In Search of The Precious – 4

A Day in the Life of Atmananda

Swami Atmananda Chaitanya was a wandering monk who lived in India a few centuries ago. He never cared about any of his identities and corresponding details such as date of birth, place of birth, name and stature. Many people followed him in his seemingly aimless  journeys – some out of curiosity, some out of faith. He never stayed at one place for more than 3 nights and, irrespective of the climate, he always continued his journeys without fail.

During one of his journeys, he reached a city close to a great river revered by many. He and his entourage stayed near a big Shiva temple. In those days, usually outside the temples, there used to be shelters for wandering monks, provided by the local rulers free of cost. They also provided two meals a day.

Gratitude and Surrender Get Expressed as Temples. Deities Happen…

Many people knew Atmananda because of his constant journeys and presence in many places. So, naturally, many people came to see him to take his blessings. That day, the local magistrate and his wife were visiting the temple for worship. They saw an unusual crowd in front of the temple. The magistrate sent his attendant to check what is going on there. He came back and said “there is a famous saint sitting at the pillar. People have assembled to take his darsan and blessings.” The magistrate and his wife decided to take the blessing of the saint, as it is customary in India to respect saints, even though one may not know their identity or the system they follow. This tradition continues to some extent, even today (This could also be the reason why so many criminals and “un-saintly” people wear the robe of saints and cheat the authorities and people even now. Those who fail in every other areas of life, escape into saffron (the color of the clothes that denote renunciation) too. Many seeming saints are escapists. This is the truth of our society. You may not agree with this point. It does not matter. Kindly read on…) 🙂 .

The magistrate and his wife came to where Atmananda was sitting, and prostrated at his feet. Atmananda blessed the official and said: “You have prostrated at my feet today. Next year this time, you will come to the same temple with a baby boy.” The magistrate and his wife were surprised at how this Swamiji knew that they were childless, even though they have been married for more than 12 years!!! The magistrate was overwhelmed by this spontaneous prediction. He went and explained that day’s event to the Collector of the City, a British man called Stephen Howard. The top position of the city was that of the Collector. Stephen was a good and kind man. Well educated and full of respect for his foster country and its culture. He wanted to meet the saint and took off to do that, without further ado.

Our Past Creates our Present. Memories get erased. We fail to see the eternal lineage and swing between happiness and sorrow…

When Stephen reached the temple premises, the crowd had already increased. Being the ruler of the city, he was given way and thus soon arrived in front of the saint. Atmananda looked at Stephen and said: ” Your color belies your inherent nature. An Indian born in England!!!” Stephen did not understand anything. Atmananda explained about Stephen’s past birth in India and his lineage from his past family(the family he was born to in his last life)  till the current generation who are alive in the family of his last life. And incidentally, Stephen had met these people whom Atmananda was talking about, after he came to India. And surprisingly, he had felt a strange familiarity and affection towards them, as if he knew them from the past. He gave some of them jobs in government departments and thus ensured their proximity to him. Now, everything made sense to him!!! He was indeed an Indian!!! He still has a heart full of love for India. This was his home!!! He was so fascinated with the British and their ways in his past life, that he took birth in England in this life, but, came back to India with the heart of an Indian. He felt at home in India.

Atmananda asked, with a knowing smile:  “Who are you?” (Stephen had not disclosed his identity as yet)

Stephen replied with extreme humility: “My name is Stephen Howard.”

A: “That is your name. My question is who you are.”

S: I am the Collector of the city. Mine is the highest position in the governance of this city.”

A: “That is your job. My question is, who you are!!!”

S: (Confused) “Well, as you know, I am from England and on deputation to this city, by Her Majesty’s orders.”

Atmananda laughed aloud: “You still do not know who you are!!!”

S: (More Confused) “Well, I am a lawyer by profession. I have B.A in Administration as my qualification. I am the second son of my parents who live in England. I have two brothers and a sister.”

Atmananda laughed until tears came from his eyes:” HA HA HA HA……… You still did not tell me who you are!!!”

Stephen surrendered. He bowed down and requested Atmananda to save him from this embarrassment and give him the answer to the question.

Atmananda said: “You are neither your name, nor your position, nor your qualifications. Neither are you the relationships that you mentioned just now. All these add up in defining your existence in this life. You are beyond all these. Most of the things that you mentioned are transitory and temporary. They are all relative terms. You are trying to understand your existence in relative terms. But, your existence is not that. You are beyond your nationality, color, qualification and position. You are an eternal soul!!! That is what you are!!! You are eternally flowing through many bodies that you have assumed over life times. You are what you are, during your waking time, dreaming time and time during your deep sleep. All that you assume is in relation to something. While in the waking state, you are a husband in relation to your wife, a son in relation to your father, a brother in relation to your sister, etc. All these identifications dissolve completely when you enter your deep sleep state. You are everything and you are nothing. Your whole existence is in relation to something. You have come to me for this understanding. I bless you. Go in Peace.”

Stephen was spellbound. He stood there, literally spell-bound. He felt that something exploded in his spine. A kind of awakening that he had been waiting for, since birth!! Deep gratefulness welled inside him. Tears flowed from his eyes.

When Man Walls Himself from Nature, When He Stops Listening to The Heartbeat of Mother Nature, Calamities Take Place…

Atmananda then turned towards a group of farmers who had come to see him, completely ignoring Stephen. Atmananda had no fancy for power or people of power and position. He had nothing to do with terrestrial hierarchies. He addressed the farmers.

“Ignorance is not a virtue. Learn the ways of the earth. Apply that knowledge for the benefit of all. Respect nature and her subtle expressions, but never timidly surrender to it. Never surrender to silly emotions, nor exploitation. Surrender to the will of God expressed through mother nature. Accept the will of God with extreme humility. Share selflessly with others and survive during tough times. Sow when the climate is favorable. Reap when the fruits are ripe and ready. Follow the seasons. Never cut a tree that has not fully completed its life and willingly ready for the axe. Worship trees as they are great saints. Never destroy them insensitively. They are benevolent to the whole world. Leave the forests alone and do not farm in the forests. Forests are for the birds and animals who inhabit them. Stay away from forests and do not disturb the wildlife. Co-exist in peace and harmony with all the birds and animals. Build your house with matured stones. They can weather storms. Live in peace and harmony and never disturb the nature – ever.”

Many people had offered Atamananda fruits and he distributed some of them to the poor farmers. They departed with a deep feeling of fulfillment. Stephen watched this with amazement.

To the Police officer who had accompanied Stephen, Atmananda said: ” Thieves and robbers should be punished, otherwise, society will move in the path of anarchy and lawlessness. No violence should be entertained. No contamination should be allowed or accepted. Destruction of public property should never be allowed. Nobody has the right to destroy anything. If the law is enforced, without violence towards the people, this country will prosper. Any country or ruler that exploits the helplessness of its people will undoubtedly perish. Exploiting helplessness is a serious crime. Society will crumble. Children will rebel. Prevention of crime as well as preservation of law are serious matters, which require a lot of sensitiveness and dare. It takes a heart of compassion to enforce law. It takes humility and conviction. I bless you with that.” The officer bowed down in extreme humility.

Laws Should Breed Peace and Liberation in the Society, Not Slavery and Bondage…Society Living in Fear Will Collapse by Itself…

To a prostitute who was in the crowd, Atmananda said: ” Divine woman, you are serving the society. Because of you, your sisters of this city are enjoying peace and security. Because of women like you, other women can walk freely, without fear even at midnight. You are like a candle. You are burning yourself for the society’s well-being. Because of you, lonely men are satisfied. The society trapped you and pushed you into this. You have been sold by your own kin. You are burning inside and you crave for a normal life of a woman, which you cannot. No woman will want to be in your position of such helplessness. Yet, your heart is pure. You mean no harm to anyone. You have no hatred and feeling of revenge against anyone. Your heart brims with kindness and love. I Bless You.

And, the society is satisfied. Because you remove the frustrations of lonely men, the society is cleaner. I bow to you, Divine Woman.”  Many could not contain their surprise at these words. Stephen, who was listening to this told to himself:  “How true. The age old profession and how much it is contributing to the balance of the society!!! Mental balance of people will certainly reflect in the balance of the society because society consists of people. This saint is calling a prostitute “Divine” !!! It is time I change my perspectives. Everything in the society is Divine!!!”

Everyone Serves the Society in their own way. Some Burn themselves to give Light to others..But, They are never remembered!!!….

A businessman came and prostrated at the feet of Atmananda. While he was getting up, he saw Stephen standing there and naturally gravitated towards him. He tried to bow down to Stephen, who avoided him in embarrassment. Stephen thought: “Even in the presence of the holy man, this fool is commercial-minded. He is trying to make bridges with me, not caring about the saint and His blessings.” Atmananda, as if reading the mind of Stephen, addressed the rich businessman: ” My beloved watchman, I believe you have reached a wrong destination. Are you sure you are at the right place?” Suddenly the rich man pulled his attention from Stephen, looked at the smiling saint and prostrated at his feet again. “Dear Watchman, these feet have no commercial value. I believe you are wasting your time.” The businessman felt embarrassed. He thought that Swamiji has mistaken him for a mere watchman. He told Atmananda: “Swamiji, I am not a watchman. I own the biggest jewelery, restaurant, garment shop ………. and I also feed the poor in the temple.” Atmananda laughed aloud. He laughed and laughed. The businessman became completely white with embarrassment.  All people watched with amusement. Laughter brought tears in the eyes of the saint.

Greed Breeds Corruption. It contaminates the entire society, shakes its integrity and leads it to doom…

Laughter is contagious. It spreads like wild fire. The whole crowd except the businessman started laughing. Even Stephen could not hold his laughter. When the laughter subsided, Atmananda asked the businessman to sit down. “My friend, you have come here because your servants told you that Stephen has come to see me. You have not come out of faith in me. You have come to get closer to Stephen which may increase your business prospects. Then, why are you pretending? You think you can fool me? I can see through you. You are a watchman of your own wealth. You have no freedom. You are over-possessive. You do not give any freedom to your workers either. You are treating everyone as slaves, including your own family members. Even though you have a lot of wealth, you never pay your staff on time. Not only on time, you always deduct from their salaries, blaming them falsely for some mistakes.

You do not enjoy your life. You have no peace in heart. You are constantly worried about thieves. Your heart is filled with fear and anxiety. You do not sleep. Money has given you sleeplessness. Even the chicken in your house sleeps better than you, despite the threat that you may kill them any day!!!. You greedy man, your children are also suffering because of you. Your whole family suffers because of you. You think that by paying money to God, by conducting elaborate rituals every year, you can relieve yourself from all the sins that you commit everyday. NEVER. God has nothing to do with your lifestyle. You have alienated yourself from God. You are making your own life miserable and your family is also in chains. They will suffer further.

You can get nothing from me. You are a filled-up cup. Empty yourself from your ego and attitude and come to me. I will fill you up with wisdom and understanding. When you empty yourself, your life will begin there and then. You will stop being a watchman of your own wealth and family. Remember, all that you consider as yours will come with you only till your death. You will depart alone. Death will forcefully detach you from everything. The fire will burn your body into ashes. Then, you will be just a handful of ash. A life of greed will ensure an end in grief. Greed, envy, Jealousy, ego and all such terrestrial emotions will lead to sorrows and diseases. Beware.”

After a short pause, while all the others remained speechless, Atmananda continued: “Oh, foolish man. You believe that all are respecting you out of love. Nonsense!! People pretend their respect towards you out of fear, because through money, you have gained connections in high places. NOBODY loves you, including your own family members. They fear you. They pretend love. They are suffering. Even your children will rejoice when you die. They will definitely squander the wealth that you have accumulated through your selfishness, as liberation will create corresponding expressions, which are most likely to be wild expressions of freedom from tyranny!!!

Sometimes, people who are chained do not know how to enjoy freedom when they get it. This will be the case with your family members. You will suffer more and more through your family members. Your eldest son is already squandering your hard earned money on prostitutes. Your daughter has many lovers. You will see that happening more and more, unless you shed your ego and attitude, and shift to benevolence and sincere, unconditional love. Move away, I have nothing to give you. Even if I give anything to you, you will not be able to hold it, let alone carry it. What I could possibly give you, is more precious than your whole wealth put together. You will not be able to buy it.

This poor woman here is wealthier than you (He pointed towards the young prostitute). She has a rich heart, filled with compassion. She just took home a new born baby girl found abandoned in the waste bin, by her unknown glorious parents. Even though she is poor, she is taking care of this new soul too. Have you ever bought a meal to a poor man? Have you even thought about such an act of kindness? Haven’t you abused beggars and poured hot water on them, and drove them away? Haven’t you let your fearsome dogs on poor garbage pickers? Man, Your money cannot buy what I can offer. Do not waste my time, go away.”

Everyone watched this in pin drop silence. Nobody dared to move. The businessman sat there in awe as if he just saw a fearsome ghost. He was stripped completely in front of the crowd. His ego was annihilated unceremoniously. He fell at the feet of the saint and wept uncontrollably. The saint stood up. It was time for him to take bath and get into worship and meditation. It was already well past the afternoon and close to sunset. It was time to move on. Atmananda distributed all that he received to everyone assembled, and he walked towards the nearby river to take bath. Many followed him to the river. He quietly took bath and went into the temple for worship. A typical day in the life of Atmananda. Live in Peace!!!

Remain Blessed.

Love Always, M

The Boon of Deep Inner Silence is Hard-Earned, through Lifetimes


Atmananda is a fictional character created by Mohanji to explain the Tradition. Any resemblance to the living or dead is purely coincidental.

30 thoughts on “In Search of The Precious – 4

  1. good article, especially the one on forests … it is something everybody ignores when talking about people … we need to be thankful to those who live for us, not just to those whom we live for.


  2. Mohanji, Pranam.. what an article.. words of Swami Atmananda’s to the divine lady filled tears in my eyes.. how many of them in our society do that work just to feed their children. I know many of them.. I stopped thinking bad about them long back.. thank you very much for quoting Swamiji’s words.. thank you..


  3. Hello,Mohanbhai-
    Another gem on the new year day for ordinary mortals like us, a veritable introspection ,if you will !! Pray ,more such experiences come forth for everyone to ponder.
    thank you——–We are deeply gr8ful—–Unniettan—-


  4. Atmananda said: “You are neither your name, nor your position, nor your qualifications. Neither are you the relationships that you mentioned just now. All these add up in defining your existence in this life. You are beyond all these. Most of the things that you mentioned are transitory and temporary. They are all relative terms. You are trying to understand your existence in relative terms. But, your existence is not that. You are beyond your nationality, color, qualification and position. You are an eternal soul!!! That is what you are!!! You are eternally flowing through many bodies that you have assumed over life times. You are what you are, during your waking time, dreaming time and time during your deep sleep. All that you assume is in relation to something. While in the waking state, you are a husband in relation to your wife, a son in relation to your father, a brother in relation to your sister, etc. All these identifications dissolve completely when you enter your deep sleep state. You are everything and you are nothing. Your whole existence is in relation to something. You have come to me for this understanding. I bless you. Go in Peace.”

    Beautiful..very beautiful…Thank You so…for your gift about the world perfection..about ability to See through everyone and everything with maximum compassion…(Divine Woman teachings…Jesus said once the same). Gratitude for this creation ..of brilliance Blessings dearest Mohanji, in this very blessed…first day in 2011..Admiration && Love, Carmen


  5. Dear Mohanji,
    What a short and crisp article! This Shaivic powerful writing is full of directly visible reality about variety of people around us. Swami Atmanada must be spiritually very much evolved, extremely sharp and a direct personality. He did not spare anyone. I liked his to-the-point, no-nonsense and transparent dealing with people. Atmananda handled verities issues in the society with ease and with totally tangent and appropriate spiritual understanding. In the present days, we do not see much different picture than what was happening around Atmananda! Mohanji you have given beautiful insights for us to ponder over. Through Atmananda, you have shown how business, law and order, nature care also could be done with purity!

    Atmananda appreciated prostitute and called the businessman a watchman! He made that British officer realize his past connection and generated realization and reverence in him. Atmanada made Stephen look within. We casually at times, address British officers being rude. Stephen was different indeed. Atmanada showed how to look beyond the person. He proved effects of past life on present life! Only, Atmanada was able to see through the person through his all lifetime and let Stephen listen the words what he had come for. Amazing! Prostitute had compassionate heart and she kept the society and physical hunger of a man in balance. Superb!

    Atmanada also gave directions on how law should be! ….”If the law is enforced, without violence towards the people, this country will prosper. Any country or ruler that exploits the helplessness of its people will undoubtedly perish.”….

    He reinforced the gratitude towards nature and animal care. Just in a visit, he blessed magistrate couple with child!

    Businessman…. full of pretensions and fully proud of about his money, ‘contacts’ and business. He had no understanding of life. He is not sensitive towards problems and agonies in his family. He is just a watchman of his property! I like that. Atmananda never stayed in one place for more that 3 days. But he knew all details of how that businessman behaved. Only Atmanada could tell him directly in front of all people! Whatever Atmananda spoke, it transformed all around him.

    Mohanji, you wrote about life-death and karma cycles. All your blogs are intense and yet different from each other “Path-Of Pathlessness”, “Babaji the Phenomenon”, “Slumber of Volcano” to name a few. Yours each word is transforming. I personally need not read any scriptures.

    This one day in Atmanada’s life gave us direct application of spirituality in day-to-day life. Many consider that spirituality is different than daily life! How can that be? It is up to us readers to read, understand, contemplate and implement your words. Atmananda has forced us to introspect.

    I express deep gratitude for sharing these precious words and Atmananda’s life. We are looking forward for another day in Atmananda’s life.



  6. Dear Atmananda:)
    Thank you sharing your encounters of journey from the past. Its beautifully written and strikes a chord to many seekers.


  7. Dear Mohanji,
    Your write ups are like arrows hitting directly our HEARTS…To read your articles in the Holy New Year…we are Fortunate..Deep Gratitude from the bottom of my heart…
    Anitha Sreekumar


  8. What a Honor for all of Us..To feel, read & explore these Scriptures..Here.

    Pradeep Ullal..You are so right about Mohanji & Atmananda. I just know..feel this truth..:) What A bliss!
    Dr. Deepali. Thank you for your Brief Points & Vision. I feel the same.
    You have special gift to write, to see through things..too.
    I love your double point about
    2. Watcheman,
    3.Prostitutes=Divine Women who save the men’s world. So true. I have understanding & Compassion for them now..Many of them live in great fear..
    When I was young I judged them somehow through not approving this way, but now I am more aware, I do not agree this way, but..I choose to be Observer. Neutral.I know, feel that ..Judging someone do not help me or them, but having huge compassion and Atmananda wisdom to see The Light from the Dark…it is a rare gift. In every dark side is always an opposite side :THE GREAT LIGHT. Our role is Just to See that light and choose..being part of our life. Light.
    4.Society new visions and laws to apply. With Love.

    5. Spirituality just 10 minutes per is not Spirituality. Connection with our Soul..with Spirit world rules..must be 100% combined with daily Life. This is Beautiful Life, complete..aware…in present moment…Observing. Giving. Sharing. Receiving. Being. Exploring. Choosing. Loving. Compassioning:) Beautifying:) Life and Us.

    Love and beautiful, blissful 2011 to All..
    Especial To Our beloved Biba, Our beloved Mohanji (Atmananda).



  9. Dear Mohanji,
    the story is a pearl and I turned it into a poem:

    Swami Atmananda
    an Indian monk
    wandered in detachment
    from all the social junk

    He never stayed longer
    than 3 days in a place
    On his journeys, people
    respected his face

    One day he stopped at a
    temple to bless people
    to a magistrate and wife
    his answer was simple

    „You prostrated at my feet
    next year you’ll have a child“
    He knew without any words
    what’d been their problem wild

    Good news spreaded really fast
    and reached Stephen Howard
    the Collector of the City,
    a Britishman cultured

    As the ruler of the city
    he quickly got through the crowd,
    Atmananda explained to him
    his origin was Indian proud

    When the holy monk asked him
    „Tell me who you are“
    Stephen started listing his
    identities like a star

    Atmananda loudly laughed:
    „Ha ha ha ha ha
    you still didn’t tell me though
    who you really are

    You are not your name, surname,
    position, qualification,
    you are not your relationships
    nor colour or your nation

    You are much beyond all that
    you’re eternal soul!
    You’re eternally flowing through
    wake-dream-deep sleep- whole.

    It is true that you are both
    everything and nothing
    your whole very existence
    is in relation to something“

    Stephen realised the truth,
    it exploded in his spine
    awakening since his birth
    shed tears grateful, divine

    Atmananda turned towards
    those who’d come for blessing
    he accepted poor farmers
    with love, without classing

    He said ignorance is bad
    and taught them some virtue
    „Apply the knowledge to
    respect mother nature

    Never surrender to silly
    emotions, nor exploitation
    share selflessly with others
    use wise cultivation

    When times are tough then survive
    when climate is good then sow
    only reap when fruits are ripe
    seasons are to follow

    Never cut a tree that yet
    has not fully grown
    worship trees, they are asset
    leave forests alone

    Co-exist in harmony
    with all animals in peace
    build houses with matured stones
    their stability increase“

    Then farmers felt deeply
    fulfilment at once
    thankful for these words of light
    dissolving ignorance

    Next, message to the police
    officer who was with Stephen
    „Non-violence is a virtue
    or punishment should be given

    Stealers and contaminators,
    public property destroyers,
    should be punished all at once
    train well all the lawyers

    Enforce the law with compassion
    sensitiveness, dare
    helplessness is a crime, too
    enforce law with care“

    Officer understood words
    and bowed humbly down
    he melted in gratitude
    and went to watch his town

    Later Atmananda said
    to a prostitute in the crowd
    because of your service
    lonely men are satisfied

    You are like a candle
    burning yourself for strangers
    because of you many women
    walk freely without rape dangers

    No woman will want to
    be in your helpless shoes
    with lifestyle of nobody
    that people only accuse

    I bow to you, divine woman
    while society stress you
    your heart brims with kindness
    and love, so I bless you“

    A business came and he first
    tried to bow down at Stephen
    even in front of the holy man
    he’s acting as businessman

    „My beloved watchman
    you’re at wrong destination
    I don’t have commercial value
    you’re wasting your attention“

    The businessman felt embarrassed
    and prostrated confused
    he thought the monk made a mistake
    and that’s why he refused

    „I am not a mere watchman
    I own many luxuries“
    Atmananda laughed aloud
    at these sceneries

    „My friend, I know why you’re here
    you’ve no faith in me
    my picture of you’s very clear
    you’re rich, but not free

    Being over-possessive
    you treat ones as slaves
    although you have abundance
    you’re your money’s graves

    You think you can pay to God
    money for your sins
    never, cause you alienated
    yourself from God, but God wins

    You’re a cup filled up to brim
    with ego and attitude
    empty yourself to get
    wisdom and be renewed

    Remember, all that you think
    you can’t take to death-bed
    greed-driven life will lead you
    only to a sad end

    Greed, envy and jealousy,
    ego are really poisonous
    these terrestrial emotions
    are utterly disastrous

    Beware dear foolish man
    you have no true love
    people pretend their respect
    you’ll lose what you’re proud of

    Avoid suffering and shift
    to benevolence
    and unconditional love
    that is life’s essence

    I’ve got nothing to give you
    even if I want to
    because you can’t keep it with you
    your greed will finally daunt you

    You’ll suffer through family
    they squander your wealth
    cause you’re selfish, they are, too
    they’ll be rejoiced by your death

    I can offer you the wealth
    that cannot be bought by money
    it could save you and others
    from your abusing tyranny

    Look at this compassionate woman
    her heart is rich and divined
    she takes care of abandoned baby
    she is poor but her heart is kind

    And you poured hot water
    on the beggars hungry
    you let fearsome dogs
    on whom you were angry“

    After this there was a silence
    nobody dared to move
    the businessman stunned and shaken
    couldn’t his shock remove

    He sat there rapt in awe
    as if he saw a ghost
    stripped completely in front of the crowd
    exposed what had been inmost

    His ego was annihilated
    he fell at the feet of the saint
    and wept uncontrollably
    initiated, cleansing from constraint

    The saint stood up, it was time
    to take bath and meditate
    he distributed what he’d received
    at this compassionate sunset

    He went quietly to the river
    took his bath, went into the temple
    that was a typical Atmananda’s
    day, holy, pure and simple



    1. Dear Biljo,

      Brilliant! Am sure this will be a challenge, but this poem too asks to be translated, i.e. written in our language :-))).




  10. Ahhhh what a beauty of Creation & Wisdom…transmuted in one Poem…
    Namaste Goddess Bilja!
    Thank you for your Beauty Art shared…Perfect Completion with Mohanji… every detail.

    Love You(3).
    Love you All.


    1. Thank you, Carmen, I’m really touched with your excitement. There’s only one little misunderstanding,that I’m not Mohan’s Bilja, but another Bilja, Biljana Vozarević from Serbia, after all these are only identities. The story radiates, the poem, too.


      1. Ahhh.. I apologise…for Identities ..similar..names..I …changed…:)
        The rest of message is the just for you….and all…and for sure you have Goddess gift, too..:)
        Very talented you fix entire story in one poem..this is Ama-zing! You are Divine inspired, too.


  11. Respected Mohanji


    So profound, I’ve never read anything so powerful before, what a great article it is…. again from the precious golden pen of Mohanji, just full of wisdom. Haven’t read anything so touching in the past, has penetrated deep within, moved me, and stirred my heart and soul. Highly thought provoking article. This is a wonderful New Year gift for all of us, simply Splendid, Incomparable, Exquisite and Elating !!

    With Love and highest regards


    ★ Happy ★ New ★ Year ★ 2011 ★


  12. Incomparably profound, a pure gem! Last two blog posts blew me off my feet and filled my heart with great joy, as I was reminded of the unimaginable blessing of the presence of the Precious in my life… 🙂 The searching stops…

    Love Eternal, Biba


  13. The humiliation swami Atmananada gave to Raman (subject of “encounter with ageless saint part 3) was far more rigorous than the businessman in this narrative. Does this demonstrate that the Businessman has miles to go before he attains the stature of Raman where in the Tradition shows the path to Raman?


  14. Dear Mohanji,

    An eye opener. Another blessing from you……

    With Pranams and Unconditional Love at
    your feet.


  15. Dear Mohanji,
    Please receive my pranam.
    I want to know if there is any biography of Sri Atmanandaji exists.
    I want to know in detail about him.


  16. Dear Mohanji,
    Long time no see. Hope you are fine.
    Recently I have been to Atmandaji Ashram and it was a blessing to read your article on him.


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