Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2013

Hello my beloved family members,

Namaskaar. Today on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, the birthday of Saint Vyasa, my wish for all of you is to have excellent progress in spirituality, a well-balanced existence, equanimity, and absolute peace in the days ahead.

Whenever you approach spirituality, let it not be with expectations. Just accept life as it comes, just accept experiences as they come, just accept evolution as it happens in the spiritual path. With this mindset, the element of wonder and surprise will always remain in the path ahead of you, to give you further momentum. My wish for you is to have that wonder-fuelled existence. When you move through the path of spirituality, you may face many obstacles. However, those will all dissolve if your focus stays steadfast on God. If you establish your focus on that highest Divinity, and are determined and resolved to continue till your merger with it, nothing will be able to stop or stand in your way. God or the Guru will automatically guide and hold your hand through that path of evolution.

Just remember that it is not in your doing, but in your being, that progress happens. You can expect lots of progress provided you are able to empty yourself, and remove expectations and conditioning, while being fully focused only on Divinity, only on God. I wish you success in whatever you do. I wish you happiness and peace.

As the saying goes, go to the sea because you love the sea, and not because you hate land. Similarly, do not approach spirituality because you are unhappy and seek an escape from your current existence. Only approach it because you love and yearn for spirituality, and because you long to experience the higher truth. If you approach it with love and openness, and without expectation, the whole path will open up for you. Whichever guru, religion, or path you follow will be immaterial. The assistance you need will come to you, provided you remain empty and receptive. Always remember that your emptiness is a strength. The strength of every glass is its emptiness.

Once again, I wish you success, happiness and peace. We shall always stay in contact in the plane of consciousness. Namaskaar.

Transcribed by Geeta Iyer
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato


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