Enlightenment and Dissolution


Q: What is God? Can you Explain God?

God is unexplainable. God is EVERYTHING. The Good and the Bad is God. God can be experienced, but cannot be explained. Only in the depth of silence, can you hear the foot-steps of God. God is the vast and unfathomable entity, name-less, form-less, gender-less etc. All its representations are called LORDs. Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, etc. There is only one God. But, it has many manifestations. Many expressions. All the expressions that we see in the whole universe are the one God’s expressions. Only when you go deeper and subtler, will you recognize that. It may take life times.

God is Infinity. It has no form, name, color, taste, smell or specific character. God is Omni-present. Everything that we could see and feel are its manifestations. God is beyond all dualities that are associated with relativity. God is in all dualities. God is in relativity, but God is not that. God has no states – even bliss state, all states of existence, are God.

God has no time or space, all time and space is God. God is neither happiness nor sorrow – all emotions are God, but God is not emotions. God has no Gunas (Satwa, Rajas, Tamas) – All Gunas are enlivened by God. God is perpetual awareness – various levels of awareness have its root in God. God is infinity, as the whole universe exists within God.

Lifetimes of Dis-entanglement from Karma Lead one to Liberation and Ultimate Merger with the Supreme.

God is the reason for relativity, which paved way for creation and creativity. God is the awareness of the reason for relativity. In the midst of multitudes of expressions, God stays liberated. God is above all Kings, Lords, Dieties, Demi-Gods, Angels, Demons, Devils, Human Beings, Animals, Birds, Reptiles and every other creation. God is beyond them all. All these exist within God. All these are enlivened by God. We can see only manifestations of God. We can only experience God. God is inexplainable.

God can only be Experienced not Explained…

Q: How can we experience God?

A: We can experience God, when we develop subtlety. This may take life times. We have to transcend sheath by sheath within ourselves until we unite with our own Soul, the source of our existence. We can call it enlightenment. Enlightenment also gives only a micro glimpse of God experience. When we have to continue operating in the body level, we keep shifting between the micro and the macro. Maya (illusion) lurks around the corner. It constantly attacks. Delusion is easy. It takes extreme vigilance to stay connected to the soul further. From soul, through extreme devotion, by shifting all the actions to dharmic mode, we can start to taste God. This is easier said than done. We have fallen so deeply in consciousness. Fortunately, we do not know how much have we fallen. In this way, Ignorance is bliss. 🙂 Since we do not know the depth of our fall, we can keep up hopes and keep climbing. Well, It is a deep subject. One can write volumes about it.

Enlightenment is a Shift in Consciousness…

Q: What is Enlightenment?

A: Enlightenment cannot be easily explained in words. Enlightenment happens, when the ground is set for its landing. It happens, when doing-ness stops and being-ness takes place. It happens in the absolute level of equanimity, where the ego element remains completely nullified. It is a shift in awareness. Enlightenment is a big leap. This means a leap from limited awareness, to unlimited awareness. From the state of limited body consciousness, its attached mind consciousness and its intellect and ego, to unlimitedly expanded awareness state. The awareness is in 360 degrees. You are aware of everything around you and the bodily boundaries are blurred. This happens when the same mind that goes for a stroll with the senses merges and dissolves with the soul instead. Deeper unity and total awareness take place.

States of Samadhi are unexplainable. Words fall helpless.

Q: Is the actual experience of Enlightenment describable?

A: It is not. Words are far too shallow to explain an experience such as the explosion of silence or cosmic consciousness. Many people have attempted it. Paramahamsa Yogananda does it in the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Usually, silence slides in after the experience and the need for expression gets erased. For many people, the need for communication itself gets erased. There is nothing to do, nothing to prove, nothing to say. Everything just is. Everything is a part of our existence and we are part of everything too. In such condition, there is perfect stillness and supreme perfection. How can anyone explain such a state? Even if someone does, it will only become a theory in the reader’s mind. Moreover, Enlightenment experience is not the same for all. It differs from person to person. It differs with each person’s individual constitution. It differs according to the Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas combination of the individual who undergoes the shift. So, even though a general idea can be given about the experience, like Paramahamsa did, it is not really describable.

Enlightenment is a Juncture, a shift or transition. The Journey continues…

Q: Is enlightenment the final? Then what?

A: Enlightenment is like a graduation. You have arrived at a different level of existence. Then, before complete liberation, there are still miles to travel. However, the push of the mind for results will not be bothering you and hence the journey will be more pleasant. So, once the shift of higher awareness happens within, the path ahead becomes fully illumined.

Two main parellel things happen, quite simultaneously. One is the self purification and dissolution, and the second is the repayment of debts to the Mother Earth. This is the most treacherous time. First of all, the grossness and street-smartedess of terrestrial existence is less. And secondly, the enlightened one has to live with the gross society while existing in his/her subtler state. People get tossed around a lot, in this state.

Spiritual Journey needs firm Commitment and Conviction. Faith is the stick. Masters are its Road signs.

Q: The treacherous tracks

A: Indeed. When a man operates in the present, he is not plagued by the guilt over the past or the anxiety over the future. He lives moment by moment. When he is perpetually in 360 degree awareness it helps him in settling in more and more. This needs relative isolation and limited interaction. When the need for interacting with the world arises, we need the help of senses. When senses are to be used, there is a limited mind – like controlled electricity, necessary to activate the senses. This limits the man from his newly acquired larger awareness to limited sensory awareness. The more he interacts at the sensory level, the more vulnerable he becomes to the terrestrial lures. It does not matter if it is an enlightened man or an unenlightened one. The effect is more or less the same. So, if the Yogi intends to convey his wisdom to the terrestrial world, he also needs to face the consequences related to the terrestrial existence.

For most Yogis, who have already shifted from Karma to Dharma, terrestrial interaction is only a self-less service, SEVA. Then again, high level of equanimity and self-control is necessary. This is more easier for a woman than a man, because, men get lured by sight (Visual oriented-ness) and women get lured only by touch or feeling. Many Yogis fall. We have seen that happening time and again. This is also because, even though the enlightenment has occurred, the subtle samskaaras (impressions) are still existing in the deeper layers. This provokes desires for enjoyment of sensory pleasures, if he has not grown beyond it. Even if they have grown beyond it, often, hey reflect those who come into contact with them, as a truthful mirror. They express the other’s samskaaras, take it over and eventually suffer from that. This is mainly on two matters – Food and Sex. The two aspects that bind all species and human kind especially on terrestrial plane. If food is considered as sustenance to maintain the physical form and sex to maintain the species, man stays objective and unaffected by its lures. When it slips into greed and lust, man falls. Sometimes, they even pretend that they are immune to everything and perform the mischiefs in disguise. This pulls them down completely.

Many people who have tasted liberation,prefer to escape into anonymity and isolation. They do not stay at the same place more than three nights and do not eat from the same plate etc, to avoid any attachment. This truly helps. But, it is not easy. Not every one can do it.

Life is a transit from the Gross to the Subtle. Enlightenment is the result.

Q: Can you define gross?

A: Gross means gravity. Gravity only affects the gross or the dense. When the elevation in consciousness happens, lightness also happens. Gravity or pull of earth is reduced substantially. Each sheath of human substratum has various degree of subtlety. Each sheath is prone to some amount of terrestrial gravity, binding or, simply put – pull. As we shift from gross food sheath (anna maya kosha) to the mind sheath (mano maya kosha) itself, the gravitational pull is reduced in a subtle way. Then, through the shift to other sheaths, till bliss sheath, (ananda maya kosha), the transitions reduce dependency on earth. Thus, stage by stage, man attains liberation. As he transcends each sheath, his gravitational pull also gradually gets reduced. When you become the soul, there is no gravitational pull. Only the karmic baggage is prone to gravitation. From gross body to the state of our soul, through the sheaths, man transcends. This is indeed a long journey. Faith and Purity will accent the momentum and help the journey. In the journey, many obstacles will happen, triggered by Samskaaras and Vasanas (subtle impressions with emotions attached to them).

In the journey, many Masters will come as road signs to guide you to walk the right path. Many lower beings will come forward and confuse you too. You are free to choose your path, as options are available, based on your tastes, even though the final destination is the same for everyone.

Perfect Dissolution Merges us with the Infinity…No identification exists…

Q: Can you talk about Dissolution vs. Enlightenment?

A: Sure. So, enlightenment takes the awareness to the level of the soul. One who is enlightened understands the symmetry of the larger life behind his regular existence. Enlightenment does not automatically take one to dissolution. Dissolution is still an ongoing process. Dissolution is again, a sheath by sheath process. Impressions of numerous lifetimes have gotten stuck in the web of existence and our sheaths. In the place of action, impressions of thoughts, words and actions of generations lay preparing the rope for further action. Just like the external world, our internal world also has similar patterns lying deeply embedded to bring forth life to thought, word or action. True liberation happens only once deep and complete cleansing happens on various levels. Enlightenment helps this process, because the awareness is much higher at that state and it gives clarity, understanding and, essentially, objectivity from emotions. Aside from the embedded impressions from the sheaths, detachment from elements is also essential. This happens by itself. When awareness improves, elements – which are gross in nature, release its grip slowly and steadily. Remember, the lure of the terrestrial world is always waiting outside the doors of your senses. You have to constantly fight them with higher awareness and not by suppression. Suppression is not eradication. Existence without temptations -not needing any of it, even if it is available – is what helps this process.

Higher awareness is the key to detachment. When the grip of elements is less, man’s dependency on food, water, and a prescribed space for existence also gives way. He can then survive on universal energy. Ancient Masters have mastered the art of surviving without food or water and thought process. This is possible and indeed real. So, path of dissolution is long and winding. But, eventually, everyone must walk this path.

Dissolution is a process… Delusion is the hindrance

Q: Can Complete Dissolution happen in one life time?

A: Yes. But, it does not happen because emotions and attachments creep in with each new life, even if we are very careful and controlled. How could Menaka lure Vishwamitra into having a physical relationship with her? So, the path is very, very narrow and risky. It usually takes life times to eradicate all impressions, desires, and dreams to liberate the man from the need to be on earth. If the desires are earthly, he should be here. So, he keeps coming back.

The final is the debt that he must repay for using the facilities of the earth. That can be achieved only through self-less service for the mother earth and its children, which means all beings. The tool for accomplishing that is Unconditional Love. Complete liberation is a process. The deeper the silence in the Master, the deeper is His detachment. Desire to prove or talk is only on the surface, and that too, towards the shore, like waves of the ocean.

If a man talks too much, usually, he is surface-oriented, and does not have much depth. He will come back again and again till silence deepens and takes over. Silence does not mean physical silence. Silence means the silence within or lack of any mental activity. Switching over to dharmic life precedes complete liberation. He will need nothing from earth. He will give all what he has to the earth and its children. His existence will not hurt the earth. It will only soothe the earth. His walking on earth will make the trees, plants and animals of the earth rejoice. Big cleansing happens to everyone and everything, just by His sheer presence and existence.

True Gurus need nothing. They represent the Infinite Almighty.

Q: What do Masters want?

A: Nothing. They are just road signs. Their purpose is to guide you to your destination. If you chose to use the road sign or chose to ignore it and walk your path yourself, it is the same for any real master. It does not make any difference to the True Master. Only one caution. Do not confuse between an Acharya and a Guru. Acharya is only an exponent of knowledge. Guru is the manifested representation of the invisible Almighty. In our times, as technology rules our lives, we are always in web. Web means trap. This has also happened in Spirituality.

Acharyas who have only book knowledge or theoretical knowledge, pose themselves as enlightened masters and lure people for money. Have you seen any Great Master of the past, calling themselves enlightened? Take the case of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Akkalkot Maharaj, Manik Prabhu, Bhagawan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri, Sathya Sai Baba and all those truly powerful masters -they never called themselves enlightened. They never promised enlightenment to anyone, because everyone has to go through life times of cleansing to attain liberation, and they positioned themselves on earth to guide us unconditionally. Now, the tragedy is, Acharyas, or teachers who have no originality, call themselves enlightened, promise enlightenment and hang victims on pretensions. They keep articulating theoretical knowledge and pretend it to be their own experience. Their method of holding on to people is through fear and control. They contaminate minds by injecting fear and thus control their victims. These Acharyas have no originality. They imitate others. They will scan the market, identify what sells in the market, and package that in their own syllabus. They do not care about the consumer, because consumer is already helplessly bound through fear, with them. They change their stance also, according to market demand. If giving Shaktipat sells, they will start giving Shaktipat and initiate disciples into it. If Pranayaam sells, they make modules of it. If Hatha Yoga sells, they will teach it. Thus, they remain very flexible and observant. This is the tragedy of our times. Every Acharya pretends to be an enlightened Guru. Dress up accordingly, speak accordingly and mislead masses. Everything has become commerce – Spirituality too. Spirituality is Dharma. It is sacred. It is individualistic. It is not for sale.

(This does not apply to Nithyananda – despite the recent scandals, I still consider him as a real Guru Material. He has depth and spontaneity. His teachings have clarity and profoundity).

I wish all of You LIBERATION in this Life Time itself.

Stay Liberated, Operate in Unconditional Love, Be Love.

Only Love is real



21 thoughts on “Enlightenment and Dissolution

  1. Pranam Mohan ji
    This article on the enlightenment is the most beautiful exposition on the subject, I have read so far. In simple words touching the vast and highly sensitive topics concerned with all the sadhaks. Answered many of my queries in first reading but I have to read it again and again to be able to understand and grasp the subject.




  2. Supremely powerful – with the much needed razor-edge sharpness! Possibly scary for those who’d prefer to cling to the feel-good surface. But a precious jewel for those who dare to make the steps towards the Love that gives us the courage to ‘not be’ and dissolve in It.
    That image of Mahavatar Babaji transcending the physical limitations, with eyes in Shambhavi mudra, remains one of the most fascinating images my eyes have ever beheld! It made me breathless the first time I saw it. What supremacy over life and death! What royalty!
    Thank you Mohanji for allowing me to behold this Glory, not through the eyes, but the ever real heat in the spine, the thundering flow of Grace, the sacred golden Shaktipat.

    May our thirst for Liberation intensify till we reach the point of no return – and may then, whatever happens beyond the known boundaries, happen with their Grace…

    With deep love, surrender and gratitude to the Giants of spirit that walk(ed) this Earth, Biba


  3. spiritual Knowledge is often difficult to ingest due to its compexity to understand the underlying meaning/truth. As interpolations, allegorical representations make it even harder to intrepret.

    Mohanji, your post has simplest way to convey the meaning and understand these eternal truths without being too complex.

    I like the simplicity in your writtings that is easily grasped by the masses. That we are.



  4. This is just the pure knowledge ( In the words of pretending Acharyas, pure stuff!). These Acharyas are simply marketing agents. They have no original knowledge or experience to deliver. They will simply cling to old audience or should I call regular coterie. To stay alive in the spiritual trade , they will be highly alert to Real Masters’ teachings/ articles etc, will learn nice presentations/marketing promotion tools, will open several websites of their own copying others, will keep changing topics depending upon moods, money they need to get by preparing nice packages to capture new audience, will go highly net savvy to reach out to masses but real experiences they cannot deliver.They are so called cut-copy-paste Acharyas but will pretend behind big labels like Swamis, Paramhansas, Maharajs, Rishis, Maharshis, Brahmarishis, Masters, Gurus etc. Evenif they deliver some experiences they will take one to slightly higher altered awareness and the captive devotees feel they are in bliss! Alas, they later realise that this state does not stay long and there is no transformation in their lives, that they cannot even handle daily life stresses or emotions or relationships ( this is real acid test!). They also keep looking for new new doing-oriented packages and get caught again as these Acharyas keep them in the grip of fear and greed instead of helping them to liberate. This is illusion of real Masters in this age! Be aware of this as I have been a victim of this and then only found my Real Guru in Mohanji who started clearing and cleansing my path towards dissolution….. Real Masters talk simple if at all He has to and will talk less, will radiate more…..will not crave for money, power, positions, tittles. They will just deliver experience without even waiting for thanks…

    Sri Ananda Durlabha


  5. I love Mohanji’s posts. They are clear, honest and truthful. This is priceless.
    I love the last picture with Jesus Christ and that young man. Often I do the same – fall and hug.

    LOve, Jolita A.


  6. I have no words to express my gratitude to you dear Mohanji for clarifying about the happening of enlightenment and that enlightenment does not automatically take one to dissolution. “They never promised enlightenment to anyone, because everyone has to go through life times of cleansing to attain liberation, and they positioned themselves on earth to guide us unconditionally” – these words from the higher Masters through you are an important message for those who are wrongly selling the concept of ‘only’ enlightenment and that too achievable in this lifetime only. You have explicitly differentiated between a Guru and an Acharya for the benefit of the seekers.

    I must share my personal experience about the latter for the benefit of others. Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to this Acharya for making me realize what a fool I was. But I now consider that this was perhaps in my prarabdha in this life and I had to lose money to him to repay for some of my past-life karmas. I will not add to my bad karma by naming him.

    As soon as this karma of payment was deleted it helped me to ‘click’ with the ‘Guru Tattwa’ made available to me in the form of a simple, no-nonsense Guru named Mohanji who does not sell spirituality and never postpones clarifying any doubts or misunderstandings of anyone who approaches him. Mohanji you are an example of how to lead a dharmic existence. You are earning your livelihood by working and spreading spiritual message relentlessly without any expectations.

    This Acharya took us through his graded/leveled workshops with a constant background term ‘enlightenment’ being hammered on us. As I am a ‘rich’ person in the Gulf, I had to pay heavily for each ‘module’ of an encounter with him (no arguments / bargaining….…he encashed on the concept that one is expected to surrender with faith). He did help me to clarify some of my doubts with his acquired knowledge, but tried to trap me into attending his further courses for my further questions. In fact, in one of his workshops I argued with him about how in day-to-day life it is possible to implement his teaching of “Appreciate all, criticize none” and moreso, when he himself goes on criticizing different practices in spirituality. He just went into a ‘bhairavi mudra’ as if this was his answer to my question. A funny thing is that later he sent a message through his chief disciple that “the great Master Mahavatar Babaji was present during the meditation at the same workshop and that whole batch would have gotten enlightened – but because Sanjay who asked too many questions, Shri Babaji went away!” Later some of us realized that some of his workshop materials are picked up from the original discourses of Paramhamsa Nithyananda. They could also be perhaps from the internet or from the workshops he has attended.

    Some of you may come across such techno and facebook-savy Acharyas, who cut, copy, paste spiritual material and survive on selling spirituality. They may not attribute to the source of knowledge and may at times claim that it is their own. This Acharya has in past commented on BTW meditation as ‘Weekend Meditation’ and criticized Shaktipat as taking the seeker nowhere. Now, all of us who have experienced Mohanji’s grace know very well that it requires a stature of a Siddha like Mohanji to deliver Shaktipat, which is having a truly profound effect on our lives.

    I have argued and questioned a lot with Mohanji but it is through him I am experiencing Masters’ grace on me….and I have no more questions remaining…. Gratitude to Mohanji for no further paid workshops for me…….and, by the way, nowadays no higher Masters go away when I am present !!!.

    With love and surrender to the Guru parampara,


  7. My Dearest Beloveds
    This earth is very old. Our soul is very old. We have walked this earth many times before this birth. We have entertained the same emotions at all times. The proof is our distinct character of this life. The proof is our wisdom or elevation. The proof is our level of understanding and awareness.
    Everything has relevance. All of God’s creations have relevance. All emotions have relevance. All decisions have relevance. Sometimes, we may not understand the relevance when we are at it. We may have to go past a particular time, and look back, to see why a particular thought or word happened at a particular point of time. Nothing is wasted. There are no wastages in God’s creation. No thoughts or words are wasted. Wastages happen only in our creation. So, it is important to accept. It is important to understand. It is important to respect. It is important to have faith in the higher justice.
    Every event had a reason. And the reason sometimes is intangible, to the limited conscious mind. Never mind.
    The need of the hour is LOVE. Nothing but love. Unconditional Love has just become a theory. We witness in the words of orators, but not in reality. Just like we watch extinct species of stuffed animals and birds in the Museum, we hear about unconditional love from the mouths of politicians and saints. It never gets converted into action. What we need is true expression of Unconditional Love, not articulation of theories such as Love and care beyond man-made barriers. We have had many theories, which had caused us indigestion since generations. Let’s now experience love, spread love and live love.
    When I think of all the Great Masters who have walked this earth in the past, and who are still contributing to the welfare of this planet and also the universe, in their own way, I feel humbled and feel so insignificant. Just like an ant is so small and often hardly visible in our daily existence, I am lesser than an ant and insignificant in the cosmic existence. Think about some of the spiritual giants who walked this earth – The Lord Dattatreya, Agasthya, All Siddhas, Akkalkot Maharaj, Bhagawan Nithyananda, Ramana Maharshi, Bhagawan Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhagawan Babaji, Narasimha Saraswathy, Adi Shankaracharya, Kabir Das, Jesus, Buddha, The Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Socrates, and many masters who spoke all what we know till date. There is nothing new to say. They have said it all. What you hear today, through many mouths, are the same words that the past masters uttered. Thoughts and words are ancient. Truth is ancient. What is my significance? What is my contribution? My beloveds, I am no guru. I am an ordinary man, perhaps more ordinary than you who are reading this. As long as I exist in this body, I am just like any other man. What is different in me? Nothing. I am just another instrument of the Almighty. I have nothing to give you, which is my own. As long as I exist in this body, I articulate. As long as I stay in connection with you, you will witness me. Otherwise, depending on your faith, you will feel me. That too, you are feeling the Lord Almighty, not me. This body is a temporary entity. It can perish or vanish any time. The Lord remains, through time to infinity. I am just another expression of the Lord, just like you. What can I call myself? He exists. I do not. So, do not be confused. Do not be disillusioned. My existence in this capacity depends on your need, faith and understanding. When your need evaporates, I cease to exist in this capacity. All I try to do is, deliver what I can, with purest of intentions and without any expectation. This is all I can do.
    I Love You


    1. Dear Mohanji,
      Simplicity, non-do-er-ship and non-ownership are your strengths.
      We know who you are.
      We expereince and enjoy the benefits of what you deliver.
      We know how relentlessly and without expectations you work.
      Understadning that you offer in each word is so valuable for elevating the consciousness of the society.
      With complete surrender,


    2. My dear Mohanji,

      Divinity is expressing through You to many and giving them deliverance, so be it. We are all blessed!

      I know who You are, no need for so called scientific proofs! We all have had several tangible experiences already, what science can do in this. Its so sad that real Gurus are just simple, humble and delivers but unreal ones boast of their Enlightenment in bold words, titles but they cannot give any deliverance or real experiences mere spiritual concepts, that too cut copy paste from many sources and claiming it to be their expression!

      In gratitude and surrender,

      With reverence

      Sri Ananda Durlabha


  8. Om Sai Ram Mohanji

    I want to thank you for writing a beautiful blog. I like the simplicity with which you put things into perspective. It is proven time and again that each one of us needs a Guru to take us to the next level of consciousness. Until last year I had given hopes on finding one. When I went to Shirdi, I think Baba’s grace showered a few blessings on me and I started to make plans for the journey of self realization.
    I get influenced easily by good thoughts and goodness in the people. But, used to get distracted by sensory pleasures even faster. However, the grace of Sai Baba has held me in a good grip and looks like I was unaware of so many scandals going on in India in the last year or so (having read about it today and clicked a video link – not knowing what I would really achieve by dwelling into the past). But, there was a lesson to learn for me. I have to work on myself further. What I do not need to know, God does not send me emails about it. So, I should keep away from exploring things that are not adding any positive value to me or to the humanity.
    Of course, I respect all the gurus and swamis, for that matter every human being. But, I am surprised how many of them are maintaining a double life. From what I understand, all the Siddhas had either renounced the worldly desires or were born without these. I don’t think they even raised charity for helping people. Their teachings as well as blessing were free of any attachment. But, now I see a lot of people exploiting these into big businesses. And the foundation is nothing but greed and lust. They just apply a coating of spirituality to it. Why does God allows such people to spread doubts instead of faith?
    In the meantime, I will continue to check the entries in your blog. I also liked the one you wrote about relationships.

    May God Bless You. Om Sai Ram.



    1. Dear Nilesh
      Spirituality is the path of the soul. True spirituality leads one to his own soul. Adi Shankaracharya said “Some walk with shaven head, some with matted hair, some with a switch at the back of their head, some wear saffron, some wear nothing. Please understand O Ignorant Beings, they are doing all these just for their own stomach’s sake.” Centuries ago, Adi Shankara uttered this eternal truth. It remains true even today. When man handles his terrestrial existence through his senses, he falls prey to such visual appeals. When the soul is guiding, he automatically gets guided to the right guru. In order for the soul to guide, one must bring the senses inward. He should watch his thoughts and calm his mind through observation of thoughts as a witness. Shirdi Sai is one of the Greatest of Masters who ever walked on earth and continues to walk with his subtle body. If Baba is guiding, then there is no need to doubt. He will protect you from all mishaps. He will only guide you to the information or Guru, that is right for you. Just do not doubt or analyse. Surrender everything to Sai and walk the path.
      Aum Sai Ram


      1. Dear Mohanji

        Thank you. I am amazed, your reply are reflections of words from Shri Sai Charita chapter 1 & 2 where significance of handmill and necessity of Guru are explained . And also, chapter 15 where Narad Muni’s Kirtan style is referenced. You are absolutely right and your words have strengthened my resolve.
        Thank you once again for taking time for maintaining such a beautiful blog and answering questions. I am hopeful that our paths will cross in this lifetime.

        Om Sai Ram.



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