Song of the Soul

Look Within to see Yourself

In the spiritual heart of everyone, there is a deep craving for expression. It gets sidelined, nullified and even distorted in the mental confusion of terrestrial existence. True expression is that of our real self. Man searches for temporary glories and paltry achievements. Man rolls through these short-lived glories till death and continues again in another life. We fail to understand that our mind is lingering on temporary happiness given by trivial pleasures while searching for permanent happiness.   Time after time, life after life, many wise men have tried their best to get the man out of his illusions. They tried to guide man to himself. Still, man cannot understand who he actually is!!! Many got stuck in ritualistic spiritual practices. Many wandered on intellectual plane all their life, which gave them a false feeling of spiritual supremacy and social elevation, mistaking intellectual knowledge for spiritual experience. Many tried to categorize and compare. Very few reached the other bank of the river, using the available boat and boatman. Their only possession was faith and patience. So simple. That was enough to cross the river.

An Avadhoot Remains Liberated, Unbound

The deepest craving of every man is a sincere spiritual expression. Since it is intangible, man sought tangible terrestrial expressions as a substitute for the real one. It never gave him lasting happiness. It also gave him false appetite which eventually hindered one’s spiritual digestive system. The true reality always eluded his understanding.

Expressions of an Avadhoota

I am the source. I am the powerhouse. I do not become tired or  depleted, ever. I am just like the candle that can light many candles and still maintain the same glow and glory. Just like one sun gets reflected in many objects without losing its intensity and energy, through the cycle of generation, I exist. I am the string that kept the generations together. I am the only imperishable entity in this highly perishable earthly existence. Sun, moon and stars are formed out of me. Galaxies are within me. All forms of deities are formed out of me. Darkness is non-existence of light. Being me is non – existence of Maya or illusion. I am everything. I am the in-dweller of all beings. There is no hierarchy or supremacy. I exist with the same intensity in all beings. Beings are different, in looks, in feel, in characteristics. I am the same. I am changeless. I am everywhere. I am One-ness.

I have no form. I assume the form of the vessel that contains me. I assume the characteristics of the being that encases me. Even though I remain neutral always, I empower actions, words and thoughts. No one can touch or feel me. One can only realize me. One has to become me, reach my subtlety, to realize me. One has to shed a lot of gross-ness to reach me, recognize me and understand me. I have no agenda. I assume the agenda of the being and, like a faithful and non-interfering servant, serve the embodied entity till the end. I allow myself to be trapped in the body. I assume the body. I allow myself to be called the body. I even pretend I am the limited body. I never interfere. I liberate myself at will.

Possessions and money cannot buy me, because I am that. Relationships cannot bind me, because I am that and beyond that. What ever you offer me is mine. What ever you cannot give me is also mine. All are expressions of myself. Nothing is ever separate from me. You can only achieve me by being me.

All Masters are ONE

Over time, I have expressed my essence through a multitude of characters in the Divine play that I had created. I chose the characters. I chose the drama. I have been both, the demon and the Savior. I have also been the worshiper and the worshiped. My intense form is considered as God. My weaker expression is considered as embodied beings. I am not attached to any of the characteristics that the body portrays. I am beyond all afflictions that the body and mind are vulnerable to. Just like the rain, I enter terrestrial existence. Just like the water becomes vapor, I dissolve in thin air. I come and go at will. I exist at will and exit at will.

Those who have found me, recognized me and become one with me, become all powerful. They will be freed from all terrestrial needs. Elements will not bind them or bother them anymore. Earth just becomes a platform for their seemingly gross expression and existence.

Those who only pretend to have become one with me, will reveal their anxieties and fears time after time. They will crave for name, money and fame, using my name and status called Self-Realization. I cannot be achieved through books or rituals. I cannot be reached by searching outside. I can only be reached through introversion, introspection, contemplation and meditation on one’s own self.

I can only be reached through constant elevation of one’s deserving levels. Deserving levels cannot be elevated when terrestrial pulls are equally strong. A man who has firm desire to reach me, but also cannot leave the terrestrial vasanas, will reach only lower branches of the tree, but will never attain the fruit situated at the higher branches. They may see the fruit afar, and even boast that they have got the fruit. However, desire cannot become deserving level and it will definitely show, if the society who entertains such people has keen eyes to see the reality. One can only wake up those who are actually asleep, not the ones who pretend to sleep. Only those who have eyes will see. Blind cannot and will not. They chose this spiritual reality. This is fine for them. Leave them alone. Do not disturb them.

When a man sees his own reflection in all beings around him, and due to that, when love and compassion overflows from his heart, he becomes me, he realizes me. When a man sees his own reflection in the eyes of all beings around him, he becomes one with all the beings. His personality merges with them and theirs with him. All differences disappear. All forms disappears. Then what remains is pure consciousness, oneness. In this oneness, all identities vanish. The man becomes me, my form. The man becomes one with the universe. He moves from ignorance of limited existence to the vastness of super conscious existence. There are no aspirations anymore. There is only awareness of who he is, of his full stature and the associated bliss. Ignorance is darkness. Bliss is awareness. Man merges with all entities to form one universal entity.

Deserving levels are increased through detachment from all that earth can offer. Being happy, non-resistant and staying beyond expectations makes one fully liberated. For them, existence becomes bliss. They are not worried about their physical defects or discomforts. They fall in tune with the rhythm of creation. When expectations leave the mind completely, I fill in. When resistance leaves the mind, mind becomes subtle and I fill in. When needs of the body are not quiet, I cannot express. In the profound depth of silence, the only voice that you will hear is that of my heartbeat. This is the father of all the sounds. This was the declaration of duality as a possibility -the sound and the listener. When the sound becomes the listener, we come back home again and realise –  I am THAT.



Your Self is your True Guru

12 thoughts on “Song of the Soul

  1. Simple, yet a very profound explanation of the “Self”. In this mad world where even spirituality has become a thing to flaunt (lower part of the tree), this expression clears every doubt and awakens you to the ultimate truth ( the final fruit that lies above).

    Thanks Mohanji, I got the answer for one important question I had in mind for the last few days.

    Love and Regards,


  2. Dear Mohanji,

    Thanks a lot. My heart chakra start vibrating while reading the message.
    A great message flowing out fresh from master’s consciousness.



  3. Dear Brothers
    The level of our personal evolution determines the depth of our understanding. Most people just see the words, but will not grasp. Some read and forget, which is waste of time. Some swallow without tasting and understanding – as they believe in quantity and accumulation, and yet boast about its experience, which eventually causes indigestion – that food was not useful for their body at all. Some read and digest at their natural pace, which gives them further energy and elevation.
    You are digesting and progressing. Eat less and digest all. That will ensure sustained growth and peaceful, well-balanced progress in spirituality. It is not in doing more that you earn more. It is in doing the right thing and being with the action that we achieve the optimum. I wish you great times ahead.


  4. omg! wow Mohanji.. this is the song of the soul.. it almost made me cry.. im the health im the disease
    im the waves im the rock.. im me.. im all.. that which i cannot have is also me.. i understand what you mean now a little bit more.. and ive been feeling one, all too.. im so happpy to read this.. i havnt got all my answers.. lol.. i dont think it happens with me in one go anyway ..but this i feel it.. i feel what you are (saying)
    i love you so much
    i love me so much
    i love life so much
    i love source so much
    and this is such a beautifully written expression… ahhhhh 🙂 yay!!!!!

    love and hugs to all ❤


  5. “Being with the experience” Just one of the many profound messages here beloved beloved Mohanji. The absolute surety and resonance I feel everytime I read one of Your discourses. Truth is one, and I find it in Your Consciousness and bliss in Your darshan. I’m so grateful, so grateful. Om.


  6. “I AM” The Song of the Soul, beyond definitions and personalities, there where the boundaries dissolve and separation dissipates …there where I am That You are That We are, melding and merging in the sacred fluid Ocean of the One Universal Consciousness … The Self, One with the Masters … free from the fetters of bondage. Detached yet Compassionate … Impersonal yet Magnificently Loving beyond compare. It is the Truth of Being … Truly It is “The Song of the Soul” … The Holy Ground of Perfection.
    From this sacred space Beloved Mohanji… from Self to Self, Namaste. Thank You from the Essence of That Presence.
    I am Grateful for this Golden opportunity to bathe in the Roaring White Fire River of Love which You have unstintingly opened up for us. Thank You Beloved SadGuru.


  7. Beloved I have described thy majesty as the song that plays in my heart. To love you beyond description is to feel you within and experience you in this tough terrestrial world of the sheaths. May beloved mother Maya rip the veil of illusion so that one finds the absolute reality that is YOU beloved Maheswara💞💝💝💝💝🌙🌟🌠🙅👣👣👣AUM


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