wear their skin.

They died to protect us from cold?

We are so insensitive so that we never feel other’s pain or agony. But, we certainly complain if we have a small injury. Understand – The same soul operates in all. We should feel. We definitely should feel. There is no point in being emotional about it. There is no point in reading and forgetting it. If you cannot help it, atleast spread the awareness. Remind people of our true nature – WE ARE LOVE INCARNATES.

LOVE is the essence of LIFE

Why do we nurture everything that is opposite to LOVE? We talk and preach about God. How can we reach God when we cannot even see God in every being? The soul element of every being is God. When the soul element leaves, we call it a dead body.We have to see God in all creatures and respect that. When we start looking at all beings as expressions of the Almighty, can we hurt any being at all? All beings collectively become the true expression of the Universe. Who gave us the authority to live the way we want and hurt every other being in one way or the other?

We just don’t have the authority to torture and kill other beings

We have no authority to kill or torture any beings , as they also are true expressions of the Almighty.

Maybe your voice is singular and could get dissolved in the ocean of voices of this world. But, the energy that travelled with your voice can never die or decay. It will come together with similar voices and make a change in the system, sooner or later. Hence, voice the expression. Animals are not made to feed us or entertain us.
They are killed for our sake!!!

They have similar emotions just like us. They feel pain and sorrow. They weep and cry. They feel deeply for their fellow beings.

Agony due to the death of her dear ones

How can we treat them so insanely and so insensitively? Remember, all the beings that our mother earth nurtures are equally important to her. None are better liked than the other. We must live sensibly, sensitively and with love as our primary, secondary and our final expression. That is what we essentially are. We are incarnates of kindness, compassion. Capability to express love and kindness, in all adversities, is our actual strength. Lets remember that.

Love You
Soon, we will also become a picture on the wall!!!

18 thoughts on “We MUST TALK because They CANNOT

      1. Yea, thanks a lot ya hippy. We kill animals and imprison them because we eat meat and use their resources. It’s how we “hunt.” Besides, we sacrificed strength and endurance for intelligence a long time ago. Our intelligence has given us the upper hand. Would you call it torture if a pack of wild dogs killed an elephant? No, you wouldn’t, because that’s “natural.” Whatever we do is natural, too, because we are animals and what we’ve made of the world is mother nature doing her work.

        By the way, Deepali, we evolved to eat more meat than vegetables.


      2. so Dr. Love… if you were at the bottom end of the food chain, would you still be so blasé about the inhumane treatment of what you here seem to imply are “lesser beings” ??


    1. This is true, Dhanraj. We constantly forget our true nature and also that of other beings and see only the hard tangible gross, unfortunately so. It is the same God existing in all beings. Love. M


  1. pl publish such pictures of all creatures of god this may help the humans to open up their eyes to cruality exists in any form.


    1. I believe more than talking, we should be doing something about it. At least one positive act a day. Save one life. Put a smile on at least one face, if not more, everyday. Our life will turn priceless.Love. M


  2. We should be ashamed to say that we have six senses whereas animals & birds have only five senses. We, as human being, are worser than animals & birds. We don’t care for our fellow beings. We have become selfish to that extent. These photos atleast should throw light into our senses to put a full stop to cruelty to animals, who are really helpless.


  3. ‘Man is quite famous for his selfishness’ – famous among whom?
    Human beings have the firm belief that everything on the earth is created for them. There are religious backing also for this belief ! So, what else we can expect?


    1. Dear Ammaman
      Thank you for reading my blog. I consider this as an honor. I believe that your question needs a bit deeper explanation. It would be easier for me to request you to read “The Shift”- by Dr. Sunny Satin. That book also mentions about the level of consciousness of terrestrial beings. From a macro astral point of view, we are considered as barbaric, or beings with limited consciousness. We should ponder this from the perspective of the consciousness of a unicellular being till that of a saint meditating 20,000 feet high in Himalayan Mountains. The disparity is vast. We will see those operating from the level of physical level,emotions, intellect, and even spiritual level in various degrees. Even if we take that no two beings on earth are alike, the diversity is awesome. In short, by the standards of Universe, earth is considered to be a planet of selfish beings guided by fear and greed. There are numerous suggestions of this kind in many books, talks and other communications. The importance of 2012 shift is in this regard. It is a shift in consciousness, from fear and greed to unconditional love and higher subtlety/sensitivity. Once human beings start to operate from the heart centre (Anahata chakra) and higher, this gives the opportunity to move to higher awareness levels. Even with many years of rigorous sadhana (spiritual practice) this state might still be intangible.That is also why selfless service is very important.

      All the earlier shifts of earth have been ice ages. This time, it’s a shift of consciousness into higher awareness. The awareness that Lord Krishna, Buddha and other Great Masters expressed. A state of all-knowingness. Krishna’s famous statement comes to mind: “Arjuna, I know all about my past lives and future lives too. You do not even know your next thought”. Lots of beings are existing in that universal consciousness. From the point of view of such beings living on this planet, and even from the point of view of Pleiadians,Elohim and other evolved civilizations existing in this Universe, we are indeed a selfish race. We are often sadistic and barbaric too. I shall write a separate blog on this aspect. Thank you for asking the question. I hope I have answered it to your satisfaction. If not, please advise. I shall try again. God Bless You.
      Lots of Love


  4. I disagree to some extent.Even the plants and vegetables we eat have live cells.All plants or we can say vegetative elements have the right to live.We have no right to eat vegetables in your case.Universal law says-survival of the fittest.If lion or tiger dose not kill and eat other animals how will the tiger survive.In the big ocean big fish eats small fish for survival.Snakes eat their offsprings and so many other examples are there.I disagree with you.


    1. Dear Dr. Chauhan,
      I appreciate the ‘survival of the fittest’. There is a life cycle and a biological cycle. We have symbiotic existance with the nature. All animals have that. One is made to be dependant on the other. Higher animal survives on the lower animal. Lower animal like rabbit survives on plants and leaves. Animals with higher consciousness eat those with lower consciouness. BUT, the difference is that they do that as ‘Dharma’ or duty. Lion kills deer only when he is hungry. A lion will NEVER kill deer out the greed and just to satisfy his tongue.

      Humans are selfish. Rabbit is meant to be vegetarian and it follows his dharma. It will not eat other animals. Humans have become barbaric. We eat out of greed and satisfaction of the tongue. We are loosing our kindness. Gut of the Original man was made to digest roots and bulbs. But we changed over time. What do we do when a tiger starts killing humans in near by village? We catch and kill him. Because, tiger is not supposed to eat humans! When tiger develops taste for human blood, he keeps sneaking into man’s society. Are we humans doing the same?

      We have to eat to take care of this physical body. It is the need of the physical body. Mohanji does not mean we should remain hungry. But the blog expresses that, let’s do that out of compassion and love. As Mohanji has written, “We are incarnates of kindness, compassion. Capability to express love and kindness, in all adversities, is our actual strength.”

      Let’s express love and compassion in every situation possible and let’s be away from greed.

      With love and regards,
      Dr. Deepali Jaju


  5. Thanks for appreciating my thoughts.I believe every thing is predestined.Nobody normally wants to hurt anybody.Circumstances become such that you harm anything unknowingly.Example- one is driving and an animal comes in your way and gets killed.Person driving had no intention of harming.So DESTINY has a big role to play


  6. Respected Mohanji,

    I appreciate the ” we-must-talk-because-they-cannot “. It is an excellent thought provoking article. I petty on people who can not enjoy to see others spending some of their time with their pet dogs. Sir, The more people I meet, the more I love my Pinky ( My pet dog’s name). Hats off to you sir.

    With sincere regards,

    Sincerely yours,
    V. L. N. GUPTA .


  7. thank you for this thought-provoking article, sir! one more nudge for me to change some of my ways esp eating habit. i hope many more ppl read this n sit down to think.

    with love n gratitude! 🙂

    – bharat


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