Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2015

Dear Embodiments of Love,
On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima we are joining hands again; we are meeting again. When we look ahead in life and in spirituality, what exactly do we see? Have you ever thought? Are we in a repetitive mode of practice or are we looking ahead at an evolution, a kind of awakening, from inside?
Today feel the time, feel yourself vs. the time. The time is speeding by so fast. You have no control over time. You are not in a position to stay or to stand and think – you/time are constantly moving. In such a high pressure time, what kind of practice is good for you? Or what can we do to keep ourselves purified and elevated? We can’t lose the track. But we also have to try to do our best for this is the only time available to us.
Clearly, we need practicality more than spirituality. We need to be practical, compassionate, generous, and as we express the highest qualities that humans can express in this world, we spontaneously elevate our consciousness. So today the elevation of consciousness depends on how you position yourself in this world. Are you positioning yourself as a wealth or as a burden to this world, demanding more and more from earth? If you want to position yourself as a wealth to earth, you must start sharing. You must be abundant and rich inside else you can never have enough.
Most of our life is based on people, places, time, situations and if these external pleasures are not available, we fall into depression. The time is speeding fast and nothing that you see outside, including our own body and constitution, belongs to us or will stay forever.
Spirituality is very difficult if you do not understand or accept the situation as it is and if you do not start sharing and enriching yourself from within. All the true masters and gurus are true mirrors, just showing you who you are. What you are is what you are; and this is exactly the position where you can start walking from. There is nothing else to guide from or guide with.
Ask yourself what you have been doing all these days. Was it a ritualistic practice or mechanically following somebody without knowing exactly what, why or where you were headed? If you do not analyse, understand, introspect, meditate or contemplate what you are, where you are coming from, where you are going, why you are going there – you are missing out on a lot.
So look at yourself at this point in time, understand, carry the message of love to wherever you go and try to be what you truly are – the compassion, kindness, love which is you, the whole beingness that you could actually express in the world instead of anarchy, lack, dissatisfaction, anger hatred or the wars and calamities. Look at yourself and ask, “Is this me? Is this what I want to be in this existence called life?“ And understand clearly that we are here only for a short span of time. We do not know how long we will be here in this body, companionship or situation. We do not know how long we can enjoy or experience a particular thing, relationship or situation- We do not know how and when the situations change. Since we do not know any of these, the best thing to do is be yourself every moment.
Be yourself – love, be yourself – compassion, be yourself – kindness and please understand all beings of the Earth have equal right on this world over this Earth. All of us are the same. We cannot say we have supremacy over other species – we don’t. We are the same as any other beings who are walking on earth. We have no right to control, conquer, victimise, torture any beings including ourselves. Self-torture is equal to torturing other people. Self-victimisation is as powerful and significant as victimising other people. Both are detrimental for evolution.
The only space that you can own forever is your inner space. So as you keep your inner space clean, neat and tidy, you are spontaneously being spiritual. Being spiritual is a spontaneous, everyday, every-moment thing. When you keep on doing things which are generous in nature, which expand your heart; you are being spiritual and this is the best spirituality in the time like today where the time runs fast; you have no time to stay, sit, think or contemplate. You have to keep moving, acting, and doing things. This time is very critical; we can’t stop the time or ourselves. We sometimes don’t have time to even plan things.
What can we do? We can be kind, compassionate, loving. Do not buy gossips, emotions or anything which hurts you or other people. Do not store them either. Just let them go. Just let your past go. Let every pain, every stress, let it all go and start expressing love against all odds. Just express love.
Always bank on your experiences. People can have various opinions and understanding levels because every being is a unique constitution with his/her own understanding and experiences. So when they say, “This is right, this is wrong,“ please understand this is their opinion.Your own experience is the most powerful guiding factor in your life. Your experience is very important for you. Never ever discard your experience for the sake of anything in life. If you do, you disown your own growth or you are discarding your own progress. This should not happen. This is very important to remember. If your experience was good, keep moving ahead with gratitude. Love it and love yourself for whatever experiences you have gone through in life whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Experience is experience. Accept it, live it and move with it.
Likewise, whenever you do a practice, do it with an attitude of surrender. Lord Krishna says, “If you surrender the activity and its fruits to me, I will remove you from its sins.’’ When he says ’sins’ he means repercussions, realities, reasons or the results. So when you do things in life with the bhav or attitude of surrender, you are totally free from it. Be free inside by presenting or surrendering all your everyday activities at the feet of the supreme consciousness; the consciousness that runs the show, which is brighter than million suns. Surrender everything and just feel the supreme consciousness happening through you every moment. Then you are free from inside.
When you are free from inside, you experience every moment with full and complete beauty or perfection. Then life becomes complete. Karma is equal to fulfilment. If there is a pending desire, yet to be experienced, it becomes karma. And that karma demands a fulfilment. When you have karma and if you suppress karma due to whatever reasons, it means you are denying fulfilment and ensuring another birth. So suppression of any desire is not a good idea.
You can prevent a desire – through awareness. When you are aware that this is just a desire sprouting out of nothing, and even without it you are fine, it drops off. Lack of desire means lack of karma. Lack of karma means lack of further lives. So if you are being yourself every moment, happy and satisfied with every situation, relationship, person, time, space – without complaints or suppressions – your life is getting completed. On top of it, if you surrender your action and its results to the consciousness which runs the whole universe, you are free from everything.
Be free from within. Be compassionate. Be kind. Help everyone without expectations. Do not ask anything back. The more you share the richer you become inside, the more powerful you are inside. Nothing outside matters any more. When you are not dependent on any external thing while being happy with every external thing, you are a perfectly peaceful being. If society sees you operating continuously in that mode, as the idol or the model of perfect peace, the society also becomes different. So the more people experience peace inside, the cleaner the society becomes. Non-violence is extremely important at three levels – thought, word, action. If you are non-violent in thought, word, action, you are peaceful inside without hurt, guilt or regret.
Thank you so much for being here, remember: we are one family. We cannot be separated. If at all we get separated, that’s only because of our mind. Mind can only guess but never understand the truth: we are one consciousness, the children of the same father, here for a purpose. A guru does not happen by itself. A disciple creates a guru. Likewise every situation is created because of necessity. Please understand this. Be united. Do not entertain anger, hatred, jealousy and other emotions which bind, control, conquer and eventually depress you. Instead, go in the path of beauty, honesty and truth.
I wish you happiness, peace and once again, I love you.
Thank you

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2014

Dear Embodiments of Love,

mohanji's guru purnima message 2014On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, we are meeting again and we are expressing the gratitude to the whole guru principle which guided us all though this time, beyond time, beyond eternity and it has continued to take us forward as we move forward. We are not a part from Guru Tattwa, principle called guru. The principle called ‘guru’ exists inside us, within us, and this is driving us towards the ultimate realisation that we are one with the principle. Guru principle is you. You are the guru principle. The guru principle that rests in all beings is the soul element. And once we connect to the soul element, we are one with the guru principle. So this is the simple message of Guru Purnima. And while we walk this path, the path of spirituality, it does not matter which religion, which guru, which concept or which practice you do in life, to attain the highest possible in the human existence. It does not matter who you are, where you are, what you are or whether you are, but guru principle is always with you.
To tap into the guru principle, you have to have a few things which are extremely important, such as discipline. Discipline is simple. If you are not disciplined, it takes you further and further away from the principle called guru and it always makes you feel alienated. Alienation is the state of the mind. It does not exist. We are always one with the guru principle. You are always one with the guru. You are always one with the eternity, or the principle that guides us or maintains us. But sometimes mind comes forward, mind becomes overactive, and we feel we are separate from everything, separate from the guru, separate from the path, from the tradition, from what you want to be, from what you want to achieve. So, whenever you feel separated, understand that there is no discipline in your journey or your effort in reaching the Ultimate using the principle called guru. Guru principle could also come in human form. But human form is given only because you need someone to relate to, someone to talk to. The guru principle is everywhere. It is in the sun, it is in the moon, in the air, water, in every being around you we experience the principle called guru, the Guru Tattwa. So we are actually worshiping the Guru Tattwa today, on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima.

Once you have discipline, once you are fully disciplined and fully focused on the principle, and your effort to reach the principle, then the next comes consistency. Whatever you do, do it with consistency. There should be consistency. You can remove all your consistency when you become one with the guru principle then you’ll be fully bound by Guru Tattwa, principle itself. Until then, you need to have consistency. If you are not consistent in your practice, if you are not consistent in your guru, if you are not consistent in your message, or the message which guides you, or the path you follow, then it always leads to alienation. You will be separate from the tradition or the path or the guru. The more you wander, the more you alienate and get disillusioned. Eventually you would feel that you have earned nothing. This was all a wasted exercise. So be consistent.
And whenever you are walking this path of guru, or guru principle, always take firm conviction. You always take your time to understand the tradition. Take your time to understand the path. Take your time to check if this is good for you, or whether it suits you. If doesn’t you have every reason to discard it. But, while you are walking the path, have firm conviction. If you haven’t got firm conviction, it will not take you to desired destination. So a guru principle is available to you, it is within you and at the same time, if you don’t connect yourself to the guru principle, it cannot take you to desired destination, or desired result.

mohanji's guru purnima message 2014 -tree-faith-conviction
Now, what does the guru need from you? Actually, the guru needs nothing from you. Guru is just like a road sign, or the electricity which is sitting in your wall, waiting to express itself. But you have to switch it on. You have to press the button. Then it displays its brilliance. The guru principle is similar, it is the principle which is available through time, always available to you, but you need to press the button. The button is first of all your willingness, your conviction, your consistency and your application. You need to apply. Otherwise you are expecting the guru to deliver everything over on to you, o give you in a plateau. It will not happen. Why will it not happen? Because in the guru principle you cannot interfere in anyone’s free will. Free will has been given ultimate or utmost importance in whole creation. You created your destiny, you created your life, you created your path. You chose everything, including your parents, your body, your character, your constitution, all these things are chosen by you. Now guru is coming just to guide you as a road sign to your ultimate destination. So while you are walking this path, guru can never interfere or change things which you have already chosen. But at the same time, when you surrender, when you are convinced that, for example, liberation is your ultimate aim, the Guru Tattwa, the principle called guru, will bring you everything which helps you to attain the liberation. Ultimate, complete liberation. But you must definitely take the step. If you do not take the step, no guru can help you. You can follow any guru you like, you can follow any path you like, but it’s all about being here, now. Being available. Availability is emptiness. Basically, if you are empty, you are available. You are being available just by being empty, being receptive. If you are filled with ideas, if you are filled with concepts, if you are filled with thoughts, and expectations, then guru can give you nothing. Guru is a living, walking, talking example of what you should be. A true guru who is connected to the source, is a real living example of who you actually are. Whatever you see in yourself is not your reality. These are relative realities. In relative realities, everything changes. But in the ultimate reality, there is only permanence. Stillness. Absolute stillness of the mind. Absolute oneness with the constitution, the truth. And we have a saying, ”Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.” The truth is Shiva, Shiva is truth, and this is wonderful, this is beautiful. Whatever is true is permanent. And whatever is permanent is eternal. Eternal or it is Shiva.

mohanji's guru purnima message 2014 - 3So the principle called Shiva is exactly the principle called guru. And that guru, the principle, stays inside us. This is our soul principle. The principle called soul. This is one with us. This is the only aspect within us which is permanent and this is exactly where every guru leads you to. The guru is showing the way into yourself, connecting to your own soul. Once you connect to your own soul, you’re connected to the whole world, the whole universe. Every being operates from the level of the soul. But because there are differences, because there are cosmetic differences, like different body, different mind, different equipment, such as intellect, ego, the species differences, all these make us feel that we are separate from the other. This is the wrong identity, the wrong identification, this is exactly what the guru principle points at or tells you to look at. Once you are connected to the guru principle, all these differences will evaporate. They will dissolve, and then you will see the soul element within every being. When you see the soul element in every being, you cannot find differences. Like, if there is disturbance from outside, you cannot see the differences. It is an extension of ourselves. You will only see the extension of ourselves because the soul-wise we are related. Another body is creating sound, creating ripples in this canvas called existence, but you will feel that it is just like grumbling of your stomach sometimes, you know. This is the internal thing. You tend to accept it. When there is a problem inside our system, we will do something about it. We will tend to accept it, we will tend to overcome it, we will take some medicines, we will find some remedy, some cure. Likewise, the external disturbances will not matter to us because our extended entity is inside them. This is all our extended identification. Everything is us. There is no difference between a plant, a flower, an animal, a human being, the stars or the sun or the moon, no differences. This is all extension of our constitution, our consciousness, the oneness, the truth which is called the guru, the principle, is extended everywhere. And in that mode, you can never alienate yourself. You will be one with the whole cosmos, and you will be beautifully merging into the whole thing. Once you start experiencing that, you become the guru principle. The principle starts working through you.
The primary difference you will feel is that nothing affects you. The second difference that you will feel is that you will be fearless. You will have no idea what fear is because there is nothing to be afraid of. Third, you will feel that whether you exist or not, there is no difference because actually everything is you. You are always existing. The soul always exists. You will be identifying only with the soul, and that you will always exist beyond time and space. You will be one with the whole universe. We will have no differences between the gurus, or any beings, any beings of the universe we will find as one, same, all are one. And once we attain that state, we are the guru principle. And you can experience this.
I would say that we have spoken a lot between our last Guru Purnima message, which I did from America, to this one. So we have covered a lot of distance, many of you have attained great experiences, great evolution, which I am very happy about, I am proud of you. I would request all those who are following me in various countries one thing. Be consistent. And do not be too analytical about your experience, about your progress, about where you stand today, whether the meditation is helping, whether you are connected to Mohanji or not, it doesn’t matter, have faith. The pillar of our tradition is faith. You should have faith in yourself, which is your self, which means your soul, this is the permanent entity in you, which is always permanent, it can never change, it will never divert from its purpose. That is you. So if you are purpose-bound, your objective is clearly purpose-bound, nothing can thwart you from destination. Nothing can prevent your journey. You will be completely guided, you will be protected, and you will always attain your final destination. This is for sure. So your purpose should be very clear. And the purpose should not be ordinary. Not a few sensations. You can easily attain sensations. In meditation, there are various experiences happening, even if you are not meditating, if you are connecting to my consciousness, you may feel an elevation. If you are connecting to the guru consciousness and if you are connecting to your spine, you may experience so many changes within you. Even if you do hyperventilation, you could be touching the altered states of consciousness, but this is not the end. These experiences are only steps to the ultimate trip, ultimate journey. Destination is not these experiences. You need to cross over all these experiences and be one with god. And to be one with god, you should be one with yourself. So my request to all of you is to take time off and experience yourself. Experiencing yourself means first of all, acceptance. You need to accept yourself. You may have all sorts of thoughts about yourself, criticism about yourself, judgement about yourself, forget about all that. Be yourself. What you are today is what you are created yourself to be. This is exactly what you wanted to be. You may not have done that with conscious choice as you say, based on the consciousness or the conscience of the available state of mind which you have now. This is not you. This is just an expression of you. The available consciousness which you are operating on, or let’s say, the available awareness level which is chosen by you for a particular reason, because of the reason, because you wanted to experience a set of desires laid out over a period of time, using this awareness. This is why you chose it. So accept it. This is what you are. But understand yourself. Take your time, feel yourself. Feel life. Feel life more and more. When you feel yourself and feel life, you will stop judging people. You will stop criticising people. And you will be completely focused on purpose. Once you are completely focused on purpose, these emotions will take a back seat. Emotions will not worry you, bother you so much. It will be more on the intellect plane. Intellect is the subtler aspect of your mind. The subtler the aspect, the more powerful it becomes and the more consistent it becomes. Once you stop criticising, analysing, judging, or comparing yourself with other people, automatically, the intellect takes over. Once the intellect takes over, life is smoother. There will be a purpose-bound existence, and once the existence goes on purpose-bound, then you will be stronger and stronger, clearer and clearer. You will have absolute clarity. And also you will be peaceful. Shanti. This is exactly what we are looking for.

mohanji in the communion with almighty at the krishna river

And in order to become peaceful, you need to have consistency, you should not enter into any kind of violence in thoughts, words, action. Even if they come, consider them as flowers and put them at the feet of the master, of your guru. Whenever there are negativities happening, collect them, take them in your hand, and put them at the feet of the master and say, ”It doesn’t mean to me. This is not mine.” Likewise, praises happen, ego develops, ego happens or aspects of ego you experience, take them all as flowers, and put them at the feet of the master. There is no comparison, there is no jealousy, there is no criticism, you will automatically raise your awareness, and awareness will grow and until you reach complete liberation. Complete liberation is a continuous task. Liberation has to happen from every aspect of your existence. Even your name, your fame, your habits, your vices, your good aspects. All these things are a part of your binding. You have to liberate yourself, you have to liberate from every aspect. Detach yourself from all that you think you are and start working towards or walking towards liberation. Liberation is worth it because we have been bound even without our knowledge all throughout our lifetimes. This is why we are here today. Why we are here today is because we have been bound by karma. We have been bound by destiny. Today, right now, we are bound by our destiny. This is exactly the blockage we are planning to remove. If you have to remove this, if you have to be free from all these aspects, you have to be consistent. You should have one purpose, clear purpose, and walk towards that purpose. The Guru Tattwa, the principle will guide you. It will help you. When you need the guru principle most, just like your shadow, it’s with you full-time. Always. So never underestimate the guru principle. Never feel that you are alienated. Guru is with you 100% , 24 hours, 365 days. Full-time. Just have faith. Trust and do not be bogged down or do not worry about the mannerisms or the superficial aspects of any guru who is in the human form. Because then you will never understand the consciousness. You will be stuck with the superficial. It’s easy because the senses always connect to the superficial. Senses are oriented towards the superficial. So when you are using your senses and mind, to recognise or understand or feel the principle called guru, you will never get there. You need to go beyond the senses, beyond the mind. To connect to the consciousness which operates through the principle called guru, who could also be in human form. Never make a mistake of judging a guru using your available understanding, or available awareness. You will never get to the real core of the principle.

Lead by example
Lead by example

So I wish all of you a great year ahead, from now, and let the glow, the energy, the brightness of the principle called guru brighten you, burn inside you and let this plane always remain inside your heart and let it shine forth. Lead by example. If you would like to convey something to the world, do it, live it. If you do not live it, if you just preach, it is just noise. It will not matter anything. It will not matter to the world. But if you live it, you are actually making a statement to the world. When you live what you believe in, you are making a statement to the world. This is much more appropriate, and this is much more important in today’s times. I wish all of you across the world who are connected to me, I love you, I love you deeply, and I am constantly with you and I am concerned about you. I care for you and I will remain so. You are connected to me just like one family. So, please, live harmony, please live love, unconditional love. These are the expressions of higher awareness. Live harmony. If there are differences, take a step towards solving it, sorting it out, making people understand that the life is short, there is no time for differences. We have great things to do for the world and help everybody without thinking, without discriminating, especially those who are helpless. This is our commitment and our responsibility to help the helpless. Always be available to help the helpless. When you help the helpless, you are actually supporting or you are explicitly performing the Tattwa, the principle called guru in you. So always do that. And I am one with you. I am not separate from you. I am always with you and you are always with me. We are eternally connected. We are soul-mates, that is why we came together. That is why we recognised each other. Remember this clearly. And let us be one family. Let us remain so. And let us be connected and let us evolve into the highest possible liberation in one lifetime. I thank you for listening and being here and once again, I love you and I am always with you. Happy Guru Purnima to all.

7 mohanji-namaskar-1761

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji’s New Year Message for 2014

cute smiling m, nature (2)

Beloved Embodiments of Love,

Another year has passed in linear time. We are constantly witnessing changes happening within us and outside of us. We have seen changes happening in Nature too. The years past have left their regular residue in our subconscious. The year to come will leave the same. But, we can choose and we must choose whether the residue should be of positive nature or negative. When we indulge indiscriminately and unconsciously in negative thoughts, words and actions, the residue that gets stored will be of negative nature. When we indulge in positive thoughts, words and actions, the residue left behind will be positive. Beware!

There are New Year resolutions that people intensely decide upon, but usually never practice. I would recommend going with the flow of life rather than adopting resolutions that you cannot handle, which eventually breeds guilt, low self-esteem and lack of confidence in oneself. Flexibility should be the catch word for 2014-2018 at least. Spontaneity which comes along with flexibility will help you navigate a lot better. It will take you to your destination effortlessly. Be aware!

We met many people in 2013. Some came to stay, some to test, some to taste and some to judge. We loved everyone. More varieties of people will come and touch our lives in 2014 and beyond. Those who are connected to the higher will understand the third dimension of others, while those who are connected to the senses will only witness the superficial image, mannerisms, personality traits and incompatibilities rather than the unity of consciousness. Such people will leave us sooner or later. So, do not be perturbed. Just be. Just be natural. Just be kind. Just be real all the time. There is nothing to prove in this world. If you want to prove something at all, prove that you are truly a human being, by being kind, considerate, compassionate and genuinely good at heart. Be a human being by making the world a better place. Today, the world does not need preachers. The world needs those who can lead by example of unconditional love beyond all man-made barriers. All barriers are primarily in our own mind. Then this gets reflected outside. Inflexibility and intolerance are in our own mind. When this becomes an external war, Nature suffers. Beware!

Transition has happened with the changed speed of earth. Time is beginning and ending simultaneously in front of our eyes at shut-eye speed. People are taking birth and getting cremated at a high speed. Remember this. We own nothing here. This is our place of action for our own personal gratification. This is our karma bhoomi. This is our place for fulfilment. Respect it and deal with it that way. We have no rights on earth. Or at least, we have no special rights on earth, apart from beings of other species. Gratification affordable using the available space and time on earth is all that we can achieve out of this place. If you try to own anything here and decide that you are indeed the owner of all your possessions, understand that all that you will eventually own are the sorrows of separation which happens to anyone who possesses anything sooner or later. If you understand this clearly, all your sorrows will vanish. All your anxieties and fears will vanish. You will be happy with what you have and you will live in the moment with the perfect happiness of being here and being alive today. More possessiveness means more sorrows. Beware!

Time has shifted and its effects are made visible through calamities on earth as well as changing mind sets. People crave liberation and fortunately nature is indeed aiding it. People crave freedom from themselves and it is possible if they turn inward instead of outward. Transformation is happening and settling in more than before. There are hardware crashes taking place rampantly. Ideas, notions, concepts and sundry conditioning of the human mind are getting crashed and in some cases re-moulded. Those who are connected to the supreme with or without a guide are gaining ground rapidly towards total merger with the supreme consciousness. Those who stay within their mind barriers are rapidly falling out of the system into deeper disillusionment. So, this is a very interesting time and the time pushes you to introspect. It makes you see within. It crashes your ego. It makes you so unstable that you have no choice but to change. It’s a good time to be yourself and accept yourself. Good time for you to consider who you are, where you stand and also why you are here. Those who are totally selfish and self-centered are bound to take the stick. They will experience loss and suffering one way or the other. Those who only think of themselves and their families and shun the pains of the world outside will become more lonely and isolated. Those who become one with the world and do what they can for the betterment of the world inside and outside of them will be guided, guarded and assisted. Being universal is the call of the time. Being self-centered is a sure recipe for failure. Beware!

You can cleanse your inner world by doing good to the world outside of you. When the inner world is clean and spotless, the outside world will benefit from it. Be Aware.

Unfortunately, the world that we know around us, operates much on pretensions because of the judging nature of the society. Society tends to judge every person and situation using its conditioned vision. This is scary for many. Hence they wear the masks suitable for social acceptance. Understand and discard all your masks this year. Come out and be real. If you can live an unpretentious life, it will be the biggest gift that you could ever give yourself. Tear off your masks and break free. Be real. Be yourself. Be the true you. Be conscious of your lies of existence – the very lies that are pampering your egocentric social image and binding you with invisible chains. Break Free from everything. You can! This is the biggest new year gift that you can give yourself.

Bless you, your larger family and all those whom you love or hate, wishing all the very best in the years to come. Come together as one family. Come together beyond species and lives of the universe and spread kindness indiscriminately. Give more and more love. Give more and more compassion. Give! Bless you with the attitude of giving. Bless you with selflessness. This is the sure remedy which will heal all wounds and take you to the highest realms of human achievement. The greatest achievement is a life lived with non-violence in thoughts, words and actions. Be love and give love. Bless You.

Love You Always



(The next day, on 1st January, after numerous questions to Mohanji to suggest a New Year resolution… he has given a general answer to all):

Nevertheless, I would like to consider two things as resolutions for your liberated future:
A. Give back to mother Earth much more than what you have already consumed from her and will consume further as long as you live here from now on.
B. Maintain your inner space tidy and clean by being kind, unpretentious, gossip free, soap opera free, living the acts of kindness, spontaneously compassionate, unconditionally loving and non-violent in thoughts, words and actions and by traveling inward much more than the outer world. Be happy and peaceful with what you have been provided and learn to share rather than hoard. Sharing enhances you. Hoarding diminishes you. Share inner and outer wealth with others. Share experiences. Share joy.
These would take you a long way in spiritual elevation much more than hours of spiritual practices and visits to places of worship. Guaranteed!

happy new year mf greeting 2

Mohanji’s Christmas Message Forever

Dearest Embodiments of Love,

Wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas. Wish you the taste of Christ Consciousness. The consciousness that is all-encompassing; the consciousness that expresses itself only through Unconditional Love, Compassion beyond gender and species barriers, kindness that transcends time and space, profound, unbending selflessness rooted in truth of existence and beyond any man-made barriers. I wish you that. This was the stature and state of Jesus whom the world adores today. But, do we take the time to merge into the consciousness that he represented at all?

1-mohanji's christmas message forever - jesus

If we do, there cannot be any wars in the world. There cannot be any torture, killing, possessiveness or even manipulation of any being of any species on earth. There can only be peace, love and kindness in this world. Please do consider this point, as we toast in the name of Jesus and wish everyone abundantly.

Whenever mind trips and falls into fake behavior patterns, pretensions, untruth, selfishness, greed, possessiveness, anger, hatred and emotions that are negative in nature, may you have the power to think and consider who you actually are and what consciousness is available to you, at your disposal at all times! You are embodiments of love. You do possess the Christ consciousness. It is the same as Krishna Consciousness, Buddha consciousness and the God-consciousness.

7-mohanji's christmas message forever - jesus and krishna - holy-friendsAll negativity is just acquired masks from this existence. They are not the real you. They can never be you because negativity binds you and inflict suffering on you and others. You are one with your father – the God-consciousness. The potential for the kingdom of the supreme father is within you. That kingdom is God-consciousness or God-head. The God-head is within you. God-head is not outside of you. Consider this truth deeply and contemplate on it. Remember this always.

When you become one with the consciousness of the father, fears disappear and peace descends into the core of your existence. Confidence and conviction take the place of fears and anxieties. Karmas disintegrate.

External negative elements can only destroy the temple (body), they cannot lay their hands on the deity (the soul). We are the soul, wearing this body for a specific duration. We are just acting the role of whatever we seem to be in this world. This role is temporary. Even this will pass.

This conviction and the unity consciousness with God will make you powerful, invincible. Your conviction will help you endure all calamities of life. Nothing else becomes any more significant than this truth that you experience, that you and God are ONE.

3-mohanji's christmas message forever - jesus
You and God are ONE

I wrote a blog Conviction and Passion on the conviction of a purpose-bound soul, a while ago. Perhaps it might be interesting for you to go through it, once again – Enjoy…

Where is the kingdom of God? The answer is – it is well within you. You are creating heaven and hell though your thoughts, words and actions. Even through thoughts, if you create agony, it stays as a potential calamity for the future, in the canvass of existence. Thought is the first level of creation. When you argue, vent emotions and fight, those words lead to decay in conscience. Insensitivity, sadism, cruelty and violence of all kinds lead to sorrows. They lead to illness, and disappointments. Collective consciousness of society, especially if it is predominantly negative in nature, brings forth such effects. When corruption, contamination, greed, lust and selfishness wreak havoc in the minds of common men, calamities happen in society. A selfish society creates selfish rulers. Selfish rulers exploit the selfish society. This is the vicious cycle that we are experiencing today. Greed is ruling.

A saint is crucified because he tells the truth and truth hurts many. It pricks the conscience of many minds in society. The selfish society is more worried about with whom the saint slept with, instead of the truths he revealed or the positiveness that he delivered to society. (Perhaps a book contemplating on whether Jesus slept with Mary Magdalene or not may sell much more than a book on the truth that he stood for!!!) Anyone who delivers positiveness into the society is indeed an angel of God. They need to be supported, nurtured and respected. In today’s society, when negativity is the norm of life, anyone and everyone who brings positiveness and liberation to anyone and everyone should be nurtured, respected and preserved. Generations have consistently destroyed the good and noble ones and have been “hell-bound” in destroying them and manipulating their teachings to their own advantage. Message of truth when manipulated becomes message of untruth. No master can control it. What liberates is true and what binds is untrue. Liberation is the message of God. Manipulation, fear and binding are negative aspects of man. It has nothing to do with God. Torture, destruction of materials and beings as well as killing can never be the message of God. Kindness, tolerance towards all species and Love beyond all barriers are the true messages of God.

5 -mohanji's christmas message forever - embraced-forever
Kindness, tolerance towards all species and Love beyond all barriers are the true messages of God.

The human species is just one species in this world. We are responsible for all species on earth because we predominantly use our intellect for our existence. All species are interconnected, seemingly or indirectly. Inflicting pain, agony and death on any beings of any species is not an act of God. God-hood never allows such acts. Such behavior is definitely a detachment from God-hood. Selfishness and greed has nothing to do with God and have everything to do with the ignorance of man. This must be clearly understood. This must be emphatically conveyed to every society. Non-violence in thought, word and action clearly amounts to being one with God-hood.

Those who are suffering, sick and victimized are certainly the children of God. They come closer to God and God comes closer to them. Ego identification is the biggest barrier between man and God. Agony dissolves the ego and brings man closer to God in surrender. Unconditional, non-judgmental God loves them, especially when they surrender their happiness, sorrows and agony to God and accept their reality without complaints. When a problem is accepted with equanimity, it cleanses the individual. When we curse and complain, the emotion binds the situation to our subconscious and that arranges a repetition of the same agony. Rather than defending a situation, when total acceptance happens, liberation begins inside. God-hood descends on us. “Let it be Thy will, not mine” is a perfect example of total surrender to existence.

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When a problem is accepted with equanimity, it cleanses the individual.

When you surrender your whole life to the mission of truth, irrespective of who you are, irrespective of your strengths and weaknesses, you will become extremely powerful from within. Everything external of us disappears sooner or later. Inner strength takes us through everything and establishes us in our own God-hood. Then we realize “Me and my father are one”. And, that we are the same consciousness that created the universe, that maintains the universe and dissolves the universe. We are truly the cosmos. We are truly one with the galaxies and all the beings of every plane.This truth cannot lighten up our awareness if it remains only as external knowledge. It can be ours only when we are kissed by this awareness from inside. Then, you become one with the Christ consciousness. This is individualistic.

World does not need converters, world needs transformers.Transformation is essential from mankind to kind man. Nobody can convert anybody into anything. Conversion into any religion never guarantees any stature. It is only a change of tag. It is just an external facade, just like changing a dress. It is foolishness to believe that changing a religion can hasten your lead to God. God is not bound by any religions. God is omnipresent. All manifestations have come out of one God.

7-mohanji's christmas message forever - jesus
“Me and my father are one”

God is the same for all beings, all species. There is no higher or lower God. You and I are the children of the same God. Children of the same father. There are beings with higher and lower awareness. Those who inflict pain and suffering are certainly of lesser awareness. Those who spread warmth, positivism and kindness are of higher awareness. Violence is a product of lower awareness. Non-violence amounts to higher awareness. Dare to exercise non-violence at all times. It will get you closer to God-hood. This is for sure.

The world does not need those who convert others to any religions. How can it change anything? Inner peace and quiet are more important and that has nothing to do with any religion. The world needs those who transform people and their lives for the better. This needs love in the heart, not greed and private agendas. The world needs those who bring peace in the hearts of generations, not calamity. The world needs peacemakers not hatred mongers. The Christ consciousness is your choice. Unconditional Love is the path.

Wish You the taste of Christ consciousness. May you always remain happy and free.

Wish You LIBERATION from all the conditioning and bindings of earth.

mohanji blessing

Love You Always


Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2013

Hello my beloved family members,

Namaskaar. Today on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, the birthday of Saint Vyasa, my wish for all of you is to have excellent progress in spirituality, a well-balanced existence, equanimity, and absolute peace in the days ahead.

Whenever you approach spirituality, let it not be with expectations. Just accept life as it comes, just accept experiences as they come, just accept evolution as it happens in the spiritual path. With this mindset, the element of wonder and surprise will always remain in the path ahead of you, to give you further momentum. My wish for you is to have that wonder-fuelled existence. When you move through the path of spirituality, you may face many obstacles. However, those will all dissolve if your focus stays steadfast on God. If you establish your focus on that highest Divinity, and are determined and resolved to continue till your merger with it, nothing will be able to stop or stand in your way. God or the Guru will automatically guide and hold your hand through that path of evolution.

Just remember that it is not in your doing, but in your being, that progress happens. You can expect lots of progress provided you are able to empty yourself, and remove expectations and conditioning, while being fully focused only on Divinity, only on God. I wish you success in whatever you do. I wish you happiness and peace.

As the saying goes, go to the sea because you love the sea, and not because you hate land. Similarly, do not approach spirituality because you are unhappy and seek an escape from your current existence. Only approach it because you love and yearn for spirituality, and because you long to experience the higher truth. If you approach it with love and openness, and without expectation, the whole path will open up for you. Whichever guru, religion, or path you follow will be immaterial. The assistance you need will come to you, provided you remain empty and receptive. Always remember that your emptiness is a strength. The strength of every glass is its emptiness.

Once again, I wish you success, happiness and peace. We shall always stay in contact in the plane of consciousness. Namaskaar.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2012

Dear All Family Members,

3rd July 2012 is the Guru Purnima, the most important day to offer deepest of our gratitude to our Guru. It is a full moon day of the Ashadh month from the lunar calendar. Delhi BTW family has decided to plant trees as an expression of gratitude towards Mohanji. Many others are also going to plant trees on this day. We will all nurture these plants. Soon these big trees will be useful to others. Let everyone’s contribution in planting trees please the Mother Earth.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Mohanji has given following message to all.

Love and regards,

Mohanji Family



My Beloved Embodiments of Love,

Happy Guru Purnima to all of you and your families!

Thank you for all the wishes, prayers, healings and concerns over my health. It was not serious though and I am feeling much better now and should be fine in another day. I would physically meet some of you who are here in Muscat on the Guru Poornima day. All of you who are not in Muscat, I will certainly meet in the energy plane and you will know my presence.

Let me share a few of my thoughts today. Since we have not communicated much off late, this could be a long letter. Beware! 🙂 I am looking at the world and am looking at you, too. Please do read without prejudice, which would do a lot of good, if digested well.

If you have firm faith and conviction in your path, tradition or Guru, that itself will lead you, guide you. All you need is firm faith and conviction. When asked how he received his powers, Baba Muktananda said “I never asked my Guru (Bhagawan Nithyananda) – “WHY?”.” He just followed the instructions of Bhagawan without questioning or analyzing. His faith in his Guru gave him everything. This is the path of Shiva. This is the path of Dattatreya. This is the path of Nath Gurus. All you have to do is take the plunge. The river itself takes you to the destination. Sometimes you may feel there is no movement; that nothing is happening. Sometimes, repetition of the same thing may give you boredom. Patience. Devotion and Deep Faith. You will be tested for your determination and endurance. The path of Shiva is not an easy path. Dissolution means agony before ecstasy. If you survive with determination, it is the sacred golden path where only Unconditional Love exists. No expectation or binding exists. When you take the plunge, you become the river. Beingness! Total Beingness! There is no duality anymore. Only oneness exists.

Mohanji's Guru Purnima Message 2012
Patience. Devotion and Deep Faith. You will be tested for your determination and endurance.

Natural acts of kindness and compassion truly make us human. It elevates and maintains consciousness at a higher level. It helps endure and erase the emotional terrains of our existence. When kindness and compassion overflow from deep within, man becomes human. My sincere appreciations, blessings and congratulations to my beloved Delhi team for their continuous expressions of selflessness against all odds. Ekta, Smriti, Yamini, Sakshi (Jammu), Bharati, Dana, Joga, Shashank, Phani, Sumit and all the lovely team members of Delhi and Jammu, I am so proud of you. I am also proud of Namrata and her teams efforts in Mumbai; Annette, Hein and their team in South Africa. These acts of compassion and kindness are the most splendid Guru Dakshina any Guru would cherish.

Guru Dakshina is an expression of gratitude. Prior to the foreign invasions into India, and commercialisation as well as communalisation of our educational systems, India used to have a system where those who seek knowledge or those who have eligibility for knowledge were attracted to the abode of teachers, stayed with them, served them and attained knowledge and skills. Education was spontaneous. Teacher delivered to each one according to their nature, level of receptivity or capacity. This was a beautiful system where the bonding between a student and the teacher automatically opened all channels and the eternal wisdom of the master enriched the seekers. It also gave practical training in life and living. Before the student left, as an expression of gratitude, Guru Dakshina was offered to the Guru. It used to be whatever is available in the neighborhood, as the students were not earning money and the teacher’s abode usually used to be in the forest or at least in remote villages, away from the contamination of city life. Guru Dakshina also used to be selfless service to the Guru and his mission. So, what can the student give to the teacher? A fruit, a plant or in some cases, a thesis work on what he learned from the Guru. Guru never expected anything from his disciples and delivered everything that the disciple could digest without expectations. Guru would be well pleased when his disciples live his teachings rather than imitate his lifestyle. This was such a pure relationship. Even Great Avatars like Krishna, Rama, or Adi Shankara were students like this. They were the source of all knowledge, what did they have to learn from anyone? Just to establish the dharma and faith on this beautiful system, they set the examples by subjecting, committing themselves to it. Remember, the real test of life is in enduring and navigating successfully through the winding roads of karmic life itself, and not in the marks you scored in your examination. This needs FAITH. This needs GRACE. Knowledge may not come in handy at all times of turmoil. If one has deep faith, grace is always around them. Grace never leaves their hands. They are always protected.

Mohanji's Guru Purnima Message 2012
Man becomes a ‘human’ when kindness and compassion overflow from deep within…. Mohanji

The criteria for admission to such Gurukuls were eligibility, receptivity and never purchasing power. You can understand the depth of degeneration our education system has undergone as of today. Education has systematically become degenerated over the years. Education is another commodity for sale. It is sold and bought, and there is no value system in its true sense. Superior knowledge is used for gaining supremacy over people, institutions or governments. Education is invoking competition, one-upmanship. Students are forced into studies, which they do not often like or are opposite to their natural aptitude. They are forced to compete with one another. They are insensitively called failures, which ruins them for life. Our system demands the fish to climb the tree and when the fish fails in its attempts, it is branded as a failure! Children suffer like this. It takes away their faith in education and even in parents who force them. They become tired. They rebel. They find solace in drugs or unholy company which preaches destruction. There is no peace at home. Parents are anxious, often angry and insensitive. They push the children to the edge, society and teachers do the same. Their inherent anger instilled by the system is nurtured by negative company. They destroy themselves and the world. Self-destruction is so rampant today. When a person is self-destructive due to bottled up anger within, one destroys the society too. Lack of real spiritual grounding  beyond the walls of religions and emotional existence is the curse of our society today.

Children exist in virtual world of make-believe. Relationships are virtual for them. All gratifications are virtual. Nothing is real. They are scared of the real. They expect the ease of make-believe in real life and suffer miserably when alternative realities hit between their eyes. They create friends on-screen and create a virtual life on-screen. Sometimes the speed of connectivity also determines the speed of failure in relationship. When constantly in the virtual word, when a child creates its own sunshine and the wind, it fails to accept or appreciate the real Sun. Real Sun becomes too harsh and intolerable and so does nature. These children become misfits in the real world. If any catastrophe happens, they perish. Nobody can prevent the decay. Society is creating them. Society  will also destroy them when they are not needed anymore. Awareness is the key. Nurturing awareness of who you are and instilling it in the children will keep them grounded. You could use any gadget, as long as nothing enslaves you.

Intellect provides artificial comfort and a feeling of superiority over others, at least temporarily. When you know things better than the other, you feel better off. This is also bondage. “One who is proud of his intellect is like a prisoner who is proud of his prison cell” – Fr.Antony D’mello. This is the truth. When knowledge becomes escapism and a means to show off, man binds himself. These are all subtle traps of our existence on Earth and should be extremely cautious about.

Mohanji's Guru Purnima message for 2012
Guru would be well pleased when his disciples live his teachings rather than imitate his lifestyle…Mohanji

We cannot ignore the world and stay spiritual. Spirituality is not escapism. Spirituality is being natural, being flexible and spontaneous. We need to be aware of life, living and the suffering of the new generation. We are constantly creating a restless world which thrives on emotions and emotional outbursts. Parents are destroying the children because of their undue anxiety and total ignorance of karma. Every child is a karmic being and will go on with its individual karma whether you worry about it or not. Society is destroying the children because of its insensitivity and silly judgements such as winners and losers. Nobody is always a winner or nobody can always be a looser too. All are relative terms. It depends on many factors. There is no faith, there is no trust. Just sheer competition. Success in life and not in examination, is real success. This means a life lived with peace and purpose. A life lived in kindness and compassion, satisfaction and acceptance. A purposeful, purpose bound life will be a complete life. An emotional life overflowing with desires and judgement will never give any satisfaction at any point in time.

Guru is a primarily a principle. Life is the biggest Guru. Nobody can teach you anything better than life itself. Nature is Guru. Every event, every moment gives forth some valuable lesson. We can continue to learn if we have the eyes to see or entertain average receptivity, from everything around us. Yet, your personal Guru is your own soul. All the spiritual guides who ever walked on earth are reminders of certain eternal truths of existence. Simple truths such as whatever you learn externally, has to be unlearned and nullified before you transcend to the highest, or before you dissolve completely. Whatever you learn externally must be shed to “become the knowledge” and merge into it. Knowledge lies within. Your soul knows everything. You have to transcend the intellect to reach the soul. In order to achieve that, we must systematically detach from the external. And detachment should happen spontaneously, when requirement for it ceases. Only what drops off by itself drops off forever. Whatever you forcefully shed, only get suppressed and will sprout back at another point in time.

divine smile - mohanji 2When you grow beyond all gunas, after nullifying the binding karmas, you merge with the source, the supreme. The supreme contains all knowledge. The supreme is the knowledge. So, when you and your Father (the supreme) becomes one, there is nothing for you to know anymore. So, it is through shedding that you evolve, not through accumulation of knowledge. There is no need to chase knowledge. Much knowledge does not help you with liberation either. Sufficient knowledge, which would be promptly delivered time to time by the Guru-principle is sufficient for one’s spiritual progress. Need for more knowledge than that is greed of the intellect, just like material greed, for the sake of some intellectual gratification. That will not help spiritual evolution. It is not in knowing, but in being, that awareness grows.

Seeming illiterate masters like Jesus, Bhagawan Nithyananda, Akkalkot Swami Samarth etc. proved this point with their own life. The learned men of their time asked, “How can an illiterate carpenter teach scriptures to the educated priests?”. It is possible when you are the source, knowledge, or when you actually merge with the source. Acquired knowledge has limitation. When you become knowledge, there are no limitations and you are not bound by the intellect either. They taught simple things and that too, non verbally, mostly through their own lives. Simplicity is Godliness. Real spirituality is having access to everything – but not needing anything, even knowledge.

Another important matter is “understanding yourself and your guide”. Shirdi Sai Baba did not even have a name. Mhalsapati called him Sai and others followed. What was the real name of the one whom we call Akkalkot Maharaj? Great masters never even had a name of their own, while today, we see gurus sporting big and long titles. Even a name is binding, just like fame. In the path of dissolution, all names, forms and titles are barriers, one way or the other. When the matter that the Guru delivers is profound, no titles are required. In today’s spiritual climate, titles are a clear sign of deep insecurity of the teacher. A sign of doubt within themselves whether they are recognised and revered or not. Beware of fancy titles; which do not confirm any spiritual stature. They may have acquired knowledge and certain siddhis. But, that is the minimum you can have in any case. All that glitters is not gold.

Shaktipat - Mohanji's Guru Purnima Message
We cannot ignore the world and stay spiritual. Spirituality is not escapism. Spirituality is being natural, being flexible and spontaneous. We need to be aware of life, living and the suffering of the new generation. We are constantly creating a restless world which thrives on emotions and emotional outbursts.

This is your individual journey. If my image or what I teach is seemingly blocking your progress, be bold enough to remove me and my teachings and progress further. If history proves that it was a mistake to leave me or the path that I am taking you through, welcome back, my doors are always open. Just do not develop regrets or guilt.

The path of Shiva is the path of dissolution. There are no stops or detours until we become Shiva. There should be no mid-way stops. There are only two possibilities here. Either we are SHIVA (The Source or the conscious) or Shava (the unconscious, the Ignorant or insignificant or another brick on the wall…). 🙂

True Gurus need nothing from you. Every seeker should have eyes to see this. Who is a true Guru? One who exists beyond gunas, One who is always connected to the source and the sign is usually silence and reluctance to be visible in public. He will not be bothered about siddhis and will be usually the matter-of-fact. He would be deeply rooted in non-duality. All the rest are acharyas holding fancy titles. Beware. As Swami Rama said, most are chasing siddhis (miracle powers) to earn their sustenance. They make tall claims and if they could not deliver, they blame the inefficiency of their disciples. Adi Shankara said the same thing; that it is for the sake of a square meal, these people are dressing up in weird ways. One truth that Swami Rama categorically expounded makes real sense even today. When a man spent years to learn the siddhi of spitting fire from his mouth, his Guru said, “Oh, that is sheer waste of time. I would rather buy a matchbox!” The avadhoota whom we met in Kumbh Mela said, “When will people drop the craving for finding aura, chakra, or kundalini and catch God?” We are indeed beating around the bush since lifetimes! Craving for smaller siddhis does waste our lifetimes. When will we shed the dark, thick wall of our conditioned ego and embrace the overwhelming light? From Darkness to Eternal Light!

We must develop eyes to see the truth. A true master has truly mastered his mind, elevated himself beyond gunas, and existing in eternal bliss state. He lives beyond all barriers. This will be unmistakable, too. Love is the expression along with perpetual compassion and kindness towards all beings. Keep your inner eyes open, you will see.

Inner eyes! That is what you must nurture. Inner eyes always shows us the truth. External eyes are always confronting illusions. Poor guys, they are confused. They cannot see what is real and what is unreal. And when they finally decide and focus on the real, the image changes and they get disillusioned again. Trust your inner eyes. They never deceive you. They are always open and focused on the REAL. They are married to higher awareness, too.

Mohanji's Guru Purnima Message 2012
Keep your inner eyes open. Liberation is the ultimate aim of every soul. Any knowledge or any path that makes it take further detours is its enemy…

There are masters in all planes of existence, not only on Earth. They are the conduit between the gross and the subtle. They are the eternal connectors. They are the promise of higher connectivity. Delusion is mostly in earthly plane because we use senses much more than our inner eyes, intuition or the sixth sense. We hardly use our inner eyes consciously. External eyes follow what glitters. We chase spiritual powers and get stuck with it. We flaunt it and pull ourselves down and away from the path of liberation. Liberation is the ultimate aim of every soul. Any knowledge or any path that makes it take further detours is its enemy. This is one criterion for knowing the right path. A path that keeps you liberated (unbound) and takes you towards liberation is the right path. All that binds you to rituals or gurus are wrong paths for the soul. Everything should be dissolved before the final exit. So, the less the baggage of habits and demands, the easier the transit! True Gurus keep you liberated. Acharyas bind you to systems. Systems give solace to mind because mind needs consistency. It cannot accept changes. Change is inevitable. Everything changes. Nothing can remain constant forever. Being flexible is important. Just by watching your thoughts, words or actions you can reach the highest. Being aware is the key, not “doing” many things. Doing keeps you busy and makes you feel fine. But, ask yourself – are you being occupied or are you actually evolving? Have peace settled in? Is your inner space clean? Do you entertain anxieties and worries? Has your awareness shifted? Do the same anxieties and fears still bother you? Think again. Walk away from anything that binds you as this is your individual journey. No Guru will carry you on his shoulder.

Help the helpless. Our family members are doing a lot, Mohanji Foundation and Ammucare in India, ACT Foundation in South Africa and through UK. Participate, support and if you cannot be of physical assistance, be morally present. Let us see if we can wipe the tears of at least another being today and every day. You will remain immensely blessed.

Having said all that, I wish you a Happy Guru Purnima. Surrender your thoughts, words and actions at the feet of your Sadguru, whoever it is, with deep faith and belief that he represents the Supreme Father, Parabrahma. Do good to the world and your fellow beings, so that you live the teachings of your Guru. Express your Guru in your daily life. Be one with your Guru. Be one with His consciousness.

Love You Eternally.



Mohanji’s Birthday Message 2011 – No Flowers, No Sweets

Written on 21st February 2011

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, it is difficult for us to resist the desire to express our deepest appreciation, gratitude and respect for all that he is. He who has given us so much, never asking for anything in return, never showing off with what he has done. If you are wondering what could possibly satisfy, bring pleasure and happiness to Mohanji, then kindly read on.

With love,

Mohanji Team

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 6


My Beloveds,

I am overwhelmed at the plans that you are making to mark my birthday. I sincerely thank you and appreciate your true love towards me and your many expressions of it. At this juncture, I would like to share with you a few of my thoughts in this regard.

What makes me happy?

The only thing that makes me truly happy, is your sincere expression of kindness towards the poor, sick and hungry people, the hungry and helpless birds and animals; the truly selfless trees and plants. If you consistently and honestly express deep compassion to your fellow beings, I feel genuinely happy. Your overflowing compassion, kindness and unconditional love from your heart towards the helpless, forgotten and ignored beings of the world, makes me feel RICH inside. It makes me proud of you, my dear family members. Nothing else makes me truly happy.

Who Am I?

I am what you make of me. I am fluid. If you think I am good, I am good. If you think I am bad, I am bad. I am formless. I am a non-entity. I have no birth or death. Birthdays are only milestones in my current physical existence, which has a definite duration. I do not attribute any more value to my birthdays. I am what you think I am, because, like water taking the shape of the container that holds it, I take the shape/reflect your mind, your constitution and your consciousness. I reflect you sincerely and truly like a good mirror. My one and only message for mankind is “Tat Twam Asi” (You Are That). Know it, experience it, LIVE IT.

What is celebration for me?

As I have explained, if you express non-violence in your daily life, for me this is celebration. Your spontaneous expression of kindness, compassion and love towards all beings, without discrimination, is celebration for me. If you consistently express love, compassion and kindness to all beings, including nature, it is indeed celebration for me. Then my time on Earth becomes truly worthwhile.

happy birthday mohanji - mohanji's birthday message 3I do not believe in blowing off the flame of candles on cakes, as I believe in bringing light and brightness into the lives of people, or at least remove some amount of  darkness from their minds, if they will allow me to. I always feel it is ironical that we blow out the brightness of candles as part of our celebration (while candles represent complete selflessness – burning themselves while providing light to the world)!!! No cakes attract me. No sweets attract me. No bouquet of flowers attracts me. I love to see flowers in the garden, live in the nature. I look at flowers as the “Bliss of Nature”. I do not like to pluck them from their mother plant. I feel that to be selfishness. I love flowers, especially if they remain in the nature, I like to see birds free and flying and not in cages. I do not like to see any being bound and caged. And, no gifts attract me. What will I do with them?

Remember the Supreme Lord Krishna’s words: “I will be satisfied if you offer me a flower or a leaf. But, remember, they are all mine anyway.” Whatever we offer to the Lord is legitimately His!!! In the realms of unlimited consciousness, everything exists within you. What can you gain? What can you collect? What can you own? Everything is within you. Everything is already yours. So, please do not send me flowers, cakes or sweets. Even without all these expressions, I LOVE YOU and that is not conditional. It will never change too.

What is Communication for me?

Do not spend money on me. Do not spend time for me. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your kindness. The money or time that you will gladly spend for me, may kindly be spent for the poor and the needy of the world. If you are able to do something for the other beings around you, even buy a hot tea for a poor man feeling cold on a winter morning, you have communicated your love for me. This is what I consider to be a true communication of love. I will not be happier, even if you call me or SMS me or e-mail me. I will be happier, when you feed a hungry dog or a bird which represents detachment because it never hoards or stores anything. Clothes to the poor and needy, food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless. This is the communication that I like. This makes me feel happy and rich within. When you do such good deeds, please inspire others also. Let this become a movement. Let this become spontaneous. Let hearts swell with love and compassion. ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’ should melt, wither away, and become ‘Ours’ and “Everybody’s.’ Selflessness should become your very nature.

Furthermore, do not blame me, nor be offended, if I did not take your call. You must know that I LOVE YOU, truly and sincerely in every situation and time. Our love and relationship should not be conditioned or bound by terrestrial gadgets such as phone or internet. Faith should replace all such needs. It is better expressed or communicated through your actions, which happen anyway within my consciousness. You need not tell me anything. Through positive thoughts, words and actions, when you enrich your consciousness, you get closer to the supreme consciousness, which makes us inseparably ONE.

In summary, please do not send me flowers, sweets or cakes. Please refrain from sending me SMS or emails. Use that day, time and money to stay in my consciousness and enjoy the feast of unlimitedness. Feel we are one. Express Compassion, Love and Gratitude towards existence and fellow beings. Exist in Love. Express it fully. Meditate. Shed your skins of conditioning and for once, be yourself. Be your SELF. Express your SELF. Love everything wholeheartedly, without expectations. Love Unconditionally.

Nothing else will make me more happy. I do not need anything else from you. This is my sincere request.

I Love YOU,


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