The Original Man

The Original Man

The Original Man

Time evolved man. Man evolved time. Man’s very existence became related to time. He forgot his true state of timelessness. He forgot his true nature. Man became another species on earth, detached from the “Father”. A vulnerable species. His basic existence revolved around his emotions, feelings, impressions and ego. He reduced his divine stature, to the stature of his own mind. He looked at the world through his own eyes, as he steadily lost his capacity to look at the world through his soul. Then began the long and winding journey of explorations of himself and the deep quest to find himself. Man’s search for himself continued through time and existence in various times. To find himself, man wandered through lands and oceans. Time after time, drop by drop, his consciousness evolved. Thus, we reached the study of evolution of consciousness of man. This is the story of the Original Man.

The Avatars of Lord Vishnu

The evolution Theory

Dr.Charles Darwin said that man evolved into his current state from the Ape. Let it be so. No arguments. Darwin contributed a lot in molding the mind of the 20th century man. He, along with Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, sowed great imaginations into the minds of 20th century men and influenced the thought process of the entire generation, thus changing the course of history and thought pattern of the modern man. Respecting the contributions of Charles Darwin, especially in making people think differently, let us look at the evolution theory objectively.

Darwin’s theory indirectly endorses ‘Dasavathara’, the sequence of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

If liberation, as we spiritual seekers feel, is the reason for existence, why did we reincarnate again and again? Why this tedious process of trial and error? Well, one cannot reach the highest class without going through the lower classes. That’s the answer. In that case, we have to agree that God has been experimenting with beings with lower consciousness, allowing them time and space to reach His consciousness by themselves. If this is true, then, the old Vedic principle of “Nethi” “Nethi”, or “Not That” “Not That”, becomes more relevant. The Guru never taught the truth to the disciple; instead, he just gave hints. The student meditated on those hints and came back to the master asking if his finding is the final knowledge. The master would just say “Not That”. The student went back and contemplated further. Thus, with the aid of nature and sheer contemplation into himself and his own existence, he would eventually reach his own soul. When the student culminates his search on his own soul and from there to God-consciousness, he would  never go back to his Master. Till then, he kept going back asking the same question and receiving the same answer – “Not That”. So, if we follow the theory of evolution of man from uni-cellular being to the super conscious being, our consciousness has taken ages to reach here. This is quite a possibility. Right?

The Devolution Theory

The Fall in Consciousness is the Real Fall

If we contemplate on the fall of man – God created man in his own image. This means, with all the power and potential of God Himself. Let’s call him Adam. We must consider a few things here. God is formless. God is omnipresent. God is not prone to emotions. God has unlimited intelligence. God exists in super conscious state. God can multiply Himself at will. God expresses Himself through all materials. God creates, maintains and dissolves all materials from Himself into Himself. So, Adam should have all those powers. But the difference here is, Adam is made up of elements while God is consciousness. Adam is matter, even if the identification is temporary. God is pure energy. That difference became too expensive for Adam. God operates through His consciousness and Adam operates through his mind and intellect. Heavy limitation. But, when God created Adam, He also gave him the potential to realize his true stature by installing the three (subtle energy meridians branching out throughout the etheric body) and a three-and-a-half-coiled Serpent (Kundalini) near the root chakra (energy centre at the bottom of the spine). The serpent always sleeps and that allows Adam to believe that he is the limited body. When the serpent is awakened, and especially when it moves, he experiences strange sensations happening to him. He often becomes helpless, emotional, vulnerable, erratic… So, in order to feel control over himself and the space outside of him, he had unconsciously allowed the serpent to sleep. Therefore, the theory of devolution amounts to the fall of Adam from his original stature of “God Man” ( Man who had the potential and power of his Creator)  to that of ordinary Man, who is close to animals in stature.

The Fall


The Fall in Consciousness

The male Adam wanted a female body as his companion because he saw animals procreating and his identifications naturally drifted to that of animals. He was indeed more  superior than animals, but, he had nothing to compare himself with. At least not anything higher than himself. So, he asked for Eve. He had the power to create Eve at will. Some species still possess that power. When all the beings of that species becomes one gender, some of them convert themselves into the other gender to help continue the species. This is usual with certain amphibians – frogs, etc. Since Adam was superior to amphibians and since he had the power of God, he created Eve. Actually Adam did not realize that He had the power to create as many as himself at Will, because that’s the way God creates. With creation, his Kundalini also got awakened. When Kundalini started moving through his chakras, strange emotions started to surge and spurt out. Sexual Desire was the most powerful of them all. Thus, as Kundalini moved through the earth (Root Chakra) and pierced the Water element (Swadhishtana Chakra), he could not control his sexual urge anymore. The call of the elements and the surging Kundalini, the serpent, tilted Adam. He ate the forbidden fruit. He procreated with Eve. He started feeling “naked”. He fell in consciousness, from the supreme consciousness of God and creation at will, to a lower consciousness of  having to procreate to keep the species going. The fall was from unlimited super consciousness to limited consciousness associated with his body, mind and intellect.Thus he reduced himself to the nature of elements, or, in other words, the nature of animals, and inherited all the associated woes. The fall of consciousness happened there. Body, which is made out of elements, had to be re-created through procreation, not will. Man lost the power to conglomerate raw energy into matter and thus create another man. Consciousness fell to the level of animals. Then, through Generations, with the help of many masters and evolved souls, man started climbing up, step by step, to the highest of consciousness. It was a difficult process. It was an uphill task, especially as he had to fight his basic, inherited primal nature and grow in consciousness, while the primal nature always lurked behind. Nature and environment intensified the fall. He slipped again and again. Ignorance shrouded the truth. He lost his direction. He forgot his way back home. He lost his destination. God patiently waited. He allowed the time for his son to find his way home because God has always been existing in timelessness. Man played with Maya (worldly illusion). Maya played with Man.

The Territorial Man


Man became territorial – like animals

As the consciousness fell, man became territorial, like animals. He started guarding his territory, property and people. He became possessive and vengeful. He guarded his territory and, whenever he could, he tried to expand his territory. “Dissatisfaction” got written in bold letters on his forehead. Man could never satisfy himself. He came back again and again, to further satisfy his ever-growing desires. Ignorance helped here. He always lost his memories of his bizarre quests and thus repeated them, basking in his ignorance. He asked many questions, to himself and to others, which were just expressions of his confusion, but never lived the true answers. He kept avoiding truth for the available tangible delusion or Maya.

The Greedy Man


Man’s Greed Devastated the Mother Earth

Man fell to greed and extreme possessiveness, associated with ignorance of his true nature. Along with defined territory, power happened. Power bred greed for more. Possessions were displayed in tangible formats, such as Gold, Precious stones, captive women for pleasure or many wives, many captivated animals, many soldiers, etc. Man collected trophees to prove his one-up-man-ship to others about his own status. The vacuum created by loss of stature was filled with greed for social status. He groomed himself to do anything to make money, attain power, and enhance his social status. His society also blindly supported material success, ignoring the crimes behind the unlimited money.

The Saintly Man


True Saints Loved Without Expectations

There have been detached beings in every society, who could have anything, but needed nothing. When money, power, wealth and women lured the average man, these people stayed afloat in the social existence, unaffected, like a lotus flower above the water. Even when they were standing in knee-deep mud of existence, they expressed beauty and shine of divine on the surface. Early kings were advised by such saints. They advised the kings to rule the country based on Dharma or basic noble duty. Their advice kept the kings grounded, pious and their subjects at peace and harmony. They sowed unconditional love on the paths of existence of the kings as well as their subjects. They said, “where ever all people are not protected without discrimination, where ever mothers cannot feel safe,  where ever children cannot play without fear, where ever power is not used to help and save the poor and hungry, where ever animals are not protected, where ever trees and plants are not respected, where ever life is not respected and nurtured, disease and decay will happen. Downfall and destruction will take place.”

The Business Man


Business Empires Decided the Destiny of People of the World

Man learned to wield power effectively. Power and Control. Power was the key. Control was the method. Fear was the tool. As the time evolved, the duel between the positive and negative continued in every mind. The saints were discarded and the glitter-bitten kings chose business men as their kins and advisors. They believed in profits. They believed in time equated with profits. Time will never be spent for free ever again. Time will be spent, provided there are gains. Life became transactional. Relationships became transactional. Love became conditional. Rule became profit based. Power was with the business men. They also started creating rulers. Wars happened to satisfy the greed of man. Weapon manufacturers became the ones who decide the future of societies and countries. People assassinated people. People tortured and killed people. People were exploited. Everything was camouflaged and done in the name of religion and dharma!!! Man fell further and further in consciousness. His consciousness became demonic. Some people who lost everything in the bargain, had nothing further to lose and started rising up in consciousness. Higher masters held their hand and helped them to walk the wounded path. Some struggled and fell disillusioned. Some clung on to the faith and survived. The business man thought he is having the last laugh. But that was an illusion too. Time after time, the new replaced the old and the more cunning survived. They insensitively ravaged their very seat of power – The Mother Earth. The Mother watched the whole show in tears, helplessly. On her chest, men killed men, destroyed property and dug deep holes into the very existence of future generations. Greed for profits spilled the very guts of the Mother Earth. It imbalanced her very existence. Greed continued and profits justified all aberrations of man kind.

The Family Man


consciousness became Unitized. Family became his limit. No world Beyond…

Man shrunk. He became family oriented and started shrinking to responsibilities only related to his immediate family. His territory became his family. He became reasonably selfish. His whole world became himself and his family. This narrow mindedness and insensitiveness about others, glued his consciousness to the limits of his family. Poor man. Every blow in the harmony of his family affected his heart deeply. Expectations killed him. He often died heart broken.

The Social Man


Consciousness grew beyond his family to fill the society

The social man was a bit better. He also cared for his society and the poor and down trodden. Karl Marx provided wind to his wings and 20th century saw the fertile imaginations of many social people taking flights and organizing revolutions. Their intentions were good. They cared for people. Maybe only people. Still, it was better than gross insensitiveness and inertia. Yet, every society consists of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Each carved his own dimension into the social structure. In all these times, those who slipped into higher consciousness or those who could see beyond the box and dared to talk about what they see, were assassinated or eradicated. As human beings, we always despised those who chose to be different. We loved to burn challengers of our beliefs. We hated to think differently. We chose continuity of thoughts and beliefs. We have always been afraid of changes. Thus, the society killed Socrates, Jesus and many others, who were different and had the ability to show the light of higher consciousness, to the average man. We can be proud of our tenacity to stick to our path!!!

Society created Do’s and Don’ts. The society also created morality and acceptable code of conduct. Some society even created rigid morality and severe punishments for those who dis obeyed. Men started to pretend. Pretensions became the acceptable mode of existence. Pretensions entangled men further to social bindings. Some people live their whole life on pretensions and waste it completely. They pretend happiness, they pretend love, they pretend care, they pretend benevolence, they pretend spirituality, they pretend knowledge etc. Eventually, when they have to meet the reality, they would have already lost their life. This sad story gets repeated in every society, to many people. Yet, people refuse to get real and resort to their pretensions to gain social acceptance. Those few who dare to walk alone, stays liberated, despite social persecutions. Pretension is one thing that is definitely anti-spiritual.

Society created morality for the middle class. The rich and the poor had nothing to do with it. The middle class contains the most pretenders too. They are neither rich, nor poor. Since by nature, with erect spine, man likes to look above his eye level, they try to be what they are not. ( If you ask a child to write on the wall, he will write above his eye level. This is the nature of man) The more the morality, the more are violations too. Along with violations, gross suppressions also happen. Suppressions lead to restlessness. Social restlessness leads to calamities and revolution. Thus, the ignorance of man, combined with no effort to keep the hygiene of the inner world, makes our society a filthy alley.

The Cunning Man


The Fall of Man to Mediocrity further entangled him.

The cunning man always survived. He is street smart. He is intelligent. He is manipulative and well-spoken. He has beautiful presentation skills. He is selfish, but conceals that skillfully. He is handsome and effective. He is considered a good businessman. With the fall of consciousness, those who displayed their intellect in anyway possible, and those who successfully attracted money or power, were worshiped. Cunningness became a symbol of success. It was often re-named as strategy for success. We saw many cunning men, who effectively eradicated good and passive people and climbed up the ladders of material success. We made their statues and we honored them wherever possible.

The Political Man


Selfish Politicians became the biggest Liability to the common men of the world

The cunning man often left his business and opted power instead, or played the dual game. They played the game of politics and business simultaneously. Everything is fair in politics and war. They re-defined territories and walking spaces of the common man. Passive social men, who are often called  “donkeys” were led, mis-lead and, at convenience, manipulated to gain their ends. Political man blamed all the sufferings as inevitable in the path of ultimate freedom and independence. Generation after generation saw the same dish served in different ornamental plates. The donkey men were happy to see the changes in the plate and ignored the dish. As long as there is food, life goes on. So, suffering never ended. The promised freedom never happened. Political man changed his costumes time and again and appeared to appease the bonded minds with promises which they never meant to keep. All manipulations were called ‘strategic decisions’, which confused the social man. They knew that the best way to rule is to confuse. Faces changed. Confusions remained. Life went on. Dictators came and went. Wars came and went. Many got killed. Many survived. Life went on. Never was any politician punished by the law. The long hands of the law managed to reach only till the gates of the politician, but never dared to touch him. When the law got too close, he gave someone else to satisfy the hunger of the law and escaped from that situation. Law was applicable only to ordinary people. The rich politician had nothing to do with it. They were law makers. They have always been immune to law. Even when saints who guided generations to liberation were burnt at stake, politicians were never touched for even grosser crimes that they committed. History has seen this phenomenon consistently repeated time and again with every generation, since time began.

The God Man


God Men came as perpetual Road Signs – in the path of Liberation

There were a few God men, who stayed away from the eyes of the society, maintaining the higher consciousness and

Amongst Mediocre Existence, Jewels of Wisdom Happens

avoiding the contamination of the social life. Who ever came to the society out of compassion, were scandalized, ridiculed, imprisoned or even assassinated. Those who escaped the society, searched for the princes among the frogs. They had to kiss many frogs to get a few princes. They guided those true seekers and elevated them to the highest possible level of consciousness within the possible time. They left the rest to fight out their survival in the quagmire of lower consciousness. God men were very few, but, they helped balance the gross negativity. they often burnt themselves like candles. They served without expecting anything in return.

Negativity never needed any nurturing. It came uninvited, like the weed, and overtook the garden by force. It feasted on trees, plants and sometimes, even the gardener. Many fell. Some survived. Those who survived, showed the rest, the light of true existence and evolution. Some followed the light. Those who missed the glow and procrastinated, got dissolved in time.

Man who fell from super consciousness to the animal consciousness, is slowly climbing back up, step by step. The path is difficult. It is filled with thorns and danger. The luring and uncontrollable mind is the biggest danger. The ego and all identifications too. This journey of liberation is only possible through determination and awareness of the present. Those who get there will rejoice. Those who fall back, will come back, to try again.

The Types of Men

An ancient classification states:

Mineral Man – Selfish, Not interested in anyone else but himself. Usually Greedy and Self-centered.

Plant Man – Selfish to the extent of his family. He is not interested in anything else beyond his close family.

Animal Man – Selfish to the extent of his family and his community. He is not interested in anything beyond his community.

Human Man – Selfish to the extent of his family, his community and his country. He is not interested in any welfare beyond his country.

God Man – Selfless. He loves beyond all man-made barriers. He does not care of caste, creed, communities, countries, colors and classifications. He loves everyone just like the sun spreads its rays equally around, without discrimination. Man’s consciousness reaches its human zenith when he spontaneously becomes a “God Man” – a man beyond barriers.

Where do we stand? CONTEMPLATE!!! It’s worth knowing….

Love You


The World is a Buffet of Sundry Consciousness. Only some food will suit you.

Dharma of Existence

Who Buys Silence? We all are “Glitter Shoppers”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

In a world where everyone talks and no one listens, I hate to add more sound. I always feel and am sure that I can do much more through my silence and being-ness rather than the movement, external articulation and doing-ness. People who can touch and feel silence deeply, from deep within their heart, can be elevated to the highest, this way. The gross minds with terrestrial and more physically tangible expectations will be terribly disappointed. Vomiting emotions indiscriminately and clinging on to habits and conditionings, they expect us to do miracles and liberate them.

Who will buy the intangible, even if it is the real?

We can wake up those who are sleeping. Can we wake up those who pretend to be asleep? People cannot stop accumulating garbage. Yet, they expect us to do the cleansing part. This is the way the world goes. Pretensions. Gross pretensions and unjustified expectations. Images, Words, Sounds, all proclaiming something sensory and tangible or “value for money” and people run after them. People sell people, their intellect and emotions. They cheat and kill. What can silence and subtlety do in a world of gross sounds and human – induced bitter agonies? When people refuse to give up, how can we give in? When people like to choose emotions rather than liberation, who visits our store? This being the truth, religiously, we open the shop everyday, irrespective whether anyone comes to buy or not. Some come out of curiosity and do not invest. They peep from outside and disappear. Some taste a little, never buy and leave after some time. Some stay for sometime and leave without even tasting. Very few make a purchase. Still, some do not use what they bought. Some abuse. Some discard. Out of a million of such window shoppers, perhaps only one strikes the deal. If the shop keeper lives with expectations, he will die a sad man. If he stays without expectations, he will not be affected. Anyways, that is not the story here. If you have the time, please read on….

We have already spoken about the eternal Sanatana Dharma or basic ground rules of existence. What follows are messages from the soul of our beloved Mother Earth. Let us spend a few minutes in introspection into our own conscience and see what we have done so far and what more we can do, to deliver a few more drops of fresh air into the parched lungs of the Mother. The Mother speaks…..

” My beloved children, you have been busy. Too busy to remember me. I know that. No complaints. I appreciate that you are busy. I see you emotional and always under tremendous stress. Your Father, the eternal Almighty, never wanted you to burn out like this. Remember, He, who is the creator and maintainer of the whole universe, is not as busy as you are!!! Please think about it. Why have you brought all these burdens onto yourself? Why are you killing your own kind? Why are you so angry? Remember, my children, all I gave you is nourishment and love. Had you been connected with my spirit, you would have never become so helplessly stressed out.  You still have time. Connect to my spirit, which is your spirit too, and see the same spirit in everything. They are all your brothers and sisters.”

Trees subtly sustains our existence

“My beloved children, my whole body consists of rivers, oceans, mountains and many expressions of life.There is a spirit in everything. Do not think that the tree outside your house is separate from you. The tree inhales what you exhale. And what the tree exhales is what you inhale. Can you see this subtle collaboration and deep love? You are inseparably connected, with the trees, plants, flowers and nature. You are existentially connected to all of them. Why do you isolate yourself from them? Why do you destroy trees? They are part of your own existence. What will you inhale if you break this eternal bond?? What will your children inhale? You are breaking the cycle of existence, my beloved children, please do not do that.”

“My children, your life is full of glory. You look exactly like your father. He is brilliance. He is the Almighty. He is always truly majestic and never subject to any kind of weaknesses. You are the same. He created the whole universe based on Dharma. Dharma of existence. Just like the trees collaborate with you for providing fresh air, and the lions help maintain the deer population, all beings contribute towards the smooth running of dharma. Dharma should not be disrupted. It should eternally flow. Dharma is eternal.”

Can we justify all our actions? If not, Beware.


History is filled with Human Atrocities

“Dharma is the expression of your father. We all exist in that. We have no life apart from that. Have you seen any lion killing for pleasure? Have you seen any bird sitting in the nest, lazy and procrastinating, when the day breaks? Have you seen the sun taking leave even for a day, since centuries? Have you seen any change in the system of life and death? Everything born must die. Killing to satisfy senses, anger, hatred or lust. This is against dharma. This will bring your downfall. When you inflict pain on others, similar pain will haunt your existence too. This is also part of dharma.

Your own people explained the theory of relativity. This is also an aspect of that. May your minds obsessed with science understand it that way. My children, beware, science should not make you insensitive. I have reasons to believe that it does. How many beings are you torturing and killing in your laboratories!!! It’s a shame, my children. Torture and killing of any other being amounts to accumulation of agonizing karma. Karma is the chain that makes you take physical bodies again and again. This will make you suffer similar pains and agony. Your sufferings of this life, has roots into similar acts by you, on others, in other lives. But, if nature used you to carry out its dharma, you will not suffer karma due to that. That means, when you walk, without your knowledge, if some ants die, it is part of their destiny and not your conscious doing. It will then be a different equation, if you add guilt to your thoughtless action or unmindful action. Then, you will suffer karmic undoing through suffering. If nature makes you an instrument, which it often does, you are only doing your dharma and never karma. So, do not worry about that. Karma is not punishment oriented. It is accountability oriented. You are accountable for all your deeds, including all thoughts, words and actions. Period. ”

Rivers Represents the Flow of Life

“My beloveds, a major portion of your body contains water. Water is sacred. All elements are sacred, because they have formed out of your father, the Lord Almighty. Everything is made out of pure spirit. You need to connect to the spirit behind all materials. So, respect water. Save water. Preserve water. Be sensitive towards water. You need good water to stay healthy. Your ancestors were able to drink water from any river and stay healthy. River water was so healthy at one time. Can you do the same? You have contaminated the rivers of the world. You have contaminated the oceans too. You will fall sick if you drink water from your neighboring river. My beloved children, your greed for profits and unconscious living has brought much harm onto yourself. You are existentially connected to the water and those rivers. You are deeply related. Why did you poison and contaminate them? You are deeply related to the flowing rivers. Your life is also flowing. Time is flowing, existence is flowing. Look at the rivers and learn to flow without attachments, unconditionally. Rivers have lots to teach you, the most important of all is its very nature of being unconditional, the very nature of your father.”

Tat Twam asi – Thou Art That

“My children, you are only visitors here. You will depart one day. You cannot own anything here. There is only one owner – the Lord Almighty. Everything belongs to Him. Everything is formed out of Him and everything will dissolve back to Him. He could withdraw this whole drama anytime he feels like. By the way,  why are YOU agitated? Why are you resisting everything? Since you do not know the whole story of any existence, let alone yours, why are you so determined to change things? What can you change, when you do not know the reason of any event in your life?? If you feel you are all powerful, tell me – Can you change your heart beat? Can you change your blood circulation – or maybe reverse it for a change? Can you stop breathing? Can you stop eating? Drinking water? What can you change? Only one thing – your inner world. You can choose to fill your inner world with goodness and pure love instead of anger, hatred, revenge and venom. That will also make your outside world look more beautiful and positive. This is the least you can do for yourself.”

“Understand that your father gave you the power to understand your true

Express Your Self. Express Love

nature and also to understand Him. No other being walking on my body has that capacity. Why are you then behaving like the lesser beings? You should be behaving like your father, who is infinitely kind and compassionate. You should be expressing His nature, complete love and compassion, without discrimination. He is wholesome. He is ever complete. You divided and made things look seemingly micro. He is absolute and infinite. You made yourself look, seem and feel finite. Your father is always surprised at your choosing limitedness. He never interferes, you see. He leaves you to live your life.  He has faith in you and believes that one day, you will re assume your unlimited-ness and come back to Him. He is waiting. He is happy and thrilled when you express His nature of selfless compassion and unconditional love. He is sad when you express negativity, anger, hatred and silly emotions of an average terrestrial being. Keep Him happy, express pure LOVE. You will see the difference happening in yourself.”

We Create our Destiny

“My children, We have a common destiny. My destiny is linked with yours and yours with mine. We are not separate from each other. When you contaminate the same source that you came from, reactions are inevitable. This is not my choice. This is my destiny. Yours too. This is natural with my sickness. All the calamities that you see on my surface are inevitable, because, I am tired. I am sick. Your mother has become seriously ill. My body is reacting to the poisons that has been pumped into me since years. Your advancement has been at the cost of my health. Are you aware of that? It is true. All your fleeting prosperity and profits have been at the cost of my health. When I sigh or pant in pain, storms and floods are your experience. How can I help it? I am helpless, my children.You are born out of me. You are myself. I have given birth to millions of bodies over millions of years. Now, I am tired.  It is time for me to be re born. Those of you who will connect to my spirit, which is the spirit of existence, will survive the change. Those of you still immersed in senses, mind and intellect; fleeting glories, competition with one another and material profits, will wake up to uneasy realities sooner or later. Never tell me that I did not warn you. Save yourself while you can.”

“Changes are always not negative. They are inevitable. Changes mean evolution. Nothing ever stays the same in your father’s

Time Means Change

creation. Dynamism is the core of creation. It never stayed the same in the past and will never stay the same in the future too. Otherwise, you will not be here. You will not be here without the evolution and change. Karma cannot take place at all.”

“My children, treat all things as spirit. All are made out of that. Realize that all are one spirit. Me – the earth, plants and trees, water, air, the sun, moon and the stars, birds and animals, you – all came out of one spirit. All one spirit. Do not worry about death. Death is not the end. There is no end. Life is an evolution. Constant evolution. It never stops. There is no need to worry. So, my children, be kind to yourself, and to others around you. My blessings are always with you. I love you and always loved you, even when you never understood and felt my spirit. How can a mother not love her own children? I have always been waiting for you to know and understand the ultimate truth of existence. I do not have much life left now. Before I withdraw, I had to tell you this. I Love all my children alike. I have no favorites. Your father also loves all His creations alike. Close your eyes and feel us. You will understand this truth. I love YOU.”



Connect with the Spirit, Connect to the Source

The Power of Losing

Many Mouths – Same Truth

Over the years, I have had the privilege of witnessing and participating in many communions – physically and metaphysically. Usually, in planes other than earth, the communions are more like a sharing of consciousness or conscious awareness. This means, one’s  thought becomes everyone’s understanding. There are no questions and answers because there is no intellect to question. Silence carries the awareness. Here are some excerpts. There are much more. Some day, I hope to share more.

The Power of LOSING

We sat under the tree in a state of absolute bliss and overwhelming gratefulness. I prostrated at His feet mentally. He acknowledged by clasping his hands and extending pranaams. Whenever our eyes locked, we offered pranaams and Namaskaars to each other. The bliss of being with a complete renunciate!!!

He smiled internally. It is similar to the smile of very small children during sleep. Nobody can understand the reason behind those smiles and the tears of those tiny babies. He smiled and looked into my eyes again. Then looked away. I was just watching and inhaling the overwhelming presence of a Great Master. About eleven of us sat under the tree, on the banks of Ganges, close to the Avadhoota.

He said: “All of  you have come here from afar. Why have you come searching for me? What can I give you which you already do not have? I have nothing to give anyone. All I have, you have too.  Why did you have to come spending so much money and time? To see a naked, mad man?” and he laughed again. This was all in Hindi.

A Spiritual Emperor

I said: “You called us. We came. Without your calling, we cannot come here. All we need is your blessings”. He looked into my eyes again. Then looked away, into eternity for sometime. He said: “Do you hear the birds singing? How did you hear that? Your mind went there to the tree along with your ears? Mind should not go away from you. It should stay within you. The birds will sing, but, they will sing within you. There are no birds, outside of you. Everything is within you. Do you understand me?” I nodded. He was not talking. He was commanding. His words were commands which must work within all listeners. I felt His power and depth. The authority was astounding. A man who remains unclothed and unattached expressed the conviction and authority of an Emperor. That was his stature.

The Sound of Silence

Another person asked: “Swami, the forests are vanishing. Where can a seeker find peace?” He answered: “Who needs forests? Who is making them vanish? If you cannot find peace where ever you are, you cannot find peace in the forests too. Peace is always inside the man, not outside. You cannot find peace outside, if your inner space is in chaos. Clean up your inner space with good thoughts, words and residue of actions. You will have peace everywhere else. The world outside is just an expression of yourself. There is no outside world apart from you. You make it. You break it. You make everything within you. You break everything within you. So, there is no point in going to forests to find peace. You will be more restless.

Echoes of One Father – SHIVOHAM

He said: “People are teaching about chakras, naadis, aura and kundalini! People are chasing sensations! People are so stuck with the thoughts of kosas (sheaths) and its accessories. HA HA HA. What is the use? More ego? When will you stop looking at yourself (your accessories) and look at Your Self? People give elaborate lectures about Kundalini moving through Mooladhara, Swaaadhishtaana, Manipura etc. What is the use of meat to a vegetarian? What is the use of knowledge when it is of no real use, and only creates more chaos within? We have to leave off all such knowledge and move higher. We have to shed names and images and move higher. How long will we hold on to such things? And what for? Eventually, everything must dissolve.

The true happiness is in losing. Losing every thing that added to the weight of your existence. The true happiness is that of someone who has nothing inside. Nothing to defend. Nothing to fear. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to do. Nothing to prove. Nothing to think. Nothing to achieve. Nothing!!! No needs. No requirements. Lose everything. Name, fame, image, thoughts, knowledge. Lose everything. You will experience the causeless joy and wonder of your eternal spirit. You will experience the true state of liberation – Jeevan Mukta.

Temptations Lure Minds. Wisdom Prevents the Fall.

He then took a glass and said: “Man is holding on to his toys, just like a child who cannot let go of his toys. Man is a child and the only difference is in his size, not in his outlook or attitude. Oh Man!!! When will you let go? When will you let go of your toys? Nature always ends up forcefully removing those toys and dispatching you from existence, time and again. No control on his own life and no control on his death too!!! What a misery!!! Oh Man!!! What can I say? What can I give you? You are so crammed up inside!

Go away. You can get nothing from me. Many come here to see if I can reduce their baggage of suffering!!! How can I release you from anything, when you hold them so tight to your chest? What do I have? I have nothing, just this piece of cloth (Loin Cloth). What can I give you? What more can you carry?

Established Gratitude is Inherent Blessing

Oh Man!!! You keep creating your sand castles!!! You keep building highly perishable empires, even using treachery and deceit, and cry when they perish. When will you leave the temporary and hold on to the permanent? Remember, you have to hold on to your mother (The Lord Almighty) like a monkey’s baby clings on to its mother, until He (The Almighty) takes over and holds you like a cat handling its kitten. If the baby monkey loosens its grip, it falls to death. Nobody can help that fall. You yourself are responsible. Remember that clearly.You are building and re building perishable empires life after life. Still you cannot understand its futility!!! Alas, Man, get out of here. I can give you nothing. You can take nothing from me.”

He closed his eyes and whispered “All are running. Running for what? Who is waiting for whom? If at all, what are they waiting for? Just to fulfill some selfish ends!!! Every meeting has a selfish purpose. Nobody meets anybody for the sake of unconditional love. Everything is conditional. Who created all these appointments that you are struggling to cope with? YOU. You made everything and now you are suffering. You cannot cope. HA HA HA. Oh MAN!!! RUN RUN….Run as much as you want. One day you have to fall. Fall from your pretensions. Fall into the real truth. When will you realize this? With or without you, the same stars will decorate the sky and the same Ganga will feed the grass. Do you feel that you are so important? Think again. Life was going on before you were born. Life will go on without any problem, even after you leave the earth. What appointment are you going to keep? What are you clinging on to? Be grateful for the present moment. Be Grateful. That’s all you can do.You can gain nothing from me. You are wasting your time here. Go, go to your entertainments and continue the life of pretensions and make-believe. GO AWAY!!! You are wasting your time here. YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!!!

One man said “Swamiji, let me sit close to you and be benefited from your presence. Let me also gain something. He snapped “You will gain nothing. You come here with a filled up mind. Swollen with ego, calculating your gains. You cannot gain anything from here. I have nothing to give you. You can take nothing. What can you gain permanently when you have to lose everything? All are here to gain something, take something. None can give, until nature forcefully snatches things away. Poor Man!!! How ignorant he is!!! Go, Go to your markets and play your commercial games – the game of gaining and losing. You are wasting your time here. GO”.

Liberation is in Losing

Man is Flesh. From Flesh, more Flesh are produced. Meat based ego. HA HA HA. Man’s ego develops and swells based on this meat. Flesh and Bones. See the flesh and bones of the past terrestrials, all over the earth. Once they were also moving just like you. You will also be that one day. Do not be too proud. Understand your reality. Accept your reality. Be Grateful.

Oh Man!!! Do not be too proud about yourself. When the perfume that you wear fades off, body, mind and intellect are just “dirt” and they stink too. You are just flesh and blood. Temporary formation of flesh and bones – a loan from the earth!!! This structure of yours. Look at the organs of animals that you killed. You have packed them neatly for sale in your super markets. Oh Hygienic flesh eaters, your body contains the same organs too. Minus soul, you and those dead animals are the same. You killed them because you like to eat their carcass. Time likes to eat your carcass too. Time will annihilate you totally and completely. So, while living, live with awareness of these facts. Practice Non-Violence in thought, word and action.

When Will You Know Me? In How Many Life Times?

Life is the difference. For everything that is born, death is an inevitability. One life breeds many lives, just like meat breeds more meat. The first existence was causeless, as a reason, for the demonstration of relativity. The rest are all karmic, until the final unity. Life breeds karma. One karma breeds more karma. The soul suffers births and deaths. Beware Man, you are no better off than those pigs living in filth. Look at your own inner space. What is there? What JUNK have you stored and nurtured there? No. Do not tell me. I do not want to know. Now, you tell me, what am I supposed to do? What will I do with you? Go away. You will gain nothing from me. You will not even understand me.

Look at those covered in saffron and ornaments of power!!! Poor Men. They are hiding inside the saffron. They are hiding their insecurities!!! Poor Men. Leave them alone. They are also like you, calculating gains and losses. Just leave them alone. They are doing all these for the sake of survival. Those priests also are waiting for their preys – insecure victims. Let them also live. Those religious fanatics, going after converting people who are nothing but unsteady minds and meat and bones; are trying to increase the head counts of their community. Ignorant people. Let them also live. Just now you said that there is no jungle anymore. Animals are certainly there. Jungle should be there. The real jungle has shifted to the city now. Your mind itself is an impregnable jungle, Oh Man!!! How many poisonous snakes and dangerous emotions roam there, uncontrolled!!! What can I give you? You created everything. You nurtured everything!!! Thank You. I want nothing from you too.”

Where ever you look, there is only the glory of Brahman (Supreme Soul)

“Foolish man, so concerned about “the right path”, does not even know which is his right path and follows  someone else’s !!! He cannot allow the soul to guide because he is not aware of its existence – even once a day. Then he repeats the same mistakes of life times, again and again. What a pity!!! Man, liberation is in abandonment, not in ownership. Understand this very clearly. What will you gain by seeing me? What you see is just flesh and blood. That’s not me. Then what do you see? Can you see my soul? In order to see my soul, you should see your soul. Thats the right path!”

Anyway, this will not be understood by many. This food will not be enjoyed by many. This is celestial nectar (amrut).Those who could digest this food, will be liberated. This will be heard only by those who are eligible. The rest will continue to intellectually fathom infinity. This is a futile exercise. Eventually, they will drop it and reach the truth. Every path leads to liberation. Time and space are the difference. Good BYE ( God Buy You)

My friends, In 2006, I communicated with an astral master – a true divine being. I was asking mundane questions, which the master replied patiently. After an hour or so, the master decided to depart. The master asked me “What can I do for you? “I said “I would always stay connected with Astral Masters like you.” He said “I will arrange that” and left. That experience was beautiful. He kept his promise. A part of the above text is taken from our communion with the avadhootha whom we met in Haridwar during Maha Kumbha Mela in 2010.
Many masters do not have physical bodies.  There is no language for thoughts. They transfer the right thoughts with power and intensity to receptive minds, time after time. My job as a man of flesh and blood is to convey it sincerely. It is not my job to convert you. I have no agenda. You may have, I believe, at least that of liberation – Jeevan Mukti?. If this suits your agenda, take it. If not, leave it. In any case, I LOVE YOU.

God Bless You



The Avadhoota Awareness

Perfection in Renunciation

Q: What is an Avadhoota? What is the avadhoota awareness?

A: A man who always exists in super conscious state and is a perfect and complete renunciate can be called an avadhoota. He has no interest in any worldly emotions, achievements, name, fame or  possessions. He usually possesses all the siddhis (spiritual powers) that happen automatically with spiritual evolution, but, does not express them unless extreme necessity happens. He usually has no transactions or give and take with the world and exists on earth only to guide people to liberation. The world of an avadhoota is perfect because He usually exists in His inner world, basking in the glory of supreme consciousness. An avadhoota never gives lectures nor writes books. His life itself is His teaching. The consciousness level of an Avadhoota can be compared only to that of the supreme almighty. We cannot fathom it or explain it. If I may borrow the lines of Adi Shankaraacharya, we could possibly get a glimpse of the awareness level of an Avadhoota. Mind you, the following lines are not expressions based on intellectual understanding from the mind of an Avadhoota, but His living reality.

Great Master Shankaraachaarya

Mano budhya ahankara chithaa ninaham,
Na cha srothra jihwe na cha graana nethrer,
Na cha vyoma bhoomir  na thejo na vayu,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

Neither am I the mind, nor intelligence ,
Nor ego, nor thought,
Nor am I  ears  or the tongue  or the nose or the eyes,
Nor am I earth or sky or air or the light,
But I am Shiva, the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva.

Na cha praana samgno na vai pancha vaayur,

Na vaa saptha dhathur na va pancha kosa,
Na vaak
pani padam  na chopa stha payu,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

Neither am I the  movement due to life,
Nor am I the five airs, nor am I the seven  elements,
Nor am I the five internal organs,
Nor am I voice or hands or feet or other organs,
But I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva

Na me dwesha raghou na me lobha mohou,

Madho naiva  me naiva matsarya bhava,
Na dharmo na cha artha
na kamo na moksha,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

I never do  have  enmity  or  friendship,
Neither do I have vigour nor feeling of competition,
Neither do I have assets, or money or  passion or  salvation,
But I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva

Na punyam na paapam na soukhyam na dukham,

Na manthro na theertham na veda na yagna,
Aham bhojanam naiva bhojyam na bhoktha,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

Never do I have  good deeds or sins or pleasure or sorrow,
Neither do I have holy chants or holy water or holy books or fire sacrifice,
I am neither food or the consumer who consumes food,
As I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva

Na mruthyur na sankha na me jathi bhedha,

Pitha naiva me naiva  matha na janma,
Na bhandhur na mithram gurur naiva sishya,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

I do not have death or doubts  or distinction of caste,
I do not have either father or mother or even birth,
And I do not have relations  or friends or teacher or students,
As I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva

Aham nirvi kalpi nirakara roopi,

Vibhuthwascha  sarvathra sarvendriyanaam,
Na cha sangatham naiva mukthir na meya
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham

I am one without doubts , I am without form,
Due to knowledge I do not have any relation with my organs,
And I am always redeemed,
And I am Shiva the all pervading happiness,
Yes, I am definitely Shiva

One Soul – We are SHIVA – Shivoham

If we can digest this properly and live it fully, we attain the awareness level of an avadhoota. We attain Shiva. This is the essence of all Upanishads and all scriptures. Deepest and humblest Pranaams to the Great teacher Shankaraacharya for this garland of precious jewels.

Q: Ashtanga Yoga

A: Yama – Niyama – Asana – Praanaayama – Pratyahaara – Dhaarana – Dhyaana – Samadhi.

  • Yama = Ahimsa (moral codes or non violence in thought, words and action), Satya(truth), Asteya(non-covetousness, theft or entering into debts), Aparigraha (non possessiveness, absence of avarice), Brahmacharya (Appropriate use of vital essence. Celibate when single – faithful when married, Divine conduct, Continence), Kshama (Patience, responsive and not reactionary, always in the present.), Dhriti (Steadfastness, completion of all tasks to possible perfection, overcoming non-perseverance, fear or indecision.) Daya (Compassion, Natural expression of love, kindness and compassion towards all beings. Never harm or injure any being) Arjava (Honesty, straight-forwardness, renounce deception, dishonesty or wrong doing of any kind). Mitahara (Control in consumption. No emotional consumption. Never eat too much or too little. Average appetite. Never consume any dead organisms or organisms without any praana – like fish, seafood, meat or eggs.) Shaucha (Cleanliness of body and mind)
  • Niyama = Saucha (Clean body and mind ) Santosha(Happiness), Tapas (discipline & thereby mental control), Svadhyaya (which means becoming close to oneself, through meditation and self-exploration) Isvarapranidhana is to lay all your actions at the feet of God).
  • Asana = Postural Perfection, while mind kept steady over Self.
  • Praanayaama – Perfection through breath. Touching the subtler plane of our existence. Concentration through breath control. Health through proper breathing.
  • Pratyaahaara – Sense control. Detaching senses from sense objects through consistent practice. This does not amount to suppression of desires.
  • Dhaarana – Concentration on the sub straatum – the seat of  desires and observing them like a witness. Desires reduces systematically and awareness increases gradually.
  • Dhyaana – Meditation. Awareness on the self or what ever is the object of meditation.
  • Samaadhi – One with the self and from there to the supreme self or one with the object of meditation. Existing in one consciousness level. One awareness level. Unity. Oneness.

Q: Ashta Siddhi
A: They are:

  1. Anima (capability of making the body minute)
  2. Mahima (increasing body size),
  3. Laghima (ability to become light),
  4. Garima (power to make the body heavy),
  5. Ishitva (possess divine powers – lordship),
  6. Vashitwam (power to attract others ),
  7. Prapti (power to secure anything),
  8. Prakamya (ablity to become invisible).

Siddhis are automatic, as we evolve. Preserving them as sacred keeps our potential intact. Mis -using them degenerates our spirituality. The equation is simple. If Moksha is the purpose of our existence, we have to go beyond the temptations of siddhis and stay steadfast in the path of liberation. Siddhis could pull a saadhak down to the quagmire of karma.

Q: Nava Nidhi
A:  Nava Nidhi means nine types of wealth. They are:

  1. Parakaaya Pravesha – Ability to enter another body – even a dead body.
  2. Haadi Vidya – Siddha has no hunger nor thirst. This vidya helps detach from the requirement of food and water.
  3. Kaadi Vidya – No seasonal changes affect the man. Seasons cannot touch him. This also means winter and summer cannot affect the Siddha. He does not feel heat or cold.
  4. Vaayu Gaman Siddhi – Siddha becomes lighter than air which facilitates His air-travel. He travels from one place to another in a few seconds.
  5. Madaalasa Vidya – Siddha increases or decreases the size of His body using this knowledge. Hanumanji has famously done this many times.
  6. Kanakadhaara Siddhi – Siddha acquires unlimited wealth through this siddhi – if he chooses to. Avadhootas are hardly bothered about money and wealth. They live in a perfect world of supreme consciousness.
  7. Praakya Sadhana – Directing souls to wombs – even to the extent of motherhood to barren women.
  8. Soorya Vigyan – Through the power of rays, transformation of materials are achieved. Sun rays are used to nullify and re create materials or transform them to the form they choose. Surya vigyan is an ancient technique used by siddhas.
  9. Mrita Sanjeevani Vidya – Rejuvenating the dead. Dead can be brought to life using this siddhi.

A Great Siddha - A perfect Bhakta

Siddhas are not bothered about these powers. They have no necessity to prove to anyone. They exist in bliss state always. Siddhis are based on eligibility. It happens when the seeker is ready. But, siddhis are also double edged swords. They can prevent spiritual growth and essentially  moksha(Salvation). Do not get stuck with siddhis or even the thought of siddhis. Let it come and go, if needed be. Stay always close to your soul and the Brahman.

Understand that the potential of every being is the same, irrespective of whether he is rich or poor. The awakening of it makes the difference. None are empty. None are high or low. All possess the same quality of soul. All souls are children of the supreme soul. All belong to the Supreme Father. Everyone’s ultimate aim is to reach Him. Every body has a duration. Every form, name and identity will dissolve and disappear sooner or later. No one is immune to changes. All are one. ONE SOUL. All are SHIVA. Shivoham!!!

God Bless All


In Service of the Guru Principle

Guru is a Principle
Q: What is the root cause of our suffering?
A: Ignorance. And the depth of our identification with that what is impermanent. When our identification is with our soul, there is no suffering.
Q: What is the easiest and most powerful mantra that you could recommend for daily chanting?
A: Aum Namah Shivaaya, Aum Namo Bhagawathe Vaasudevaaya or Aum Sai Ram. These are all powerful mantras. It helps one in detachment.
Q: Spirituality is?
A: Simplicity and Unconditionality.
     Faith and Patience.
     LIBERATION from everything, including name, form and karma.
Q: What helps liberation?
A: Spontaneous and effortless shedding of habits that you could not have lived without, otherwise. The wisdom behind the shedding itself is a confirmation of personal spiritual evolution. Gurus will happen in life automatically and guide further. As I mentioned earlier, Guru is a principle. It could take mouth and talk, or it could come as a message from the nature. The bottom line is, Guru happens in life, when you need him the most.
Q: Brightness
A: Brightness is our true nature. Darkness exists only in our mind. Enlightenment removes all darkness. There are no more ambiguities or assumptions. Everything is brighter than the daylight. Everything is bright and clear. An enlightened person operates on clarity beyond the comprehension of our limited intellect. Brahma gyana is deep awareness and not understandable using our buddhi or limited intellect.
Q: Is Shaivic path different from Vishnu’s path?
A: No. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are all aspects of the same God supreme. They represent three different aspects of existence. Jesus and Buddha are one. Krishna and Rama are one. Zoroashtra and Mahaavir are one. Parabrahma, Father and Allah are one. You and I are one.  Beyond every form is the one God. Just like you can wear only the dress that suits you, your chosen path should be suitable for you. Then, destination is reachable. Otherwise, detours are inevitable.
Q: Mohanji, why do you attribute everything to past masters? You had spoken about ownership. Isn’t this against it?
A: This is our tradition. Even the Great Lord Krishna says “Thus spake the masters”. Traditionally, we respect and revere our Gurus, the stream of masters who transfered wisdom to people over generations. They have said everything. If you look deeper, we know, everything started from Lord Shiva – “Sadashiva Samaarambha”. The Guru principle eternally flows. So, how can I take ownership? I am only one of the mouths of the eternity. Since I am following the tradition of Great Masters, I attribute everything to the great masters of the past who delivered everything. None of the past masters took ownership of the eternal truth or knowledge. Shirdi Sai Bhagawan always said “Allah Malik”. So, none of the existing Gurus can own anything that they are teaching. They all are part of the tradition of masters. Please understand this clearly; if some Guru says “I invented this”, understand that he lacks depth and clarity. Humility and gratitude is automatic when enlightenment happens. Spiritual evolution makes people humble, because it is the path of nullification, of dissolution.
The context where I said “own your experiences” is different. This means that, when you have profound spiritual experiences, during meditation or in the company of masters, do own them, nourish them, and cherish them. They are your own. That is the point from where you will grow. Mind may have some ideas, borrowed from others. That might hinder your progress by asking you to ignore your own experience and believe in someone else’s. That would a fundamental mistake. We are not another person. His experience is unique to himself. You are yourself. Your experience is unique to yourself. OWN THAT. Be proud of that. Start your journey from that point. You will evolve higher and higher. Information is in the air. When your antenna develops the capacity to de-code information that you are eligible for, you will automatically receive them. The guru principle will make sure of that. So, there is no need to worry. Own your own experience and be proud to talk about it. Do not worry about others who might ridicule you. They are doing so, because others cannot see what you see. Your consciousness is unique to yourself. Believe in yourself – Your SELF.
Q: Dependency on Guru
A: Shirdi Sai Baba has enlightened many. Adi Shankaraacharya, Buddha, Ramana Maharishi and Bhagawan Nithyananda have also enlightened many. By just following the Guru’s instruction, by just surrendering to the will and instruction of the Guru, by merely serving the Guru without expectations, people have attained enlightenment. Faith is the key here. Faith can take us to the highest. Complete and perfect surrender to the sadguru, making Him the main object of worship, obeying His words to its fullest, disciples can cut out the weeds of uncertainty and attain supreme bliss. All sadgurus test their disciples in order to make sure that they have attained the right eligibility for receiving the highest. Faith, Surrender and Patience mature a disciple and help his elevation. The Guru takes care of his well-being.
Q: Who is your Guru?
A: I have many Gurus. I am guided by both the Dattatreya Tradition and Kriya Yoga Tradition Masters. I am one with all of them. That is why many people have seen different masters working through me. I am an empty pot that gets filled in by any master who is relevant and appropriate for that situation. This mind and intellect stays in surrender to the Maha Guru, our very existence. Appropriate knowledge flows at the appropriate time. Shirdi Sai speaks to me. Mahavatar Babaji has spoken to me. It is not like me speaking to another person. It is like me speaking to myself. They are all within my consciousness. When we speak to an external entity, there is duality. Here, I do not exist and my consciousness contains all Gurus. The wisdom is the same. The information is the same. Those who are connected to me also experience my consciousness. All those whom I have touched are also within my consciousness. They are one with me and in that way, one with all the Gurus of the universe. We all are one. There cannot be any duality. Guru is a principle and that principle does its dharma without fail. It operates through many mouths. All mouths represent the same principle. All are one. Hence, in that context, my existence is in service to the Guru Principle. I am THAT. I am Everything and I am Nothing. I am like a mirror. I mirror the people or the Masters who come in contact with me. I do not have any particular identity. What you see is unreal. I do not exist.
Pranaams to all Great Masters
Q: I do not know anything…each day this feeling is increasing. Please help.
A: You are on the right track. The moment you feel “I Know”, you stop growing. Your spiritual evolution stops there. The more you feel “I do not know”, your ego is at check. Your ego is not over-powering your spirituality. The tallest of all types of ego is the spiritual ego. It traps a seeker in illusion. Knowledge is an illusion. Maya. The more we feel we know, the more the ego will grow. The more we feel insignificant, which of course is the truth, the more we grow. Sooner or later, we have to shed everything. This includes all our identities, such as name, fame, position, tradition, path – everything. So, nullification has to happen and that means liberation. If we live liberated from everything, including ego, our transit to the higher will become effortless. We will live a life of unconditionality.
Q: When breath stops?
A: Nirvana happens. (in a spiritual sense)
Q: What do you eat?
A: Food that does not contain animal products. Food that is natural. Vegetarian. I avoid milk and milk products too – as much as possible.
Q: What about cheese?
A: Randomly. I do not consume cheese with rennet. I look for the sign “No Rennet Added” on the bottle or packet of the cheese.
Q: Plants also have life. Isn’t it same as animal life? So, what is the difference between animal food and vegetables?
A: Our tradition has taught us that in order to maintain our food sheath, which is our body, we need to consume similar material. This means gross food. Animals need to die for us to consume their body. Plants need not die to share their fruits with us. This is the difference. Vegetables are grown on plants much like nails grow on our fingers and toes. They grow and fall off. Their fall does not hurt us nor does it make any change in our life. Plants do not suffer excruciating pain and fear when we pluck a mango or tomato from the mother plant. Animals feel deep pain and tremendous fear when they are killed. A food item is good for our system as long as procurement of it does not amount to destruction. If the food is based on non-violence, our food sheath will remain pure and energetic. Remember, this body has consumed tons of food and liters of liquid until this moment. It needs more. If we are conscious about our consumption, we will not waste food. We will respect the objects that we consume for the maintenance of our food sheath. Violence always contaminates us, in some level. Food consumed with respect and as an offering to our existence always goes in as a blessing. That will certainly help us in our spiritual evolution.
Q: Do you like incense and perfume? Is it spiritual?
A: Yes. I do. I love perfumes and all other materials that produce fragrance, including the first rain of the season that brings fragrance of the freshly drenched earth. Every object on earth is spiritual. Our attitude towards it makes the difference. If we handle any object with gratitude, it becomes spiritual. We will not be taking anything for granted. Respect towards any object means self-respect too. So, it is important to maintain the right attitude and respect. The world will express the same towards you. We are free to use any material on earth if in handling there is no torture, killing or violence of any kind. If our attitude is that of love and gratitude, everything will add to our progress. When our dependence on any object is minimal, liberation from the birth – death cycle is easier.
Q: What attracts people to a spiritual Guru?
A: Their need for spiritual evolution.
Q: What ensures spiritual evolution?
A: Faith, Concentration, Devotion and Patience.
Q: What do you deliver to those who come to you?
A: Experience.
Q: Where do you source from?
A: Eternity
Q: From what level are you talking?
A: Faith
Q: Do you recommend any other Gurus?
A: I recommend all Gurus. You should choose the Guru that is best for you. All Gurus have value and purpose. Nothing on earth is ever wasted. Let us not compare Gurus nor ridicule them. If someone does not suit your constitution, please do feel free to leave him. If a Guru binds you to himself through fear or control, by all means, leave him. He is insecure. If any Guru does not bend you or bind you, and elevates you from the level that you are at, without adding any guilt or fear, that Guru is good. Please be with him, with full surrender, faith and devotion. He will take you higher.
Smiling photo
Guru dispels the darkness of ignorance. Guru is Everywhere

Attachment and Liberation

It is time to wake up!

What are we doing here? Have we ever thought about it in-depth? What is our purpose? What is our mission? Why are we here? Where else could we be? Every man harbors these questions. These questions haunt us even more, if our path is that of liberation.

LIBERATION!!! That is so beautiful. Liberation is not escapism. Escapism is running away from dharma (duty) Liberation is natural detachment, without any effort, while performing dharma with detachment – like the sun or a flowing river. No object on earth can make us happy or sad. Liberation makes us perpetually self-sufficient.

The nature of our soul is liberation. It takes the subtle body through many births and deaths, but never gets contaminated. It is pure as ever. Let us look at ourselves closely. We have never considered the soul. Every thought brings an attachment. Every word invokes an attachment and every action is with an attachment too. Every meeting is with expectation. Every decision has an expectation. A result is expected. Results are bound to happen. That’s the nature of action. Attachment to results causes bondage. Expectations cause bondage. We suffer. The moment we shift from these expectations to pure action, we become liberated.

Temptations are Inevitable in Life

Bondage is of various types. All attachments are bondage. All expectations are bondage. All relationships are bondage. A Guru can be bondage. Disciples can be bondage. Body, mind and intellect are bondage. Knowledge is bondage. All habits are bondage. Dependencies of all kind are bondage. All samskaaras are bondage. Thus, life is full of seen and unseen bondages. This makes liberation even more difficult.

The best way to transcend bondage is through higher awareness. It is like growing up through many grades, like we experienced in our school days. Awareness level keeps changing and we realize at each stage that we were not aware of many things earlier. Clarity improves and dependency reduces or at least shifts, just as it does from a toy to a bicycle, a bicycle to a motor cycle and so on. Habits change. When a habit is replaced with the deep and pregnant silence of spirituality, we are liberated. Need for action is formed out of samskaaras. When samskaaras reduce, actions reduce too. But, usually, we fill the space with more samskaaras. We are afraid to die. The birth-death cycle has become our habit because of repetition over life times. Anything can bind us and keep us away from liberation. Our identifications makes death painful. Identifications such as name, shape, nationality, religion and everything else. Even a mirror can prevent a smooth exit. A mirror re establishes our physical image into our psyche so much that, when the soul departs the body, it feels lost. It stays on. It refuses to transcend. Thus, if you look deeply, you can see that many things hinder our progress. In that situation, if you are still able to translate knowledge into wisdom and experience wisdom, which nullifies the push of samskaaras, then, life becomes easier and transit becomes effortless.

Attachment Brings Souls Together over Lifetimes

Nothing is either good or bad. There are no do’s and don’ts. These are all created by our mind. What is right for us is the exhaustion of our karmas, whatever it takes. What is right for the soul is to stay as the soul, without the baggage of karmas and the push for many re-births. Right and wrong are relative and it also shifts modes time after time. Nothing is permanent in terrestrial existence. If we can fully understand this fundamental truth and live it to the brim, we are relatively better off.

The nature of the mind is to get attached

Staying in the path of liberation is not easy. Every person sends messages. Every message comes with an attachment. Every attachment is like a virus. It makes your system dull and sometimes even sick. When we are constantly in the web of life, we stay trapped and bound.  Liberation needs serious practice. We cannot suppress karmas and attain liberation. We have to exhaust karmas and get there. We have to grow with awareness and detach because we do not need it. It is far different from the state where we reject because we cannot reach it.

Liberation is a continuous process of trials and errors

When the world was speaking about “Haves” and “Have nots”, India always had a third segment, the true liberated Masters who had everything but wanted nothing. They lived in plenty with no need for any terrestrial objects. Terrestrial love, like relationships are temporary and often conditional. Soul is liberated and unconditional. That is the shift that we are talking about here – the shift from our limited mind to the unlimited soul. That guarantees liberation.

Love YOU


Liberation Awakens us Completely

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Unlike the previous communications, this is written amidst many distractions of extremely busy schedules. This may lack continuity in theme and text. Hence, please bear with me. Kindly read on…..  

DIVI  SOORYA  SAHASRASYA (Brighter than a thousand Suns)

From Brightness, We Began

When we came on earth, we were brilliantly bright. However, darkness of emotions, like persistant waves, lashed on us continuously, and we forgot our real state. We started feeling limited, ordinary, and in a way, “too terrestrial”. We began looking at life as limited – as 0ne lifetime from birth till death, along with our ego identifications such as name, status, pedigree etc.

Our supremely bright Father allowed us to deeply experience the darkness and confusions of terrestrial existence so that we could clearly understand our true glory in comparison with the seeming darkness of an emotional existence. Our Father actually created the whole dual scenario for this purpose! He never interfered. Sometimes, when darkness enveloped our limited minds and ego blinded us, He Himself incarnated to guide us back to our path of non-duality, to the understanding of higher unity. And everytime He did that, He wore the human body made out of the elements that we are familiar with, and underwent or experienced changes, disease and decay, just as we do.

Time and again, we continued taking birth after birth, rolling in ignorance of our true state. Existence was always based on relativity. Emotional expressions were based in relationships. Ego bloomed in every man and died at his physical death, only to be reborn, again and again. Through many births and related learning and purification, the urge for liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death started growing within us.  Thus, slowly and steadily, we started recognizing our true nature. With more awareness, we shifted our consciousness to our soul. Then, through the soul we saw our Father in all His brilliance – He was shining  BRIGHTER THAN A  THOUSAND SUNS!

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

Time has seen many battles. Battles between countries as well as individuals. All wars began from the inner conflict of one or more individuals. Collective inner conflicts get converted into life changing events and wars. Wars always left behind immense destruction, death and sorrows. Man’s restlessness gets reflected on Mother Earth too. The more agitated mankind becomes, the more are the number of wars and natural calamities. Emotions swell into wars. External expression of violent inner conflicts are physical wars.

The fight is essentially within oneself. Time creates and destroys. This is the dharma of time. Time and again we have seen complete annihilation of life, civilisation, species and thought processes. Man evolved through such experiences over life times. Civilisation without higher awareness is extremely hollow.

Human Mind is a Regular Battlefield

Let us take a look at the events that provoked Krishna to reveal His real form, the form that provoked the exclamation “Brighter than a Thousand Suns” in all those who witnessed it. The epic Mahabharata is deep and pregnant with the subtleties of human existence. When America tested the first atomic bomb in the deserts of New Mexico, Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, on witnessing the explosion is said to have exclaimed “Brighter Than a Thousand Suns!” – the same expression from Mahabharata. He was apparently well-versed in the Mahabharata and Gita. Man experienced cosmic brightness when raw energy was released at the dissection of atoms in a particular way, while Krishna always existed in the brightness of the Supreme. Is science trying to reach the realm of spirituality? Can it, at all?  Food for thought indeed…

Sanjaya was given the power to see beyond the darkness of his closed eyes, through cosmic vision. He could see all activities as if they were happening within himself, and he could also sense the mental transactions of all those whom he chose to watch, as if they were happening to himself, within himself. Hence, he could narrate everything to the blind emperor Dhritarashtra with absolute clarity and truthfulness – he became the emporer’s eyes.

Sanjaya told Dhritarashtra, the father of Duryodhana and ninety nine other children, that Arjuna might call it a day, even before the battle of Kurukshetra began. Arjuna had become terribly emotional and assumed responsibility of all his future actions just as the war was about to procee. Emotion had drained his energy and will-power completely. He was confused. He was suffering from guilt over violence that he would perhaps commit in the future. He was confusing between karma and dharma. The darkness of ignorance was shrouding his clarity and vision. He became completely depressed and mentally paralyzed.

Dhritarashtra, the blind father, was relieved. At least for a moment he hoped that the war might not take place at all. He expressed his emotion with a sigh of relief. “After all, the war is between cousins. Possibly, Arjuna’s dilemma could make his brother Pandu’s five sons reconsider a truce”, thought Dhritarashtra. Truce based on equality was out of question. And truce was possible only if Pandavas were to surrender without conditions. Well, it could clearly be wishful thinking. Yet, never too late for anything. Wars always wreaked havoc. Destruction and associated sorrows are bound to happen in some camps.

It is always better to avoid wars. Man’s greed and ego created wars. Wisdom of higher beings created peace. Wars and peace are played time after time to cleanse and rebuild. Mounting ego always ended up in conflicts. Peace lies in non-resistance and acceptance of existence as it is. Who could do that? Ordinary mortals cannot. Only higher wisdom establishes beingness. Only beingness breeds equanimity. Only equanimity over happiness and sorrow, provides non-resistence and liberation. Not easy. Not easy at all. Forget it. Let us be practical. Lets talk business. Eh?  The emperor shut his blind eyes once again.

Battles Breed Emotions, Loss and Immense Sorrows

Dhritarashtra mused, “Krishna is the problem. The real problem. It is His presence that is giving strength to the Pandavas to wage a war against the mighty Kauravas. By any standards, they are not a match at all to the might of Kauravas. Five men against a hundred plus hundred fold! But this one man, Krishna – He is intelligent. He makes the difference. He has the capacity to change any situation to his or the Pandavas’ advantage. History might name Krishna the best politician the world has ever seen. When Duryodhana was given the option to choose between the entire Yadava army and an unarmed Krishna, he chose brawn instead of brain. Even I thought his decision was right indeed. Size matters. Might matters. It could easily distract and dishearten any weak enemy. What we needed was the physical might of more men on our side.”

The unarmed Krishna became the ally of Pandavas, the other side in this battle.

Even  Dhritarashtra thought, at that time, “What can an unarmed Krishna do against the might of my children and their equally mighty army?” Now, even before the battle began, it seemed that the wind was favorable to his children, especially since the best Pandava warrior, Arjuna, was in despair. A mighty big problem. Agony of guilt and emotions over relationships. To top it all, ownership over possible future actions!

Dhritarashtra pondered, “How will Krishna handle this situation amidst a battlefield where both armies are raring to go? Wait! He is intelligent and cunning. He cannot be underestimated! If only someone would ‘take care’ of this charioteer 😦  Krishna!”

Krishna raised the understanding level of Arjuna, effortlessly, in the battlefield, amidst the two armies. In the middle of the battlefield, Krishna expounded the Gita. The Bhagavad Gita. The essence of all Upanishads. What a place or location to convey the ultimate truths of existence! Krishna chose a battlefield, a tense war zone, to convey the complete essence of all Upanishads to a depressed man; and He made sure his student understood it all and brought Arjuna back to the war! That was Krishna. The mighty avatar!

To Destroy Adharma and Uplift the Dharma, I “Happen”again and again

Situations never mattered. Krishna was a complete avatar. He could perform his dharma with perfect balance of mind, at anytime, what ever the situation. Nothing mattered to this powerful master. He raised Arjuna to the awareness level of enlightenment and put him on the track of dharma, completely nullifying the emotions related to karmic relationships. For an ordinary individual, this would have been a Herculean task. But for Krishna, the avatar, it was simple and clear. And while at it, He even elevated Arjuna’s levels to comprehend the state of God realization – where past, present and future exist on one plane and time stands still. With inner eyes well fixed on cosmic glory and brilliance, Arjuna experienced the cosmic bliss. Sat Chit Ananda.

Cosmic Brliiance is Truly Inexplainable

Sanjaya, who was given the eyes to see the battle and report it, from where he sat, almost like our current TV coverage, but only with more honesty and truthfulness, explained what he witnessed to the blind Dhritarashtra who asked, “Sanjaya, please explain to me the real form (Vishvaroopa) of Krishna”. Raptured with supreme bliss, Sanjaya replied: “Brighter than a Thousand Suns!”

The glory of the true form of Krishna was never explainable in terms of words, because verbal explanations are too limited. This phenomenon was truly beyond any kind of explanation. Arjuna saw all the people whom he was supposed to kill in the war, already dead and going through the huge mouth of time, which was displayed within Krishna’s true form. The true form of Krishna was all encompassing. All that happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all that will happen in the future was seen simultaneously in that form.

There was no past, present and future as parellel to time, the way our conscious mind can recognise. Everything existed all at once. The brightness was blinding, yet soothing. It was indeed like a thousand suns coming together, yet, soothingly cool. This is the nature of Parabrahma. This is our true nature. We too get to see it when we go beyond the darkness of our closed eyes. The brightness beyond the darkness of ignorance and identifications.

Krishna had displayed His true form once earlier, when the Kauravas decided to arrest Krishna, as he appeared in their royal court, in the role of the messenger of Pandavas. When he showed them his true form, most of the people assembled there could not see it as they were blinded by His brilliance. Only those who were truly innocent and pure, saw the glory of the Lord. They were very few. Those who see the glory of God in everything are very few, sadly even now 😦 .

Now, Arjuna had been specially empowered by Krishna to see this glory in the battlefield called Kurukshetra. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him. Even lifetimes of spiritual practices cannot take one to the capacity of witnessing cosmic brilliance even once. It is something so elusive from our level of gross. Once we have experienced the cosmic brilliance, terrestrial illumination will seem far inferior. Once we experience the “ananda” or bliss state of liberated awareness, terrestrial emotions will seem unworthy.

Only love will exist. Only compassion will express itself through us. Again, who gets the eligibility to enjoy the proximity of a Master like Krishna? Only the Master can choose His disciple.  The Master chooses those who are eligible to see him, feel him and recognize him. Others will look, but can never see. Some cannot even reach the Master. One needs to have clarity of purpose, of his own existence. Then, he will easily recognise the Master. True Masters behave in the most ordinary way, and they will never display their enlightenment. It is not easy to recognize a Master, unless he chose to reveal himself and you choose to elevate yourself to recognise Him. Faith is the key. Devotion and patience are the two legs that will take you there.

The epic battle took place. Arjuna’s army won the war, of course, with the GRACE OF KRISHNA. Both sides lost many men, horses, elephants and wealth. Arjuna was quite elated as well as proud and egoistic, which is natural for any victor. ( We always own our achievements and blame others for our failures 🙂 Isn’t that true?) After the war, Krishna, his charioteer, drove the chariot to their camp and told Arjuna quite unceremoniously, “Get down.”

Usually, the charioteer will get down first and open the door for the elite passenger. Arjuna waited for Krishna to do so. Again, Krishna continued to sit in his seat and said, “Get down.” Arjuna still waited, hoping that Krishna would remember the courtesy. He did not. The third time Krishna repeated, Arjuna alighted from the chariot, quite unwillingly and a bit disappointed. Krishna let loose the horses and jumped out of the chariot.

Suddenly the chariot went up in flames. The fire swallowed the chariot in front of Arjuna’s own eyes to his utter amazement and disbelief. Arjuna was truly astonished. He was humbled when he thought of his fate, had Krishna allowed him to stay and jumped out of the chariot first. The fire would have consumed him too!

He realised, ” Great Masters operate from the plane of higher consciousness, understanding and awareness. Ordinary humans cannot fathom that. Hence, it is wise to leave them on their own and obey what they say, without arguing within or externally, or even analyzing it with our highly conditioned and limited intellect. There is always a higher purpose, in the realms of true Masters, and they are always aware of that.”

All of us are brightness incarnates and all great Masters are always living that brightness. If we confuse ourselves by looking at their finite bodies or the way they behave in the society, we lose the opportunity of a lifetime. They lose nothing, because they have no expectations.

I conclude this with my humblest, deepest prostrations at the feet of the great Master, Lord Krishna. He gave so much wisdom to the world that has transcended generations. He incarnated to uplift dharma and eliminate adharma. Annihilation was his method. What we could possibly know about Krishna is probably a drop compared to the mighty ocean that he truly is. Generations will come and go. The message that Krishna expounded will exist for ever.

Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum (I prostrate to the Universal Master Krishna)

Kaayena Vaacha, Manasendriyaiva,
Buddhyaatmanaavat, Prakrite Svabhaavaat,
Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmei,
Sree Naraayanaayeti, Samarpayaami
(I offer all my vasanas, every thought, every word and every action at the lotus feet of Lord Sree Krishna, The Maha Guru, the Universal Master).

Love You Always



Humblest Pranaams to the Great LORD