Avatar and the Shift

An Avatar is a Dharmic Existence

Q: What is the difference between a true Avatar and a normal birth?

A: The difference is in Dharma and Karma. An Avatar takes a physical birth for a dharmic purpose. A normal birth is a birth for a karmic purpose. Liberated souls thus take human form for upholding the Dharma (duty and truth) without any karmic binding. They wait and choose the right wombs at the right time. Higher souls happen as mothers and fathers to bring forth such an Avatar to earth. Many liberated souls take birth to aid the Avatar in accomplishing His task. The very life of an Avatar becomes the message for generations to come. An Avatar operates on pure consciousness, without emotions or attachments. He or She just goes about doing the appointed purpose, objectively, without inhibitions. Liberated souls come back only for the higher purpose of upholding Dharma, or imparting wisdom which will in turn help uphold Dharma.

Life of a Siddha is Incomprehensible

Q: The death of an Avatar means?

A: When an Avatar leaves the body, it just means a shift from limitedness to unlimitedness. It means He need not operate from a limited body state anymore,  but will operate from that of unlimited super conscious state. Physical death is only a shift. It has no further value. Physical body is a severe limitation to a liberated soul. It is like a bird inside a cage. Even if the cage is made of Gold, a cage is a cage and the imprisoned bird has no value for the material out of which the cage is made. It stays to operate because it has appeared for a purpose. It must stay on, until the mission is accomplished. It does. And it leaves as effortlessly as it arrived, smiling and without any attachments.

The Divine Comedy called LIFE

Q: Attachments make a being karmic?

A: Emotions related to Attachments make a being karmic. When an Avatar operates, it is  impossible for emotions to creep in. An Avatar does not slip from dharmic to karmic existence. He always operates dharmically and for a higher purpose. He operates in perfect equanimity. He is purpose-bound and can never deviate from it. Emotions are displayed because the human frame cannot be insensitive. However, emotions do not bind an Avatar. Effortlessness is a symbol of their stature. Handling hardships with a smile unintentionally displays their true stature.

Eyes Catch Glitter. Heart Recognizes the TRUTH – Shirdi Sai Baba As a Young Avadhoota, original photo

Q: How can we recognize a higher soul?

A: Primarily through His expressions. You can know Him and understand Him, only if He chooses to display Himself. Many high souls walk the Earth, hidden from the Human ken. That is why many liberated Masters remain invisible. They are indeed performing their higher Dharma, relentlessely, without expectations, away from the public eye. This is also perfection in their sadhana ( spiritual practice ). This selfless service is the ultimate spiritual practice for them.

The Shift is in Human Consciousness

Q: What exactly is The Shift?

A: Shift in human consciousness.

Shift is Afoot

Q: Is the shift bound to happen?

A: It is already happening. Look at the pace of your own life now. You are moving so fast, the time for procrastination has reduced tremendously. The time to think or brood is very less. Dis-illusionment is more because many cannot cope with the pace of our existence. Existence is pushing us to be in the present, in the NOW. Our earlier generation had much more space and time and were not compelled to make as many “reports” as we do now. Look at the difference in attitudes. Either you are pushed to operate emotionally (and that means react constantly), or you are pushed to go within. You have only two choices in today’s world; either to play or get out of the ground. Those who have the eligibility, the will to hold on to the ladder and move higher up, can withstand the time. Those who cannot, will fall and get sucked by the whirlpool. They may not come back to the same place. Whirlpools always leave the matter elsewhere. Matter is bound to be re born; yet, at a different location and a different time. Those who can catch the vibrations well will operate in the present and get elevated to higher consciousness based on simplicity, purity and truth. Their awareness level will increase. The grosser will perish. The subtler will survive. This is the shift of consciousness.

Expression of Divine Consciousness is Unconditional LOVE

Q: In simple terms, what is higher and lower consciousness?

A: One who perpetually operates from the realms of Unconditional Love, possesses higher consciousness. He is selfless, kind, truthful and unattached to his actions. One who perpetually operates in the realms of selfishness, “I” ness, possessiveness, ownership, Greed, Fear, etc. operates from the lower consciousness. The operating levels declare the stature of the being.

Supreme Consciousness is Boundless Joy

Q: When does the True Love blossom in the heart of a seeker?

A: When detachment happens. Love will be for the sake of love. Love will become truly unconditional. True beauty of existence can be witnessed only through the divine sight or through the third eye. The more you operate through your third eye, you can only witness the grandeur and beauty of the creation and the Creator. You cannot see imperfection. The eyes that witness imperfection are the regular eyes, combined with regular mind. A being of higher awareness can only see perfection in the whole universe. “That what is beyond, is perfect. This, the limited, is perfect. When limitedness gets dissolved, only the grand perfection remains in its unlimited form.”

Q: Who makes do’s and don’t?

A: Limited mind.

Q: What creates Samskaaras?

A: Habits. Usually, habits are emotional in nature. Repetitive action creates attachment to action.

Q: What is ego?

A: Do er ship. The feeling that you are the “doer”.

Q: What creates attachment?

A: Everything. Any thought, word, action along with emotion creates binding and attachment.

Your True Friend is Your own SELF

Q: Who is our real friend; true friend?

A: Your Self; Your own Soul. Nobody is more closer to you than your soul.

Only YOU can defeat yourself. No one else can.

Q: Who is our worst enemy?

A: Yourself. Nobody can destroy you as much as you yourself can do. You can be “defeated” and “killed” only if you choose to. You can be liberated from everything if you choose to. It depends on what you choose. Your worst enemy and best friend is yourself. All others are secondary. So, how can we blame others for our weakness, or our fall?

Celibacy is a State...Marriage has nothing to do with it.

Q: What is celibacy?

A: It is a state of mind. It is a level of awareness. It is detachment in action.

Escapism only postpones an inevitable action to a later date.

Q: Can sex deter from the path of liberation?

A: No. Need to have sex, is a deep-rooted samskaara. Avoiding it is escapism. Over indulgence is attachment. Attachment is bondage.  Equanimity in sex will never deter liberation. Even amrut (celestial nectar) in excess can work as a poison to its consumer. Escapism only postpones an inevitable action to a later date. It never eradicates the seed of that action. It is more appropriate to go through the action, if you have to, rather than keeping it suppressed, what ever the action is. Every thought, word and action has the potential to create your destiny. Hence, everything that you experience today, has been voluntarily created by yourself at some point of your multiple existence. There is no point in comparing, complaining or postponing. Acceptance and ownership, in that aspect, will reduce your agony. Postponement will only harbor heaviness due to non-action. This is not only about sex, but everything related to life. A society-bound man, fearing a tarnished reputation, often lives in pretension. This only brings him back again and again to this terrestrial existence. At least one day of unpretentious living is much more important than a life time of pretentious existence.

Liberation is Possible - RIGHT NOW

Q: Can liberation be a reality?

A: Indeed, but that depends on the seeker’s attitude. You get what you deserve. Guru appears at the right moment, when the disciple is ripe and ready for him. You detach from a true Guru when expectations creep in. True Gurus consistently destroy the tendency of expectation in their disciples. Unripe disciples fall. They get dis illusioned and walk away to more predictable Masters. True Gurus are unpredictable. They do not conform to the regular expected norms of the society. Expectation is the biggest treason. All are prone to its lure. Expectations alienate minds. They build boundaries, create traffic jams and road blocks. Expectations create calamities. They shrinks the heart chakra and the ability to express your true nature, which is to love without expectations. Expectations make love conditional. Expectations take away the real flavor of life. Expectations even destroy, at times. So, liberation depends on the seeker’s attitude and ability to move from moment to moment without expectations, as a gliding fluid, completely present in the present, operating through the vehicle of unconditional love, selflessly, and with commitment to the truth, until he/she realizes that there is no distance between the seeker and the sought. The seeker then merges with the sought.

Experience is Golden. Words are Burden.

Q: Can you recommend me some books for this purpose?

A: Books cannot take you to liberation. Reading also amounts to doing. Through doing, none can get enlightened. Only through beingness can one get enlightened. Beingness is a perpetual state. Beingness is existence in awareness. This cannot be achieved through books. Books can explain you what beingness could be, as an intellectual understanding. It can also limit you, because you will start expecting similar results, in your own spiritual practice. Expectation binds and takes away the beauty of experience, especially if your perception or expectation of a result does not match the reality. There should be deliberate attempt to limit doingness and shift to beingness. It can be achieved effortlessly, by just deciding to operate in the present always. By deliberately bringing your mind to every thought, word and action. By having presence of mind, along with sincere practice of expressing unconditional love and gratitude, against all odds. This will lead to beingness. Perpetual beingness will necessarily lead to liberation.

There are some books that help your clarity and awareness. Some of them are: The Bhagawad Gita, Autobiography of a Yogi, Sai Satcharitha, Chidakasha Gita, etc. Too much knowledge is heaviness. It also deepens your ego emotion. When knowledge becomes a burden, it slows down your spiritual progress. Less luggage, more comfort. This is the fundamental truth of existence.

Remain Childlike. Remain Innocent. Remain in LOVE

Q: What is the least I can do to remain spiritual?

A: Love Unconditionally. Serve Unconditionally. Let all your relationships be beyond conditions and expectations.

Q: What is right and what is wrong in spirituality?

A: Nothing. Everything just is.

Q:  Do you agree with the way the world goes now?

A: I agree. What more can an individual do, against the mighty collective consciousness of a generation? I am far too small to create a mighty wave of change. Man gets what he deserves. So, I agree. Resistance means agony. So, I agree.

We Walk together, as long as Karma Takes us. No worries. No Regrets

Q: Why do friends part?

A: When combined karmic agenda ends, people part. When it begins, people meet or come together. The same applies to marriage, partnerships, love affairs, etc. People need common karmic agenda to be together. It can never happen otherwise.

Q: Mohanji, I am having sleepless nights.

A: Dylan, Me too. I have not “slept” since ages. Why do we need sleep? Sleep from what? There is only one reality, one Truth. Lets rather remain awake to that reality or truth. I believe you are on the right track.

I always Call. Who actually takes my call???

Q: Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you wake me up?

A: I have always called you, since generations. How come you never heard my call? Well – Who has actually listened to my calls? I tried to wake you up many times, but, you chose to sleep. I respect your choice. I am available. Using me is your discretion. I bring light to you. Choosing light or darkness is your discretion. Your decision does not affect the light nor does it affect the darkness. Those who witness light in darkness, remain in light always.

Q: Will I ever be blessed?

A: Have faith. You will be blessed.

Remain Blessed.



What More can I do with Words, than I can perform with my Silence???

27 thoughts on “Avatar and the Shift

  1. Dear Mohanji,
    I bow down to thee Sidhha and the Sidhha Path.
    Your words are so crisp, succint, deep, direct and cutting with profound clarity. They shake the inner state of awareness slept for many lives.

    Dear all friends, even if we try to impliment one word of his writing……. we will be liberated.

    With unconditional love, gratitude and complete surrender,


  2. Mohanji as living Siddha has not only shown us this Siddha path in words but by His own life. His whole life is inspiring us all into this path- the path of complete purity. How many words Master will use to drill this? This path is never about words, it is about pure delivery and direct personal experiences which many of us have had already and having again and again. Lets all see with open eyes,no more words will not be needed!


  3. Respected Mohan ji, Pranam
    This is a wonderful article; so many questions have been answered by you regarding the very purpose of Avatars: ‘the very life of an Avatar becomes the message for generations to come’ and we all have been deeply inspired by them all like Maryada Purshottam Bhagwan Sri Rama’s life. ‘Effortlessness is a symbol of their stature. Handling hardships with a smile unintentionally displays their true stature’. Just superb!

    ‘True Gurus consistently destroy the tendency of expectation in their disciples’.

    ‘Beingness is existence in awareness’.

    This article reminds me of Sri Sri Paramhansa Yoganada ji’s words:
    “God is as close to you as you permit Him to be”.

    Manthra Moolam Guror Vakhyam, Moksha Mmoolam Gguror Krupa and Dr Deepali has rightly said: even if we try to implement one word of his writing……. we will be liberated.

    Sri Mohan ji your each and every word is highly precious and many a times I have posted your words as spiritual quotations on my facebook wall and are always liked by so many ! We are blessed to have your divine presence.

    __/\__ gratitude ♥



    1. You are a Great Soul, Vishwajeet. Remember, I waited for you to start the class. We had to meet. We had to connect. We are connected and will always stay connected, with or without my physical presence on earth. By floating all my messages further, unconditionally, you are superbly helping my mission on earth.My sincere gratitude.
      Deepali, Ananda Durlabha and of course, Biba, all of you are performing the mission unconditionally, much more than what I could do. Thanks to all.
      Love to all


  4. Dearest Vishwajeet, thank you for your Seva of sharing the insights from Mohanji’s blog with your ‘online satsang’ friends – it is always so refreshing to visit your Facebook profile and enjoy the lovely taste of the ‘ripe fruit’. I am humbled by your maturity and the ease with which the air flows through your divine flute. Only those who maintain their inner garden with a lot of love and care can truly appreciate a magnificent rare blossom… I feel especially blessed by being able to witness Mohanji’s immense glow and diamond-like sharpness during those special moments when profound knowledge like this is delivered through him and put into words. As Dr. Deepali and Sudeep said, Mohanji’s sentences are crisp and powerful – they carry the Grace that gives them a trigger-like effect for those who are open and ready to explode into Sat Chit Ananda. We are all unique and have so much to contribute. May we all reach our full blossoming and celebrate, rejoice, radiate – always… With purest love, Biba


  5. Pranam Mohanji,

    Words are not in existence to express my deepest gratitude for your love and light.
    When I read your writings, I feel I am meeting my Higher Self somewhere deep within me,
    bringing total peace and understanding of my existence.
    I surrender in gratitude for being so fortunate to be able to receive and in turn share
    your wisdom, your guidance and your blessings.
    Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.


    1. Thank You, Gul. Just keep your heart steady on the Truth Eternal. There is no other sadhana more appropriate for complete liberation. Never allow your mind to sway with inevitable external storms or calamities. You will exist in the realm of the true masters. Understand, expectation is the root cause of all personal calamities.


  6. May God and Gurus bless health and long age to our beloved Sai Mohan ji to accomplish His divine mission on earth.

    Mohan ji sometimes I see Sai in you, full of miracles and at other times you look like Mehar Baba to me, all pure love!

    Always at your divine feet

    In Joy n bliss

    Truly Yours,


    1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The richness of your heart makes you see. Aesthetic eyes could fathom the subtleties of a supreme work of art, while normal eyes see a few colors and shapes without any meaning. Some hear voices, some see shapes, some get feelings while one in a million sees the soul.This is the nature of existence. In the sundry world of varied existence, the thread that connects us all, is our pedigree. We all belong to one father, the supreme Parabrahma. We are eternally related. All are ONE. There are no divisions.


  7. Dearest Mohanji Pranam,
    Peace and all Good!!
    Your article is a masterpiece of wisdom given to us little children as an easily chewable food to digest!! GRATITUDE MY DEAREST GURU!! Today I received insights that I never dreamt of for years and years as a seeker!!!
    I tried to wake you up many times but you chose to sleep.
    True, how many such moments I can recall in my way of seeking and not finding!!
    Beingness is existence in awareness!! What a diamond really!! Yet so much has knowledge occupied me!! These insights are acquired little by little in the world but with a guru like you steps advnace so quicky!!!
    It is so true that when the student is ready the guru appears!
    I feel that it is so deeply true that God has been preparing me for such a long time for this moment!!
    I really feel you can lead me to the path of awareness and insights in the most sure and safe way for my own good!! And we both know that truth is not….said but revealed in the course of our mystical path through unconditional love unconditional service and pure, rich and…talkative SILENCE!!
    GRATITUDE my dearest teacher!!


    1. Namaste Natalia
      Beautiful expressions are flowing from your heart indeed. Wish you the highest spiritual evolution in this life. Do not look back. Keep going ahead with faith and confidence. May the unconditional love of the Almighty carry your further.


  8. Dear Mohanji,

    I was going through the Q&A on Avataar and The Shift. Your answers were so crisp, very refreshing. It really shows how evolved you are….the state at which you are operating…shows the purpose for which you have taken this birth..continue your journey by spreading unconditional love….Sankarji


  9. Dear Mohan,
    what are your views about Osho Rajneesh? Is he Siddha, Buddha, or what? Would be interested in knowing your views about him…Thanks for your time…Sudhir, Switzerland


    1. A Great Master, Sudhir. Actually, we should not try to judge the Guru using our level of awareness, we should only look at the principle called Guru (Guru Tattwa) that arrives to us through the medium of a Guru, irrespective of whether the Guru is animate or inanimate.
      Osho is indeed great. He is still alive through his teachings. I have not read any of his books in totality. In fact, I hardly read any books at all. If you observe the teachings of Osho, you will know his stature. His clarity reveals his stature. Media was interested in him because he was unusual. And where ever there is money, power, sex, all kinds of social elements gather around it. Greed and Jealousy sprouts. Who can actually touch and feel the third dimension – the real dimension of a man, let alone a master? He was a rich Guru. He was flamboyant. He provoked many. It invoked various kinds of feelings in people.SOCIETY, as always is the case, PUT HIM TO REST. His teachings lives on….
      By the way, all people, birds, animals, wood and stones, serve some purpose in the terrestrial machinery.Everything has relevance. Some are more obvious, some are not. Thats the only difference. So, we cannot under estimate any Master’s relevance nor do we have the capacity to judge. In this aspect, all of us are serving the creator,The Lord Almighty.


  10. Mohanji,

    Your presence is felt through masters and mostly Shirdi Sai Baba. Even if you are away, i can feel your presence while meditating especially through third eye.

    Your views on masters and their teaching open the real door to spirituality.

    May god Bless you to keep on sustaining this energy.

    With Love and regards



  11. A sudden urge just now prompted me to read Avatar and the Shift again.”I tried to wake you up many times, but, you chose to sleep” has really hit me.I am feeling quite ashamed that in spite of having the grace of a Siddha like you and being so fortunate in this life, of having the blessed moments of being in your physical presence, I succumbed to my senses and chose to shift away from the understanding of awareness that you helped kindle in me.Expectations were also building up due to this lack of awareness on my part.This blog has given me an intense realization today.I am feeling relieved. I sincerely bow down to you and the being state in which you operate to fulfill your dharmic mission of helping evolution of karmic beings like me.
    With love and gratitude,


  12. Dear Mohanji,

    One of the meditators who has experienced the dark forces, their presence and interference during mediations wanted to understand that wud his surrender and openess to the positive and higher masters make him suseptible to the dark forces who are also operating at the same time.
    He felt that many a time in the normal course of the day just as he wud experience showers of bliss, he wud also experience these dark forces and hence was very sceptical to surrender and flowing for being caught by the dark forces.
    Kindly guide.


    1. Dear Rajeshwari
      Duality is part of the very existence of the universe, let alone us, human beings. There is always the dark and the light. White and Black. Both have power. The difference is, the black captures or binds beings to themselves and the white liberates. Black and White are symbolic, not actual colors, per se. They signify the negative and positive. When you hold on to positiveness and liberation with all your might, the potential threat of dark forces will drop off. Unfailing faith will lead to salvation or perfect merger with the supreme Lord. So, please tell him that with his surrender and faith, he will always be protected. There is nothing to worry.


    1. Dear Connie
      Thank you for visiting. Very difficult question. Who am I? Very difficult to say who I am. It is easier to say who I am not. In the ocean of existence, I am all beings. I am all expressions. There is nothing apart from me. In this life, I am called Mohan. A temporary existence. Trying to perform the role of a lamp in the path of liberation. Just one of the many lamps in the path. Limited significance, unlimited existence. To know more about this role of this life, please visit http://www.mohanji.org . Welcome, Connie. We are in contact. Always. We shall talk again.


  13. Sairam Mohanji,
    I just enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. They are to the point but the style just suit my way of understanding. I love to be in touch with You always.
    1.I am curious to know about the blockages in the conduit to know me face to face myself…How will I know that?
    2.I say Sairam in addressing like minded souls…what am I (or the Soul I am conversing with) gaining by doing so?

    Anitha Sreekumar


    1. Blockages will evaporate by itself, when subtlety increases. When we move from gross body, gross mind, gross intellect, gross ego to the pranic layer itself, shifts happen. When we move from pranic layer to subtler layers, further releases happen. In order to know what your blockages are, it is very simple. Just look at what irritates you. Just look at your own daily expectations and anxieties. Just watch yourself. Observe yourself. You will know. Observing one’s own thoughts, words and action releases most of the blockages, because we come into terms with ourselves. In the same way you can take care of anger and ego too. Observing yourself as a witness keeps your conscious mind firmly in the present. This is the best possible meditation.
      Do not worry about gains. Gains and losses are part of your conscious mind’s conditioning. Life is beyond gains and losses. Life is only about a stream of experiences from birth till death. Concentrate on feelings. What expands your heart? What makes you and others happy? Do that. I do not mean that you should do things which you do not want to do, or compromise beyond limits for other’s sake. Subtlety is care. Be “care”ful. Be love without expectations. Express Love sincerely. That is better than any words. Feeling is better than words. It makes a difference in lives.
      Sai Ram


  14. SaiRam Mohanji,

    Lot of things to share with you. Just Going thorough your site. Need your guidance and bleesings.

    Your Servent


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