A Humble New Year Message for 2017

My beloved embodiments of pure love

Mohanji - Weekend Program - Macedonia - 29 May 2016 (387)

         We talk again after a full year. A year of happiness and sorrows as usual! As someone told me, “The year was nothing special”. Well, making every moment special and worthwhile is within us. It is the way we are that makes our life special or ordinary. We often keep too many expectations on ourselves and from life. We weigh ourselves down. We punish ourselves. And when finally health gives way, we lament at our losses. A balanced life needs discipline. A satisfied life needs balance of mind. A complete life needs selflessness as the basic operating platform. This is within us.

Do not live this life as a favour to anybody. You are doing nothing else on earth except experiencing something. It could be good or bad. It could be expected or unexpected. But, all beings on earth are just experiencing and, in a way, expressing oneself so that it flavours one’s own experience. Our expressions add flavours to the life around us. We are doing nothing to anybody anyway. There is nobody apart from us. All are our own expressions. All situations are our own creations. Sit down at a quiet place. Silence your mind by concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation. When mind is thus silenced, ask yourself what you are and what you think you are. As yourself what you are up to and how much control over life you have. Spend some time with yourself like this every day. Measure your understanding with your own inner silence. Start accepting yourselves with all your weaknesses and strengths. There is not one person in this world that does not have any weaknesses. Accept them. Accept your weaknesses more than your strengths. When you finally accept your weaknesses, they will start becoming weaker and you will start becoming stronger. When you suppress them, liked caged tigers, they will wait to be unleashed to pounce on its prey which is you. Who are you, what are you, why are you – are the most relevant questions that can lead you to liberation. Be liberated from your own mind through constant awareness and contemplation.

Ask yourself why you need a guru. What do you lack? Ask yourself why you are listening or following Mohanji? Mohanji is an ordinary man just like you. What is so special in him? Remove all your superimpositions on this man called Mohanji and decide if you should be with Mohanji. Do not be with any Guru because of infatuation, fear of any kind, illusions, thinking that they are someone else from the past or something else, enlightened, better than yourself, filled with powers and strength and without weaknesses, miracles or misconceptions, expectations, karmic conquests or clearance, or even a shoulder to cry on. If you look at a Guru as anything else apart from a reflection of yourself or as a mirror in which you can see your own reflection, I am afraid you are in the wrong track. Remove yourself from all such bindings. Be free from within. I would not want anyone to follow me out of fear, compulsion, herd instinct, illusion, misconception, or thinking I am someone else’s incarnation. Take your time. Think well. Should you be with Mohanji from 2017 onward or not? Take firm decision. If you can accept me with all my imperfections, just like I have accepted you with all your imperfections, we can travel this life together. If not, we can part with love in our hearts for each other. Do not be afraid to leave Mohanji and be free, if you feel any binding here. Your freedom is most important as is your free will. Nobody can live peacefully together if their imperfections are also accepted along with their perfections. Every person who ever walked on earth had been imperfect in the eyes of the society, one way or the other; especially if he has made a name for himself. Society likes to highlight imperfections of people and discard their goodness. “The good that men does are often interred with their bones. The bad survives them” – Shakespeare. So, be brave to leave if you do not like than suffer a forced companionship. Again, also look within what makes you bitter. All things outside are only triggers for what is already within. Be Aware.

I would like to use this space to make myself very clear. I cannot promise you a bed of roses. I cannot promise any comfort zones. I cannot promise you healing or cures. I cannot predict your future or for that matter mine. Do not think that I have supernatural powers or direct access to God Almighty better than you. I am just as you are. Nothing special. If you love me without expectations, you are welcome to be with me. If you are here to test or taste, or here with bundles of expectations, I am afraid you will be disappointed very soon. Do not blame me then. I have warned you. I have all the strengths, weaknesses that you have. I am more ordinary than the ordinary.

This is a fresh year. A good time to start anything fresh and new! So, if you would like to leave me, leave me now. If you decide to stay after taking time and thinking well, take one resolution; stay with me till the end of life. Otherwise, I may not be able to give you whatever I have and you will be disappointed because of the same. Do not change your mind too often. Change it now for good, if you have to, so that it does not inconvenience anybody.

Just like you incarnated on earth for a set of experiences, I have done the same. What I am today is part of that plan. I can never say that I consciously chose this way of life or even this name or costume. If some people like my expressions, it is because my expressions suit their agenda on earth. In that context, I have no feeling, let alone bad feeling towards those who have chosen to leave me. When they were with me, they shared me, my time and whatever I am and I shared their space, time and whatever they have been. Only gratitude wells in my heart for all the experiences time has given me through various situations and people.

I use this space and your attention to thank you for every experience, company and comfort that you have provided me in the years past. I am grateful. Truly Grateful. If you will continue to be with me, I shall remain grateful. That is all I can say. I cannot promise you anything else apart from my love from the bottom of my heart. How you receive it is up to you and I presume would be as per your capacity.

2016 was a turbulent year for me. Some people, whom I loved deeply, parted from me. I understand and respect their reasons and choices. As a human being, it does hurt when those who you love leave you. Then again, life is all about meetings and partings. So, we wish them well and move on with our life. Some people who were close to my heart left the world as well. Baba Ganeshananda Giri and Vasudevan Swami have been my pillars and support. I cannot even begin to fathom how much value and power they added to my existence.

Avadhoota Nadananda, a powerhouse, pillar of strength, a father, mother, friend, brother, Guru, God and everything else, gracefully received me under his umbrella, protected me from the storms of life, gave me all he has in terms of his spiritual bank balance and allowed me to walk free. There are no words to express my feelings for him. A true master, as innocent as a small child, a spiritual titan, a remarkable guru and a humble human, he has touched hundreds of lives. He connected me with the Guru Mandala when he made me to offer a dakshina to the great master from Guru Mandala, opposite the Shiva temple at Shirdi in June 2016. Guru Mandala officially adopted me in 2016. Guru Mandala also conferred the title of Brahmarishi on me, through Avadhoota Nadananda. 2016 was an overwhelming year for me. I am truly grateful. Once again, I can only prostrate at the feet of the great masters of Guru Mandala `who adopted me, an ordinary man, despite all my flaws and weaknesses. I can only be grateful to the supreme Mahatapa Babaji who Himself asked Avadhoota Nandananda to look after me. Gratefulness moves my heart.

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you who walked with me through time, without expectations and conditions. Thank you for your love and care. Thank you for your companionship. Thank you for your company during our pilgrimages. We are again going to Kailash in 2017 July and Macchu Pichu in October. We shall meet in Croatia, Serbia or London for our retreats. We shall meet at Sedona Yoga Festival, USA in March. We shall meet somewhere. We shall definitely stay in touch. To those who are disappointed at my not answering via Facebook, let me confirm to you, I have listened to your heart always. If you really want to reach me, come via info@mohanji.org and I shall revert back.

I would like to thank the teams of Gurulight, Speaking Tree, Awakening Times and various news papers and media that covered our programs at various locations. Speaking Tree’s guest editorial was a great honour and I appreciate the love and respect showered on me by the Times of India team. Thanks to Ahimsa Vegan and Madhuban restaurants for supporting our programs with good food.

I would also like to thank the trustees and teams of Sreepaada Sree Vallabha Sansthan, Baba Ganeshananda Giri’s Dattatreya Shiva Sai Trust, Ashraya trust Kurnool, Manav Seva Samithi and other groups and trusts who honoured us, respected us and associated with us in the years past. Sincere thanks to Skanda Vale and Yoga Ville team for their true love and companionship. Special thanks to Himalayan School team, Mohanji Youth Club team, Mai-Tri Healing team, Consciousness Kriya team, Conscious Walking team, Kailas team, Retreat team, so on and so forth. Heartfelt thanks to Mohanji Foundation India, USA, South Africa, Macedonia, Serbia, ACT Foundations, Ammucare, as well as ambassadors, activities or centres in USA, Canada, UK, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and all their team members. All of you have really helped our mission to gain a good momentum despite all odds. Thank You.

My sincere thanks to the M management team who made the processes and made me more available in the world. Thank you for envisaging, orchestrating, streamlining and optimising my time and availability to the world. Thanks to all the volunteers who supported and helped to reach my expressions far and wide into the deep corners of this world. Your presence and support really made my life easier. Thanks to Mamu for efficiently managing my office and optimising it efficiently.

Special thanks to Amma for the translation of Power of Purity into Telugu, Dr. P. K. Namboothiri for Malayalam translation. Thanks to Sunil, Sujatha, Sunitha and Shirdi Sai temple Palakkad for the book Sai Mahima, translation of my writings on Sai Baba into Malayalam translated by Dr.P.K.Namboothiri. Thanks to Taiji for Sahasranaama and Ashtothari. Thanks to Jyothi Bahl for the rendition.

I wish you a great and fulfilling year. May happiness fill you at every moment and may your life be simple and purposeful.

In Gratitude



30 thoughts on “A Humble New Year Message for 2017

  1. Ahh thank you my dearest Mohanji ,it is only with your Grace that the moments of life have been doable thus far .The children and I honour you and thank you for all that is you 🙌🙌💪,much love and in gratitude always your forever humble Nameshri

    “Mere Mahadev I surrender all at your feet for you are the beginning and end of all that is and is not ”
    You rock dude 💪🌹🌹🌹


  2. Our heartfelt Nandi and Namaskarams,to you ,we are humbled by your sincerity and guidance! Godspeed for 2017 and beyond! Unniettan.


  3. Dearest Mohanji
    My humble Pranam at your lotus feet.Thanks for being with me always and making me your medium.I am really fortunate to have Living God in your form.please bless me with zero ego and keep me at your holy feet always.

    Jai mohanji
    Jyoti bahl


  4. This world needs love, and with your love you heal this world, I am grateful for your love and for always being there for us all, for your big heart and care, you made a difference in my life and in many other lives and truly I’m blessed to have u in my heart and life, thank you and I wish you and your dear family a happy blessed new year and I’m looking forward to see u in 2017 ❤️ Much love


  5. At your feet Beloved Master. Ups and downs were a given all these years, well 2016 was no exclusion… We’ve seen it all we’ve been through it all… What can even surprise us… They say “Diamonds are created under pressure.”… On this Path, pressures are many, the Path is narrow and the only thing that can save a poor soul like me is only to be near the dust of your feet.

    Om Saha Nau-Avatu
    Saha Nau Bhunaktu
    Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai
    Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai
    Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

    Love you always

    Your child


  6. Mohanji, I feel like you are a portal. I feel very strongly connected to my guru, when I see you in a picture or a video. You give me energy to reach a vibration where I can access his consciousness more clearly. There is no competing. All gurus collaborate and help you the best way you can access their help. Jai Mohanji.


  7. Love you Baba! Thank you wouldn’t suffice to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that was, that is and that will be given. All your grace. Wish you an amazing 2017.


  8. Hari Om: 2017 should be a year with more peace for humanity especially the refugee children and vulnerable women made homeless by oligarchic governance of the world. Allow your goodness and love for all penetrate the glass ceiling towards blessedness. Many thanks for your profound message. Pranaams


  9. I agree Father an Year to remeber. I was accepted as it is. Their were no conditions. Their was no dos and donts list.

    You always taught to be rich from inside and accept life as it comes. Before meeting You, insecurity and fear always use to be the regular visitors in my mind. You threw me into the Ocean of insecurities and fear without letting me know about it and Yes gave Yourself to me as my boat. With eyes of Faith and Surrender i realise today that it was not a boat but a Huge Ship of Unconditional Love.

    This year saw many betrayals when the expectations were not met. Saw Your response as well. The betrayals and response gave wisdom to all those who witnessed. You felt hurt, You felt sad and You experience all the feelings but were never Bitter about it . Their was no bitterness at all. It was a great practical lesson on Courage, Love and Fearlessness.

    Your relationship with Avdhoota Nadanandaji Maharaj is highlight of this year. Devotion, Faith, Respect and Your Samarpan Bhaav towards Guru Mandala personally touched me the most. Nothing stopped You from flowing even though their were huge blockages on the road. The way You live each moment of Your life lifts me up and inspires me to give my all.

    You have never bound me, but gently made me understand the importance and relevance of being independent and facing life with full faith in one’s Guru.

    Your words my Gurudeva, ” I may be a boy and may be weak, but remember my Father is very powerful” always guide me and give me strength when mind tries to overpower the inner voice.

    Whatever success i got and smiles i could spread its all because of Your Grace.
    Wherever i was bitter please bless me that this year and till i dissolve i only express love at thought, word and action level.

    Loving You




  10. My Lord ,read both your latest blogs-“ingratitude thy name is human “as well as your new year message. I can’t say I have soaked in enough .Like all Mystiques,your blogs needs lot of deep reading,attunement and contemplation . It takes time .lndeed you are God’s gift to all the serious aspirants that have come and I am no exception.My long time prayers are answered when I found you. Divine guidance took me to Devi Amma and that Spiritual link led me to your steps..Now let me place a few random reflections at your sacred feet.You mentioned in your blog that Mohanji has become a part of “The Eternal Guru Mandala! The vision of a Radiant attractive Lady makes me wonder whether it’s actually “The Eternal Divine Mother “! There is a stanza in Lalitha Sahasranama- “Guru Mandala Rupinyay namaha “. The one Essence that permeates and orchestrates the Guru Mandala!So inspiring to read this mind-boggling at one level but a Divine Leela all the same ! My Lord-you are as incredibly unique as any other Mystique .In my search,study and sadhana I have not come across any other Master dwelling so deeply on emptiness and Stillness The Golden path and the road -map that you are showing-nullification,annihilation and dissolution looks to be the ultimate destination! What more needs to be done !I cherish my Divine Friendship with you. Let this ever rest on “The Wings of your Grace and Compassion and not on the frail shoulders of my free -will !with pranams &pranams. Subramanian


  11. Dearest Mohanji (Para Brahma )
    Thank you for being there for me every step of the way through all my challenges for blessings & your grace..in 2016 no words can describe my heart felt gratitude to you. Love you always in all ways.❤❤❤❤❤


  12. Dear Mohanji, thank you for your grace letting me enter your life in 2016. I agree 2016 was a turbulent year but for both good and bad. It showed us the true colours of people behind masks. Despite all the doubts, ups/downs I am grateful to God for sending you to me. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family always. 😇❤️


  13. My revered Guruji I have all the respect and affection for you I prostrate at your lotus feet . From the time I have started following you I have fully surrendered myself to you I daily undergo meditation of POP . I have experienced much of transformation within me and primafacia the result is in the form of completely leaving the habit of smoking and drinking for the last about six years. Love you Mohanji ji from the very chore of heart Thanx very much Happy New year to you and family Suresh Gupta from ChanniHimmat Jammu


  14. Dear Mojanji may your mission around be full with miracles & bliss near your special family {Biba & little Angel}, and extended family of Humankind.
    I wish you, all, a blessed, easy, full of grace new year!


  15. One word : Bang On.
    And Thank you very much for been there and for the timely guidance.
    Happy New Year to all M family members. Have a blissful and a prosperous year ahead.


  16. Dear Mohanji,
    Sadar Pranaam and Charan Sparsh,
    We are blessed by your message. I need nothing in this world except your blessings and direction. i crave for no materialistic life and just want to do my all duties as a father and a husband and live a life of pure dedication and simplistic with your hand on my and my family’s head. Your New Year Message will be a source of encouragement and strength to overcome all obstacles in the life journey.
    We are Blessed.
    With Best Regards and Sadar Pranaams.
    Your Sevak,


  17. My Beloved Mohanji
    Thank You for Your myriad expressions of Love and Ocean of Compassion to All of Life.
    A mind knows not the True depth of Who You are, What You are … or Why You Are. The grandest notions, still fall far short of the Reality of You, Beloved Master.
    I must must some good karma so as to meet You in this life.
    Thank You for barreling through the densest barriers of my mind and its fickle and flickering perceptions to facilitate the vertical trajectory of this life path … to rise above the turbulent sea of emotions and its associated dramas … to detach from the resultant turmoil into the sweetness of freedom… to live Peacefully and Purposefully… to Love Fearlessly and be Compassionately Daring …
    You are That Beacon Mohanji, Lighting my path.
    Thank You.
    Happy 2017 to You … and to All whom You Love … that would be Everyone and Everything!


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